Customer Reviews: Pigment
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on September 29, 2012
I don't usually review the faotd that I download, but I really enjoyed this game so I thought I'd throw in my two cents. At first glance, this may look like a game you are already familiar with, but then the color mixing twist gets thrown in there, and it's something completely new and different. It's a challenging puzzle game that really requires you to think about your moves.

I was really pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable this game is. Gameplay is similar to Flow, where you have to connect two colored dots by drawing a colored line. But, where I found that game kind of boring, this one is much more interesting and unique. One of the things I really like is that for many puzzles, it seems like there is more that one way you could solve it. I like feeling like I'm actually puzzling it through instead of just trying to recreate what the designer had in mind. The order you do things in is even more important in this game, since you can go over your own lines and doing so changes your board. So you really need to think about how each move will effect your future moves.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the lack of instructions. There are simple "tutorial-like" levels that, without words, teach you what you need to do for the more complicated levels. Even if it takes you 2 or 3 tries to figure out what it's trying to teach you, it's still pretty simple. I suppose I also got the idea there would be color mixing involved from the game's description, so that did not throw me. As for the little balls, it only took two or three tries to figure that out, as well. It is a puzzle game, after all. Try something out!

(Just for reference, I've made it to level 26 so far. The only one I had to skip completely because I could not figure it out was level 15, but I will be going back to try it again.)

One thing I'm glad to see is it unlocks a few levels ahead, so if you get completely stuck, you can skip a level and come back (press the menu button). This is good since there isn't a hint system.

And although I would appreciate a level restart button, you can undo as many moves as you want, all the way back to the beginning, or go to the menu and go back to the level, so there are a couple of not-too-difficult ways to do it.

The graphics are okay. Not too slick but they get the job done.

For the free app of the day, I think this was a great find and I'm certainly happy I picked it up. I think I will enjoy completing it. For a paid app, If you enjoy visual puzzles (and know how to mix your colors :) ) I think it would be worth the buck. Just keep in mind this is a think ahead type game. If you hate thinking a few moves ahead, then this game is really not for you.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon September 28, 2014
Some may hate the lack of instructions, some may love it, and may some find it intuitive due to familiarity with the game genre. This is very much like the popular FREE FLOW style of games where you connect dots with similar color paths. However, you are not restricted in any way to filling up the screen or even path crossing. In fact, open path crossing is critical as you mix colors to get the right final color for a dot connection. For those who really enjoy the FREE FLOW games (like I always have), this is a really creative twist.

As you progress, the color mixing solutions get really complex, which is a great thing! And the solutions are fairly open ended although I found I was using the undo button quite a bit. You can either use your back-key as an undo button, or go to [BONUS] to make tapping an empty tile an Undo button.

Extra skins can be unlocked as well as other bonus bits and bobs, fun little synth note accompaniment as you draw and mix, simple yet aesthetically pleasing graphics, and the game itself is as clean as they come. No Network Access, Zero Code, and a Clean Back-Key Exit. A small 4.01mbs with an option to move even that to my SD card.

This one is a keeper, placing it in the folder that holds my premium version of FREE FLOW: BRIDGES and other such casual puzzle games. And here is also an excellent way to REALLY learn your color pallet. LOL

I would make one suggestion to the dev, and that is to make the option available to allow partial paths to remain when your finger leaves the screen, but especially add in a feature that does a black-border highlight of the current path. Pathing and mixing does get quite complex, especially when you start getting multiple lines crossing each other at certain points, and having to keep my finger down as I consider the layout is a bit of a "Bleah" although it is a mechanic I am used to within this genre. It's just with the vast open-ended complexity of possible solutions, such an option would be quite welcomed.
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on November 30, 2012
I downloaded this when it was the FAOTD and found myself not going to sleep when I was suppose to. I found myself exhausted at work! It captured me immediately and I wanted to see what was next.

The downside is a major downside but definately doesn't take away from the game play that's why I didn't allow it to take away a lot of stars. There are no graphics when there could've been great potential for some artistic features in this game. It's just dots of pigment!
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Posted:8:16 AM

Game Play:

You are given colored dots and you have to connect like colored dots. After 3 levels it explained that there is a back button to undo a move. After 4 games the bonus was unlocked. There are no instructions but the game play is to connect the dots with like colors of lines. If you need a color then you can cross two different colors of lines and create the color you need like red+yellow=orange.

This game is really a real brain teaser as you not only have to worry about routing the lines but crossing the right colors to create the right colors to win. The controls are simple but the game play requires planning and strategy to achieve the desired results. On some levels you can over complicate the maze and make the task harder than it really is.

The game is challenging and fun but so simple you get frustrated because you cannot easily do each level. As you progress through the levels you unlock new worlds. You are also allowed to skip levels by pressing the Kindle menu button and select games in the unlocked levels.

Home screen:
* Sound off/on
* Play
* Bonus - a white and grey screen with seven squares and seven question marks in them.
* Credits
* Onelivesleft - takes you to their web sight

What I like:

The app features complex game play in solving a maze with multiple things to consider with every line you add to it. The controls are simple and the app worked well on my Kindle Fire. It is a mental challenge and can be fun for a while but it gets tiring quickly.

The game has one simple and unobtrusive single permission.

What I didn't like:

The complete lack of any instructions is frustrating as there is no information on the differences between the large and small colored dots and some of them will not connect. You more or less have to learn the game by rote which is frustrating and if you knew the rules it might be simpler and more fun. I don't like doing things over and over to simply learn the rules. One page of instructions would have gone a long way to improving this game's impression on me.

The lack of an easily accessible undo button and a reset button would help speed up the game. It also needs a hint button to help you through some of the more complex levels.


This is an OK puzzle game and I got into the second levels but on some mazes I could not figure out how to beat the level. The levels with multicolored balls and different sized balls get more complex. I will continue to try to beat more levels but as I have said, learning to play by rote is a tedious way to learn to master a simple game.

The developers should add some instructions and perhaps a hint button to the game to make the game more interesting. It would have also been nice to add an undo button to the game pages instead of having to hit menu then backup multiple times to erase the lines.

I gave the app 4 stars for an innovative concept and interesting game play. It still needs some work and improvements though.

Size compressed is 3.7 MB and it uncompressed to 4.02 MB uncompressed.
Permissions - prevent Kindle from sleeping.
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on September 29, 2012
Glad I didn't pay for this [Update: but no complaints as a FAOTD download] . Level 6 was a no brainer but the lack of instructions is a real problem. I 'won' level 11 by routing green through yellow to make..... Yellow? Is that a feature or a bug? And the bonus page bleeps now and then but it's not clear what's going on.
Lots of potential and a nice twist on Router-like games but needs work if they're going to expect people to pay for it.

[Update] Ok, so there's a slight cue when you go to the bonus page and tap science mode - the sounds change, but there's nothing immediately noticeable. I was apparently in science mode when green went through yellow to make yellow. Again, clear rules/instructions are needed here. Someone else posted that science mode may use the rules for combining light, but that shouldn't need to be inferred.
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on September 30, 2012
It seems to work, except that there are no instructions and when I got to the 3rd level I could not figure out what I was supposed to do. Life is too short to waste time on trying to figure out something so silly!
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on September 29, 2012
At first glance, seems like dozens of other apps. I assume there's a twist with colors but wo any directions,, most people are gonna get confused..what do you do with red and orange. I'm not dumb but everything I tried failed. Maybe developer will add some tutorial..its just stupid not to.its prob a lot better if you know what you're supposed to do. I always check the faotd with Google Play, which I realize amazon blocks for you kindle users but on GP (like so many faotd) only has 10 downloads. Ouch. Dont think putting instructions to an puzzle app makes it no fun...You need to know how to play a game - that doesnt ruin the experience or make it too easy...Pretty much every app Ive ever downloaded at least has instructions or a tutorial. Stupid move by developer. He's getting unnecessary negative reviews - so no wonder his Google downloads are so low - Bad word of mouth. Im no developer but Id think thats the opposite of your goals, esp for an FAOTD which is designed to help promote your app, increase your downloads, get you good reviews and word of mouth. Oh well, his loss not mine. Cant recommend it. I dont have the time to waste
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on September 29, 2012
maybe it's because I can't sleep that is making this game not work for me ... it started out simple - I get the concept but then I ended up stumped on how to not mix colors on some boards ... there is no instructions - no tutorial - no explanation as how some of these boards are able to be completed ... can you jump the blank spots?? is there some trick to make the colors not blend?? I am very glad I did not pay for this - maybe with some sleep I will figure it out. I had no trouble downloading or playing the game on my kindle

Update! I figured out where my brain wasn't getting it - it won't change my rating as this is a poor copy of other apps I have played. I will say, now that I figured it out better that the blending of the colors is an interesting addition to this type of game.
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on January 27, 2013
I had hoped for something with slightly more brilliant colors. It is OK and I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for something that does colors. I did find something that fit the bill better for me.
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on September 6, 2013
The graphics are uninspiring. The concept clever and challenging. But it just fails to hold my attention. I've played several games like this - this one is unique in that you can (and HAVE TO) mix the colors - but it's not my favorite of these types of games.
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