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on November 5, 2015
Lazy Review Time - since this came out forever ago and there are a bazillion reviews

This series has 20+ books in it. I can see what it has been so popular over the years. It is just a good time wrapped up in a ball and transported to the 90s. A time when New Jersey was known for garbage and hydrocarbons and people still had answering machines and no cell phones….YES we used to live like that.

Stephanie Plum is a fun character and this was a pretty good introductory book with funny shenanigans as she tries to figure out how to be a bounty hunter. She makes some pretty big mistakes that lead to a little bit of hilarity along the way. She is easy to like and I had a good time hanging out with her as she learns the ropes Eliza Doolittle style from a guy named Ranger that I could help but picture in my head as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

A few things I liked:

① - The Nostalgia I felt for the 90s

② - The hinted at future romantic interest *crosses finger* I really liked Morelli and hope they ‘Play Train’ sooner rather than later.

③ - Crazy Shenanigans i.e. hitting the boy who took your virginity and didn’t call with your car a few years later. (don’t worry he was okay)

④ - Crazy Grandma’s. I love funny and ridiculous family members so this fit the bill well

⑤ - Totally creepy psychopaths. The messed up in the head bad guy is a bit deranged and pretty scary.

Definitely and easy fun and funny read with a little drama and suspense.
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With fast scene changes and a main character that is both frivolous and fun, this book is a good one for pure enjoyment, for just kicking back and going with the flow. Stephanie Plum makes decisions on the fly, with not much concentrated intellectual effort, but that suits the environment and job function she finds herself in. She is a Jersey chick that finds that she must sometimes do things that are totally out of character and in steep contrast with her upbringing. Her breaking of tradition, her negation of her past regimentation, makes this story fascinating and worth the time for its perusal.

Adapting to frightening situations with sometimes bold innovation and an absence of timidity, Stephanie is both a risk taker and one who hedges her bets along the way with subtasks that assist in sustaining her financially as she seeks to attain her major goal. This goal is to capture an acquaintance, a guy she ****ed in her younger years, and who has skipped bail on murder charges and seemingly wants to prove his innocence.

Along the way Stephanie steals his vehicle, discarding the jalopy she started off with, and encounters unsavory and purely evil characters that make the reader want to enter a bathroom for a date with the commode. But Stephanie deals with the creeps and bums that enter into her circle of protected space and decrease its radius with skill and daring, and for readers who admire such traits in a woman, especially male readers, a voluntary sharing of their personal space would be both natural and desirable.
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on November 9, 2015
My husband and I recently bought a house in a nice little neighborhood. When I found out some of the neighbors have a monthly book group, I signed right up. So let me first of all post a disclaimer here: I did not pick this book. But I figured, “What the hell? It’s got plenty of 5 star reviews on Amazon and so many folks enjoy the Stephanie Plum series. And it’ll give me an excuse to meet with the neighbors.”

First, I was sick the day the book club got together, so that plan was shot. Second, this book is not great. It’s not terrible… But that’s about the best compliment I can give it.

Stephanie Plum is a Jersey Girl who is supposed to be this smart, witty, resourceful woman who just happens to take a job as a bounty hunter because she’s been laid off and needs money. She spends a lot of time worrying about what color oversize t-shirt she is going to wear over spandex shorts. Not only does Stephanie repeatedly get herself into ridiculous situations, but she’s too dumb to get OUT of them and has to call on her mentor or some other big strong man to save her. I was really hoping for something a little more empowering.

I don’t consider myself a great intellectual nor do I spend my spare time reading many classic novels. However, I do expect a book dealing with topics such as sexual abuse, joblessness, graphic violence against women, etc. to be written at a slightly higher than 8th grade reading level. Don’t get me wrong, the book was fun to read, but it was certainly not stimulating.

One of the reasons for so many 5 star reviews was the comedy. There were a few instances of humor, but not as many as I was expecting. And there were too many horrible instances for me to consider this book entirely comedic. For instance, Stephanie is molested at age 6 by an 8 yr old boy. This same boy takes advantage of her as a teenager. In retaliation, she hits him with her car. This is all supposed to be funny, but I found it terribly sad. Of course, Stephanie ends up with feelings for this same guy, who happens to be the one she is trying to collect in her new job as a bounty hunter.

Best thing about the book is its length. Perfect beach read. Easily read in an evening or two. And Evanovich doesn’t drag the story out any longer than it needs to be. But never fear! If you do like the first book, there are 21 novels, 4 novellas, and 1 short story compilation featuring Stephanie Plum, bumbling bounty hunter. But I’ll pass.
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on July 4, 2014
This book was so much fun to read. This was my first Janet Evanovich novel so I figured I would start with the first in the series of Stephanie Plum. Evanovich is so witty and keeps the pace moving. Plum is different than any other detective (actually a bounty hunter). She is feisty, sassy, fearless and makes a million mistakes in a funny way that makes her so much more human. I was constantly chuckling at her comments and almost blushing at her predicaments and how she dealt with them. This was just a hilarious book. Fiction is all about putting reality on hold and just enjoying a good story and Evanovich is masterful at doing just that. Stephanie Plum blunders and trips all over the place as she learns the ropes and tries to stay two steps ahead of the bill collectors. The characters like Ranger and her grandmother are delightful. Plum constantly having to deal with her parents comments as she shows up at their house for weekly dinners with more bruises each time, or her car getting more torn up or spray painted with obscene graffiti was a riot. Plum was tenacious and tough, yet she is so cute and charming that she even makes the man she is hunting down cave in. This was just pure fun. I already ordered the next book in the series and can't wait to read it.
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on December 8, 2013
Are you kidding me. This is a great series. I read all 20 in 30 days and loved them... well maybe not the 20th one. The 20th felt like someone else wrote it and not Janet Evanovich. This last book had a different feel and energy. I hope that if there is a #21, that Ms. Evanovich writes it and please let Ms. Plum make a decision on -- of course - the great COP in her life and maybe before she gets down the isle, Ranger can try to stop the wedding -- but of course she will choose Morelli in the end. I purchased the movie last week, I appreciate that they tried to stay true to the book, but it just did not get off the ground.... It was the writer of the script and not the actors, they were great and would have done a better job with a better script.
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on July 10, 2016
Stephanie Plum is a mess. But her grandmother is hysterical, and her mother is a great foil for all the shenanigans.

Running out of money Stephanie blackmails her cousin into letting her become a bonds agent and going after her old high school hook-up turned nemesis Joe Morelli. Turns out Joe may be wrongly accused and isn't planning on letting Stephanie catch him until he finds the proof he was set up. Stephanie needs a bit of help learning this bounty hunter gig, so in comes Ranger. And thus we have the beginning of hotness and fun.

The book is a pretty fast read, but it is funny and both Joe and Ranger are hot and clearly set-ups for a love triangle. The who-dun-it isn't especially taxing, but its still a fun/good read.
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on August 1, 2014
this is a fun read, at times exciting storyline, well written in my opinion. I have read many others in the Stephanie plum series, was eager to read the original. I usually throughly enjoy the narration, but this version was read by a very capable, but different reader. I must say that I personally prefer the narration of Lorelei King, who seems to have done later episodes. In this first in the series we are introduced to Stephanie Plum, raised in New Jersey, with a quirky array of family, friends and relatives. We get to kmow the two men who become a confusing pair of relationship possibilities further in the story line, as well as the main characters in her life. From her overstressed typical "burg" mom, to her annoying and slightly creepy cousin and boss at the bail bonds agency she ends up taking a job with. We see how stubborn, as well as how brave Stephanie is while she tracks down and becomes embroiked in the case of a handsome policeman she is very attracted to, who appears to have killed an unarmed man, is out on bail, and skips out on it while trying to clear his name. All in all this is a fun read, at times thrilling, at times fun. The rest of the series only gets better. I would definitely reccommend this book.
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on August 14, 2017
I love Janet Evanovich! Her novels are so entertaining! Its kind of a bummer that they didn't have Lorelei King reading the Audio books until 4 or 5. She makes them come alive! If you haven't heard the Audio Books yet, you are missing a real treat! Just make sure you get them after the fifth one! Maybe one day, they will get smart and have Lorelei read the first five books! I for one would buy them all over again! Lula and Grandma are just hilarious! Thank you Janet for making the best books out there!
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My wife had been reading the Stephanie Plum novels and I had just passed it off as a romance novel, which it turns out it is not. I finally agreed to read the book and wasn't immediately impressed. But the more I read the better it got. It has a certain amount of comedy sandwiched around a serious attempt to enter the world of bail recovery. Stephanie has one of those moments when nothing goes right, over and over again until a streak of luck saves her life and leads to success. I guess I'll begin reading the rest of the series. Read it. You'll like it.
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on May 18, 2014
I read this on the recommendation of a friend and because he also mentioned there were over 15 titles, I was intrigued how a character could be so compelling that they would sustain fifteen books.

Well, after reading One for the Money, I have my answer. Stephanie Plum is a deliciously, honest, frank, funny, interesting character whose narrative is extremely entertaining. That is the basis of the book: Entertainment. It doesn't miss the mark.

There were moments when her bumbling bordered on the ridiculous (how many times can a gun fall out of girl's purse) but she is so believable that instead of being off-putting, it was just hilarious. I had several laugh out loud moments, her Grandmother shooting the chicken parts was great!

Her snarky thoughts and dialogue are fantastic. It's a smooth story, great characterization and you'll like Stephanie, you'll want to be her friend, you'll laugh at her awkward moments and feel proud when she manages a win.

I can see how one can get hooked, I think I am!
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