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on February 24, 2012
I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book.... until the Chapter on Clinton and the political diatribe that followed. Talk about given a pass! I actually thought that Clinton was a good president, but to whitewash him as a slightly naughty Boy Scout with his whatever caught in the cookie jar tries even MY liberal leanings. No mention of Juanita Broderick was what first clued me in to what was coming, and it came fast and strong. I'm sorry to say that it tainted what came earlier in the book and made me question its veracity. However, until the end I truly did enjoy the book, though I did become bored at times when the author started drifting into the sociology behind what was happening, the reaction of the public at large, the way the press treated stories, and how all of these things changed with the times. Don't get me wrong -- those are all excellent topics that needed to be explored, but it was just too much. This book would have been a great book (for me, at least) if it were about two-thirds as long and just stuck to the basic stories. If you do read this, do yourself a favor and skip the last couple of pages which are used as a stage for the authors' political leanings.
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on August 6, 2011
This is a rare book in that the author(s) keep reality in perspective and simply recount what their research has shown them. This makes the book valuable. It isn't of the type that slanders with rumor, it presents facts of sexuality effecting political pathways in America
Actually quite a brilliant book, in that it doesn't detract from any of the subjects because of their sexual orientation or sexual pastimes. In fact, I found the author(s) quite willing to credit true statesmen (and women) where credit was due, and to label a psychopathic loon a psychopathic loon ( with explanation)
I enjoyed the book, quite an easy read thanks to being very concisely written.
Certainly worth the price, very enjoyable and relaxing read.
Makes one wonder what good has come from America's inability to confront sexual issues openly without predjudice or shame. Puritanism has not been kind to us.
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on August 25, 2017
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on May 2, 2011
You don't have to like America's pornographer-in-chief Larry Flynt to enjoy One Nation Under Sex, Flynt's review of political sex scandals that have played major roles in shaping American history. It's apparent that Flynt wants to move away from the image he created with the graphically explicit Hustler magazines and its scratch-and-sniff centerfolds. You might expect Flynt to revel in all his raunchy glory with tales of political dalliances or all sorts, but Flynt and his co-author, Columbia University history professor David Eisenbach, play it straight (so to speak) in this tome where footnotes far outnumber "naughty words."

Even going back to the early days of American history, our political leaders were a randy lot. There was old Ben Franklin, whose flirtations with French women may have actually helped secured aid in the struggle to break free from England. And Thomas Jefferson, who hid his affair with slave girl Sally Hemmings even while he was writing the stirring words that would guide a nation. Sometimes the "affairs" of state paved the way for disasters, as when bachelor President James Buchanan allowed his life-long attachment to a Southern Senator to bring the U.S. to the brink of Civil War. And then there is the much debated controversy over Lincoln's alleged relations with men that add to the myth of the tragic hero president.

Flynt also casts an eye at the media and its changing definition of when a politician's sex life is fair game. The media, according to Flynt, were well aware of John Kennedy's numerous affairs, but actively conspired to keep JFK's womanizing out of the spotlight in order to gain access to the president. After the revelations of Watergate, politicians and the press became adversaries, a system that reached its peak in the Clinton administration and revelations of oral sex and stains on blue dresses. Flynt, who famously offered a bounty on information about straying politicians who were investigating Clinton, theorizes that while the branches of government were wallowing in Clinton's "bimbo eruptions," it became easier for terrorists to plot against America culminating in the 9/11 attacks.

Agree with Flynt's assertions or not, he has a very clear message: "We, the people, need to grow up." In Flynt's estimation, moralism, judgment and feigned outrage over a leader's sex life are distractions that have little to do with whether or not a leader is effective. While Flynt does come up with some compelling arguments, I can't imagine that his ideas will sway public opinion. Readers will take away from One Nation Under Sex what they want. For those who want an overview of how sex scandals have been perceivived during our history, this book is a good starting point.
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on December 27, 2011
I was hesitant to buy this book at first mostly because it had Larry Flynt's name on it. It's not that I'm a prude or anything--I'm actually somewhat of a perv--but I also didn't want to waste money on tabloid type of content. But I read the reviews (on this site and others) and went for it. I'm very happy I did.

I won't reiterate what others have said was included in the book but I do find it fascinating how one's sex life can influence the direction of a nation.

I have recommended this book to several people and many have thanked me for that.

Check it out. I would bet you'll find it quite interesting and worth the read (perhaps all in one night!).
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on October 30, 2016
I personally knew Larry and Althea from Dayton,Columbus until their moves to California.
I wonder if Larry had it all to over again would he. His second marriage in New Orleans gave him hope to build his empire in the sex business.
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on December 20, 2012
This is a serious study about how the sexual relationships of politicians changed the course of American history, and the book is a WHOPPING EYE OPENER! FABULOUS! Just the truth about Franklin & Eleanor was enough to warrant buying and reading this book. It's packed with well-researched facts. A grabber.
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on May 3, 2014
Let's face it. Gossip is fun. This book was co-authored by a university professor who really knows his presidents. I am very familiar with U.S. history, and some of the stories were well known to me. Many others were surprises. I thought the examination of the FDR/Eleanor relationship was well crafted and sensitive. It shows how some relationships, although not traditional and what most would call adulterous, still can work out in the end. The dark picture of the Kennedys will disturb some not familiar with other books, but the stories are well documented here and elsewhere. I had briefly heard the story of how Lincoln slept in the same bad as other males, and wrote it off as something one did in early rural America. But the Lincoln story goes much deeper than that, and also reveals Lincoln's awkward relationships with females. This is a great read -- take it to the beach and tell yourself this is serious history!
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on October 10, 2011
This is a book that needed to be written. Gives great background into the personal...OK, sexual...lives of presidents, and sometimes their wives, and the profound impact of those intimate relationships on their political decisions and America's direction.
My sincere thanks to the authors.
Wayne in Santa Rosa, CA
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on June 15, 2011
The other reviewers have put it better than I would, but I'll add my two cents. What a fascinating book! And quite timely too, considering the current Weiner brouhaha. The media's obsession with Weiner's social networking flirting (and he didn't even have sex with anyone!) means it is distracted from America's extremely serious, pressing problems. I will also say that I had no idea what a disaster J. Edgar Hoover was as the head of the FBI. How can this man's name possibly be gracing the FBI Headquarters. I know why, but it's appalling. And I also had no idea of the extent of JFK's philandering.

The connections between the sexual behaviour of presidents and decisions that changed the course of American history as presented by the book at times seem a bit contrived and forced, but they are quite plausible.
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