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on November 8, 2012
The blurb of this book was so telling and detailed that there's really no need to summarize the content of the book at all.

Now this was a really hot book! The sex scenes were more than explicit and very daring. If you're more into atmospheric settings and romantic descriptions - forget this book! On the other hand, if you like you're descriptions cracking, substantial, good and solid - DON'T miss this one.

The story line evolves around a one-night stand with consequences. More specifically, there were more than one encounters but the initial one that was supposed to be the only one got Joss Daniels pregnant. She wants to tell Army Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott what happened but he sends different "signals", which don't allow Joss to reveal her pregnancy to him. In any case, she chooses a moment to tell him, but without her knowledge this is the worst possible instant to tell Brady. His devastating reaction forces her to drastic measures - she forbids him to ever talk to her again. Shortly after that Brady regrets his reaction and finally realizes what his real feelings are for Joss. And exactly then the book makes a very nice turn.

I started my thoughts about the sexual content of the book and would like to close with this issue since I believe that stories containing explicit sex scenes could be viewed controversially. In any case, when writing about casual sex between two adults, I believe that certain descriptions are necessary to create the adequate "frame" for the plot. In the course of the plot these scenes were used strategically to support the actions of the main characters and their changes in mind and behavior. According to my opinion this was achieved very successfully, especially because the book didn't concentrate on these scenes but evolved around them.

In any case a hot and entertaining book.
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on October 21, 2012
Was so excited after finding out Laura had a new book out today. After reading that one of the main characters was a hot army guy I had to start reading right away. I loved everything about this book, the two main characters, the hot intense scenes between them and all of the emotions that came along with it. Highly recommend this book to anybody who loves a good book with equal parts steam, raw emotion and a killer story line. WAY TO GO LAURA...
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on October 23, 2012
5 well-deserved starts!!!!Wow!!!!!!! Best book I've read in a long time! Laura Kaye has outdone herself. The book is a sequel of 'her forbidden hero', the story of Marco and Alyssa--Although both books can stand alone on their own. Brady does an appearance in the first book, since Marco is his best friend and Alyssa is Brady's sister, and Marco and Alyssa appear in this book as well. The story centers around Brady and his one night stand -turned neighbor, Joss. Their chemistry is overwhelming, and both Brady and Joss jump off the page. They're both great, well rounded characters; especially Joss. I found her so likable, compassionate and most importantly, real. I found myself, laughing, grinning, and sometimes even hurting along with the characters. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down!! I finished the book, and I wanted more. As always, I cling to the hope of yet a third book-- Although anything by Laura Kaye is bound to be fantastic <3.
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on May 21, 2016
Another amazing read from Laura Kaye! Her characters are very realistic, usually with some kind of trauma in their past and usually they have persevered and become successful in spite of that trauma. Brady is no exception. We met him in Her Forbidden Hero (The Hero Book 1), so we know his childhood was extremely difficult after his mother died and his father turned into a drunken jerk who mistreated both Brady and his sister. We also know that Brady ended up being his sister’s primary caretaker until she graduated from high school and went to college. He went on to become an Army Special Force Sargent. But his anger at his dad is now manifesting in fights and behavior affecting his career advancement. So he gets sent stateside for counseling and informed that he must get his anger issues under control or he’ll be out of the Army. He’s the classic tortured hero who thinks he doesn’t deserve love and happiness because he’s afraid he’ll become like his dad.

Joss had her own tortured childhood being shunted from children’s homes and several foster families. She has taken the complete opposite approach from Brady, longing for a happy family and to make sure her children are happy, loved, and never treated as badly as she was.

They meet cute at a Labor Day fireworks event and create their own fireworks with a one-night stand in her truck. They both agreed to the “rules” before the fireworks. But, there is a twist, and that one-night turns into a few. However, each time Brady pulls back from her and actually acts like quite a jerk to her multiple times.

When she tells him she’s pregnant, he is a first class jerk and I wanted to slap him! She throws him out of her life and prepares to have the baby by herself. But things happen that make him change his mind about possibly being able to love her and have a family of his own. This was my favorite part of the book, watching him woo Joss back. I loved the unfolding of Brady remembering the good times before his mother died and him realizing that he does have the capacity to love and that he really wants that too. Everything wraps up quite nicely in the end.
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on October 21, 2012
One of my favorite parts about reading books in a series is how you not only get to revisit previous heros and heroines, but you get to be part of the story for the supporting characters. The story contained everything a story needs to pull at all of your emotional strings just enough so that you feel what the characters are feeling. I felt my brows crease, an ache in my chest, tears in my eyes and a smile across my face. when a story does that it was done correctly. Brady is hot, brooding and broken...Joss is independent, sexy and doesnt take any crap. Throw these two together and you get some seriously hot chemistry.

One Night with a Hero was delivered in true Laura Kaye fashion! I highly recommend it, it's one I would gladly read again. It has a woman who has the ability to love regardless of her past, and has the ability to see past a mans defenses and love him regardless. A man who doesn't realize he knows how to love and deserves it equally until he has shoved it all away. And most importantly, it has two people who realize that while having hope is a frightening risk, its also a risk worth taking.
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on December 6, 2012
I loved Marco and Ally's story but Brady's story blew me away. Beautifully written. The story and characters were very well developed. Glad to see Marco and Ally back and much involved in Brady's story. I could feel Brady's pain, his mostly well disciplined demeanor but ache for more was heartbreaking. I went through every emotion with him and Joss. I cried, laughed and pulled for the three of them. Although difficult, it was good to see that in the end everyone ended up as family with love and peace in their lives - finally. Oh and the hot and steamy love scenes are a wonderful added bonus!

Beautiful, I have already read it twice and plan on reading it over and over. I highly recommend it - not only for hopeless romantics!
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on October 24, 2012
When I heard Her Forbidden Hero was going to have a sequel and that it was going to be Brady Scott's story, I just knew it was going to be good. I had no idea that I would end up loving One Night With A Hero even more!

"This was a one-night-only deal. Exactly his style. He didn't do sleepovers."

Brady and Joss meet in a such a cute way. He turns on the charm from the moment he notices Joss, and he doesn't waste time figuring out how to spend more time with her. It all leads to her making a one-night-only offer to him. Be prepared, because things get hot and heavy right away! Their one night together becomes more when they find out they're neighbors! You see where this is going, yeah? Brady and Joss are so insatiable together! Their scenes together are super have been warned!

"She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close, surrendering to the hot chemistry that burned so brightly between them."

I really enjoyed getting to know Joss. She has quite a few tattoos, a pierced tongue, and pink hair highlights. She's quirky, lovable, and works with kids. Her heart has been broken too many times that, like Brady, she's got a wall around it. Brady's protective and possessive side can't help but surface when he's around her, but he's got a lot of anger issues. Let's just say that he doesn't handle the news to her pregnancy too well.

The overall storyline for One Night With A Hero is not original. We've seen it before, a night of giving into lust leads to an unexpected pregnancy, and the guy can't back away fast enough. Kaye gives her characters a unique enough voice to set them apart from the rest. Combine that with her talent to create a love story so emotional that it tugs your heart, and a tortured hero that turns you into a puddle of goo, and you've got yourself one fantastic, satisfying read!

I honestly could not get enough of Brady and Joss! My favorite parts? Well, I have too many! If I listed them all, I'd be describing the entire book. If you're wondering if Marco and Alyssa make an appearance, yes, they do! They are tied into the story very well.

If you loved, Her Forbidden Hero, I'm sure you will enjoy One Night With A Hero as well. I think Kaye's The Heroes books just might be my favorite of her series. Her heroes are simply irresistible!
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on October 22, 2012
I love a hero I can cheer for, and Brady is that kind of hero: wounded and flawed, far from perfect and very much a work in progress. I wanted Brady to do better, to be better, and to get the woman he loves, but, man, when he puts his foot in it, he puts the whole foot in, and then some. Brady is moody and hot-headed at times, and he certainly has his jerk moments. He knows he's being an a-hole, says it even to himself, but he can't seem to stop it. This is definitely a hero who thinks he's unworthy and tries his best to prove it to Joss and to himself.

As a military man and hero, there is no doubt of Brady's good heart, and the author shows us examples of this in some very nice ways in the story. But there's also a dark, moody side to Brady. He has his flaws, his imperfections, his temper and anger issues, with the root cause being his unresolved feelings toward his father and how Brady and his sister were treated in childhood. Brady's dad was a bitterly angry, moody and abusive man, and Brady is so afraid that he's going to turn out the same way, somehow, someday. He won't risk having a woman and a family, not with his background.

Brady desperately wants Joss, badly and deeply, but he's afraid of all that she represents to him. He's used to one-nighters here and there, nothing serious, nothing complicated, and surely it was never love for him. Although Joss was supposed to be a one-night thing also, a sexy distraction, she ends up being so much more, changing his life forever. Out of fear, the man pushes her away time and again, and I really felt for Joss. She so wants to be loved and needed, and it broke my heart when Brady said something very hurtful to her. I almost wanted a bigger grovel there for that, but I have to say that the author didn't have Joss quickly turn the other cheek, either. Joss made Brady work for it, and Brady did man up and go after his woman. It was very sweet and heart-melting seeing him woo her, seeing him ask her for another chance.

Brady and Joss are two vulnerable characters who really need each other, no matter how much they might fight it. Brady to Joss: "You have given me things I never thought I could have. Taught me things about myself I didn't think I could learn. And made me happier than I ever thought I could be. You ease me." And it was very romantic seeing them finally come together and make it happen, easing each other's pain and hurt, filling each other's need for love and closeness. The sex in the story is hot, needy and urgent, and filled with lots of longing and want. This book follows Her Forbidden Hero, about Brady's little sister and his best friend, and we see both those characters here again. I haven't read that book yet, but this didn't keep me from getting caught up in Brady's story. A very sexy read, sweet and romantic, with a strong heroine and one imperfect but lovable hero.
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on October 22, 2012
It's the Fourth of July in D.C.

Joss Daniels and Brady Scott are fated to meet this day, on a hazy late afternoon, as she lies on a blanket waiting for the fireworks to begin, and he comes to a halt from his afternoon PT jog . . .

She is all tangled legs, pink glints in her dark hair, and gauzy cotton skirt, loose cotton top . . .

He is military, buzz cut, buff, good looking and knowing it, just starting a new tour of duty at the Pentagon in the U.S.Army . . .

It is the classic 'love at first sight', but they both tell themselves 'it's only one night' . . .

She comes from foster homes, he is trying to come to grips with severe anger management problems surrounding 'father' issues and neither Joss or Brady can see themselves in a permanent relationship.

But there is this instantaneous connection, this wild sensual and immediate emotional chemistry that refuses to take NO for an answer from them both, and fate laughs wickedly and steps in to Help!!!

Laura Kaye continues the story of the Scott siblings with this next installment in another seriously HOT and sweet romance between two people that are sure they are just throwaways as far as love is concerned.

But they are NOT. THROWAWAYS.

Love catches them up and tosses them into each other's life---and they figure it out together, with the help of the flu, some Halloween tricks and treats, and a lost Santa Claus helper . . .
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on October 29, 2012
This is the story of Brady, who is the brother of Alyssa and friend to Marco from the first book of this series.
Brady has come back from the war to move onto another job. They are making him take a break to get this head together. He is taking some time and relaxing. While taking a run he comes across a woman names Joss and instanly is attracted. Joss is a girl who grew up in foster homes. She now works for a community center and wants to help children. She sees Brady and her hormones go into overdrive. They are both attracted to each other. They decide that just one night is what they both need. She decides to go ahead and have sex with him, and Brady is all for it. Once the night ends, Brady is having weird feelings and maybe wants one more night, but that is not what he does. Brady has a messed up past with his father who was abusive and was not there for him and his sister Alyssa.
Follow this story and you will fall in love with both characters. I loved this story and loved the characters.
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