Customer Reviews: One Touch Ultra 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System
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on January 28, 2011
Thanks to a over a years worth of high dosages of Predisone to keep me breathing I had a Fasting Blood Sugar of 395 with an A1C of 12.5. Since I will be on a maintainence dose of Pred. the rest of my life with bursts of tapering doses, I will need to closely monitor my blood glucose and diet. I will attend a Diabetic Education Class in the near future and then be placed on an Insulin regime for the rest of my life. So regular glucose testing definitely plays a significant role in my future.

When my Medical Doctor received the above results he called me into the office immediately, gave me personal education and teaching materials, this glucose monitoring kit saying "The Medical Director of the Diabetes Center really thinks this is the best one, especially since it automatically keeps a log that you can add comments, and the glucose readings can be downloaded." Even though I have been an Registered Nurse since 1981 my Surgical ICU background did not include finger sticks and glucose monitors. (We used morning/evening draws by lab techs and those results).

The box includes the glucose monitor, lancing device, 10 sterile lancets, and 10 testing strips that all fit in a black, well made kit. It is compact and lightweight and will easily fit into a purse. A previous reviewer noted purchasing a second kit for work while leaving one at home, I think that is good planning.

Since it was recommended by the Diabetic Center Medical Director it SHOULD have accurate results. After reading some reviewers that have varying results, I will double check with him and ask for an explanation.

The testing lancets are extremely tiny and do not leave my fingers sore. A tiny drop of blood is all that is necessary and there is a great wicking action by the testing strip. After initial set up of the monitor, all you need to do is place the testing strip in it and a diagram shows you are ready. By the time you can count to 5 seconds, there is a large digital display of your current blood glucose level. The only problem I have encountered is removing the lancing device from the lancet. I have resorted to using tweezers and the problem was resolved. There are easy to follow directions included in the box all the gear comes in that has sufficiently answered all my husband's and my questions.

Good luck glucose testing!

Good luck with your health!

UPDATE, PLEASE READ: I was misdiagnosed as a Type I diabetic due to lazy medical care by a new MD. Please remember EVERYONE in the medical field does the best job they can, but none are mistake proof (remember I am an RN). Due to insurance provider change I had to get a new general medical doctor who immediately told me that I had become a Type 1 diabetic and would require Insulin therapy the rest of my life. (My A1C and fasting blood sugars were off the charts). I went to a savvy Diabetic Nurse Educator who told me she thought I was still a Type II due to my response to oral meds. She informed me that another specific blood test could tell if I was still secreting Insulin or not. I called my new MD's office and requested the blood test. He personally called me back, was extremely rude and arrogant (What are you trying to pull here? I told you that you were a Type 1 now and I wanted you put on Insulin at the Diabetic Clinic etc. He informed me that I did not need ANY blood test that HE had correctly diagnosed me) and I promptly fired him on the spot. I have a new MD who agreed with the Diabetic Nurse. I am a Type II diabetic (on Amaryl 2mg 1/2 hr pre-meal with Byetta 10 mcg AM and PM with blood sugar levels in AM and PM, faithfully carb count and MOVE). My fasting and post-prandial sugars have stablized. I do NOT require Insulin. YOU MUST BE YOUR OWN HEALTHCARE ADVOCATE!

Wishing you good luck with your glucose testing and your health!
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on August 2, 2009
I was dismayed and shocked to find out that this meter can be +/- 20% off the true reading. The company, Johnson&Johnson/LifeScan/OneTouch/Ultra2 kept repeating that 20% is acceptable. I disagree. I think meters reading 20% inaccurate should be replaced. I checked the meter with the lab results and it read 20% higher than the lab results. So quickness is not a good thing for me. I would prefer to wait one minute for an accurate reading rather than one that can be anywhere in a 40% range.

The company, LifeScan/OneTouch/Ultra2, is really Johnson & Johnson, quotes the FDA regulations of +/- 20%. Maybe change the regulations?

In this case, haste makes waste.

Also the meter uses 1 microliter of blood. The meters at Walmart, ReliOn use almost half, 0.6 microliters of blood. The test strips of the ReliOn are 1/2 the price of OneTouch. So I will buy a $9 ReliOn meter and check it against the LifeScan.

I might change my decisions if I had to test repeatedly. I was using the meter to check as I lowered my glucose readings with diet and exercise, not because I was diabetic. When the meter read 86 mg/dL, then the lab results were 72 mg/dL. This was the number I was aiming for, in the low 70's. If I used the Ultra2 and it read 72, then the real number might have been 60 which is too low. So I need accuracy for my purposes much more than I need speed.

I still cannot believe that the regulations allow +/- 20% for these meters. Am I alone in this dismay?
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on December 8, 2009
I originally ordered this because I thought my One Touch Ultra was malfunctioning and not giving proper readings. I decided to upgrade to try the newest version and was really happy to receive my new monitor in the mail.

What I loved most about the Ultra 2 is that it uses the same test strips for One Touch Ultra, and the monitor allows you to add in comments describing the reading; one group of descriptions for pre or post meal, and another for how you're feeling/why. Another boon is this monitor will give you averages based on the info you input.

As well, it turns out my readings were consistent on both monitors. This says to me the One Touch Ultra brand is sturdy and reliable. The old one was about a year old, and I dropped it a lot.
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on June 10, 2009
Check for availability of Control Solution. Mine does not have one when it was delivered. So I requested AMAZON for appropriate action - given options to me either return for a full refund or get 20% discount from the net price.
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on April 12, 2014
Insurance company made a decision to no longer participate in any meter/test strips except One Touch. I have the Ultra 2 and I hate it. Test strips require much more blood that my beloved FS. Wasted three test strips today due to not having enough blood on the strip. Hope they change this policy soon. If you have a choice in meters, try the Free Style.
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on April 19, 2014
This is the worst meter I've ever used, and that's including the monsters from 20 years ago that more or less required you to open your carotid to get a sufficiently large sample. This thing is big, fat, and, to my thinking, designed upside down. The strip goes in the top, but turning the unit around to more easily apply blood means the display is inverted. It's also ridiculously quick to start counting. My old Freestyle would wait until the strip had actually drawn enough blood before processing, which was great for when my fingers were cold, etc. This thing goes to work as soon as you get near it with a speck of blood, and unless you've got enough for a full sample, you've wasted the strip. It doesn't help that it needs an annoyingly large sample.
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on April 10, 2007
I began testing on a meter that took 40 seconds to display results, so I was glad to find a OneTouch Ultra that took only 5 seconds. I switched to the Ultra 2 about 9 months ago, and I love it.

The main reason I switched was for the backlight. Silly, I know, but it makes such a difference. Also, you can add comments to your readings or flag them as before or after meals. I like the ability to check my averages based on all results, before meal results, or after meal results. The up/down buttons are helpful, too. No more scrolling all the way through if you accidentally skip over your number when coding the meter.

The OneTouch Ultra 2 isn't hard to use or full of extras that are useless. It seems to be just the right combination of helpful features that help keep tighter control.
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on August 24, 2008
Kit does not include all the items stated in the description. Reading the literature included with the kit states some kits will not include all the items listed. The item should not be called a kit because it is not complete and cannot be used by the customer immediately. A more correct name would be a partial kit.
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on May 23, 2008
I've had this meter for over two year. It is very accurate. Had it checked at hospital & Dr. office. Very easy to use and with the software results can be downloaded to your PC. Print a report and take to your next check-up. I like it much better than Accu-Chek.
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on April 3, 2016
This meter nearly killed me. When my insurance suddenly demanded that I switch to this from my FreeStyle Lite, I agreed, because I can't afford the cost of the strips on my own. When I compared numbers between this and my FreeStyle, the OneTouch always read high. But worse than that, it never read low. It posted a 90 when I wasn't feeling well, and when I retested with the remaining FreeStyle strip, the real number was 60. I complained to my pharmacist, and they issued me a new OneTouch, only to experience the same problems.

The FreeStyle Lite was awesome... Portable, convenient, very little blood needed, and precisely accurate. The OneTouch isn't any of those things, and last night it nearly killed me. I started to feel like my sugars were really low, so I tested my blood and it read 113. Thinking nothing was wrong, I left it alone until 30 minutes later I tested again. It read 80. I decided to start carbing and barely started doing so before passing out. My sugars were really in the 30-40 range. I no longer had any more FreeStyle lite strips, so it's impossible to know for sure, but glucose and intervention eventually revived me. I've had multiple close calls with this meter in the past, but this is the first time it led to this. I've talked to other patients with this meter and they have all mentioned the same thing. This dangerous product needs to be taken off of the market immediately, and insurance companies need to stop aligning themselves with the OneTouch meter. Cheaper isn't always better, especially if it leads to 911 calls and hospitalization!
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