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on April 5, 2017
After attempting to purchase a new CD changer to replace one that passed away, I found that it was quite a chore. I went into two local retail stores asking for "component CD multi-disc changers" and to my dismay, the clerks I encountered had no idea of what I was talking about and showed me to portable "boom boxes". (one of the stores was an electronics store)

I realize that I am older but I am not that old (79) and still appreciate listening to my reasonably extensive CD collection and I still purchase CD's, and I apparently wrongly assumed clerks still knew about components. How wrong I was.

The Onkyo is perfect, sounds good, works well and fills my empty space in my "component rack". I am now a "Happy Camper".
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on January 20, 2017
so far so good. I was a little gun shy given some of the negative reviews. But I have used this CD changer about 15-30 times with a full 6 cd rack (so 5 hours of playing at a time). some of my CDs are over 20 years old and some are new. it has worked perfect for me. I also use the 'programable' feature to program certain songs on specific CDs (i.e create a playlist of any of the songs on the CDs you put in) - it's always worked for me. I have a Yamaha receiver. I shopped around quite bit before purchasing this. I feel good about my purchase.
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on February 11, 2017
This changer works great! I am very happy with my purchase. It is large so you need room in a stereo cabinet. Other than the size I am completely satisfied. It plays well without distortion. CDs can be changed while one is playing. Random features work well. I haven't tried the memory function as yet. You will be pleased if you have a lot of CDs that are older. I have mine attached to the surround speaker system for home theater. It sounds great and I can get hours of music, Very pleased customer here.Onkyo DXC390 6 Disc CD Changer
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on August 17, 2011
I found nary a decent review on this model... in fact the ONLY thing I found on the c7030 was the same regurgitated marketing copy re-pasted on differant websites. Annoying. One thing that stood out about this unit's specs besides its budget pricetag was its weight. To me that meant a decent power supply and good build quality (it is fairly heavy for a cd player). So because of this, along with its other intersting features (for the price) I decided to order it.

Connected to my budget HK3490 it has an unbudget sound. Clear highs. Smooth mids. Tight bass. Realistic soundstage. Uncolored. Listening to Nora Jones as I write this and she sounds like shes in the room with me. I initially had my sights on the HD990 to match my receiver but they recently upped the price on that unit and I was left with the distinct impression that there were skipping/build quality issues from some reviews despite the audiophile sound quality specified in most reviews.

Aesthetically, the c7030 looks more expensive that it is. In fact, I could mistaken this cd player for something built by Arcam, and the remote looks like something made by B&O. Good tactile feel for buttons on both the player and remote. What more can I say? Another for-the-price-it-cant-be-beat purchase.
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on July 24, 2014
Don't listen to those who have criticized this unit and said unfair things about it. This player cost a pathetic $140.00 and performs two to four times that price hands down. The unit looks like a high-end cd player without unnecessary buttons and each button feels incredible considering the price. The cd drawer opens quietly and at a steady pace. The headphone amp sounds awesome and makes my ears hear detail and analog warmth. The remote is the only thing to criticize and is about two longer than needed and has small similar buttons, but hey it's just a remote. The way I like to hook up is both the coaxial ouput and analog outputs. The coaxial ouput shows how good my dac is in my Yamaha RX-V659 receiver, and the analog output shows the internal Onkyo dac's. The Onkyo internal dac outputs sound quite good to me and for the price can't be touched. Some of the reviews had me slightly concerned about the unit, but my instincts said they were demanding and held this unit to others way above it. Don't hesitate on this unit and buy with total assurance this is the best deal on a cd player and stands up to many two to even four times the price! Onkyo!
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on March 6, 2017
This review will focus on one item and one item only. The musicality of the CD Player as well as the MP3 output @ 320kbps. I am comparing this directly to a Vintage Harman Kardon HD7500 and to a lesser extent with the Denon 2910 SACD/DVD player.

Music played:
For a direct comparison I played Dana Owen's CD (the Dana Owens Album) on both the HD7500 and 7030 being careful to match the time so that when I switched between the two players it would be synced. Played music at 80-85db measured from my listening chair which is 6 feet from the left and right channels. The room is almost a 9x9X9 with rug and pictures/art hanging on all the walls.

Primaluna Prologue One Integrated Amp (El34 it EH tubes and a set of JAN 5851 for a warmer mid-range punch)
Harman Kardon HD7500-CD Player
Denon 2910 (Primarily used as a SACD & to play DVD player concerts, albeit without the video)
Onkyo 7030-CD/Mp3 player
Canare 4S11 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable; Analysis Plus Silver Oval (Gift)
Custom wound silver interconnects (Gift) and AR interconnects
All equipment with the exception of the Onkyo 7030 are on spikes

Initial Impression:
Wow. I was floored when I could not discern the difference from the HD7500 and the 7030. That is a testament to both players . The laid back mid-range tones are simply incredible, warm and mooth. You are there with the vocalist and musician. There is no coloration or exaggeration in the presentation that is exhibited with less expensive players (brightness, less air, stage and the ability for the listener to enjoy music for hours) or multi-CD system (6 disc to a carousel multi-player). The design is simple for both the HD7500 and 7030 which I like. The HD7500 can totally turn off the display whereas the 7030 can only dim. Both controls are not backlit, but I typically just allow the player to run into repeat mode anyway until I want a new CD to play. Now the direct benefit of the 7030 that I'm truly appreciating is the Mp3 capability. I loaded an equivalent of 10-12 CDs burned to an Mp3 format @ 320 kbps and the sound is very good with a touch more detail. This detail would be considered by some as brightness which I attribute to the compressed format of the Mp3. Again, I expected the Mp3 would be bright, fatiguing to listen to and have no body or air in its presentation. I was wrong and the Onkyo delivers even in a compressed format! A final thought....the Onkyo is well designed and quiet. You can turn the volume completely down with the CD playing and nothing; just dead air which is the way it should be!

A little more background:
The vintage HD7500 player is so good and had direct comparisons to $500-$2000 . I've listened to players and systems that cost $5,000 to over $75,000 when I thought I would be building a custom studio and listening room. I used to play classical piano and just love the tone that a beautiful grand can produce. Anyway, I digress. The Onkyo is a pleasant surprise and definitely a keeper.

Concluding thoughts:
I don't know about the reliability of the player and as some have noted it may not be up to snuff. Nevertheless, if the CD mechanism breaks, I will get it fix, get it tweak by changing out the op amps and output caps. Highly recommended!
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on July 21, 2014
First off, Original list price WAS $249,but Onkyo now lists it at only $199. (Amazon needs to update their MSRP).

That being said regardless, at the current sale price of $139 it is a STEAL!

IMO there is not a single new player out there in the under $350 price point that can match up to this unit. It looks great, is very quiet in operation, and has a build quality that is pretty outstanding at this price point. It sounds wonderfully smooth and has a very good sounding headphone amplifier built in. In this day and age of vanishing simple CD only players this is a very welcome piece of equipment to see Onkyo put out. HIGHLY recommended.

Now, hint hint to Onkyo. How about a limited edition super version of this, an LE-CS7032, equip it with a Wolfson 32 bit DAC, a heavier top cover, and some shielding around that beautiful transformer, and price it accordingly??? PLEASE???

OK, update, 02/28/16. My unit has be on 24/7 for almost 2 years now, I don't bother turning it off. It still plays perfect, & plays some of my most scratched up Cd's with no issues. I did upgrade to a Teac UD H01 DAC for this unit to run into and it sounds even better now with a standalone DAC added.

I'd like to address the complaints of bad units.

Looking inside, the build quality is very good, I see no reason for unit failure based on the build. My guess is, the units that folks have had issues with suffered shipping damage which is not unusual considering the horrible handling they take. I find it it highly suspect that it is the unit's build quality as a problem when folks have issues with this player. My guess is they were manhandled in transit, the packaging is good, but not good enough to prevent damage at the hands of poor shipping.

Mine is STILL playing perfect, and has been running on continuous for over 14,000 hours now!!!!!
THAT says A LOT!
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on January 10, 2013
I'm using Mackie HR824s to midfield monitor my home hi-fi setup. The room is pretty good and I've got wall treatments and bass traps as well. I could use a little more in the way of bass control, but it's pretty decent now, certainly a lot better than in several home studio control rooms I've been in lately. The speakers are completely transparent and a wonderful wide and deep soundstage is presented. I'd been using a cheap DVD/CD player I borrowed from my TV setup to play CDs but the audio bothered me a bit with somewhat flabby "wandering" bass and a tendency to be fatiguing in the presence range. Perhaps there was also a hair less detail than I would expect.

I think there is less audible difference between CD players than there is between most other components in a system. But there is SOME difference. I was hoping the Onkyo C-7030 would be a noticeable improvement over the cheap Sony DVD/CD player I was using. I appreciated what they were doing with this model re the big power supply, capacitors, vibration damping, etc. It reminded me of the old Sony XA7ES CD player I loved the sound of so well. That's what convinced me to try one.

I was quite pleased with what I got. Good-bye wandering bass image. I get a nice, solid, stable, more detailed bass image now and can sometimes even pick out what model bass they were likely using. Good-bye presence fatigue. Hello at least a little more detail. Instruments are a bit more palpable or realistic sounding. After a few days I started to realize how pleasurable it was to sit in the sweet spot and listen to even multiple albums in a row. Something the opposite of listening fatigue was going on. (Not that I listen loud at all.)

There's no way for me to do a/b comparisons with expensive audiophile players, and/or outboard D to A converters. But I suspect it would do quite well in double blind auditions- at least in my setup. I certainly don't feel like I need anything better at this point, and the darned thing was under $200. It may be impossible to beat at that price.
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on July 26, 2016
I am a serious music listener...not an audiophile, but I appreciate meaningful music, and I like to have my sound system reproduce the recording cleanly, accurately, and without distortion. For many years my system used a DVD player for playback, connected to a Harmon Kardon receiver and JBL Studio Series tower speakers. Then my receiver died, so I got a Denon X2300 receiver and a Samsung 8500 4k Ultra blu-ray player. While the new receiver was amazing, CD playback was not great.

So I got the Onkyo C-7030...and whoa! The sound just popped! It was better than my old DVD player (of course!) I couldn't believewhat I had been missing for so many years. The construction is solid, the unit is heavy. And the sound is sweet...powerful, clean, true reproduction of the recording. I can hear each instrument clearly, and I can almost picture the placement of the musicians in the studio. When I go home, all I want to do is play music...softly, loudly...jazz, rock, soul, pop, reggae...anything sounds great.

Can't go wrong with this...esp at $168!!
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on November 21, 2015
This is a great machine, especially for the price. I was looking to upgrade my Audiophile stereo system, as I was using a cheap Blue Ray Player for CDs. I was told that since I have a good stand alone DAC, the CD transport didn't matter. Not so I just found out. The quality of the transport makes a big difference. My experience in upgrading my system over the last year is that everything makes a difference, including vibration isolation. I have only had this player for a couple of weeks, and it took a couple of days of constant play before it really sounded good, but there is much more information being presented without making the music sound clinical. I really didn't think a CD could sound this good. We'll see how it holds up.
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