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on March 24, 2012
I have had my unit since late January and started having problems with static through the speakers. I contacted Onkyo and they said either pay to ship it to a repair center and they would fix it or I could contact Amazon and get a refund. I did some searching and there is a recall on this unit. Why didn't Onkyo tell me over the phone earlier. After the discovery I called back and they said they would send a box to my house and I could return it for repairs. I just hope it doesn't take to long.
I requested a replacement through Amazon and the one I was sent on 3-24-12 is also part of the recall so don't order these anymore because you will get one that will break after a month or so.

"We have discovered that some components used in a limited number of products manufactured between November 2011 and January 2012 do not comply with the high quality required for use in Onkyo products. As a result, these products may exhibit one of or both of the following phenomenon:

- When powering on the unit, the unit will turn on then turn off automatically

- Static Noise emitted from speakers at low volume level

(The above mentioned phenomenon are not safety related)

Affected Onkyo Models:

TX-8255 TX-8050 HT-RC360

TX-SR309 TX-NR609 TX-NR709 TX-NR809 TX-NR1009 TX-NR5009

(HT-R390) HT-S3400

(TX-NR609) HT-S7409 & HT-S8409

Please click on the following link for more information on whether your unit will require service support: Check Serial Number


You may also contact our Product Support Team at (800) 229-1687, select option 3, to speak with one of our Product Support Representatives to confirm that your product is part of this limited production lot in need of service.

If the serial number of your product is identified as possibly being impacted by either of the above issue(s), you will be provided with the opportunity to request a prepaid return label or if necessary; box, packing and prepaid return label. Your unit will ship to the ONKYO Service Center that will be providing the service support at no cost to you. Once repairs are completed your unit will be shipped back to you.

ONKYO is committed to delivering best in class performance, superior build quality and exceptional customer service. Your complete satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause.

ONKYO USA Corporation

***This issue will be handled for Onkyo customers residing in one of the States of the United States (including the District of Columbia) or one of the Territories in Canada even if you are out of warranty.***"
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on May 22, 2012
I purchased this Onkyo system about 2 months ago. I had always wanted an Onkyo receiver so when this deal came across that included speakers I was sold. My brother and uncle have both had Onkyo receivers for years and they highly recommended this product to me.

When I set everything up the day that it got to my doorstep everything sounded great! A couple of days later I started to hear a bunch of static noise in one of the speakers. Then a few days later I started to hear static coming from other speakers. Then the unit just started shutting off for no reason a few seconds after turning it on. I called Amazon and they sent me a replacement the next day for free and provided me with a shipping label to send the bad product back to them for free. Well a few days after setting the new system up I started having the same problems. I called Amazon and they said that I should call Onkyo about the problem before going further. I called Onkyo and they immediately knew about the problem. They said between November 2011 -January 2012 a batch of receivers had a part installed that was not working correctly. After giving them the serial number they confirmed that it was part of the bad batch, they got my information, and sent me a box to ship it back to them to replace the bad part. Inside the box they sent to me was packing material, a plastic bag for the receiver, a twist tie for the chord, a roll of packing tape, and a shipping label. THIS WAS AT NO COST TO ME! A few weeks later I got my receiver back from Onkyo and the sound is great and no more problems.

The phone number I used to call Onkyo is (201)-785-2600. You will need the receiver serial number to verify if it was part of the bad batch.

Onkyo and Amazon really came through for me and provided excellent customer support/service during this issue. I was pleasantly surprised.
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on December 18, 2011
I think I could have fired this up in well less than an hour. But it took several days off and on to get speaker wires run and speakers affixed where I wanted them. I used the pimpy wire supplied for some of the speakers, but ran #18 for some, and had much already run. Sound is quite good, both from the main speakers (included) and a pair of Infinity bookshelf in the office. I think I'll replace some or most of the included speakers with better quality over time. When I raise the volume over 60, they start to distort. I *hope* it's the speakers and not the amps. The sweet spot for volume in my room is 40 to 60 - below is too low to hear dialog, but it's about 700 ft3.

I have to track down one of my real FM dipole antennas. And I'll run a wire antenna for AM, as well. Then we'll see about the radio. I prefer stuff I can tune manually, but we'll see about his digital tuner. Most are crap - radio signals work differently day and night, so when you scan and lock in channels at one time of day, you are screwed for other times unless you rescan.

Since this only supports two sets of speakers, I will use another amp to power speakers outside and a pair in the living / dining room, which should fill the kitchen with music, as well. I plan to feed the other amp aux-in from line-out on the HT-S3400.

I want to train my DishNet remote to control the Onkyo. Separate remotes for everything drives my bride nutz. Ok, she's already there, but she can't do more than two or three screaming sessions a day, and I already fire her ass up at least that often, so no help from electronics required.

I'll track down the manual for this and learn about add'l functions. Real Soon Now.
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on October 29, 2011
UPDATE #2: I tried to deal with customer service to see if they could cut me a break and find a way to sell me an existing receiver without the speakers (since I still had speakers even if the receiver was dead). They regretted that my receiver wasn't functioning but were unable to do anything for me. I just don't see that Onkyo is a company that gives a damn.

UPDATE: After approx 12 months of use, the audio began cutting out requiring me to power the unit down and back on, sometimes multiple times. As of today (13 months and 5 days after receipt), the sound on the unit completely died. I tried resetting the unit and tried all modes. I've seen that this is a fairly common problem and read about turn-around times of 6 months to repair. Going bad just outside of warranty is rubbing salt in the wound.

First, kudos to Amazon on delivery: I used the super-saver (free) shipping and the item arrived less than 48 hours after I ordered it.

About the Onkyo HT-S3400 package: I was using the crappy speakers built into my Sony Bravia TV till now so probably *any* system would sound good in comparison. I have my cable box and my xbox 360 connected to the Onkyo via HDMI-in and then the Onkyo is connected to the television via HDMI-out. Three cables. When and if I get a blu-ray player, that will be one more device connected via hdmi. The hookup is pretty simple if you stay with all hdmi. The rest of this represents a brain dump of my impressions of the unit.

Connecting the 6 speakers is straight-forward enough though wireless connections to the sub-woofer and rear speakers would have reduced the jungle of cables. My living room is fairly small and so the 20' of speaker wire included for the rear the speakers was plenty.

After fiddling a bit with the settings, the sound was very good to excellent. My front speakers sit on a tv stand below the television which really isn't ideal...wall mounting would be better. The sub-woofer produces big bass and overpowers my room. I need to experiment with its placement but for now I have to cut back on the bass and have turned the sub-woofer off a couple of times.

The FM tuner works about like you'd expect though the instructions in the manual left me initially frustrated. AM reception with the supplied antenna is non-existent where I live in the boonies. The quality of music via the tuner (and via the free music service on Xbox Live Gold) is really excellent.

The instruction manual is 35 pages or so with a couple of quick set-up guides. The manual seems thorough but not user-friendly. Frequent references are made to other pages and you end up bouncing around from page 20 to page 32 to page 16 etc.

The remote has buttons that let you cycle through different sound options for each sound type. Press the Music button and the unit lets you choose between orchestra, unplugged, etc. Choose the movie or game buttons and you are prompted with equally appropriate choices. Very nice.

Significant complaints:
-The Onkyo menus appear on the screen but not if you switch devices. Example: press the Game button and your xbox (or whatever) is selected for display. Press audio tune and change a setting. Now, select the SAT/CBL button and the Onkyo will select your cable or satellite box for display. Select the audio setup button and it doesn't appear on the screen. Go back to the Game button and the menu is shown there! This isn't huge but was confusing at first.
-If you have gotten used to controlling all of your devices via a single remote, you're in for a disappointment. The remote that comes with the Onkyo is not programmable to control other devices except other Onkyo devices (and the iPod). I was able to find the codes to support the Onkyo with my cable's remote but there are two separate codes: one to turn the unit on and one to turn the unit off. I can control the volume via my cable remote but don't have access to the audio tuning buttons of course.
-My biggest beef is that the unit doesn't seem to save my audio settings between uses. I saw something in the manual about a this and I'm sure that if I study the manual hard enough, I'll figure out what I'm not doing. Still, it seems as though if I set the different speaker volumes levels up one time, they should default to those settings the next time I use the unit.

All in all, you get a lot of bang for your dollar with the Onkyo HT-S3400. There are many options and with that flexibility comes a certain amount of complexity that may be overwhelming to some. If you get totally frustrated, invite a teenager from the neighborhood to come in and explain it all to you.
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on December 4, 2011
I purchased this kit after waiting for the price to drop a bit. I ended up getting it for around $250.

This would be what I would consider an "intermediate" system. It's better than the average off the store shelf basic system, but it's not an "advanced" or "pro" system that could blow the roof off your house.

So far, all has been great. It sounds great and was easy to set up. Granted, if you have never had a home theater setup before, all those inputs and outputs and settings can be a bit intimidating. However, if you're merely moving up from a low end "beginner" system you'd typically find at the local Walmart, you've likely already become familiar with the setup process. Further, if your devices all use HDMI (which most newer DVD players, all Blu-ray players and many DVRs do) you're pretty much all set. Where it can get tricky is when you use some of the other input options and need to start assigning functions to them. That isn't the fault of this unit - that's just the way it is with any unit of this type. The fact that it has those complications means it's really versatile.

The unit features a 5.1 surround amp along with included speakers to hear it. The amp supports all the latest High Definition audio formats and can pass through 3D signals. The speakers seem to be of good quality and are actually satisfyingly larger than most "home theater in a box" systems. While you don't need giant speakers for good sound, a certain amount of size is important for room-filling sound. Having said that, anything over about a 20'x20' room will likely need something a bit more robust than this system can offer. The subwoofer is quite large compared to lower end units (it's larger than the amp) but is not self powered, putting it firmly out of the "advanced" system category. While the sound is satisfying from it, punching bass really needs more than most AV amps can send to it.

The speaker wire is nothing special - even a bit disappointing. Not only is it about the thinnest wire you can practically use for speakers, the surround wires are likely too short for use in all but the smallest rooms. I never even bothered to use it and opted to use better quality 14 gauge jacketed cable. This also let me run the surround wires through the walls to avoid them snaking across the floor. The good? The low rent speaker wire is offset by having wire connections on both the amp and the speakers. This means you can replace the wires with something else. Many beginner level systems have the wires built into the speaker, meaning you're stuck with what they provide for you. The down side is, the connections are the simple "press the clip and poke the wire in the hole" type instead of screw posts on the amp. They're also tiny, meaning banana jacks would be a tight fit. If you're using the included wire, it's an easy enough system for connecting everything (it's all color coded) but definitely makes it hard to wire things up in the best possible way.

As noted above, the amp has a vast array of inputs and outputs. With 4 HDMI inputs, most people will likely find enough room for all their devices. People with multiple gaming systems may have to rely on one of the component HD inputs for something. In my case, I had room for a DVR, Blu-ray player, a Roku and an upconverting region free DVD player I have for movies bought from outside the US. I'm not a gamer, so I didn't need room for a Playstation or XBox.

In addition to the HDMI inputs, the amp also has multiple component, and composite connections for older analog devices or (in the case of component) for additional HD devices. In addition, there are several audio input options that can be assigned to any video input. One note, though, the unit will not convert the signals to another form. So, if you plug in your VHS VCR from 1992 using composite (RCA) cables, you'll need to run a set of the same type of cable to the TV in order to see it. The amp will not convert it to an HDMI or component signal. That is only possible on far more advanced (and pricy) units. In other words, whatever type of cable you plug into an input, you need to have an output of the same type. One notable oversight is the lack of even one S-Video input. In other words, if your DVD player doesn't have either an HDMI or component output, your stuck with composite (RCA).

Even if everything you connect is analog, you'll still need to connect the HDMI output to your TV to see the setup menu. While the panel on the front of the unit does show you what you're adjusting, it's a pain compared to the nice menu on your TV. For that reason, if you don't have an HDTV set, I wouldn't bother with this unit. It's built around HD, meaning buy something cheaper and more basic if you're still using that old tube set or something more versatile if you have an older RP HDTV set.

Using the on screen menu, setup was very easy, from setting the speaker distances and levels to assigning inputs and outputs to devices. When in doubt, read that manual they included. It's big, but handy. This unit does a lot, so if you want the most out of it, you need to put in the effort to learn about it. Otherwise, you're better off with a sound bar.

Overall, the system sounds great in my 15'x20' room. The speakers sound clear and crisp with ample low end coming out of the subwoofer. The levels are adjustable, including the crossover level for the sub. I was able to bring up the center channel to make quieter dialog stand out without being blown out of my seat by explosions. The on screen volume control bar (which can be shut off) is a nice touch that allows me to keep the on-amp display dimmer. The secondary front speaker output is handy if you want to be able to hear the TV out in the kitchen while you're cooking dinner (the extra speakers are not included).

The system does offer an audio return for those using their TV to receive TV signals over the air, but only via HDMI. Again, you'll likely want to have that connection in order to use the on-screen menu. This is only an issue with TVs that don't have an HDMI connection.

Overall, I give the unit 4 stars for the vast amount of versatility, but not 5 stars for its lack of a preamp output for a powered sub and the cheesy speaker wires and connections. While I certainly didn't expect to get a powered sub at this price point, not having the output option on the amp means I can't add one later. It's a notable missing feature on an otherwise awesome product. Most people won't miss it, but some will. Honestly, if I could give ratings in half star increments, it would be 4 1/2 stars, since the majority of the people looking at this system will be happy with the specs as given. The lack of an S-Video input would likely be the biggest sticking point for lower-end users.

In summary, for those on a budget that want a quality home theater experience, this is the system, bar none. It has 90% of what someone would need to take advantage of the latest home video offerings, with few compromises. If you're building a dedicated home theater room, you'll likely want something a bit higher on the food chain. You won't pay $250-$300 for such a system, though.

For the price, it's just about perfect.
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on February 28, 2012
I purchased this home theater system to give the sound in my apartment a little boost. After reading a lot of online reviews, I decided to go with this unit based on a combination of price and quality reviews. I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with this product.

First, let me say that I am fairly knowledgeable about stereo installation, both in-home and in-car.

I received this product, and installed it with 18-gauge wire, as many reviews recommended. The wire that comes with it is incredibly thin. After about 3 days, the front left speaker stopped working. I tested the speaker in another jack and it worked fine. I called Onkyo, and after waiting over an hour to speak to someone, they informed me that the receiver was not working properly and that I would either need to mail it off for repair, or talk to Amazon about a return. I went with option 2. Amazon shipped me a replacement unit and I shipped back the broken original receiver.

Enter receiver #2. Hooked it up, and roughly a week later, I turned it on and it immediately shut itself back off. I did this a few times, and then referred to the troubleshooting section in the manual. I followed the instructions, and long story short, it did not fix the problem. I, again after waiting well over an hour, spoke with an Onkyo rep. I will spare readers the details, but it was very apparent that I knew a lot more about stereos than the guy I talked to. I eventually just told him that I would contact Amazon for one more shot at a replacement.

Enter receiver #3. Based on the second tech's (and, imo, weak) advice, I swapped out all the speakers, not just the receiver, as he said that it's possible that a defective speaker was shorting out the receiver (again, doubtful, but possibly the problem). Today, a mere 3 days after hooking up unit #3, it started doing the auto-shut off thing.

I am not in the business of shipping off defective and installing new stereo systems every 7-10 days, so I will be contacting Amazon tomorrow to simply return this product and request a full refund. Lesson learned that you get what you pay for.

Look elsewhere for a home theater. This product will cause you nothing but headaches. A shame beacue it actually sounds pretty good for the price.
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on July 30, 2011
I've had the system for a week now. Major concern right now is PS3 compatibility. The sound and picture are constantly cutting out while playing the Move Sports games. Haven't tried normal games yet. The video cuts out and says "Mode not supported". I navigated to the TV and back to the PS3 and it temporarily fixed it, then sound and picture started cutting out again. I have not had any of these problems with my cable or PS3 bluray playback. I also have a PC hooked up and no problems so far there either. I have the cable box, PS3 and PC all HDMI in and one HDMI out to the TV. One of my HDMI cables is a few years old so I am wondering if that might be the problem, but I read that other people are experiencing PS3 problems.

Sound quality is a bit disappointing. I find it to be flat, especially the center channel. The rears are pretty week too. I have been messing around with all the settings and the only decent sound seems to be using "All Stereo". The other 5.1 settings sounds very weak. I'm hoping I can find better settings. I sit about 10 feet from the TV, the fronts are to the side of the TV on speaker stands at ear level. The rears are right next to the couch. So Its a fairly small area and I was thinking this would be sufficient without disturbing the neighbors too much.

The sub seems to have decent punch, nothing too much, again good for the neighbor factor. I watched Avatar with this and enjoyed it.

I've thrown out all the boxes so I guess I'm stuck with it now. The receiver seems decent so I wonder if down the road I bought better speakers, like the Energy Classics if that would make a dramatic improvement.

The onscreen menu is nice, but I haven't seen any setting for the equalizer or the radio stations on the onscreen menu.

If I can get this thing optimized better I will update my review and let you know. Thanks

UPDATE 8-28-2011: I continue to have PS3 problems. Now I get absolutely no sound from my PS3!! I know its not my connections because I unplug it from the receiver directly int the TV and I have sound, so there is some kind of incompatibility with a PS3! No problem getting sound from the cable box or laptop....OK, I decided to unplug the hdmi from port 2 and plug into port 4. picture was cutting in and out. I took the cable and flipped it around and jiggled it. Well lo and behold its working again. But for how long?
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on February 12, 2012
I really wanted to love this receiver system. I set it up, connected all of my components and speakers, and rented a Blu-ray movie. This, of course, took the better part or a weekend day, as I wanted everything to look pretty and in its place. Set all of my preferences in the device, figured out the menu structure and played my movie. The sound was thunderous, the surround effects were amazing. It sounded so much better than my previous system. All was well in the world for about a week, then the problems started. At first, when I turned the system on, every once in a while, it would turn right back off. I initially blamed the timing on my Harmony remote, but I was wrong. Eventually, it would not turn on at all without turning right back off. Turns out it was going into "protected mode" and the troubleshooting steps had me unplug the speaker wires, the inputs, perform a factory reset. Nothing worked, even after unplugging everything from the device and performing the factory reset. The troubleshooting steps took the better part of an evening. So, I called Onkyo and they told me to take it to a repair center, which means send it back to Amazon. Thankfully I saved the box and all of the packaging. Amazon was fantastic, I had a new unit delivered to my door the next day, even before they came to get the old unit! Time to set it up again and another day has been given to surround sound worship. The second unit worked well for only two days. Then the same problem started. At this point I am done wasting my time with this thing, so I ignore the problem. The third day, a new problem appears. Whenever the system is turned on, no matter the volume, there is a horrible sound like static interference coming out of all of the speakers. So I perform the same troubleshooting steps as before with the same conclusion. So now, after wasting three whole days of my life, I am sending it back for a refund and I have no surround sound. If you are feeling lucky and you buy this unit, save the box and all of the packaging!

The Good:
- The speakers are really good for this price range.
- You can really feel the sub-woofer.
- Many great features, inputs, and outputs.
- The price.

The Bad:
- Consider yourself lucky if it works for more than a month.
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on January 3, 2012
I received my Onkyo HT-S3400 about 4 days ago and my initial impressions are very good. The set-up, as others have stated is very, very simple. If you can see in color then, you can set this up in no time at all. I would recommend, as others have, to upgrade the speakers wire. I went with 16 gauge (bought from amazon, also). *Make sure to identify which wire is the positive and use that as your colored wire when you set it up(on my spool it was the wire with the white stripe down it). One more tip, the farther you are running the wire, the bigger gauge you want to purchase. I ended up going around my room at the base boards and after burning through 100 feet of wire way quicker than I had anticipated and had to order another spool, delaying my set up by a couple of days. Learn from my mistake and measure first. If you are going to run over 60 feet in one run with a wire upgrade to 14 gauge (16 gauge is fine for runs under 60 feet). With that, let's move on to the good stuff:

As I stated before, my initial impressions are very good. Now this system would never satisfy the ever so picky audiophile. However, if you forced one to choose a system that fit into this $$$ range, I would almost guarantee you that the majority would have Onkyo systems in their home. The quality to $ ratio with Onkyo has always been Onkyo's strength. It's no different with this unit. For those without any surround sound system at all, right now, prepare to be wowed. The difference in your television viewing is night and day. For those of you considering some of the all-in-one packages with the blu-ray player included being offered by Sony, LG, Pioneer, etc, just stop. I understand the want of convenience that those packages offer but the crown jewel of such a system (the actual surround sound system) suffers from a lack of quality in every single one of them. If you want a surround sound system, buy a surround sound system. If you want a blu-ray, buy a blu-ray. Every single system that I have seen out there that is competitive in price with this Onkyo system in inferior in every single way as far as sound quality goes, and that's what a surround sound system is about (sound quality), isn't it?

Once I got the system set up I started looking through the menu on my satellite. The first channel I checked was HBO. It just happened that Lady Gaga's Monster Ball concert was just starting. "Good place to start", I figured. AMAZING sound was emanating from my living room (and I say this as a guy who CAN'T STAND Lady Gaga). The audio was so crisp and clear. Like any kid with any new toy I had to "step on the pedal". I turned the volume all the way up and just grinned as my new surround sound system roared with very clear and crisp sound cranked all the way up. This is absolutely loud enough for the average listener. The more movies I watch with this thing the more I'm impressed. It's so fun to watch these programs with an actual "audio scene" to accompany the outstanding video display. I highly recommend this entry level Home Theater system to anyone looking to upgrade an older system or those just entering into the HT world.
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on March 15, 2014
I have owned this system for about a week and a half, and I am very happy with it. I was lucky enough to snag it for about $150 on Amazon (keep an eye out for good refurbished deals). I do not have a ton of experience setting up high end systems, so I had a bit of a learning curve. I will post a few of my issues and solutions at the end of my review.

It has excellent bass (especially considering the sub is passive). I don't have the sub turned up all of the way, and I like a good rumble when I watch shows/movies. Please note that the sub itself is very large. The sound quality is well above my other entry/mid level setups.

Below are a few issues that I had along with the solutions that I figured out.

Problem: Only stereo sound (no surround) when using a Roku. Also, several speaker setting options were grayed out in the setup menu.

Solution: This was because I had my speakers set to both A & B. In order to experience full surround sound, you need to set the speakers to A only. Then select a listening mode to hear full surround.

Problem: I would hear popping in the surround speakers every couple of minutes. This was by far the most annoying issue that I had. I checked all connections, changed out wiring, and tried different speakers.

Solution: This solution is simple, go into the speaker configuration (hit setup on the remote) and set the crossover frequency to 150Hz. The problem was that it was sending frequencies that were too low for the speakers to handle (I think...I am no expert).

Let me know if anyone has any questions.
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