Customer Reviews: Onkyo HT-S9400THX 7.1-Channel Network A/V Receiver/Speaker Package
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on July 11, 2012
I thought I did a lot of research before purchasing this all in one set. Unfortunately I never when on the official Onkyo support forum to see all of the HDMI issues with their receivers. The set arrived in perfect condition in a HUGE box with everything inside. The speakers are awesome and the powered sub-woofer really brings the bass to the party.

My home theater set-up is pretty simple. I plugged all of my HDMI components into the receiver and then have one HDMI out to my projector. This allows me to select what's on the projector from my Onkyo system remote and video and sound are all handled by the HDMI cords.

The setup worked perfectly for a week. Then I started getting a NO Signal on my projector screen when I tried to play a movie from my bluray player. Through several problem solving steps I was able to isolate the issue to the HDMI out from the Onkyo to what ever source I hooked it up to; projector or HD TV. I kept getting a "No signal" on the Onkyo receiver when I would select any source I had hooked up via HDMI. After a few calls to the Onkyo help desk, they had me do a receiver reset and then upgrade to the latest firmware on the receiver. Nothing worked. They finally told me to send it to them at MY cost and they would look at it.

I decided to take it to a local shop that was an official Onkyo service center to avoid having to pay for the shipping. After a few days they called to tell me I needed a new HDMI board and it was going to take 10 days to get the part. The guy said this is a very common issue with Onkyo receivers and he pointed to a stack of them he had in for repair behind the counter.

I don't usually review products but I wanted to make sure to share my story with any potential buyers. Before you make a purchase make sure you google "onkyo HDMI issues" and do the research I wish I had done before buying this unit.

I will try to update this review when I get the receiver back.

I really wish the HDMI wasn't an issue because the setup was really awesome for the week that it worked.

Update 3/6/2013: I got the receiver back from the shop over the summer of 2012 (no charge). They replaced the HDMI card and the receiver has been working perfectly since. I really love this system now that it works. Just had some issues in the beginning. Hopefully this will be the last update.
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on February 18, 2012
I purchase this HT-S9400THX system for a new home theater that I was building. It performs wonderfully. The bass is unbelievable, try a space film! The first moveie I put in was a Disney film, my dog ran away to hide when the fireworks went off! They always shake him up on the 4th. I have it hooked up with a Sharp LC-70LE735U & BD-HP35U, and they all work flawlessly together. With the AQUOS Link (CEC Protocol)it gives total system control. I am using a front high 7.1 configuration... it rocks! The Onko system worked right out of the box, with no setup done. Even down at the other end of the house, the quality of the sound was unmistakable. It will take you some time to investagate and setup all the features there are a ton. I especially like the Onko remote control,it is well planed out and easy to use. You will be very happy with the quality of this system and the sound reproduction. Those are the pluses.
Now the for the draw backs: What I can note here are few, but important considerations. First the head is quite large (barely fits in a standard cablet, and is does run warm! It needs open air space to cool, or do as I have done and installed two 120mm fans in the cabnet to cool it and other components. Second, the corner surround speakers are quite beefy, so if mounted on mounts, pick some of good quality. I used the six packs mounts available here on Amazon. I killed one right away. And,I had to add some star type lock washers on the pivots to hold the weight on the other ones (be gental with the set screws). I also replaced the original wires that were sent with the system. I used some 16 guage speaker wire, which I will recommend as a minimum size. That said and done, overall it is a great system. My only real complaint was not Amazon's fault, and is a big plus for Onko. The shippers tried intentioally to destroy this system, that was plain to see. With crushed box parts(3 inches on the corners). It had to have been dropped on the top and rolled a few times. I found lift truck holes imbedded 8 inches into the styrofoam in two places. Riped cardboard holes and the carton was packing taped back together everywhere. There was not one complete piece of the packing foam left intact! The only damage that was done to the system, was a little dent on the sub woofer RCA output jack (it needed 9" of foam I guess). My hat is off to Onko's packaging department! Their care saved the day.
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on October 31, 2012
My very ancient speaker system finally gasped its final gasp, so I had to look at something new. I did some research and decided I wanted to move beyond the decent, but muddy Logitech Z640 speaker system I had been using. I also wanted to get a proper avr/decoder.

So, after weighing options, reading reviews (and taking into consideration both Onkyo's reputation for hot-running avrs and subwoofer issues), I decided on the HT-S9400THX.

I also considered buying a separate avr and individual speakers, but my budget was actually lower than this system's price (I decided to up my budget a bit) and for something offering comparable (possibly slightly better) performance, I was looking at $1000-1500.

The big box arrived in good shape with no major external damage (a few dings on the labeling and in the corners). The inside of the box was well-packaged with the receiver on top, subwoofer on bottom, and everything compartmentalized in solid styrofoam inserts.

Setup was a breeze, although a bit time consuming simply because I had to overhaul the space I had to get everything to fit.

I am currently running the 5.1 + front high configuration having used the Audyssey calibration.

1) The sound is exceptionally crisp. Mid-tones are clean, highs are high, and the bass is very sharp. The bass was so sharp, I wondered if the subwoofer was set correctly (it was set to the THX setting) as I am accustomed (old speakers and in movie theaters) to having bass tones muddy and overblown. So, I tested using bass tests. There is definitely nothing wrong with the subwoofer. Bass from DJ Magic Mike causes the floorboards to vibrate. I am just not used to bass that is so clean. Most sound mixes sound more like a properly snug bass drum rather than the looser, rattling bass drum skin sound.

2) High fronts. The sound field immerses you. I tossed in a variety of blurays and was pleased by the height dimension to the sound. Aerial battles zip around my ceiling, rain falls from the sky, and the center channel provides clearly audible dialogue even during loud sections.

3) Build quality. While I have not taken the speakers apart to fiddle with the innards, the boxes are sturdy and heavy. I dropped two speakers and they were unfazed by the experience.

4) Works with Logitech Harmony Link. I had to remap one hdmi input, but that is a Logitech issue, not an Onkyo issue.

1) Speaker mounting. The speakers only have a keyhole hanger situated fairly high in the center of the back. Getting them properly mounted on a universal speaker stand took some effort.

At the price point I purchased this system for ($730), I do not believe you can find a better sound system. Anything comparable/better is likely to run several hundred dollars more. While this system may not satisfy the truly audiophilic highbrow, it should suit the needs of a wide variety of home theater enthusiasts. I highly recommend this system.
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on August 10, 2011
This system is way, way above others you see advertised. It includes a powerful receiver, a ton of connectivity (including network), and great speakers. When it arrives, it is 135 pounds, and HUGE, but I fit the entire system into a small office and it just blows me away. Great for TV or music. I can't speak highly enough of the brand and the product. What a steal at under $800, freight included!
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on December 12, 2012
Recently moved into a new house and needed a top-of-the-line sound system for the entertainment room. I looked at Philips, JBL and even considered getting a $2500 Bose system. I've been in Bose showrooms and listened to the amazing sound there. I have an extensive audio background of 20 years so I know what good sound is, and to be completely honest, the only difference from Bose and this Onkyo system is a couple thousand dollars. People could tell you all they want that I'm wrong and how Bose is the "most amazing sound system over anything else," but they're wrong - they're just not realistic or logical enough to admit it. Save your money and get this Onkyo system. Just as good of sound over Bose.

The only problem (and this is minimal) is that you either have to position the speakers flat against the wall, or construct brackets to customize their angle. Now I know with Bose systems they have pivots so you can angle them the way you want after you've mounted the speaker to the wall, but making my own brackets worked just fine and was more cost effective. My entertainment room looks very professional and clean.

If you're considering buying anything more expensive than this Onkyo system, I'd say you're pretty fiscally irresponsible, maybe even crazy. I'm very pleased that I went with this system.
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on July 3, 2011
All I can say is wow! This HTIB is amazing. Straight out of the box, without any configuration, I was amazed at the depth and clarity of the sound this thing puts out. At first I though the auto configuraion tool was broken, then I read the instructions and it did a mighty fine job. It turned the sub down more than I would like, but other than that it did a great job. The OSD is nice and easy to understand, there are TONS of listening modes but I am very impressed with the PLzII height THX setting. I am using the surround high setup (smallish open floor plan) and everything comes out amazing. For the price, I doubt you could do better.
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on September 2, 2012
At this price point, I would expect excellent TV sound and okay music quality and this receiver delivers on those expectations. The nice bonus for me was the built-in internet music services. With an internet connection, the Onkyo receiver allows you to play music from most of the major Internet music services like Pandora, LastFM, Rhapsody, and Spotify. Getting to the music on the Onkyo receiver is much faster than using a net enabled HDTV or game console. I just need this receiver on. It is almost as straightforward as getting to an FM station. This receiver also allows me to use an iPad or Android device to navigate options within each music service and act as a remote control for the receiver. The only issue is that the receiver does not have wifi capabilities. You must use an Ethernet cable which, depending on the location, you might need to use a bridge device to connect the unit.

Setting up the unit was straightforward. Adjusting the sound from all the speakers specifically for my room was easy using the automated process. And, as expected, the speakers are nicely matched to this particular receiver.
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on August 4, 2011
I recently purchased the Onkyo HT-S9400TH system, and I love it. It works well, and was worth the investment. The speaker wires that come with it are too short, so expect to purchase ones for the side and rear speakers, unless you have a really small room. I was also a little disappointed with their website, which had not been fully updated with references to this new product. I'd definitely purchase this product again.
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on July 8, 2013
I loved this home theater package until recently when the HDMI OUT port appears to have died just 6 months after purchase. I did not think that I would need to go through the hassle of getting something fixed on it so soon (and face the ire of my kids until this gets done)! I have yet to get in touch with Onkyo to find out what they are going to do about it since it is under warranty. I will update this review regarding my experience with the Onkyo customer support after contacting them.

3 months later, I have still not heard back from Onkyo after contacting them online. Since it looks like I have to mail the unit to the nearest authorized repair center (about 5 hours drive from where I am located) at my expense, I am just going to wait to drop it off when I happen to head in that direction sometime in the coming months (they ship it back at their expense). This is a rip off - if soemthing goes wrong to teh unit that is under warranty, Onkyo should bear all costs connected to the repair/replacement of the unit, including all shipping. I will update this review again in teh future.
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on December 19, 2011
I have set this up in a 24x18 foot long room. I had to add an additional 125 watt sub-woofer to the room to give it the fullness this medium sized room needed. It is almost not powerful enough to complete what this room needed for a full theater sound.
I love most of what this system can do, it paired well with my AQUOS LC-70LE735U 70" 3D LED-LCD TV, the audio link configuration is wonderful, but needs some additional options for what is output onto the TV when it is linked. You do need to make sure that you use Highspeed HDMI cables with this or HD will be unavailable.
The fact that you can get the system to configure with the audio setup mike makes this a cinch to configure for your room.

As most will know this is a Mid-Range system, but there are not many systems you can compare to this within this price range or quality. Do not put your expectations into this as if it were a $5000.00 system with speakers.

The speakers are standard bookshelf style, and heavier and larger than many of the HTIB systems out there.

Overall I am very happy with this system. I am happy that I can use my Android tablet/phone to remote control it, and use DLNA to send music from my tablet and phone.

I would have given this 5 stars if there were more controls in what is output onto the display and some other minor issues.

The quality is great and makes for a cost affordable sub $800 system.
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