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on November 5, 2011
I've owned a few top-notch receivers, but I wanted to enjoy audiophile quality sound, the kind of sound that comes from using a dedicated power amplifier isolated from any other circuitry (tuners, sound processors, etc.) so last night I retired my Yamaha HTR-5450 to a second room and set up my new Onkyo M-282. Nothing to it. A detachable power supply cord, two sets of some good solid speaker connections (banana plug style) in the back, an input control, some auto-sensing power-on / power-off switches, and RCA style audio in and pass-through connections.

The first test I did was to listen to any audible noise introduced by the amplifier. With the input control turned all the way up on the amplifier, and my source output turned up as high as it could, and with the speakers connected, I tried my best to listen for noise, and couldn't. Everything was up all the way and I couldn't hear the slightest bit of noise.

Then I threw in a couple CDs... Return to Forever's Romantic Warrior was incredible, and I was able to listen to it without any fatigue at really awesome sound pressure levels. Rush's Presto was super crisp. This amplifier is a work of art. Highs are really bright and crisp with a hell of a lot of attack, midrange is clear and without any muddiness at any volume, and the bass is flat and perfect. This amp is rated at 100w into 2 channels at 8 ohms, and amplifies frequencies from 10 all the way to 100k with a signal-to-noise of 110dB! I've put it to the test, it sounds as good as it reads on paper.

For the time being, I doubt I will be listening to music or watching movies at the levels I used to. My ears crave the clean power this amp provides and it gives my music new life I never knew I was missing!

For less than two Benjamins, you can own this audiophile quality amplifier.

From the owner's manual:


Power Output: 100 Watts per channel min. RMS at 8 ohms, both channels driven from 20 to 20,000 Hz with no more than 0.08% total harmonic distortion. 125 Watts per channel min. RMS at 6 ohms, both channels driven from 1 kHz with no more than 0.1% total harmonic distortion.

Dynamic Power Output: 2 x 140 Watts at 8 ohms

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.08% at rated power

IM Distortion: 0.08% at rated power

Damping Factor: 100 at 8 ohms

Input Sensitivity and Impedance: 1 V, 50 kohms

Output Level and Impedance: 1 V, 10 kohms

Rated Speaker Impedance: 6 ohms MIN

Frequency Response: 10 Hz - 100 kHz, +/- 1 dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 110dB (IHF A, 0.5 V input)

Power Supply: AC 120 V, 60 Hz

Power Consumption: 2.5 A

Dimensions (W x H x D) 435 x 145 x 316 mm or 17-1/8" x 5-11/16" x 12-7/16"

Weight: 8.5 kg, 18.7 lbs.
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on April 25, 2012
I struggled to decide what to say about this amp, especially given the number of (probably inaccurate) negative reviews, but here goes...
I bought this amp to drive a pair of small Tannoy speakers in a 'remote' environment in my home. Having heard the sound coming from this setup, my curiousity got the better of me, and I dropped this amp into my main rig, which features 24/96, PS Audio and YBA, and top-line PS Audio, Synergistic Research and Kimber interconnects and cables. The result was surprising if not stunning. This little amp does so much more right than wrong that I struggle to articulate it all. To be brief; this amp is tonally dead-on from about 80 hz to 12,000 hz. That's the important part of the spectrum BTW. It does come-up a bit 'soft' at the extremes, but that's to be expected from most amps at 3x-5x this price. Putting aside the less-than-typical softening at the extremes, the amp is decently transparent in the rest of the spectrum. I did find the very finest 'edge' of transients dulled, but only in comparison to amps at 5x the cost. If you desire an extremely quiet amp at a fraction of the price that you'd expect to pay...this is your baby.
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on August 4, 2012
Purchased the M-282 about 2 months ago. Using it with the Onkyo 8050 network receiver. I have the m-282 powering a set of Klipsch AW-525's on my patio with absolutely no problem. Great power and the functionality is perfect. Some people complain of a low hum produced through the speakers, but I believe that is the amp itself when powering a sub when no signal is being generated, either way I do not have this problem.

The unit does get warm, but nothing to worry about with proper airflow.

Great unit, solid build, very clean looking and does the job well.
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on August 16, 2011
Bought this Amp early this month. Came packaged very well and for a "used" model, looked vitually brand new. The amp has plenty of power and headroom. I am not an audiofile by any means, but this amplifier seems pretty solid. I do not have hi-tech equipment, I am running a pair of Insignia 6.5" base reflex speakers ( which by the way are a GREAT deal for their sound and price ( $69,00 pr. ).. purchased them instaed of a pair of Polk (twice the price ) and a pair of Klipsch bookshelfs ( WAY overpriced ! ) I have an old 15" passive subwoofer hooked up for low end and this inexpensive system sounds GREAT ! The Onkyo does not even breathe hard driving this system to levels that I am sure makes my neighbors REAL happy ! Do not know how long it will last, That remains to be seen. But so far so good...

P.S....... just my opinion for people looking for stereo equipment, or to "upgrade" You do NOT have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on equipment to have a nice setup. This is all I have in this setup and I promise you I would have you putting your hands over your ears or running out of the room to get away from the volume ......

Onkyo M-282 ( $142.00 used on Amazon )
Insignia 6.5" bookshelf speakers ( $69.00)
15" passive sub ( $25.00 on Ebay.... could not belive it ! you do not need a $500.00 sub to get good "thump" ... I think passive subs are overlooked a bit, if you have a strong enough amp to push them, they sound very natural )Good luck everyone !
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on December 11, 2010
Like another Amazon reviewer I'm using this reasonably priced 100 wpc @8 ohms amp to drive a second pair of speakers through an Onkyo TX 8555 stereo receiver. The receiver has plenty of power to drive 2 pair of relatively efficient speakers but didn't have quite the "authority" I want when compared to driving only 1 pair. The Onkyo M-282 provided an ideal solution. My "Zone 2 "B" speakers," located in an adjoining room, now mesh rather well with their main "A" counterparts. The amp provides more than enough "grunt" for my purposes. The unit is rather large so be sure you have sufficient room for cooling. While the front panel is clean and uncluttered it doesn't sport the brushed aluminum face plate Onkyo uses on their more current product lines. No big deal to me. The improved sound quality of my stereo only system more than makes up for any cosmetic shortfalls. When you're in the market Amazon and J & R are a tough combo to beat! Improve your system and go for it. This amp won't break anyone's bank. Your ears will thank you in the process!
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VINE VOICEon September 18, 2007
I bought this 2-channel amplifier to drive a pair of in-ceiling speakers in another room. For my application, this amp is perfection. I'm certainly glad I didn't buy the similarly-priced but much-less-powered unit from Audio Research.

The output power is phenomenal - noticeably stronger than the 150w per channel output spec from my Sony ES reciever. Either Yamaha is being conservative or Sony is misleading. The sound quality is very clear, low noise, and free of distortion even at loud passages. Frankly I'm stunned at the performance for this low a price point.

This unit is beautifully finished, and looks at home with the rest of my components. It's actually smaller than I expected as well. The front of the unit has a hard power switch, and a standby/on indicator that is red on standby (soft power off) and orange when on.

The rear of the unit has a 2-channel RCA input, a 2-channel RCA output (passthrough), one set of speaker connectors (accepts banana-type and wire), a 12v trigger input, and the power cord input. There is an input level adjustment (essentially a volume control) but in my application, I found it best to set this at maximum volume and let my in-wall volume control adjust the level. There is also a switch to control auto-power settings: disabled (power is controlled by the front switch), audio (front switch remains on, unit changes from standby to on when audio signal is detected), and 12v (external 12v trigger). There is quite a long delay from power-on to on, and in my setup, I chose the OFF mode - where I turn the unit on from the front when I want to use it. The supplied power cord is quite hefty and probably overkill.

Note that unlike several other reviews here, my unit did not get very hot - certainly far from the heat generated by my Sony ES receiver. Nor did I experience a 60Hz hum when the unit entered standby.

Finally, although some reviews say this unit has been discontinued, it still appears on the official Onkyo web site, and availability seems good. So I would say it's not discontinued.

In summary, this is the "perfect" 2-channel audio amp - highly recommended without reservation. And an unbelievable value for near-audiophile performance.
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on May 15, 2011
I have owned this amp for three years now and couldn't be more pleased. Based on my positive experience with this amp and great reviews, I've just ordered an Onkyo receiver. I just looked at the relatively few poor reviews of this amp and am shaking my head in disbelief. Do people not know what a power amp is? Power amps don't have volume controls, tone controls or balance controls. that's what the preamp is for. The Onkyo does have an input level control to insure compatibility with your preamp; but unless you have a weird preamp design, you'll put the input control at max and forget it. Hum? What hum? The Onkyo is dead quiet - even quieter than my mega-bucks Van Alstine laboratory-grade power amp. In fact, the Onkyo is is quiet as any power amp I've owned in over 40 years of audiophile collecting. In addition to not having any of the negatives cited in the, again, relatively few few poor reviews, what amazes me most is just how good this amp sounds. I was just not prepared for this quality of sound reproduction at this price point. I was hoping for good sound and i got excellent sound. I would never spend more bucks for a power amp again. this is one of the finest audio purchases I've ever made.
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on November 23, 2008
I purchased this amplifier to replace a center channel amplifier in my home theater system. The previous center channel amplifier had been very expensive (>$2500) and had totally failed after only 7 years of service. The M-282 has turned out to be an excellent and inexpensive replacement amplifier. It works exactly as described. I have no audible hum coming from the unit. It is totally quiet. It runs so cool that I can barely feel any warmth on the top of the unit. The auto power feature works beautifully and turns on within 1 sec of an audio signal being sent to the amp. The sound quality of my Aerial Acoustics C3 center channel speaker when powered by the M-282 is indistinguishable from its sound quality when powered by the amplifier costing 10X as much. I am totally pleased iwth the M-282.

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on December 13, 2012
I have two CerwinVega XLS-28's both run at 6 Ohms and 200 watt peak. There is a little volume knob on back and its turned almost 1/4th the way up. It powers my beastly speakers no problem! A simple interface that you know you get your moneys worth out of! I highly recommend this for someone who is just looking for something simply with TONS of power!

Update: I now use this thing to power my JBL studio monitors, the raw power and spot on linear sound from the computer is dead of and perfect for creating music!
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on March 18, 2010
I use this amp to power zone 2 along with the Onkyo TX8555 Receiver and a multi-speaker selector switch box.

Both have great sound quality; the M-282 is a good compliment to the TX8555 receiver. Note that the M-282 is only an amplifier with limited ability to adjust audio signal intensity in-line, so I'd recommend using it along with a receiver that can adjust the base/treble/balance and control the volume of the audio signal. I'd recommend the M-282 to anyone looking for a mid-range low-cost zone 2 amplifier with plenty of power at 8 ohms.
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