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on January 11, 2017
Just wonderful. I bought the Onkyo receiver about a year ago but only had speakers from my last surround sound system. The system did not sound so good and these speakers are quite expensive. After seeing that the system needed speakers with more ohms I finally opted to buy the Onkyo speakers to go with the Atmos system for my husband for Christmas. Well they make such a difference and the sound is incredible. I am defiantly satisfied with them and the performance. The sound is really good and makes the surround so much better. Also it greatly needed the powered subwoofer witch sounds amazing. These speakers are so good I will never go back to the cheap systems. Also the speakers have a nice look with black finish so the look nice around the room.

All in all I am very happy with them and glad I finally spent the money.
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on December 23, 2016
These speakers are great!

I have them hooked up to a Sony - STRDH770 1015W 7.2 receiver and it kills it for my home theater!

The satellite, front and center channels have good clear bass, mids and highs, and the sub provides the intense rumble for action scenes! Movie dialogue is clear and not drowned out like it has been on my other surround systems. Music via Bluetooth sounds great as well. I have heard no distortion of any of the sound frequencies in movies or music.

I'm no audiophile, but I do care about clarity and crispness of highs and lows with a large frequency range. By far these are the best speakers I have ever owned and even outperform my old Klipsch surround for my computer.
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on June 1, 2017
This surround sound speaker set is hands down the best one out there! I bought one originally in 2011, and got an extra sub-woofer to take advantage of the 7.2 capability, which pounds and screams. Well, this year I decided to upgrade to an Onkyo receiver 747 that is 4k capable for my living room and moved my older 1080p 709 Onkyo receiver upstairs to my bedroom. What better speaker set to match it with than this one. That's right, I liked it so much that I own two! You will not be disappointed, these things are tough as nails paired with the correct amp/receiver. Sorry to anyone that got a defective set, that stuff happens, but for me I have got two and one is over 6 years old working like brand new. I normally only write reviews if things go wrong as do most folks, but this set is AWESOME and worth a great review!
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on December 26, 2016
Excellent Products for a Great Value!! Highly Recommended for a great starter set or upgrade from say a $50-$100 surround sound. I am upgrading my Pioneer 5.1 Surround I purchased in 2004. I just purchased a 7.2 Surround AV Receiver for myself for Christmas and also just purchased 2 Polk Audio PSW10's. So running 2 subs & having the extra 2 side speakers just blows away the 5.1 Surround I had for many years. The build quality is decent and the sound is just amazing when all is calibrated(This took me days to accomplish due to the complexity of the AV Receiver).
I Highly Recommend this set at this price point!!
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on October 1, 2011
One of the main reasons i purchased this set is because it has the tall front L & R speakers, has great reviews on Amazon and CNet. Really great sound quality for the price. This is connected to my Onkyo TX-SR505 Receiver that i purchased about 4-5 years ago and set at 120Hz. I've actually set this up as 5.1 surround in a 20x25 room with TV, PS3, iPod and turntable and have connected the 2 remaining speakers in a different room as speaker set B (front L & R) on my receiver to pipe music/sound to my other entertainment room. Having it only setup as a 5.1 in a large room, i must say, the sound quality is impressive. Surround is fantastic, bass is powerful, low and crisp (Not muffled or distorted) and rocks the house pretty well. Front left right and center speakers are very crisp and hi's and mid's are very sharp (I also diverted all my bass to the front L & R speakers just to see how it would handle, which they did with ease while listening to some bass intensive rock from my turntable). Call of Duty: Black Ops on PS3 w/ surround is stunning, I'm positive my neighborhood feels each gunshot, bass rocks. Great Speaker set for the price.

Update 1/9/13
I thought I would update this because I usually like to research quality over a period of time when I purchase something. These speakers are used several hours daily for TV, blue ray, PS3 gaming, and/or music via iPod or record player and often at high levels. They are still producing extremely high quality sound and continue to be impressed by the quality especially during football games, high intensity blue ray movies and gaming (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 being the latest). The only "complaint" i have is that the rear surround speakers I used for speaker B in my other room have a less than stellar sound at higher volumes, and max out easily. I am not sure if this is because they are not truly meant to be a front left and right stereo speaker or if it is my receiver. At some point i plan to purchase a set of small bookshelf speakers for the other room and turn my main room w/ tv into a full 7.1 system. i will update again at that point. Still 5 stars!
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on December 12, 2016
A decent home theater speaker set... especially for the price. Unfortunately within a few months at least one speaker has developed a fuzzy sound, almost like a blown speaker. I can't see how I could have damaged it with normal usage, I certainly never have the volume up that high. Now I'll have to pursue a warranty claim with Onkyo.

Follow up: confirmed with a repair shop that it was a blow speaker (actually both the top and bottom speaker were blown). Not sure how I could have caused this. The volume has never been any more than a 1/3 on my system, the speakers are matched as far as impedance, and the speakers are rated at higher wattage than the system can put out. So either they were crap out of the box, or they are poor quality to fail after only a few months of use.
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on February 5, 2013
Bought this to go with an Onkyo TX-NR717; company I ordered the 717 from was out so they sent me an 818 at no additional cost... not complaining, but these speakers are not as well matched to the 818 as they are the 717. I didn't take points away for that, though, as they still sound great and while not an ideal match more than meet my expectations.

+ Clear highs and crisp midrange
+ Unflooded lows with good distinction on individual speakers
+ Included wires were a nice touch; rare to see and a welcome addition to a quick setup.
+ Speakers are relatively compact, but not so much that quality of sound is sacrificed

- Subwoofer could be shorter and boxier to achieve the same effect; it seriously occupies about as much of the box as all the other speakers combined
- Sub gets distorted relatively early in the crossover range. I've used KLH subs that didn't pop this much.

/ Not a plus or a minus, but the box is hilariously heavy and was left on my porch in an "OK" neighborhood in the middle of the day. Only reason I wasn't worried about it walking off is that it was too unwieldy for one person to walk off with it.

The sub is really what cost this from being a perfect score. It's not bad at all and as long as you're focusing on movies and TV, you'll probably never notice. But (and maybe this is the source file, who knows?) the quality on more boomy bass tracks results in too much audible distortion with the crossover set much above 50% of the available range.

I'm not disappointed and honestly I could have spent two or three times as much and not received a better set of speakers for my theater setup. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a competent, affordable set of 7.1 channel speakers.
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on July 17, 2015
I purchased these speakers last year along with a SONY STR-DH750 receiver. Together the sound produced is magnificent. I listen mostly to classical music and these speakers produced a full range of orchestral sounds and wonderful clarity. When watching a movie or football game in surround sound I get the feeling of being in a theatre or stadium. Previously I used Jamo studio speakers and was worried that such a small speaker set would be unable to compare to what I was used to.

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on June 18, 2011
I don't think I have much to add to the other reviews posted. But I'll confirm what others have said. These speakers are a bit large - but I have a black TV with a black TV stand. In fact, the finish on these speakers matched my basic black wood finish TV stand from WalMart perfectly. Yes - they didn't blend in very well with the walls on the surround, but we are more focused on enjoying the sound than looks, so it worked for us.

Overall, I would say that the extra size of these speakers is the key to their great sound and low price. Trying to engineer a super-tiny speaker with huge sound means exotic materials, high-priced design and testing, advanced electronics, and so on. These are based on time-tested speaker design principles and really do an amazing job. We replaced our 10 year old Bose Lifestyle system with this $169 set and I have to say the sound is actually superior by a good margin. These speakers really shine when reproducing high-impact, high-volume sounds. Think about the rumble and crackle you might associate with something like the space shuttle launch. Those types of sounds come across with clarity AND punch.

I did have trouble with the subwoofer - the level control seemed to have no effect and it was like the control was stuck on the lowest setting. I called tech support (on a Sunday), got right through to a person, and was told I could drop the unit by a local authorized repair shop just a few miles from my house. I took the unit in on Monday and I think Wednesday the repair was complete.

We paired these with a Yamaha AV receiver (RX-V867) with the "YPAO" automatic calibration system - basically a small microphone that plugs in to the front of the receiver and some internal software. It sends out test tones to all 8 speakers and automatically adjusts the levels and verifies polarity. After that, we popped in a movie in the blu-ray player for a test drive. The sounds was really impressive, especially on new sci-fi movies like TRON or the new Star Trek movie.

The supplied speaker cables are rather wimpy, but I'd bet my paycheck the average person couldn't tell the difference between these and jumper cables in a double-blind study. Use them or not - you'll most likely be happy either way. My only other gripe with these are the keyhole-style mounting brackets that come pre-attached. These work ok, but I found it hard to find a screw long enough to go thru the drywall to the stud that still had a screw head small enough to fit thru the opening on the bracket - the brackets need to be a tad larger so that a regular drywall or similar screw can be used to mount them. That matters more for the surround speakers as you probaby WILL be mounting them - less so for the fronts as hopefully you can put those on the TV stand or shelf or something. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. You can easily come up with a workable solution...

As others have noted - the speakers are well packed. The box is heavy - ours arrived with the yellow "Two Person Lift" stickers all over it. But the free shipping from Amazon was perfect. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't waste your money paying up for the "latest and greatest" model of the Onkyo HTS speakers. For less than $175, I SERIOUSLY doubt you'll find ANYTHING close. Yes, these are not audiophile or studio grade speakers, but placement and tuning will make as much difference as anything.
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on December 2, 2016
The sound is fantastic!!! It seems like you in heaven. I love it and highly recommend. But not in New York City buildings))). Until you are having good neighbors. The acoustic system is terrific along with the sound produced. For a private house, it is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I especcially love to listen to Guns and Roses "November rain".
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