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on August 20, 2014
UPDATE AGAIN: So I got my receiver back just before Labor Day (about 3 weeks after I contacted Onkyo and 2 weeks after they had received the receiver), and then hooked it up a week later (after vacation). Works perfectly, like it was never broken. I am not sure what they fixed, as the status did not say, but I can only assume it was the below problem.

I also took the liberty of installing a cooling system (intake and outtake fans) in my entertainment center furniture, in order to keep the air flowing and the temperature down. Figure it can't hurt.

Kudos to Onkyo for the service.


UPDATE: This posted on Onkyo's website: http://www.onkyousa.com/Support/service_info.php
It says:

As part of our commitment to quality and customer service we have determined that a limited number of Onkyo Brand receivers manufactured between 2009 and 2012 may experience loss of audio or loss of network connection. This malfunction has been traced back to a defective network chip.
We deeply regret any frustration or inconvenience this situation may have caused.
To address the problem and help people who may have an impacted receiver, Onkyo is launching a special Customer Care Program to remedy this issue for those receivers that may be affected by this loss of audio/network connection issue. This program has three steps:
1. Verify if your Onkyo receiver is impacted
2. Decide how you prefer to address the issue
3. Send us your receiver in a prepaid box and label that we will provide at no cost to you
As part of this program we are also extending our standard limited warranty period to cover this issue for affected receivers through December 31, 2018. All other terms, conditions and limitations of the original limited warranty shall continue to apply for the duration of the original standard limited warranty.
Importantly, please note that the loss of audio/network connection issue will not result in harm to any connected components or speakers since the issue is contained to a single element within the affected receivers.
To determine if your receiver is eligible under this Customer Care Program please click here

Was my problem, exactly. We'll see if the problem is fixed when I get my receiver back...

So I'm a bit slow in reviewing...and will likely update this soon, one way or another.

I really wanted an HDMI capable receiver for use in my home multimedia system. I had an old THX certified Onkyo receiver that had lasted from 1999 (I think) to 2012. It still works, but was have a few issues and, most importantly, did not have HDMI or enough optical/digital audio inputs for me.

While not fully utilizing the capabilities of the receiver yet, I have the following components hooked up:

1) Verizon Fios DVR
2) Blu-Ray DVD
3) Apple TV
4) iPod Dock (actually an Onkyo one from years ago, that still works on this system!)
5) Game system

All of these input to the Receiver and I have one output to the television, making the Receiver the hub of the system. One thing that I love is that if I have the Receiver turned off, the sound passes through to the TV still, and the TV speakers kick in. So if I don't want surround sound on, I don't have to have alternate connections.

Setting this up requires some work, but is not too hard, overall. The instructions in the manual as well as the on-screen menus provide enough information to do it well.

I also have the Onkyo USB Wi-fi dongle, so that I can get firmware updates and use other internet features, since I don't have a LAN cable nearby my multimedia system (though I expect to change that soon).

Sound out of this receiver is great! No complaints.

The remote is the hub if our system as well, with it controlling all of the other devices. I've even gotten my wife to remember which buttons do what, when working as another controller.

I do find the internet audio menus a tab cumbersome to work with, but that can be solved by using the iPad/iPhone app, as they seem to work better there.

So, my problems came in last month. I bought this in early July, 2012, and no problems at all, until I was gone for a business trip in 2014. My 2nd day (of a month trip) my wife calls to tell me that all sounds has stopped (though video still works) on the system. I actually thought that she had somehow messed up a setting, so did not worry about it until I got home.

When I returned, I checked it out, and could not get any sound, and found some other settings "greyed" out in the menus (USB, for one). After some failed troubleshooting, I called Onkyo. They had me check a few sound output settings, and determined that it was not sending out any sound (which I already knew, and I'd already tested my speakers with my old Onkyo receiver).

Despite it being out of warranty (by a month when I called, but covered when the problem first happened), they offered to send me a pre-paid shipping box to send back to their repair center for full warranty coverage. I got the box 5 calendar days after they sent it (Thursday), and sent my receiver back 2 days later (on a friday).

So, my box with receiver has returned to Onkyo. They have had it for 1 day. The clock is ticking to see how long it is until I:
A) Hear something
B) Get a repair or replacement
C) Verify its full functionality

I will update my status as I hear more.

The receiver itself is a 4-5 star device, but, right now, gets 2 since it failed way to early in my opinion. I will update my rating once I see what the result it.
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on December 5, 2012
This has been the perfect replacement from my Denon 2809 (damaged in lightning storm). I tried the Yamaha and another Denon before sticking with this model. I cannot say which one sounds better before speaker calibration but after I used the XT32 speaker calibration, the Onkyo sounded the best out of all of them by far with the Yamaha sounding the worst..not bad but not as good as the Denon and Onkyo. I received this unit after they updated the software . I can honestly say that this receive has had zero issues and runs extremely cool. This is in a cabinet with 2 temp sensitive cabinet fans exhausting heat away from the cabinet that activate once it reaches above91F. The only time the fans come on is in the summertime when the ambient temp are already high. I use it for Pandora, AppleTv, BluRay, my Mac is hooked it, etc. I use the receiver anytime I watch TFV since I do not use the cheap TV speakers on my LED TV so reliability is very important to me and of course the sound. I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. For the money, this is the best receiver out there and I have tried them all in $1k price range.
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on October 16, 2016
Typical of Onkyo - lots of features but cheap electronics. THREE of my Onkyo receives broke each in 2-3 years of use. Every time the way it breaks is that there is no sound from any audio channel. Sometimes the network stops working and network settings item is grayed out.

This is not what I have in mind when I pay close to 1000$ for a feature loaded A/V with 'good' brandname.

They also have relatively LAME user interface - when old analog designers design it...!
Onkyo recornizes this and they even have a (free?) repair program for loss of audio and network for 818. [...]
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on January 28, 2014
I love the power and clarity this receiver gives me at such a reasonable price. I like the audessey program which calibrates your speakers sound as to where the placement of them is throughout the room, it makes the soundstage in the room so much more enveloping, and equal thriugh the room no matter where your listening point is in the room. I also like all of the customizing you can do with the sound according to what your format is: whether it blu-ray, cd, satellite tv, turntable, radio, etc. Lots of manual presets with the sound which in turn makes it fun, and enjoyable listening experience; which is why you purchase a receiver in the first place!
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on December 27, 2013
great sound, crisp and natural. I paired it with 2 floor standing speakers (klipsch reference RF62ii) and cannot ask for better sound. I'm not a big fan of 5.1 sound so stereo delivers enough for me. very nice feature package, enough HDMI ports. solid build, independent block construction. HDMI pass through works seamlessly. Its remote controls all my components. I have apple TV so lack of airplay was not a deal breaker for me. ran my Xbox, apple TV, etc through to TV and all happy.
I would say the user interface is a bit dated, nothing fancy! and also the initial loading of the internet radios (Pandora in my case) is slow. other than that with it's low/mid price you're buying yourself a great AV receiver on par with the $2K+ units out there. 8 HDMIs, 0.08% THD 2 channels driven, etc.
Totally recommended to friends...
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on June 13, 2016
Update below: Receiver stopped working after very little use. It's a known problem with Onkyo and I figured I would chance it and I'm now paying the price. No sound at all and the network card doesn't work. Second receiver that this has happened to me. Poor quality!
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on August 25, 2014
This was a fantastic receiver with excellent sound and features, and would be an easy 5 stars if it was reliable. It gets 2 stars since it was really great for the 18mos it was working for. Sound reproduction was great (until it stopped working), it could switch and upconvert everything to everything else, and Audyssey XT32 did a fantastic job. I was very happy with it until HDMI audio stopped working about 18 months in. Now I'm still waiting to get someone from their support to help with it, since it's thankfully under warranty. We'll see how that goes.

FWIW, I lugged my Onkyo TX-SR606 out to swap back in for this unit, and discovered that it now does not switch HDMI streams at all. Worked fine when I upgraded the unit for the much more modern TX-NR818. Needless to say, I am very disappointed that I now have two Onkyo units that both have failed HDMI.
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on October 6, 2013
I've owned Denon and Marantz as well, so I have some experience.

First off, the thing is a monster. It has 13 pounds on the comparable Denon, which is based in the transformer and other areas. Keeping in mind that most of these high end AVR's can power speakers' fine, it is nice knowing you have an underrated and beefy amp inside the Onkyo, even if you may not need it.

I found the menu's to be less than ideal, vs. a Denon, but maybe I'm just used to their terminology. I also found the HQV scaling and deinterlacing of 720p/1080i for 1080p output to fail some tests, so I turned off video processing (I am using an Oppo 103 anyways for that). This is a tricky area, because Direct and Through can be confusing. In my reading I found if you want the 818 to pass video untouched, you need to set the global resolution setting to "Source" and the per input Picture Mode to "Direct".

I don't buy AVR's for video processing (even my Denon had issues with tests), so for me this thing is a beast, sounds great and MultiEQ XT32 worked great, just wish they have included SubEq.
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on December 9, 2012
I bought a full THX Ultra speaker system around 1 year ago but never bought a THX receiver to match them since I was going to wait until I built a dedicated home theater room. I couldn't pass up the deal amazon had the weekend of Black Friday though, so I bit the bullet and am extremely glad I did! Funny thing is that I don't really find myself using the THX settings besides keeping the crossovers at 80HZ, mainly because e Audyssey XT32 sounds amazing! This receiver does everything anyone could ask for at this price point including being ISF certified which I plan on utilizing once I purchase a projector. The firmware update did take about 45 minutes to complete, which I chose to do immediately before doing any initial set-up and it has worked flawlessly since.

For the last year I had been disappointed in the quite expensive THX speaker system I purchased but not anymore! This receiver brought out every little intricacy in the soundtracks that the speakers are designed to reproduce and it does it effortlessly. I'd definitely recommend this receiver!
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on June 15, 2014
I have had this amp for a wile. all functuns are very good except for one the multy room function ONLY works for anolog NO DIGITAL it was very disappointing but livable. all options are very good, power exceptional THX is good I wish there were at least one more optical input but not needed yet but if I get a additional CD player it can become a problem unless CD players now have HDMI outputs. the remote is not as robust as I would like and wish it had back lighting.theres also no S VIDIO inputs for my LAZER DISK or VCR why put RCA inputs on instead but again this is not devastating. the amp runs cool even when driven all day.I have to say, I AM very satisfied even with the small disapointments. I just hope it lasts 10 or more years..It was the best AVR for me on AMOZON the price was lower then I am accustomed too.also just for your info my room size is 12x12x7
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