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on April 8, 2012
First of all, the receiver arrived ahead of schedule (thanks, Amazon). It was well packaged, and ready for installation. If you're more comfortable with a full manual, you'll have to print it off the included CD or have your laptop near by to reference it. It isn't really required. All the connectors are clearly marked and, if you have an HDML cable out to your TV or monitor, has an easy to use text based on-screen menu for setup. I connected HDMI cables from our PS3 and our cable TV box as well as speakers for our 5.1 surround setup. Finally I connected the HDMI out to our Sony 46" LED TV. It was a typical Onkyo install, easy and quick.

Once installed and powered up, it sounded superb. I was very impressed with the newfound clarity in my BD movies and sound tracks. The rear surrounds, It's always an audio awakening to hear things you hadn't heard before. To me, that is a great indicator of audio quality and performance and I have yet to be disappointed with Onkyo receivers. A couple of nits, there are no bannana plug connectors for the speakers, so be prepared to have some fun with preparing speaker wires for connecting to the unit. Also, this receiver provides 65 watts per channel of power, which is ample for me, but may be insufficient for larger media rooms. Overall, a great price for a high-quality 5.1 HT receiver.
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on September 23, 2013
I'm glad my old receiver crashed and burned; this Onkyo delivers an outstanding 5.1 video/audio experience on a budget. Who needs ethernet when I already have Roku. The only complaint I have is the fact that this unit does not convert RGB or composite video/audio to HDMI output. That's right, each form of video must be sent in that form to the TV, which means I still have to use HDMI for Roku and RGB for my DVD player that lacks an HDMI output. When changing devices, I must change both the TV input source and the receiver source. This means I must press one more button, and as an American, I just feel compelled to complain about this extra moment of exercise as I'm trying to watch a National Geographic show about the hardships of living in Mongolia.
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on June 25, 2014
I've always had good luck with Onkyo products and this receiver did not disappoint.
Easy hookup. I'm using quality cables (very important; to me anyway) I have this in my man cave
(which is the size of a bedroom) with a 5.1 Surround Sound setup with subwoofer. This puppy really delivers. For a budget receiver this is a no brainier. Lots of different choices. This really makes a huge difference with my 32" LCD TV.
I have everything hooked up to it. Cable box, streaming Blu-Ray player, and an Onkyo 6 disc DVD player.
I've had this for about 5 months and I still get a kick out of all the things it will do. In my opinion this
receiver is not for a large room. The remote is great. Perfect size. Not cheaply made like some are. All kinds of choices.
To sum things up I am completely satisfied. If you're looking for a great Surround Sound receiver for a bedroom, den, etc. this one is it. You won't be disappointed. A+.

Update: this receiver just keeps sounding and getting better & better.
For my Man Cave setup - along with my Monoprice low cost cube speakers
this is STILL the hot setup as far as I'm concerned. With my 32" flat screen TV
and my blu-ray player this is the best 'bang for the buck' out there. I just love it!
I can answer most any comment thrown my way. Get this. You won't be disappointed!
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on November 14, 2013
I conducted extensive research before buying this receiver, and it seemed like the best "bang" for the "buck". At first I was extremely pleased, as the I-Pod functions worked wonderfully, as well as the mp3 file handling, and the on-screen settings which are rare at this price point. The sound quality was excellent, I could not be more pleased, as is the handling of a 5.1 speaker setup. The problem emerges however, when it comes to "Switching". While my old DVD player worked fine, the Onkyo couldn't switch my Sony Media Player. Thinking it was just an incompatibility, I purchased a Roku, but it wouldn't switch to the Roku input either. I started searching for answers, only to discover this is a common problem with this receiver and the HDMI inputs- While it may show the "video", it often won't switch the audio via HDMI. This has forced us to go back to RCA cables for one device, and direct-to-tv for the other, as once I connected a BluRay player, that wouldn't switch either!

So while the sound quality is excellent, the HDMI switching does not work very effectively, and searching for this problem suggests its common place, if not given across the board. Since this was a major selling point to me, I think it may be a deal breaker for some buyers. Older DVD players and older HDMI devices seem to work effectively, but newer technology does not.
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on February 27, 2014
I wanted to like this unit, but it's hard to like a product when it fails just days out from the refund eligibility period. Now I am stuck with having to send it out for repair. If it arrived DOA, or it failed within the first 30 days, I wouldn't feel as cheated. All of the HDMI ports on the unit went dead on the 35th day from date of order, and the unit ran incredibly hot the whole time. I will revisit my review after the unit has been repaired.

Follow-up review on 5/23/14:

Due to life getting busy and the return process being a real hassle, I put off sending the unit in for repair and just let it collect dust for a good month and a half. When I finally got everything ready to send the unit in for repair, I figured I would power it on one last time to see if anything different happened - and would you believe it... the unit was working again!

I don't know what the deal is with this unit. All the HDMI ports were clearly dead when I wrote my initial review. I'm still using all of the same HDMI cables, and the unit is working again as if there was no issue. Did Onkyo read my review and send some kind of ninja electrical signal to miraculously fix the unit while it was collecting dust in my living room? I don't know. I don't have any confidence in this unit, but I have to revise the rating to 3 stars simply because it's back in working order.
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on January 7, 2016
By no means is this a beginners receiver. This puppy has more options than any one person will ever use or really should use. I have had this receiver for a little over a year now and it has been great. The sound quality and ability to fine tune your sound is great. Obviously it's not the highest end receiver on the market and now it's a little old compared to the updated versions but it is still a very nice receiver. It does get fairly hot when in use so make sure you have it in a well ventilated area, but if you are someone who is looking to buy a receiver like this, you probably already know this.

Still great! I have gotten to know this receiver well over the past almost 2 years, and it still runs well. It doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that newer ones do but it is still great!
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on November 25, 2013
An excellent receiver for its price (around $200). I very much like this receiver overall (nice sound, good onscreen menu, variety of inputs, HDMI standby passthrough) but I should mention some issues I've noticed.

-One problem I had is when the receiver was brand new in particular, is the picture/sound would drop out occasionally for no apparent reason, then come back on after a couple seconds. Oddly, a month later it happens much less often, but it does make me wonder about this units reliability in the long run.
-While you can use your HDMI devices in standby mode, you can't switch the inputs unless you turn the receiver on.
-It won't pass through analog sources like component through the HDMI out (not really a criticism, as only higher end receivers do this, but should be mentioned)- so for your Nintendo Wii, expect to use component cables into and out of the receiver.
-From what I gather, Onkyos make loud clicking sounds when turning on/off, changing inputs, etc- it was a little scary when I first heard it, but I've been assured it's normal for Onkyos.
-Has the more difficult to use spring clip speaker connectors (maximum 16AWG), that are very placed very close together. Just be very careful and take your time connecting your speakers and it's not that big a deal.
-No 4k passthrough, making it a little less future proof
Otherwise, besides these minor issues, I have to say it's a very good basic receiver overall.
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on January 18, 2014
This unit was purchased to replace a 1990's era Technics AV Receiver that finally quit. As I am now 20 years older and far less often listen to loud music, I reasoned I could get by with the lower watts for output (this unit is rated at 65 watts per channel - but it does not say that this spec is using 6 ohm or 8 ohm speakers - the 65 watts would be less if driving 8 ohm speakers). My 8 ohm speakers sounded very flat, and the background bass I was accustomed to was altogether absent. The benchmark Technics unit was rated at 110 watts at 8 ohms.

In addition, the first Onkyo unit I received was defective - the USB connection would not read anything (USB drives or my Apple iTouch). The second replacement unit did work in all ways, but I mention this comment as possible additional support for the contention that Onkyo quality has slipped.

My recommendation for AV Receivers at this price point would be to give a serious look at the Sony STRDH540. This is the unit I eventually settled on and am listening to right now. It delivers very good sound force, bass is present and forceful even at low volumes, and the variety of sound sculpting choices makes FM Stereo, Pandora through my iTouch via the USB hookup, or Movie soundtracks an interesting and pleasant experience.
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on March 10, 2015
What a Lemon or Piece of Junk!!!!!!!!!I bought this surround receiver on December 24 and not even two months later some of the TV channels would go way up and down in volume. Also some of the speakers would cut off. It was not the show format as it would change form time to time with the same show. I had Direct TV come out thinking that was the problem and it wasn't. I had Geek squad look into it and they said it was the receiver. I did a factory reset and it worked for 2 days before it started up again. I called Onkyo and they ran me through some tests and they said to ship it to Triad Electronics.I had to pay for the shipping even though it was two months old. Triad Electronics said it would only take a couple of days to repair it and get it right back to me. Right? 14 days later the parts are still on order and will be for another week or so. I called Onkyo after being on hold yesterday for one hour and being disconnected because it was now 5:00 PM. So today after being on hold for another 30 minutes i got to speak to a agent for Onkyo. He didn't care about all my 7 1/2 hours I have so far put into resolving this issue. He said they cant do anything and would just have to wait for the repaired unit to come back. this is the second Onkyo I have purchased in 5 years. i cant believe that Onkyo would not care about customer service and want to make this right. I would suggest to anyone looking at Onkyo,s products to run as fast as you can to their competitors as they will stand behind their products.
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on May 14, 2017
I purchased this sterro new on Amazon and only used it for less than 10 hours over a few years and now it won't power on. Have no idea why but tried it in different plugs that work and nothing. Always just used stereo on low volume in my rec room. Very disappointed in the am out of use I got out of this unit. I won't be buying Onkyo products in the future.
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