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on July 30, 2010
OK seriously this thing is a killer head unit. The amount of bells and whistles it has is rediculous. The HDMI conversion is great for use on your classic dvds and even SD tv sources. Menus get overlayed on your tv display so there's no reading small print on the unit's native display. THX support is a must have these days and the unit has almost all the THX choices available today. Another amazing piece of tech this has is called Audyssey. It is a program that uses a special included microphone to determine the best timing, and level from each speaker individually for your listening area. The only set back I've been able to find is the absence of a manual equalizer, it would be very useful when listening to music. Movies and tv are plenty manageable without though. The number of listening modes is a bit overwhelming so eventually I had to just pick one that sounded good to me, rather than decode which choice should go with which source blah blah blah. Overheating not been an issue in any way even to the touch there is little heat signature ( mine is on a rather open shelf though). One front HDMI connection, and one front component connection make it simple to connect a camcorder, camera, or laptop for presentations. Basically this thing is SICK! Especially for the price. The only draw-back in rating this product was ease of use because you really have to do some homework to get the settings the way you want them, but that comes with the territory when you get SO MANY OPTIONS! It's even 3D ready so when 3D tech no longer costs an arm and a leg, you'll still be able to use this beast.
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on November 11, 2010
I couldn't be happier with this receiver. I upgraded my Yamaha htr5590 with a Denon 2808ci. I prefer the sound of the Yamaha over the Denon (Klipsh RF 6.1 speaker set up)- but wanted HDMI. Never quite got the Denon to sound right for my tastes... so I read about Onkyo 608 and decided to give it a try. Compared to the Denon - out of the box, this receiver was great! A little fine tuning and playing with settings and I'm very happy. Voices sound crisper and more clear then Denon. My wife used to complain voices sounded muffled... and background music would drown out voices... not any more. I'm still experimenting with various sound modes... which is easy with this receiver - the menu superimposes over the TV image. The Denon I would have to go to a setup screen, make settings then switch back to movie/tv to test (pain in the ~!@). I added a 2nd rear speaker so now in 7.1 mode. This added more fullness to back sounds. I plan on adding 2 "wide" speakers to the front to expand the sound field even more. (wife thinks I'm going overboard - doesn't like all the speakers - ruins the "look" of the room).

I feel the overall sound is better than both the Yamaha (although I loved the Yamaha) or the Denon (which on retrospect I think is overpriced and over hyped). At the low sale price of the 608, I was concerned about quality. Not any more. I looked at the 708, 808 at higher prices and decided network capabilities were not worth it for me at this time. I plan to buy a new BlueRay with network streaming in near future anyway. Currently have Panasonic BD35 BlueRay - which does great.

The cons so far are TV picture quality, and some TV show sounds. It may be my imagination, but the TV image (HiDef on Samsung 67" DLP) has moments of some blockiness. I have tried Pass Through and Upscale to 1080p and could not tell a difference. I'm going to try direct HDMI from cable box to TV and optical sound from cable to receiver and see if I can notice an improvement in picture quality. This is a very minor observation (wife can't tell any difference).

TV sound - some shows on major channels (ABC, NBC, CBS) play from front side speakers and not center channel. Recorded DVR shows, play fine. Tried different audio modes and only one that worked was Mono - so I just listen to sound from side speakers. Most shows we watch are from DVR anyway. DVD BlueRay sound is fantastic... good sound separation and reproduction. I feel my rear surround and back speakers are finally sounding as they should.

I've only had for 2 weeks... still experimenting and "burning in"... but so far give this 608 very high rating - higher than Denon which cost much more. The Denon is going on eBay!
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on February 28, 2011
I really enjoy having the volume and menu available on the TV, makes life much easier. I also am thrilled at having an HDMI switch built in. It's so nice to have my parents come to watch the kids and not need a bunch of remotes. Just click what they are doing, watch a network movie - click PC, just want to watch tv - click the Cable, DVD-click DVD. All in all it does what it says. I also like that the simple remote was quick to setup. I use it just as much as I use my Harmony remote now, since one click basically sets the sound and video since everything is using HDMI.

I don't feel that it's sound settings and built in digital mix settings are the best I've heard, but it's pretty simple to adjust. Also, the switching takes a while. It sometimes confuses my laptop and the laptop has trouble determining if the TV is connected or not. Be nice if the receiver was able to keep the signal to the laptop, so the laptop wouldn't keep trying to add/remove the TV as a device.

All in all, I'm satisfied!
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on November 22, 2010
All the receivers I have ever owned have always been lacking some missing feature or other that only the higher priced receivers would have. I love my music and movies, but I don't want to spend thousands on a receiver.

This unit has everything that I wanted, which mostly consisted of enough inputs (HDMI and others) to plug in everything that I have. Instead of not having enough inputs, I actually have extras for once, which is fantastic.

The OSD is very intuitive and generally non obtrusive, and while the HDMI switching does take a few seconds, I blame this on HDMI and not on the 608. The up-converting works flawlessly and I love being able to just run one cable to my tv which handles all of my digital and analog signals.

I'm not an audiophile, so take this with a grain of salt, but the receiver sounds terrific and I am very happy with it.

The one negative point however, and I don't think this is limited to the Onkyo, I really wish that there was a digital to analog converter built in so that an analog device (such as a tape deck, or DVD-R) could get the signal from the digital sources. You CANNOT hear any digital sources through any of the analog rca jacks. Now, that in itself is not so bad, as like I said, I think maybe everybody does it as my JVC receiver had the same issue, but I think it's especially bad here because of the "Zone 2" feature, which works sort of opposite in such that ONLY analog sources are able to be played in "Zone 2" - this is kinda dumb. So, if you want to use Zone 2, you have to plug the digital and analog cables in from all of your devices or you won't hear anything... This is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

Anyway, I love this receiver and I plan on keeping it for a very long time.
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on January 19, 2014
I bought this receiver in Dec 2010. Not even once gave me a problem. There is a lot bad reviews about it. I can't comment on those that are saying that the unit died to early or something went wrong. These things happen. I can comment on its performance.
It's been great all these years. Someone already mentioned that today's receivers require set ups. If you not willing to read the manual and spend time to set it up don't complain that it's not working out of the box. If you want such an easy product go to radio shack or Walmart and get a cheapo. I've owned Onkyo products before and had never any problems. I'm sorry for those people who had no good experiences with them.
For me Onkyo rocks.
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on July 6, 2010
I just recently bought my Tx-SR608 to upgrade my aging Denon AVR-465. I have been looking at Yamaha's for a long time and was considering of buying one when I ran across the Onkyo on here and the price was UNBEATABLE.

I was in the process of revamping my home theater setup. I removed my bluray player and substituted it with an HTPC setup with a bluray burner so that I can backup my media collection onto my network. Once the Onkyo came in the setup process was quite easy and really intuitive.

One thing that you have to do is figure out the sitting positions that you are using throughout your room for viewing TV, Movies and such. The Audissey will ask you to hold a mike at an ear level in all the places where people sit to view the TV for optimal sound setup.

Once I was done with Audissey, the receiver configured my speakers automatically even though they are 10 year old Technics speakers I bought with my first receiver. I plugged in all of my devices into the unit, including an HTPC, Xbox360, Wii, VCR (yes, they work with this too) and Cable Box and they worked like a charm.

I even managed to set up the 2nd zone for my back yard which was very easy to figure out and work. One quick reminder though if you are planing to do a Zone 2 setup. The 2nd Zone only supports analog input so make sure you run RCA cables from all of your sources into the assigned place on the receiver. Even though you have HDMI or Optical input in the receiver already the unit has Analog to Digital Converter but bit a Digital to Analog one to convert your sound from the inputs already used. Setting it up this way will not degrade the quality of sound in your primary zone. The unit uses the digital signal for video and audio on the primary zone so all you are doing is adding the audio signal for the 2nd zone.

This way I can turn my radio to listen to the game sipping margaritas in the back yard and my wife can watch her shows on the TV on the inside... to tell you the truth, this thing might make my marriage MUCH less frustrating when entertainment is concerned.

I hope this helps!

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on December 13, 2010
I had been looking at receivers for a while, comparing the features, etc. and was drawn to the Onkyo SR608 for it rich feature set and value for the money. I was a little hesitant on buying this brand because of the HDMI issue, but I figured I'd just take the plunge and hope that I wouldn't have the problem.

When the receiver was delivered, the receiver box was inside another Amazon box - which arrived crushed on one side, but the Onkyo box itself was a-ok, and had no signs of mistreatment. All is well.

I didn't want to go too crazy with hooking up all my components just yet, as I still wasn't sure how the Onkyo would perform, so I kept it simple - only hooking up my PS3 and DirectTV via HDMI and had the single HDMI out to my TV.

First off, I will say that the receiver performed excellent and the surround sound was a force to be reckoned with. I'm sure my neighbors 1/4 mile away could hear the playing of Transformers in glorious 7.2 surround. I couldn't have been happier.

My happiness was short-lived though. After 3 days of having the system connected, it developed the HDMI issue. No sound, no video for any of my connected devices - the Onkyo was displaying "unknown" for the sound/video input and showing a blank blue screen on the TV. Tried resetting the Onkyo, but nothing worked. The only thing that did work was the Onkyo's on-screen GUI - so I knew the signals were getting tied up in the receiver.

Was so disappointed, I just wanted it out of my house. I will say that dealing with Amazon was my best decision though, as the return process was extremely quick and simple. Kudos goes to Amazon... bah-humbug to Onkyo.

Ended up purchasing the Denon AVR-2311CI 7.1 - yeah, it's not 7.2, but so far, it's been running flawlessly...
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on September 1, 2012
Bought this off of Amazon warehouse as a surprise and set it up myself (hubby was on active duty overseas). During the first week or so, had problems with the unit in that it seemed to intermittently fail to pass the video signal through from my DVD player to the TV. Sometimes I could get it to resolve by turning the unit on and off, or by changing the input to something else, and then back to BD/DVD. Initially thought that maybe I didn't set it up correctly, but my hubby returned after his tour, and verified it is set up fine. Unfortunately now though, a little over a year later, I can't get anything to pass through at all. I have essentially had to unplug everything and bypass it. No point in having the unit if it is just going to be an expensive radio. Very dissappointing for an Onkyo. Had older Onkyo receivers that worked beautifully, but it seems their quality has declined and this one is clearly a dud. Not clear from other reviews that it is worth the hassle and expense to try to get Onkyo to fix. Would recommend that you avoid. :-(
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on December 11, 2010
I purchased this Onkyo receiver for several reasons.

1) my 10 yr old Sony ES receiver died (over a $1000 ten years ago)
2) been told Onkyo makes good receivers.
3) the feature set
4) the price

I read every review I could about this receiver, and comparable ones from Denon, Yamaha, Pioneer and Sony. It came down to the Onkyo and Pioneer. If I were to be safe, I would have chosen the Pioneer vsx1020k. There are some reviewers who had problems with Onkyo's video pass through not working reliably. I liked the Onkyo Power, 6 hdmi 1.4, dual sub output, and 7.2 speaker support.

Setup was easy (fora fairly technically savvy person like myself). Loved the Audessey self programming sound setup. This receiver has room for expansion of my system (Comcast DVR, Sony DVD, Sony Playstation 3, Panasonic Plasma TV, Apple computer, sennheiser headphones, Def Tech speakers)

Audio Performance is very good. My streaming music sounds as good as my previous more expensive receiver, watching Bluray and shaking the windows, I'm really digging this. I've read of a bug in the receiver in some forums. There is a drop in sound volume when playing Bluray movies. My receiver DOES exhibit this issue. I haven't decided to act on it, as I am generally very happy with the sound and do not want to tear my whole setup apart to return this.

Video performance is good, with one issue. All video goes into the receiver, with one HDMI cable going up to the TV. I LOVE this. Even though I have a Harmony One remote, it makes everything run a little smoother when switching inputs. Plus, the receivers on screen display is nice. So why not a very good or excellent rating? I have noticed pixilation from the supposed upscaling of my DVD video input. My sony DVD player is connected via component video and digital audio. I was warned of this in a couple forum reviews i read. It does not do this with my HDMI related inputs. it only happens intermittently.

So, I gambled and bought a receiver that might have some issues. Mine does exhibit some known problems. I am probably keeping this receiver though. Normally I am the type of consumer who would send it back and demand a new one. The problems are minor, do not effect me that much (I just turn up volume a little when watching bluray, I don't watch many DVDs, my kids do and they don't care if a little pixelation occurs from time to time). I paid under $400 for this Onkyo. For the general performance, expandability, and ease of setup/use, I'll put up with the 2 issues I've encountered (unless the video stops working altogether, then I'll freak out)

Update: I was able to fix the pixelization and image oddities through the video settings. Removing any/all image effects from each input fixed the bad picture...basically setting to unaltered video through hdmi source to my plasma TV. AWESOME. Number 2 update isn't so good. The bd/bluray hdmi input died or never worked. Got a bluray player to take the place of my old Sony DVD player that was running component video into that input. Bummer because that input. Old have been bad from day one. Final good news...been 2 years and this receiver is awesome except for one bad hdmi input.
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on February 15, 2011
I recently upgraded from the Onkyo TX-SR605 to the Onkyo TX-SR608 in order to add the number of HDMI ports in as well as to gain the ability to pass 3D. I wasn't surprised by these features, but what did surprise me were some of the other great improvements between the 605 and 608.

To begin with, the on-screen interface is slightly easier to use...and much more expansive. Options now include changing your video quality/output, and tweaking Dolby channels to be much improved.

Also, the Audyssey setup was far easier than before, and actually seemed to sound much better...I was never impressed with the automatic room setup of the 605, and found myself immediately changing settings. This time around, it was set perfect for my room.

But what really impressed me the most was sound quality. I kept my Onkyo speakers from the 908 HTIB (605 receiver came with the package). After just a few minutes, I could hear a tremendous differences. Certain sounds were played at key times from the right speakers, whereas with the 605, I felt that I had to pump the levels on my surround speakers to hear anything.

I feel that the entire experience with this new 608 has been positive, and I'm very excited to get back into movie watching...While I thought the 605 was a good receiver, it just never "wowwed" me...but I have to say that the 608 is doing a fine job.

BTW...I haven't been using it very long, so can't speak to the HDMI issues others have referenced...but so far, I've watched PS3/BD and DirecTV signals without issue.

If you are debating this receiver, I give a strong recommend! You'll love all that it can do!
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