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on November 17, 2011
I ordered this in conjunction with the wireless adapter for my LG television, and attempted to hook it up last night. My television was able to stream netflix/vudu at full 1080p, however, this Onkyo wireless adapter wouldn't even connect because the signal apparently was too low, despite fully upgrading the firmware.

I hooked this up to my desktop, and it registered it as having the Atheros AR9271 Chipset, so I found another Wireless USB with an external gain antenna. Granted, It isn't as tiny as this adapter, but I also got a short USB extension cable so I can route it behind my receiver.

The exact model I purchased -IS- on Amazon (TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps High Gain Wireless USB Adapter) for 1/3 the price of this and since it uses the same chipset (Please note, the model version is N150 High Gain) I am *assuming* it will work. I will reupdate this once I get confirmation of that, but overall, the UWF-1 adapter wouldn't even connect when the router was less than 30 feet away in another room.


The alternative adapter I purchased worked flawlessly! I will upload a video once amazon's service works, but look in the comments below for a youtube video.

***UPDATE AS OF May 25 2013***

It seems that TP-Link has come out with new model numbers, which weren't on the linked page when I first made this review.. To be specific the model number I got was the N150 High Gain! I am glad this review saved a ton of people money for a product that wasn't good at all!
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on January 19, 2013
I recommend this adapter to Onkyo owners that would like to add wireless to their compatible receivers. The physical footprint is very small and the setup is typically easy. If you have an open WAP, it should literally take a minute or two to setup. My router has line of site, less than 20 feet away, and the signal strength is 91%. It should be more in my opinion. Wired connections always work best for streaming, but you wouldn't have this adapter if that was a practical solution :) Moving on....

Internet Radio and pulling in music from my DLNA server both sound great! The Onkyo Android app requires network connectivity (wired or wireless) and is simple but effective for managing music.

Initial setup can be a little tricky, so I wrote these steps to simplify the process:

Let's start with notes from Onkyo, “To achieve a wireless network connection, it is necessary to perform the wireless LAN setup. The setup can be done either automatically or manually. Note • Do not connect any other wireless adapter than the UWF- 1 to the USB port of your network-capable AV receiver, as other wireless USB adapters are not supported. • Depending on your connection and the AV receiver’s functionality, menus won’t be displayed on screen. In this case, use the AV receiver’s display to make the settings. • The wording of displayed items varies according to the AV receiver’s functionality.”

My setup instructions based on a TX-NR509:
1. Turn off the Onkyo receiver
2. Insert the USB UWF-1 WiFi adapter
3. Wait 60 seconds
4. Turn on the Onkyo receiver
5. Select the USB button on the Onkyo receiver or remote control
6. Wait for the, "Initializing," message to appear with a status bar (if the initializing message does not appear, you may see a different message referencing USB storage. If this happens, remove the USB WiFi adapter - turn off the receiver - wait 10 minutes – return to step 1)
7. Wait for the, “Initializing,” message and status bar to disappear (this may take up to 10 minutes)
8. The, “Wireless Setup,” menu should appear
9. Select, “Auto Setup,” and press enter
10. Select, “WPS,” and press enter
11. Press the, “WPS,” button on your router
12. Wait for the update to complete. If it fails, press or select the, “Return” button or screen option
13. Select, “Manual Setup,” and press enter
14. Select your router’s access point and press enter
15. Enter all of your router’s authentication information and press, “Enter,” when finished

That should do it! All settings can be confirmed by selecting the, “Status” option via the USB menu.

Please note that it was never necessary to go to the, “Net,” option in the Onkyo’s main setup menu, which should only be utilized for advanced users setting up static preferences directly from the receiver.

For those of you still having problems, power off the receiver and try the steps again. This is an old adapter with only a limited amount of router channels - (United States) 2.4 GHz band (2400 MHz - 2473 MHz, 1 - 11 ch) – for connectivity.

If all else fails, Onkyo has excellent customer service (they have already replaced the circuit board on my receiver twice, free of charge) and you should give them a call.
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on September 26, 2013
First off, the device doesn't allow you to enter your wireless SSID manually, so if you have SSID broadcasting turned off, you'll have to turn it on just to use the adapter. Onkyo effectively forces you to give up a layer of wireless security just to use the device. That alone is enough to dock 4 stars- this might have been acceptable ten years ago, but it's 2013! Onkyo should've known better to include this functionality. Unacceptable.

So I turned on SSID broadcasting just to test the device. Despite having 100% signal strength (the receiver is literally 2ft away from the access point), I STILL have connectivity issues. I can't stream a single song on Pandora without the connection stuttering and disconnecting.
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on May 4, 2015
Took a minute to set up--manual wasn't too clear on the fact that you set up the network connection with the stereo set to USB input, and then actually control the audio selection through NET input. Eventually got that squared away and it works well. Only complaint is the Spotify app on the stereo only reads your playlists--you can't set up a Spotify radio station, or browse for music, etc. Pandora's radio is a good substitute though.

A few months into owning this, the stereo decided to forget it had an internet connection. Couldn't get it working for the life of me, and gave up on it for a month or so and just ran a TOSLINK cable from my computer for Spotify radio. Eventually gave it a go today and figured it out. Had to pull out the receiver and have the stereo look for a USB input again--once the stereo concluded there was no input, I plugged the receiver back in and it was able to reconnect to the WiFi with the previous settings and we were back in business.

Also note that the Onkyo Remote app for Android, while it used to work perfectly, has not been functional since my phone's latest OS update (Droid MAXX running 4.4.4). Onkyo, stay on top of OS updates!

Rating 4 stars because of that connection loss mentioned above. The lack of a functioning Android app is a whole other debate.
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on December 4, 2013
Mixed feelings. This works great to get you connected to the internet but is not ideal. No specific problems in this piece but the stereo responds faster and better to having a wire into it's Ethernet port. When using the Ethernet port I can turn my stereo on with the mobile app but with this lan adapter it only turns on the network when you first power on the stereo on the device itself and then when you turn it to "net" mode. The Ethernet cable setup allow full network functioning at all times in any mode or power status.

I was more satisfied when I replaced this with a range extender (I found on Amazon) that had an Ethernet port and set the second device next to my stereo to provide wireless access and better performance. And for a similar price you also get a range extender by your stereo.
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on November 10, 2011
Bought the UWF-1 to work with my recently purchased Onkyo TX-NR709 Receiver. I works as described, but was a bit of an effort to set up. First attempts (many) the unit, though it saw my router, failed to connnect. Then after a one hour update I saw "ERROR" on the display. Looked in the manual and could not find the proper error ID in the troubleshooting section. Two paragraphs described my next option: 1. Do not unplug receiver during upgrade. 2. Unplug receiver to reset. Well I tried the receiver without unplugging and no sound from the receiver. So I unplugged, restarted the OS update and went to bed. Woke up and the display read "Completed" [or something similar]. After upgrading the OS I felt that the sound was actually better, but it is hard to say as I cannot go back to the orignal to test. I would recommend purchase of this item, but be prepared for a little frustration, and a few hours to get working.
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on December 31, 2012
Other reviewers have had problems, I have had none. Works as designed. have had 6+ months so far! Purchased 10 August 2012
No connection issues or distance problems, router is one floor below and 2 rooms over!
Update: Shortly after review, 10 Jan 2013 or so, item started cutting out, giving message that server was unavail. No disruption from other wireless devices in home. Purchased another recommended device from other customer recommendations, cheaper, came with cradle, etc. Hooked up, took right off, no modification, has been working flawlessly for three weeks. You may want to consider other alternatives, this item seems to be hit or miss and for us the longevity wasn't worth the initial price. TP-LINK TL-WN722N Wireless N150 High Gain USB Adapter,150Mbps, w/4 dBi High Gain Detachable Antenna, IEEE 802.1b/g/n, WEP, WPA/WPA2 was our replacement.
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on June 14, 2013
So I purchased this item in the hopes that I would have a way to stream all sorts of music, have a simple way to update my firmware, etc., all through the magic of wireless internet. Call me lazy, I just didn't want to run a network cable from my router in my office, through the attic, down to the receiver in my living room so I thought this would be a very useful device.
To my folly, I purchased it without reading any reviews or instructions on how it worked; I assumed it would be like any of my other wireless devices, phone, laptop, XBox, etc. When I connected the UWF-1 to my TX NR609 it started working as designed, it launched the installation and setup menu and I went to work. I tried to find the device via my router and was unable to connect, I tried to find the device manually and my network was nowhere to be seen which is by design, as an added layer of security to my home network, I don't broadcast my SSID. This has always been a pain for anyone trying to connect to my network mainly because they can't "see" it in their list of available networks let alone the fact they need a password to access it. Anyway, with ANY of my other wireless devices, there will be a way to search for a hidden SSID, however with the UWF-1 and my 609 receiver, there is no such option. I thought the product was faulty but my neighbors wireless networks were visible. I changed the settings on my router to broadcast my SSID and once my network was visible I connected to it without any issue. The connection was great and I was able to see all the cool streaming apps (no netflix or Hulu? WTF?). Well now that I had the internets on my receiver I decided to hide my SSID again through my router and once I did that, the connection between my receiver and router was gone! I was dumbfounded that this $25 device combined with my $500+ receiver is not smart enough to remember a network that has its name hidden. I finally did some research and it turns out that this is a common complaint and that Onkyo is not doing anything to fix the issue. I am currently in the process of repackaging the UWF-1 and returning it; my sense of internet security means more to me than having access to a few mediocre apps at my finger tips that I can stream through my TV or Blu-ray if need be. For my firmware updates...time to break out the 300 footer network cable and do it the old school way.
I gave this two stars instead of one because it does what it is supposed to do. I only gave it two stars because it does this job rather this might be in combination with my receiver that it only does a poor job but either way it is not worth it to me to sacrifice my internet security. I blame myself for not doing some research on the UWF-1, had I done so I would never have purchased it.

I hope that this is helpful to at least someone.

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on August 4, 2017
I didn't even bother opening up the instruction manual, as this is so plug and play, on my Wi-Fi network and my Roland RD-800 piano, that it's ridiculous. I really like this device, as it is half the cost of the Roland device, and the Roland device is not even available anymore.
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on November 7, 2013
After taking delivery yesterday of a new Onkyo networking receiver (TX 8050) and this UWF-1 wireless LAN adapter, I have spent roughly six hours trying to get this thing to work consistently. It is COMPLETELY INFURIATING!!! I'll spend an hour resetting the wireless connection, troubleshooting, trying this, trying that, and then BING! it connects! Yay! No idea why, there's no consistency to its behavior. Then I fight to get a DLNA source to connect. Same kind of song and dance. The software sucks. (Yes I updated the receiver's firmware, and I'm using an updated PC system, thanks for asking. Oh, and I installed the Onkyo Remote 2 app on my iPhone and that sort of worked for a while, and then it went into a fetal ball and does nothing. Nice software Onkyo.) Finally I get music streaming to my receiver via the UWF-1. Great, it finally works. Time passes, I leave the room (leaving the receiver powered up, mind you), and when I return ... nope. Back to square 1.

This thing is not worth the plastic and silicon it's made of. In fact it's not worth the cardboard packaging.

Moreover, when you go to Onkyo's website to search for questions and answers on the topic of wi-fi operation with the UWF-1 and the TX 8050, what you find is that dozens of other people are having the same exact kinds of problems -- frustrating intermittent refusals to connect, or perhaps it connects but then you can't actually get the receiver to work with the DLNA source -- and Onkyo's standard response is to ask the customer to provide a bunch of information that's already contained in the original post with a promise to address it "promptly." This same non-response comes over and over again, for weeks, without the basic question ever being resolved. In one case the Onkyo Forum Moderator posted an instruction video that pertained to a completely different receiver from the one in the original post, and so not only was the answer meaningless, it also missed the point entirely. The poster knows how to go through the basic steps. What he wants to know is WHY DOESN'T THE STUPID THING WORK AS ADVERTISED??!

Onkyo should be ashamed for selling this piece of sh--. I wish I could give it negative stars. It's that useless and frustrating. Not only do I want my money back, I want Onkyo to compensate me for several completely wasted hours.
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