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on September 25, 2015
Okay so this is a comparative review because I just spent that past two months trying to figure out which supplements are the best to be taking for helping with increasing my focus and productivity at work, and eliminating my procrastination. For starters, I first ordered the Alpha Brain as it came highly recommended to me by a friend who has been taking it for almost a year now. For her, she told me Alpha Brain helped her focus so much that she only took it when she was really on crunch time at work and really needed to increase her focus. After the Alpha BRAIN (30ct) The Flagship Complete Balanced Nootropic Supplement by Onnit Labs, I ordered Addium - Limitless Pill - the Most Powerful Brain Enhancer in the World 60 caps , which is supposed to be like the drug from Limitless (yawn movie) but also has lots of good reviews from both people on Amazon and other sites. Finally, I also purchased NootropX - 90 caps - Mental Focus and Concentration Supplement With Memory Enhancement For Extreme Clarity and Alertness - Instant Brain and Memory Power Boost From Patented AES® Absorption System - The Ultimate Brain Vitaminsbecause I use the same company’s other supplement TranquiliX - 90 Caps #1 Top Rated For Rapid Anxiety and Stress Relief - Pharmaceutical Grade Anti-Anxiety Formula for Relaxation and Stress Reduction With Mood Support & Patented AES® Delivery System for Maximum Absorption, which I’ve been using the past few months and it works like a charm. Anyway, back to my review.

Here are the results I found

Alpha Brain: Gave me great clarity and focus after just a few days, really felt great, but after about ten days of taking them continuously I started getting a bit jittery, which I didn’t like at all.
'Addium: Worked after just a day, saw a difference the next morning after taking them, but they just made me feel more alert rather than focused. I felt a bit “floaty” and had tons of energy, but it wasn’t what I was looking for.

NootropX: Also gave me really great clarity and focus, but didn’t give me any funny feelings in my head. I really liked it, and I found that after about a month, I didn’t need to take one daily anymore to have the same effects.

So all in all, I’ve decided to continue with the NootropX over the Alpha Brain because while they have very similar results, the nootropx doesn’t give me jitters, and I feel a bit more calm on it. Also, this may be completely irrelevant, but if I’m going to be mixing supplements, I like the idea of using two from the same company. At the end of the day, supplements are different for everyone, but I wanted to put this review on the Alpha Brain page because IT DOES WORK, and it does what it’s supposed to do, but with my particular body chemistry it didn’t work out. I’ll still give it a good rating!
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on August 24, 2017
I began researching nootripics around 2010. I was working full time with a newborn and working on a second college degree at night. Also training jiu jitsu, lifting weights and trying to maintain some sort of a social life to be happy. I was prescribed Ritalin and later Adderall. Although those medications give you insane focus they caused insomnia, weight loss, and a "come down". Those side effects caused me to do a deep dig into alternatives. I rely on and other websites for nootropics I take. I am also a former ICU RN and now do regulatory work for a huge healthcare organization. I am highly analytical but also highly distractable and when I talk I tend to be scattered. I do feel more focused on alpha brain. I like taking it before presentations or job interviews. The best compliment I can give this supplement is for its benefits in finding words and easing verbal language. I have not came across any adverse side effects from this, the label recommends taking this with a light meal but does not specify if it can upset your stomach if taken without food. So many things irritate the lining of the stomach, it would be nice to know if I can just take two before work with a coffee and worry about eating after my morning meetings. Also, the price is a bit high. Overall, I recommend alpha brain.
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on January 26, 2018
I started taking Alpha Brain about four years ago. I was sceptic, even at first I didn't notice any effect at all. I continued to take it though having already bought it. After about two weeks I started to remember things without question. I work on comm towers and when the component in question is two hours away and several hundred feet up memory is vital. My memory became less of what I could recall and more visual certainty. The focus aspect was very subtle and more or less passive. Only when I thought about it was it clear that I in fact was remembering so well due to being focused. Happy with the results I continued to take it.

After a year of use I used it off and on for the last three, usually with the same story. I bought this bottle about a week ago, having not taken any for almost a year, and found the effects to be much greater and more immediate, as in there was no "accumulation" period. Even still, I think the person looking into nootropics has more of an Adderall effect in mind. If that's what you want, look elsewhere. This product works, but not in the way you might expect. I don't feel tired all day, like I was, my focus is there, and my memory is again with certainty.

If you are a first time buyer go with the 30ct, try it, and give it time. Taking two in the morning or before noon is ideal for the best results. Like I said though, this is a good product that isn't going to overbear you with the desired effects. It's mellow but still very much there. It's easy to forget you took a supplement at all most of the time, it just feels natural, which is exactly what I wanted; as opposed to taking some kind of nootropic stack, some with jittery side effects and needing too add something to provide a calmness, then another to give you energy, yet more to provide better memory.

Nothing is for everyone but this product may surprise you in time
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on March 15, 2018
Just found out about this product yesterday from Jordan Harbinger and Ben Greenfield podcasts. Having just stopped smoking the devil's lettuce due to memory lapses, I was not expecting this to have any effect. From prior experience with new pills, to stay on the safe side, I only took half the recommended dosage(2pills). And Let. Me. Tell. You. This stuff is CRAAAZYYY!!! NOT ONLY have I been unrealistically focused the entire day, but I can finally remember what I did 2 minutes ago. Before this product, that was a challenge in itself.
Now, somehow I feel that maybe my brain is not physically prepared for such precise concentration, considering my history of the pot. It's practically overwhelming, literally borderline headache from the gears churning away. And I love it. Today's the first day in years I was able to come home from work, and remembered to do laundry, prepare tomorrow's lunch, basically all the chores that I generally forget about due to distractions and zero fcares.
Can't wait to see how this affects me in the long-term. Definitely worth every penny in my opinion. Extraordinary/10. It's almost like adderall but with no jitters, no ups and downs, and no excitability or excess energy.
Will probably need to add/change my diet slightly tho to mitigate the overwhelming mental strain. #introvertproblems
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on July 18, 2017
I really feel this product is helping me. Ever since I've had my baby I feel like I have constant "Mom brain" and things are a little fuzzy. I am now on my 3rd week taking Alphabrain and I feel like the cobwebs have been cleared out of my brain. I can now wake up and remember what I needed to do from the night before without crawling to kitchen for my cup of joe first. It feels good, I feel like "I'm back" and my husband said he's really noticed a difference in me. My husband is also taking it with me and he says it really has helped him too. I will definitely recommend this product.
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on January 22, 2018
i got this while taking a chemistry course in college. I couldn't pay attention or retain any info, so i decided to give it a shot since i hear Joe Rogan and Pete Holmes talk about this so much. It didn't help much. i didn't feel anything really. Maybe a slight boost of energy but that's about it. wouldn't really purchase again
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on January 23, 2018
I am sorry but I felt ZERO effect. Took two pills daily for two weeks. For a pricey supplement like this I expect better.
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on March 6, 2018
This is my third week on this and I have to say that I am completing long term tasks in 3 to 4 hour sets. This was a challenge for me even on prescribed Aderall.
I've been able to select 2 or 3 important project/tasks per day and complete all of them each day. It was vert hard for me to just stay on track with fewer tasks but I seem to feel more relax, thinking that I will finish the tasks at hand.
Maybe its psycology, but having this amount of clarity is worth my money.
I'm actually kind of having fun invoicing and doing my own book keeping. Sounds crazy, but its happening.

The vivid dreams, also true. And yes I remember manipulating what I do omin the dreams.
I wish this existed when I was in high school and college. It would've help me avoid so many mistakes.
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on November 29, 2017
I have documented a 15 day bottle for friends who were skeptical of buying this product.
I read up on all of this stuff and have been researching various onnit products. Before researching this, I have been testing out mct oil in coffee. I used to put a little coconut oil in and noticed a huge difference so I bought MCT oil. I took Alpha Brain the first day and had a cup of coffee with MCT oil and did not have anything to eat. My morning was extremely productive and I could feel the focus in the back of my eyes. I know when I am in the zone and I believe this really did get me there. I believe you need to stay hydrated on this as well and in general life in order to stay focused.

That night my nfl team was playing so I went out with friends and after my morning gatorade to try and get back to neutral, I took a dose. I felt no effect simply because I was more worried about getting rid of my hangover. I took another time, 10 minutes later I had junk food and it just put me in a weird state. I took it the past week while maintaining a great diet and exercise regime and it has been working.

The consumer is the ultimate deciding factor in this product to work. It is not going to be like Adderall. You cannot just expect it to be like a prescription drug. You have to go into this with a gameplan. Notice the stacks on Onnits website. They are all for improving body functions.

I believe the price of Onnit products is way too much. I give a 4 star because of price. It has been a 5 star for me when I decide to go all in when taking this product.

PS. I took one a couple hours ago ;)
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on March 29, 2018 multiple reviews off a variety of sites and blogs, decided why not and try it.
For both my mother and I these are most definitely NOT the move.
From the mixed reviews I've came across it makes entirely sense that this product is controversial.
Some say they felt an improvement, some say trippy dreams, some say nothing at all, and a few experience headaches.
My mother & I got the headaches...
Now after a mere 3 days of taking the product, just to verify if it was this or not.
After those 3 days my headaches have become gradually worse to the point where my mma training has become an insurmountable hassle and work days being called off.

Now my mother on the other hand stopped after the second day because she couldnt handle it anymore.
Following the 2 pill a day dosage as well as I the same, she couldnt even work on the first day of taking them
Second day she went to the doctor to get her headache checked up and was like Son, what did you give me....
And I gave this product on the hope of just to helping out her memory, my thoughts were wronged

So in summary it's this: Alpha Brain seems to have mix results for everyone so take it at your own risk.
I gave it a 3 star just to keep it real, maybe it works for you, maybe it won't.
On a final note, if you experience any nausea or even the slightest discomfort, don't drive, because it got worse for me that I had to pull over a couple times on my 3rd day of taking this to just breathe & relax.
I would give it a 1 star but i feel 1 star reviews are more shunned upon and biased so hopefully a 3 will give this review a bit more exposure.

I almost got into a car accident from this product, seriously Onnit, you receive a HUGE NO from my family & I
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