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on April 24, 2014
I use as the SP8 as a general purpose camping wood processing tool to prep firewood for campfires, clear trails and fabricate wood seats, tables and tools in the woods of NH. I also wear it while dog walking through woodland trails to clear hanging branches and fallen trees. The SP8 is specifically designed to be carried with you, it's relatively light weight comfortable to wear and has so many effective uses you only need to bring one tool reducing your packs weight. Works incredibly well splitting logs and raking small limbs off trees and does most any cutting tasks very well, Chop through 2+ inch hardwood in one swing. The rounded corner/tip on the SP8 is absolutely perfect for fire by friction using a bow drill, specifically by quickly drilling a hole in your fire board for your spindle. It's compact size compared to other machetes makes it ideal to cut dense brush where you don't have a lot of room to swing. It's also comfortable and effortless to wear on your belt, I have walked over 100 miles wearing the SP8 and just love it.

I Prefer the SP8 instead of a hatchet or large knife or other similar choppers for a few reasons. It chops as well as a small hatchet but has a safer wider striking surface and is easier to wear or pack than a hatchet. Most large survival knives can chop and baton ok but such use voids the warranty and they just aren't meant for that type of abuse. The SP8 however has proper blade geometry for chopping and battening, and no tip to snap off! The SP8 is also not threatening like a large knife can be or many modern hawks/hatchets, the SP8 looks more like a tool making it more usable/carry able around people. It's also relatively cheap, indestructible, and made in the USA!

Sheath: The sheath is just as BA, functional and durable as the SP8. The sheath is a dangler which make it very comfortable to wear as it moves with you. You can run, hike, ride ATV's or sit and it stays right where it should. Other reviewers have complained you have to unfasten several buttons to remove the SP8 from the sheath, this is not the true anymore at least. You only have to unfasten the top button on the sheath to remove the blade(SEE CUSTOMER PIC). The other three buttons seem to be there to allow you to clean the inside of the sheath. I am not sure if this is a change in design from previous reviews or if they were mistaken about the sheath.

Rasp/Saw: Works well for notching, bark removal and as a notch for removing hanging cook pots from the fire. You will not be sawing down trees with this as it is more of a rasp not a saw that being said it is possible but chopping would be much easier.

Edge: I have seen several reviewers mention removing the factory compound bevel in favor of a flat or convex grind on the blade. The factory edge on the SP8 is a compound bevel designed to be durable and easy to maintain type blade edge, it is designed to split while it cuts, do area damage and send up big wood chips.
EDIT: After owning this this machete for years I purchased a belt grinder and convexed the edge. I really can't understate how much this improved the performance in lopping, chopping and cutting. Especially for thin branches like pricker bushes or reeds the convex edge is king!

Unique Destgn: The unique non threading tool like design is what drew me to it initially and give me a satisfied feeling every time I use it. The choil is uniquely large, giving you more inches when splitting logs and allowing you to choke up on the blade comfortably and do more precise work. Over time I am using it more and more for fine work and find it works great for regular knife tasks especially after convexing the edge. NO tip to break off! Designed for chopping, digging, and prying all thing you should avoid with almost any other knife but the SP8 is designed specifically for this hard use. The wide flat tip has a flat point and round point along with the flat edge, all three have different uses when processing wood overall more useful than standard tip of large knife.

Modifications: (SEE CUSTOMER PICS) The SP8's sheath lends itself well to lashing other knives to it, first I had lashed a cold steel bird and trout knife to the sheath for fine work like filleting fish but that knife rusted so then I used a Kabar BK14 but that came with uneven edges so I now have a ESEE Izula 2 lashed to the sheath and The Izula 2 is perfect for the job and will not be replaced any time soon. Between these two blades I can handle any cutting job. I have also used O rings on the handle to help keep my grip from slipping down the handle while swinging(SEE CUSTOMER PIC).I also included pics of the box it came in, it seems like a new box compared to older reviews I have seen.

Overall I would recommend the SP8 to anyone looking for large indestructible blade for camping, bushcraft, utility and survival, IMO it is the most useful wood processing tool available in this price range.
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on November 6, 2014
Point blank..this has to be one of the finest-made pieces of equipment out there for the price. To say that this is "heavy duty" is truly an understatement. I can't imagine anyone ever destroying one of these things and it should last forever with proper care. If you're like me, you've read every review and watched every youtube video you could find on the SP8 before you pulled the trigger on it. The only gripes I can find, and really agree with, are that the protective finish tends to wear off from batoning and I really wish they'd extended the tang all the way through the grip to create a good steel pommel.

Mine arrived much sharper than I was lead to expect, so I'll leave it "as is" to put it through its paces and decide if it suits my needs. Your personal preference and opinion is the most important one here, so you decide for yourself if you want to change the grind profile or not.

The sheath seems to be quite well-made also. I really like that it's made to attach to your belt and still be able to swivel with your leg movement when you tie it down. (Leg tie is included) Just examining the sheath, I can see many ways you could adapt it to attach to just about any piece of gear that you could think of. I can understand the complaints about the sheath not being a straight-out-the-top draw, but I suppose you can take consolation in knowing that you should never lose your machete when it's secured. It appears that you could remove the retaining rivet located almost directly across from the top snap and enable you to draw straight up and out. As the sheath comes, this retaining rivet simply sits in a position to engage the choil of the blade when holstered. Remove the rivet and you shouldn't have to unsnap the long side flap with the 3 snaps to remove your blade..only the top thumb break snap.

I find the handle extremely comfortable and sized well for a wide variety of users/hand sizes. I also like that it came with a lanyard so I don't accidentally sling a pound of steel at anyone I don't intend to kill. If you're super-anal about your gripping ability, you could wrap the handle with some hockey tape. This method would also be helpful to anyone who feels that the handle transfers too much shock to the hand. You could also opt to hit your local hardware store and pick up 5 rubber O-rings to seat in the 5 grooves in the handle to make a super-grabby handhold.

All in all, I'd say that this tool should be a valuable asset to any camping trip, (zombie outbreak) or bushcraft expedition where you need to process wood (or chop meat). These would go great in a bug-out bag or even in your vehicle. When you compare the cost of this tool to other comparable ones, the SP8 is a much more affordable option while still getting tank-like quality for your money. I love mine.
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on October 11, 2016
This is a good knife, it's strudy comes pretty sharp and very versatile. Some negatives though, it is heavy, do not buy this for a backpacking trip it weighs more than my tent. It also looks like it has a nice saw back in the pictures, it's really just a notched back. This is good for putting small notches in limbs but not really a saw. Also my blade already has a few dings in it but it doesn't really affect much since this thing has so much weight behind each switch. Over all a great camping tool if you can spare the wieght, and most likely to out last any other knife I own.
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on September 28, 2017
This is a great camp/bush knife. I used this on a 2 day camping trip to use around the camp and the occasional hike. this thing is just one fat piece of strong steel and I enjoyed having it on my side. I mainly used it to chop kiln dried wood in half and this thing had no trouble doing that. I also used it to hack away the occasional thick branch and this thing can take a beating. It also came very sharp, sharp enough I cut my thumb testing it so be careful not to underestimate it!
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on December 27, 2016
I needed something smaller than an ax to split up the kindling for the fire. This thing is no joke. The case is nice but having to unsnap 4 snaps to remove is a pain. Overall I am happy with my purchase
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on February 2, 2016
I bought this based on others experiences and reviews, and I was definitely NOT disappointed. For basic camping chores and wood gathering, this thing was no joke. I we able to make quick work of any wood 4 inches in diameter or smaller. I was also using it to split logs that were pre-cut by smashing it through. All with no complaint. The only small, gripe is the sheath. I wore this on my belt and around my leg for whenever I needed it, but it is loud. The metal rings rubbing on the leather was super freaking annoying. It obviously needs a lot of breaking in.
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on January 23, 2014
As many other reviewers have stated, this is not a true machete. It is a wood processing tool and does not work very well at clearing tall grasses or similar thick brush. I use this tool on day hikes/fishing/hunting trips where a full sized machete is not needed or wanted. This chopping beast excels at turning deadfall into usable firewood, clearing shooting lanes of branches and twigs, clearing vines and thick, prickly vegetation and can be used as a digging tool if needed. The "saw back" works fine as a notching tool but is not good for sawing through thick pieces of wood. The saw back does hold up well to repetitive batonning without issue. The 10 in. blade is compact enough so as not to be cumbersome when hiking and can easily be transferred into a pack without sacrificing space. For its intended use I find it is a terrific addition to any kit or home tool bench for use in maintaining a backyard landscape. I would highly recommend the SP8 to anyone looking for a great tool for their money. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that the blade came embarrassingly dull. I own several Ontario knives and products and was surprised how dull this came. I understand it is a clearing/chopping tool and there is no need for a razor's edge, however the edge needed a few immediate passes on the diamond rod and ceramic stone before field use. I hope this review was helpful.
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on September 21, 2017
A well designed, hefty machete that works well. Chopped through a 1 1/2" branch in about five to seven minutes, that was eight feet long. Then I hacked it, into three smaller lengths after trimming off the smaller 1/4" to 1/2" smaller offshoots, so I could put it into the trash can. Be careful with this! The sheath is of excellent construction and sturdy too.
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on January 19, 2015
Ontario SP8 Machete. Using a grinder with a flap wheel is needed to put the right angle on the blade. Ear plugs, glasses, a sturdy OUTDOOR table a clamp and about 45 minutes will give a more usable angle, feather the blade all the way back to the flat of the blade making it gradual. That takes time but it's worth it. GREAT weight and length, if only Rick on Walking Dead had this one, save A LOT of ammo:) Also has a firm hook on the butt and the hilt is solid. Bought 1 then... another.
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on May 26, 2013
First, order arrived earlier than expected, the machete was in original packaging in new and unissued condition. For that I commend the seller.
The product itself is VERY robust, and well made. This is a top of the line Machete. I personally am going to use this SP8 instead of a camp axe. It can do everything a camp axe can do. If you do research on your own for this product you will find videos of people using it to chop logs and also for its intended use as a machete. This saves space in the backpack, and now i dont need a cumbersome-awkward-to-pack axe, or a super long machete that is not effective.
The steel and workman ship is top of the line. This product is made in the USA, by Ontario knives, and they make knives for the military. This knife is built to the same quality that a soldier would want. The sheath is built really well, and there is no way this knife will accidentally fall out or rip through it while it is being removed or placed inside of the sheath. It is a mix of leather and strong webbing material.
If you are looking for a camp-axe and machete combo to free up space and have a knife that will last many years - look no farther!
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