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on August 14, 2010
Update: Ooma has released a new handset, which it claims has smartphone features, for about %60. I'm planning on purchasing after I see how it goes for others. It's my understanding it has a different battery technology, so hopefully the battery problem will no longer be an issue. The price is about 1/3 of what I have noticed here for the old one. I'm holding out for the new handset and wouldn't buy this one again.

I've had this handset about two years now, and I've been having serious battery problems for the last two months. It often discharges while in the charging cradle, so I have to disconnect the battery for a minute or two in order to get it to begin charging again, about once every week or two. In addition, outside of the cradle I am getting less than 15 minutes of talk time directly out of an overnight charge.


I was hesitant to purchase this product because of some of the prior reviews, but the people who had trouble seem to have the first handset version and also purchased before the firmware upgrades, which have significantly improved user experience. Upgrades have been frequent, and they are very easy to access from the menu on the handset. Simply select "handset setup" then "HS SW update" and you are directed to place the handset into the cradle while the update downloads. Simple, and achieves all the promised features some have said they couldn't access.

What we like best about this is that it has the feel of a quality handset. It is just the right weight and size in your hand, neither flimsy nor too bulky and is very pleasant to hold. I like the streamlined look and feel. It fits in the hand and next to the face perfectly. The velvety keys are soft against the face and you don't feel as though you are being jabbed by buttons, nor is there heat emitted like some handsets. The so-called "sharp" edges are not sharp at all, but merely angular and don't come into contact with the face. There is no danger of cutting your face or hands with them. Instead, they serve as a grip for the phone, so that it does not slide out of your hand despite having so many smooth, curved surfaces.

It syncs well with the Ooma Telo system, (which you need to purchase so it will function,) so that you can enter your phonebook items online, then easy download them to the handset with one click. You can screen your calls, as you can set it to function like an answering machine, to broadcast the caller's message in order to decide whether to answer or not - the advantage being that it is portable. You can use the unit to retrieve your voice mail from anywhere in your home. If you purchase the Premier Service for $9.95 a month, you can customize ringtones and assign virtual numbers so that each person in the household will get a personalized ring from his/her callers. The first virtual number is free; after that there is a charge for additional numbers.

The light up keypad is easy to read and mostly easy to use. The most difficult part about it is one needs to get used to where to push the navigation ring in order to access different features. It's also a bit difficult to compress the menu key because of its position and size. It has a "recall" feature which will bring up many previously dialed numbers - rather like the "redial" key but you can see each of the numbers before you dial, and storage goes far beyond just one number or even one day's worth of calls. If the number you've called is in your Telo phonebook, the label you've used will also appear on the recall list, such as "Mom cell."

It took me a little while to "get" how to search the phonebook, as it seemed to come up with unrelated numbers, but you can enter more than just the first letter of the name, and the more letters you enter, the narrower and more on target the search becomes.

The worst part of the set is the screen. It is not too bright and not that easy to read. It's not impossible for these older eyes, either. Just a bit more dated than one would expect. Also it is not white on black as pictured, which would have been great. That's the only inaccuracy in the picture and I can't figure out why they did that. The only other difference in appearance is there is no Ooma symbol on the headset, and it just says, "Ooma."
With features like "instant second line" which, if you purchase the Premier service, allows you to pick up the phone and get a dial tone even if your resident phone hog is already on the line, the conveniences far outweigh the drawbacks. The handset also will display the name and number of the person that phone hog is talking to, and gives you an option to join the conversation or use the virtual second line.

If you purchase Premier service, you can assign an actual number to the virtual second line. It can be in any area code in the country, so if most of your family lives in a different area code, you can choose one local to them to give them a break on fees to call you! Hard to beat!

There is also a log list of calls made to or from the handset, and when you select a call to display, it will also display whether the call was missed or not, and if not, the length of the call.

What is neat about "MyOoma" online system for setting up and using your handset, is there is a complete log of all your calls to and from the headset, and the "Dashboard" keeps a running total of the top five callees or callers to your phone, with the number of minutes displayed beside their names, and a complete running total for the month's usage - a lot easier to access and use than say, our T-Mobile online log, which is a nightmare compared to this. You will know at a glance who is talking the most to whom, and whether their usage is out of hand.

Call clarity is great. The only time I've had a problem hearing someone is if there is something going on at their end.There is a walkie-talkie like lag at times if both are trying to talk at once, you won't hear anything while you are both trying to talk, which can be pretty annoying.

All in all, the phone gives you the best of the Ooma service at your fingertips, and that's a good thing.
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on December 30, 2012
Got this for our Ooma Telo, which has been a great investment. This phone, not so much.


Fully integrated with Telo, so all the features of the Telo are available on the phone including the address book and voicemail
If you are using it, the Telo rings to the other phones in the house instead of going to voice mail
My wife has small hands and liked the size


Display stinks. Small text an low contrast (at least for my middle aged eyes)
Short battery life
Problematic charger (you have to be very careful to set it in the charger just right)
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on March 10, 2011
This Ooma Telo Cordless Handset is an add-on product to the Ooma Telo phone system. This cannot be used as a standalone product.

This product works great, but you really only need it if your router isn't in a convenient place to have a phone or you need to have quick access to your Ooma's voicemail features from another room. The Ooma Telo system connects directly to your home router, but it also allows you to use any existing corded or cordless phone you have. The Ooma Telo Handset adds the ability for you to connect to the Ooma's voicemail service and phone book features. You can login to your Ooma account online and input your phone contacts and the handset will automatically connect to your account and give you full access to your contacts.

The call quality was good, but it become tinny sometimes if your internet connection is being used heavily. The tinny sound is not unbearable, but it is noticeable. I haven't had disconnection issues that some people reported.

The set-up did take 10 minutes or so because you have to login to your Ooma account and get a special verification code before it will connect.

One of the few problems or concerns I have with this device is that the volume seems just a little too low sometimes on the handset. This is not a constant issue, but I have experienced it a few times. One more issue is that it is a little difficult to get the phone to charge when you dock it on the charger. It just takes a little adjusting to get the charge light to appear. This could be an issue that is only specific to my unit, but it does get a little annoying sometimes.
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on December 7, 2011
The handset feels like it is well built and is comfortable to talk on for an extended period of time. The keypad is easy to use but I find it hard to read the LCD because it is not very bright and the font they use is small.

Ooma seems to be updating the phone to fix bugs on a regular basis. Make sure that you install the latest firmware version by going to the "Handset Setup" menu and then selecting "HW SW Update." After starting the update it will tell you to place the phone in the base cradle where it will download and install the update.

One feature that I really like about the Telo is that you can edit your phonebook online and download it to the handset easily. This makes it very easy to keep the phonebook up to date so that you can tell who is calling.

Everybody I've talked to says that my audio sounds great. Handset volume seems loud enough, but the speakerphone could definitely be louder. There is no headset jack on the Telo.

After reading the older reviews I can definitely say that I have not experienced any of these problems. Setup took me about five minutes. After you get your 4 digit PIN from your account page on ooma.com, you press the page button on the Ooma base and then turn the headset on and enter your PIN. As long as you follow the instructions, you shouldn't have any problems setting up your Telo.
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on January 27, 2011
I ordered the Ooma Handset so that I could make full use of all the features availabe with the premium service. I was a little concerned with all the reviewss that had been posted regarding trying to get the phone to register.

When i got my phone I charged it overnight and the next day I tried to activate the phone by registering it but it would never ask for the PIN. I read some of the suggestions posted here on how to resolve the problem but nothing helped. I called Ooma Support though I was a little leary because of the experiences of some that have been posted. I had a great experience but after resetting the handset and the TELO several time I was advised to return the handset to Amazon. I asked Amazon to immediately ship a replacement which I got last Friday. The replacement handset asked for a PIN within seconds of attempting to pair it up with the TELO device. I was so relieved when this happened.

I now see that Amazon has pulled the product off the shelves. I assume because of too many returns. I guess my replacement handset was pulled from a fresh batch of inventory. I am happy with the handset becasue it does what it purported to do.
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on January 11, 2013
I used to have the original Ooma base station, then upgraded to the new Ooma Telo, and at the same time I needed to replace the Panasonic DECT phone system I had since the batteries were dying. I thought "hey, why not get these official DECT phones that can talk directly to the Telo?"

That was a terrible decision, as these phones are complete junk.

Where do I even start? First they're poorly made. They're a cheap, light plastic, the buttons feel awful and aren't differentiated from each other, the screen is tiny and looks terrible, and the sound quality is bad.

But you know what? I was willing to live with all that, but then these phones just didn't work! The phones would start ringing, then you pick it up and hear nothing. Or you'd pick it up and hear nothing but the other phones would keep ringing, so then you go running to another phone. The phones would randomly become unpaired from the Telo base station, too.

These phones are simply poorly made, and shouldn't be purchased by anyone. I cannot speak for the newer handsets that Ooma has out now because I'd never try another product of theirs that wasn't another Ooma base station.

In the end I hooked up a standard Panasonic DECT phone system that works FLAWLESSLY!

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on December 10, 2010
Before i bought two of these handsets, i read many reviews, good and bad. I just wanted that instant second line, so i took the chance, not knowing that all those bad reviews out there were actually real. This handset has lot of potential to be great but it just isn't there yet. Here are some of the issues i had

1. I bought two handsets, one registered with Telo successfully, the other one was stuck constantly in "searching" mode. After spending 30 minutes or so i found a solution online that resolved the problem.

2. After registering, one of the handsets just wouldn't sit right in the charge cradle and i had to hold it in place for it to charge. i spent another 30 minutes or so understanding how the charging works and then fixing one of the charge pins with a small screwdriver. I was able to fix the problem but it returned in a few days.

3. I use the address book VERY frequently. There is no way you can add numbers directly from the handset. The handset does not work well with the online sync as well. I constantly had to struggle will deleting the entire address book and re-importing just to get the changes synced to the handset

4. User interface is not intuitive. For example, for intercom feature, you have to go inside a menu, scroll through and then click on it to use the feature. The phone number is displayed twice for some reason and eats up all the space on the display, so when i am dialing into a meeting, it just does not show my conference bridge number or the meeting codes i punch in.

5. Each time you sync contacts from OOma website, Ooma Telo restarts and you lose phone connection for 5 minutes or so

6. When you call another handset on intercom, you also hear the intercom ringing on the handset you are holding, its very annoying

7. I had a bunch of international numbers stored in my old phone, when i moved them to this phone, most numbers got messed up, some were missing the last 5 digits, for others the last 5 digits gfot replaced by 0's

8. The big blue light on the charge cradle is so bright that it kept me up some nights

i'm so disappointed in this phone that i just returned both handsets and bought Panasonic. i dont give a jack if i lose the instant second line.
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on March 22, 2011
We have had one of the Ooma phones for about a year. Because we were having some slight buzzing problems with the Panasonic phones that we were using, several weeks ago we ordered two more of the phones and moved the Panasonic phones to another floor in our house.

Our experience is that the Ooma phone is very good for rapidly reviewing voice mail received by the Ooma Telo and has very clear reception, with none of the buzzing that we heard on the phones they replaced. We also like the size (it will easily fit into a front pocket) and the look and feel of the phone. We appreciate being able to answer using more than one number and to place a call when someone else is using the phone. Unlike some other reviewers, we have found the phone to be well-built and easy to position in whichever room we wish to place it in. We have also found the speaker phone feature to be clear and loud enough to easily hear.

However, if you also expect to use the phone to easily review your calls, both incoming and outgoing, this will be a big disappointment. Call history is very difficult to pull up and the viewing screen displays so few characters that not enough information (such as when the call came in, whether it was answered or missed, or the phone number) is displayed. It also has no option for distinctive ring or voice announce, features that seem unimportant until you have had them on another phone and switch to one that doesn't.

The phone also has the ability to import contact information from your email phone book. However, the sort is by first name and there is no easy way to get to an entry without scrolling one by one through the list. Consequently, if you have a large number of entries, the feature is almost useless.

Were we to do it again, we would stick to purchasing only one of the Ooma phones, choosing to replace the buzzing phones with newer DECT 6.0 phones that have voice caller ID, distinctive rings, a much more usable display, and other more robust features that we expect a premium phone to offer.
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on July 15, 2012
I was excited about this purchase, because of the extra features it would allow me to use. The handset itself is of decent quality. It feels like an old Nokia 6160 (not necessarily a bad thing,) but much lighter. The finish is shiny on the back and almost-rubberized/matte finish on the front. A nice looking handset. But I can imagine the shiny back cover becoming scratched over time front being placed and slid around on desktops or other surfaces.

I like the fact that I can assign it its own number ("Personal Number" part of the Premier service) and its own voicemail. Plus, it allows me to access other Ooma Telo features, like "Instant Second Line" (Premier feature,) one-button voicemail access/transfer, contact list (sync'd with your Ooma online account, and more. However, the price of the handset is justified in the ability to access these features, not necessarily in the quality of the phone in and of itself.

The problem I have is that, although the handset is great, the charging base or dock is of poor quality; Particularly when it comes to the contact pins. The contact surface area is so small that any slight movement of the handset will not allow it to charge (as indicated by the blue LED on the base and the battery icon animation on the handset.) I had to take it apart and bend the pin (actually more like filaments or springs) in order to give them more tension and realign them in order for it to charge. I would return it, but according to the many reviewers with the same problem, my hopes are not high. Not to mention, I've scraped the base in my attempt to open it (whatever happened to screws?)

All in all, this would be FIVE stars. Not as compared to a regular cordless phone (most phones in this price range would blow this cordless out of the water,) but as an extra feature for your Ooma service. I had to remove one star (and that was generous) because of the frustration created by the poorly designed charging base. This could be easily remedied if the design would increase the contact surface area, but it would require a redesign of the handset as well.

In regard to other problems reported in older reviews, I did not encounter any of them to date. It could very well be due to older firmware. This handset automatically updated the firmware once registered and linked to my Ooma Telo. I'd buy another one, but would probably eBay it instead. Not at this price.
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on May 20, 2011
I agree with the other poster who advised not to read too much into older reviews. I was skeptical about purchasing this handset to go with my Ooma Telo but I'm glad I did. I considered getting the freebie handset from the Ooma website with the purchase of the Premier features, but they mentioned that you'd most likely get a refurb. I decided to buy the handset and I'm glad I did. Out of the box the handset was easy to set up. Plug it up and let it charge on the base for 30 minutes before syncing it to your Telo base. After 30 minutes, just press one button on your Telo base, the base then recognizes the phone and starts updating the firmware. You'll have to get a pin number to enter on the phone (and the directions that come with the phone will tell you that you can get this pin number from your Ooma account online), but the base will actually TELL you the pin number without having to look it up online. Just enter that Pin and the handset will do the rest. In about 15 minutes the handset was updated and running perfectly. I've had no problems with sound or features. If you subscribe to (or have the free 2 month subscription) the Premier features, you'll LOVE being able to get a second line while someone is talking on the first line. Don't listen to the other reviews here, this is a great handset to the Ooma Telo. Whatever bugs it may have had in the past, they have updated the phone and the software so that everything runs perfectly. The sound quality is amazing and you'll appreicate all the extra features that come with it!
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