Customer Reviews: OontZ Angle Bluetooth Speaker [ORIGIINAL] Ultra Portable Wireless with Built in Mic up to 10 Hour Playtime works with iPhone iPad tablet Samsung and smart phones - Black Grille
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on June 29, 2013
I got this in order to pipe music onto my deck and was impressed immediately. Let me say first off, is you're expecting Bang & Olufsen quality from a $40 speaker, you should probably pin a note to your sweater with your address in case you have trouble finding your way home. That said, I am very pleased with the sound quality and the range (have discovered that the range does differ from device to device-on my old HTC the range was about 3 feet, on my new LG the range is more like 10-12+ feet through walls/doors/windows). Added bonus: one night after 1 too many mojitos, I left the speaker outside and (naturally) there was a rainstorm that night. I consoled myself with the reminder that the speaker was under $50, and since I liked it so much, I would just buy another one. Well, to my pleasant surprise the Angle worked just fine, even after being left out in the rain, keeping in mind that it is NOT rated for "outdoor" use - obviously you can used it outdoors, but it is not specifically designed or engineered for wet weather, so should be brought indoors. The process for connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting to various devices can be a little fickle, but I'll gladly overlook that because of the respectable sound quality(didn't find the bass too weak at all; I was looking for something to provide nice background music, not mimic floor seats at a concert), great price, and the altogether unexpected resilience it showed after being rained on. Would definitely recommend and (if I had to) would buy again.
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on June 25, 2013
I decided on the Oontz Angle out of left field. I had been looking at other products in the same price range, such as HMDX Jam, and the GoGroove Orb. I read many reviews, watched many YouTube reviews, but both of those products had some characteristics I didn't like (Jam has short battery life, GoGroove had a proprietary charger I think). Then I stumbled upon the Oontz Angle. I found hardly any reviews outside of the sub-100 on Amazon. None on Youtube, but I trust Cambridge, so I went for it. Rates at 10+ hours on a charge (rumor has it closer to 20 at certain volume levels), and charges with mini usb (I thought it was micro usb, same as my smart phone -- was hoping to be able to use one charger for both items -- i read too quickly). I just got it this morning, came with a solid charge. It paired to my Galaxy Nexus no problem out of the box, no PIN needed. I fired up Spotify, and Google Play music, both played the selected tracks through the Oontz. The Oontz is lighter than I though it would be, but feels solid and well built. The bottom, feet, and sides have a sort of soft-touch plastic/rubber feel to them which is nice. So, the sound....overall is pretty good. For the price, I would say the sound is exceptional. The highs are clear, and the mids are fairly "warm". Don't expect too much bass, but it's not completely lacking either. Volume certainly gets up there. In the sound territory it has surpassed my expectations. I placed The Oontz on a bookshelf in my living room, I am streaming from my phone about 30 feet away, and it actually sounds good (at maybe 50% volume) -- I am sure the wood bookshelf lends itself to that. Outside, the sound lost a little bit of that depth. Add in an equalizer (like the one built into Google Music) and the sound absolutely improves -- almost to a point that when you turn the EQ off you miss it. The unit volume and bluetooth volume dont seem to be linked, so I think you have to play around to get a good balance to ward off any potential distortion (mostly, if you are using an EQ). I have not paired w/ my iPad yet, but I do not expect any issue.

I cant give a real, honest comparison to the Jambox -- I have only listened to that in a B&M store, but I believe they sound comparable based on that observation a couple days ago. I bought it at 49.99 (price just dropped 10 yesterday -- hoping I can get a price difference refund). As long as the battery holds up as I have been lead to believe it will, it is a keeper (and probably will become gifted a few times in the near future).
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on December 9, 2014
This speaker was great for a month, then the small metal piece in the charging port came out with the cord and it wouldn't charge anymore. Company only offered a refund for one month after purchase, a few days later, it's useless.
review image
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on January 20, 2014
As other reviewers have noted, don't expect big expensive sounds from a small affordable speaker. But I can confirm that it sounds a whole lot better than the speakers built into my mobile devices and can get significantly louder. And it sounds less tinny/noisy than the mobile device's native speakers too. Some things I noticed in my personal experience with this speaker that I didn't (or you may not) realize beforehand:
1) It has a USB port only for charging;
2) It has a line input jack for providing a non-Bluetooth audio signal;
3) When I have both the line input *and* USB cords plugged into my computer, I hear some quiet digital sounds coming out of the speaker, like the USB cable is interfering with the line input signal right next to it. If I unplug *either* cable, the noise goes away.
4) I cannot have the speaker play a Bluetooth signal if a line is plugged into its input (would not be able to switch between inputs automatically/dynamically);
5) The speaker can get much much louder with a line plugged into it than with a Bluetooth signal. My computer's sound must be pre-amplified.
6) When I'm getting the extra volume from the line input, I'm impressed at the quality of the sound - no rattling or buzzing as the speaker gains significant volume.
7) The volume control buttons work when receiving a Bluetooth signal, but seem to have no effect on the line in signal.
8) It's sometimes hard to tell what the volume range is with a Bluetooth signal because there's no indicator when using the volume control buttons to indicate where you are between minimum and maximum volume.
9) It appears to have stereo speakers embedded in it, which sound nice, but not as nice as having speakers separated by some significant distance.
10) It seems to have a feature (embedded microphone included) to act like a speaker phone when linked to a mobile phone, but I have not tried this feature.
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on October 22, 2012
Given the limit on how good a small speaker can be, this one is excellent. Compared it to the Jawbone which is more than 2ce the price, the Oontz sounded fuller/richer. I listen to classical and am a musician, so I'm pretty critical. Of course, you can't compare any tiny speaker to a full sized system, but this speaker does a great little job.
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on July 2, 2013
I have multiple blue-tooth mini speakers. Compared to the Jambox this plays a little louder and has better battery life, but does not have the voice feature that tells you what the battery level is and announces certain settings (not something I care much about) nor does it come with as many accessories. The build quality is good, but it is not as nicely styled as the Jambox. In terms of what matters (sound quality) it sounds a bit more realistic than the Jambox. It has a bit less bass, and the very top highs are missing, but there is also less distortion and the unit doesn't rumble so much that it moves like the Jambox does.

Pros: At the price this is a great value, I would not be able to justify paying multiple times as much for the Jambox. Battery life is outstanding. Good volume for something this size.

Cons: It uses a mini (not micro) jack plug for charging, no AC adapter is included, and it would be nice to have track skipping controls (the regular Jambox doesn't have these either).
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on July 6, 2013
The unit is actually much smaller than I expected. I used at our 4th of July cookout, and people were actually in awe. It played for nearly 6 hours without needing a charge, and paired easily with my iPhone 5. I want a second unit now to add to it and have music on multiple levels.

I compared this with unit's that were literally triple the price, and the performance, style, and price can't be beat. Great speaker.
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on September 20, 2013
Ok so when I saw this I was really skeptical, even with all of the good reviews. I wasn't sure that this little angled speaker could put out decent sound...BUT IT DOES! it doesn't sound tinny or weak....and holds up to louder volumes and doesn't distort when you think it will.

The first day I got it, i was supposed to do a workout class in a room with a 70" TV. Unfortunately someone else booked the same room and had 25 people in there for a i moved my little workout group of 8 to another room without a TV. I hooked this up to my computer and played the workout DVD (Insanity!) where the instructor is giving directions AND there's music playing...and we had NO PROBLEM hearing all of it. The room was FILLED with sound! It was the tiny 15" screen that was difficult!
Sure it's not a Bose speaker, or Beats pill, or the new Sol Republic deck.... But for only $39 bucks....I can buy FIVE of these little babies for the price of ONE of those. It just so happens that I saw the commercial for the Sol Deck on the same day I ordered this...and I said to myself: if this doesn't perform, I'll return it. So I kept the packing material just in case. But after that first emergency use.... I'm sold. I threw all the packing stuff away and I'm keeping it! I can already forsee using it on the beach, poolside, with my laptop when watching a movie, etc.

Look... It's bluetooth, battery operated, compact, and inexpensive. It'll even function as a handsfree speaker for your phone! And did I say it was only $39 bucks??!! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE. And if youʻd rather spend $200-300 bucks on a Bose, Beats, or Sol, go ahead and do it if thatʻs your budget or preference. For me... $39 bucks is GREAT, and I wonʻt worry if it gets wet or banged around in my computer bag.
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on July 14, 2014
I read the reviews and most of the reviews were great. So I finally decided to make the purchase of the Oontz Angle. It was going to mainly be used for my wife to listen to her books on tape or E books whatever you prefer. But I did check out some music on it initially just to test out it. Not bad for a speaker its size. No big booming sound, but that's not really to be expected from a speaker this size. But descent sound with good range. I could carry the speaker downstairs while it's paired to my phone and it worked flawlessly. Do why the one star review? I think about 10 hours of play was what I got out of a charge. The same for the 2nd charge. After that the darn thing will not re charge!!! It works if plugged in but once unplugged works for maybe 10/15 minutes. So thumbs down from me on the Oontz Angle.
Since I.posted my review on the Oontz Angle, I was contacted by Cambridge Soundworks. I must say their customer service is top notch, they offered to send me a new speaker, which they did. I received it in about 48 hours and haven't not had any problems with the new speaker whatsoever. So I probably just had a dud initially, these things happen sometimes. Great job Cambridge Soundworks, I couldn't be happier!
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on October 29, 2012
I purchased the Oontz Angle about a month ago. The Oontz sounds great for it's size, and will make your life easier. Below are 5 reasons to purchase this product.

1) The Angle is portable, light weight, and easy to use.

2) The Angle has many uses. I use it for my Mp3, Laptop, and Iphone. It works with a cord if you don't have Bluetooth, and with Bluetooth. One great use is to place the Angle on your dash board and hook up your Mp3 player, for an instant car stereo. It's nice to liberate yourself from AM Radio with those endless mattress advertisements. The Angle sits solidly on the dash and it's easy to hide in the glove compartment.

3) I demonstrated the Angle with friends. It worked on every phone with Bluetooth. It's a no brianer to use.

4) Works great at barbecues and back yard parties. I used it at a College lacrosse game. The College students loved the product. Find someone with an I phone/Mp3 and you have music, anywhere, anytime.

5) I like technology that simplifies my life. No tangled chords, no stress. No need to build speakers into your walls. I place the Oontz Angle in various areas about the house as needed.

The Oontz does the job.
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