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on February 22, 2016
It was smaller than my 2 year old's usual books but it was the perfect size to put in a bag when we go out. It keeps her busy when sitting down and traveling. This is perfect for little kids who likes animals and saying their different sounds. The quality is very good and does not easily get torn. It also has a good list of animals you would usually find in a barn(Cow, Pig, Chick, Pony, Duck, Goat, Dog, Cat, Rooster, Owl). It has great colorful illustrations.

This is definitely a good value for the price. Totally worth it.
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on June 12, 2015
This is a great little board book. My nephew loves the smaller books that fit in his tiny hands and the peek-a-boo feature makes it even more exciting for him.
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VINE VOICEon May 14, 2016
This book is little but it is adorable! My toddler likes to rip on the flaps of the flip books but this one is durable enough he has not ripped one off ... Yet ..... He LOVES animals and LOVES this book! It has been a big hit!
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on December 14, 2017
I gave this product 4 starts only because my daughter really likes it. I absolutely love flap books and the size cannot be beat because I can easily slip it in a diaper bag or my daughter can carry it around with her little toddler hands. She's 15 months and has taken an interest in books so much that she opens this one and pretends to read it. It is bent a little but it is super lasting with how rough she is with it. Opening it in the middle and then using both hands to mop it across the floor, chewing on it, banging her sippy cup on it etc. It doesn't have a story line at all. It's just a bunch of "who says moo" "a cow". Which I guess is cool with babies who find it amusing BUT the flaps are SO hard to get open. I actually ended up ripping the book trying to get the ducklings flap to open which was disappointing.

Then, ugh. Recently I learned a baby horse is a foal and not a pony like I had been told all my life and I feel like if this book wanted to be so accurate "mew mew" instead of "meow" then that should have been there for horse instead of pony. Which I know is a different kind of horse.
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on October 14, 2015
My daughter loves this little book! It's one of her favorites (she's 17 months old). I can't remember when exactly she started opening the flaps on her own... Maybe around 12 months? She's dextrous though, so flaps are not a problem for her. At first she enjoyed me lifting them for her, and then she enjoyed lifting them herself, and acting surprised when she found the animal underneath. The illustrations are bright and cute, and the placement of the flaps within the illustration is very smart. The flaps close very tightly though, and need some fingernail work to get them open even for me, so that might be an issue with less dextrous children. I keep my daughter's nails juuuust a bit longer than ideal, specifically to help her work her flap books, and that helps a lot. She learned to use her nails, and can get them open on her own. She also seems to really like the size of the book. This is our only book of this size, and she loves handling it, flipping through it, hugging it and just carrying it around the house.

One thing I specifically love about the illustrations is how rich they are, and how much stuff is packed in them, without making them look too busy. In a lot of baby books, the background is pretty plain, with emphasis on one or two things per page. In this book, without feeling overwhelming, you can find a lot of little things on each page. For example, there's a chicken or two somewhere on most of the pages, so we play "find the chicken". Or the kittens are in a basket in the closet, so you can also see shoes, slippers, a coat, etc. My daughter loves identifying the random surrounding objects on each page, like the shoes. Or that the horse has a bucket of grain (which she has learned to identify as "pony food"). Her latest obsession is apples, and right now she is absolutely in love with the page that has apples on trees! When she learns a new word or a new concept, which happens to show up somewhere in this book, she'll seek it out and flip to it over and over.

I really didn't expect much from this little book, but it has been a total gem!
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This is one of our daughters favorite books. Each page has a small flap that reveals an animal underneath. Each page says what the animal sound is "who say's moo?", then under the flap the animal is revealed. She received it as a gift at 6 months old and was able to play with it then, learning a bit of finger dexterity with trying to grab the flaps and turn the pages. But still loves it now at 18 months, though some of the flaps are a bit wrinkled and chewed on from playing with so young. She is a big fan of animal sounds so this was a big hit for that reason as well.
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on November 24, 2015
This is an adorable lift-the-flap board book but the reason I am giving it 4 stars is the size of the book. It is TINY. Nothing wrong with a smaller book but for the price you can buy a regular sized board book. Just my opinion though ;)
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on July 9, 2015
Children open the lift-the-flap barn doors to reveal "Who says moo?"/ "Who says baa? et cetera". A very cute, pocket-sized book with bright colorful, and not overly cartoony illustrations.

Our Thoughts
There are a lot of pages in this tiny book which is good. Its pretty sturdy, the flaps are a bit hard to do since they're so tiny but that deters tearing! I love the illustrations and thoughtful and unique flap for each animal (e.g. kittens are inside a basket, a goat stands behind a laundry line, a duck waits behind bulrushes). Its the perfect size both for little hands to read on their own, and to fit in my purse. I can whip it out while were standing on line in the supermarket or waiting to be served in a restaurant and read it to my son. He received it as a Christmas gift at 13 months old. At 18 months old, he enjoys this book a lot and can now open the flaps himself. He likes hearing me the animal noises and loves being surprised by what's waiting behind the door. As he has grown older I can now quiz him before we reveal the animal and he signs his answer. Recently I caught him reading it all by himself, so now, I give it to him to read on his own in the shopping cart thereby buying myself at least a few brief moments of cooperation! Great little book highly recommended! We actually lost this book during a an outing and I will definitely be replacing it as my son LOVES it!
It's useful for teaching animal names, animals sounds and life on the farm.
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on January 16, 2018
I just received this today, but I'll be testing it out with my granddaughter later today. It appears very durable with sturdy tabs to lift. My granddaughter loves books with the tabs to lift and I like when they are sturdy and can endure a 15 month old. One page of the book will ask what makes such and such a sound and then you lift the tab to see what animal makes that sound. Should be fun.
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on November 23, 2014
I ordered "Open the Barn Door" in addition to several other books for a baby shower. However, when it arrived it was so tiny (around 3") that I ordered another book in it's place, for the shower. I realize that it was my fault for not looking closely enough at the product's dimensions. Instead of returning the book I gave it to my two year old son. At the time he received this book he was really into farm animals. However, he never really showed much interest in this book. We've now had it approximately 10 months and he has only read it about a dozen times. I think his lack of interest in this book is because a) it's so small and b) it's really hard for him to lift the flaps in the book. The book is actually very cute, but he gets so frustrated with the flaps that he doesn't want to read it.
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