Customer Reviews: Operation Condor
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on October 9, 2001
How could they?! - This American re-relase (complete with snazzy titles) has been cut to ribbons in a vain attempt to keep it serious! How dare they!! slapstick humour IS jackie chan. Whole scenes are actually removed from the film in order to appeal to po-faced Steven segal fans! Having seen the original version on TV, i rushed out to buy it, then being disappointed by the edited version. Its ironic that the humour is censored, rather than the violence.
Still, despite these drawbacks, Its one of Jackie's finest. Big budget (without ruining it like rush hour 2!), very funny, and highly original - the fight in the wind tunnel is both spectacular and hilarious at the same time!.
Its a bit of a downer that its been edited to tone down the humour, but its still a superb Chan flick.
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on September 27, 1999
"Operation Condor" is similar in style to "Rush Hour" or "Mr. Nice Guy". These are examples of Chan`s later movies in which he tries to burst through to America by breaking free from his Hong Kong roots. The production values are far glossier than his earlier movies - this one is shot on location in the Phillipines, Spain and Morroco. In the film, Chan and three female friends (one Japanese, one Chinese, one German) journey into the desert to find hidden gold - and get into comic scrapes. Sadly, the version I saw featured appallingly sloppy dubbing into English, which made it feel as if the film was produced in the U.S, not Hong Kong. In a bizarre way, this works to Chan`s advantage. He works well with the supporting cast, generally fooling around and displaying a fine line in comic timing and Buster Keaton style slapstick, which is very entertaining. A good, fun film. Don`t expect a kung-fu classic like "Fist Of Fury" because you won`t get it. But remember, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee are different. Chan was trained to entertain his audience, and this film will entertain all who see it.
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on December 3, 2001
I bought this DVD knowing it would be cut like most US films of Jackie's. The reason I bought it is because Jackie dubs his own voice - I just love his voice, whether he is speaking Cantonese, Mandarin or English! It just adds so much more to the enjoyment of his movies I feel. And there are cut scenes - the most obvious a very funny scene in the desert with Jackie trying to give his female off-siders water without their bumbling Arab captors knowing! Notwithstanding all this, this film is one of Jackie's best with amazing stunts and the fight scene in the wind tunnel has to be seen to be believed. A must see, whether it is this version or the original uncut Cantonese with English S/T.
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on July 29, 2003
Jackie Chan is a physical genius and this,together with a sense of comedy and an air of winning self-deprecation,help set his movies apart from those of other action stars such as the wooden Van Damme and the pompous dirigible Seagal.The physical skills are well in evidence here as are the comedy traits -although personally I find them less well showcased this time around
Operation Condor is clearly an expensive movie and makes widespread use of well photographed North African and European locations ,in its tale of Chan and some female colleagues hunting abandoned Nazi gold in the face of opposition from Arab terrorists and one of the gold's former owners.
There are draggy bits in the middle when the story gets bogged down in broad comedic interludes ,and the dubbing throughout is execrable.All is forgiven when it comes to the climax -an elongated fight scene in a wind tunnel that has flair ,pace and panache.
The end credits show the injury sustained by Chan in making the movie when a stunt went wrong-proof that here is an action star who does not stint on placing himself on the line .Four stars for Chan -and marked down only for the dubbing and the misfiring comedy scenes which simply dont travel well to Occidental audiences
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on February 12, 2015
Good Blu Ray of this movie but no extras. The sound is good with DTS sound, the audio and subtitles are only in English so be careful with that. The picture is good quality although some parts are a little grainy but overall it is very good.
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on July 27, 2015
A good Jckie Chan formula movie. There is plenty of action with Jackie climbing walls, fightng mutiple vilians, and a quite good storyline backing the action. Too often the story behind the scenes is just there to allow another fight scene. In ths movie there is a reasonable spy story supporing the fight scenes.
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on January 14, 2001
Jackie Chan plays the adventurer code named Condor. In this movie he joins with three ladies to find the gold that is hidden in a base underground. This movie was a great martial arts-action/comedy. I keep laughing during his outtakes except when he bites the dust (well sand actually). There is one scene in the outtakes when Jackie is hanging upside down on a metal chain. In the movie the chain was supposed to get stuck but in the outtakes the chain somehow slides free causing Jackie to fall straight on his face against a huge mountain of sand and rock. People had to rush him out and wipe all the powdery sand off of his face. That is two major incidents in two Operation Condor films. Hope you enjoy this comedy. I sure enjoyed it and so will you.
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on January 24, 2003
This dvd is worth the money! I'm Italian and there are a few Jackie's movies translated into my language, luckily there are the english versions... but I also like to watch them in chinese with eng subtitles...
This is a really good movie, with a bit of Indiana Jones, a bit of James Bond and Jackie's funny humor. The background is also interesting and whimsical: the desert, the nazi's base... ok, the story is not so original, but the situations that came out with Jackie and the 3 girls are funny.
And the wind tunnel scene (though it is a fake... they are not flying, there are wires to pull them around...) is GREAT!!!
A challenging movie, that gave some problems during the filming, sand was everywhere and Jackie really got hurt folling from the hanging chain in the nazi's base and dislocated his sternum...
And hey, you can watch this film just because Jackie is always the n. 1
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on May 9, 2014
What do you get when you mix the gadgets of James Bond, the scenery and story like Indiana Jones and martial arts master Jackie Chan? You get Operation Condor. This one has it all, tons of action that includes some really fantastic scenes of Chan's particular style of 'making everything look cool', some balancing comedy, exciting adventure and even more.

Let's be honest, the main reason to watch Jackie Chan movies is for the impressive action, so don't expect a particularly unique story with excellent dialogue and Oscar performance acting. It's pretty clear that Chan doesn't like to take anything too seriously, and when you watch this movie you shouldn't either and you'll probably enjoy a classic action driven, comedy laced Jackie Chan flick.
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on April 17, 2013
I saw this movie on TV and laughed a lot, my family like it too, so that's why I ordered it, we like to watch this movie when family members are visiting, we love Jackie Chan, his martial art movements are great and he's funny.
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