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on October 30, 2017
If you are serious about praying for the nations this is must read. I break this resource out often to pray through. It is not just a prayer resource it is the definitive resource for the World Christian. Do you want to impact the nations for Christ? Then you must have this book and leave it out so you will refer to it often. It is a must have for all who want to impact the nations for Christ.Divergent Theology: An Inquiry Into the Theological Characteristics of the Word of Faith Third Wave Movement and The New Apostolic Reformation
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on August 7, 2011
Kudos to the writers of the enticing, hard-hitting research detailed in this terrific resource book. Spin the globe and pick a country or choose a favorite to study. This fantastic book is crammed full of information on everything from gross national product to the percentage of the population that might follow a certain religion, such as Christianity, etc. Difficulties the country may be facing such as political upheavals, economic downturns, or even topographical problems are outlined with pinpoint accuracy. More pressing problems have their own section and allow one to be completely informed before praying or sharing information in a classroom. As a medical missionary to Haiti, I can vouch for the accuracy of the sections describing the conflicts a country might be facing. The country summaries are "just like being there" and reads like a insiders travel guide. As a former home school teacher, I can recommend that its contents would be perfect for 6th grade and up and would be an excellent reference for reports. Younger children could have the parts categorized by a teacher and read outloud. And, as a parent and daughter of school teachers, I would suggest the book be used to launch group projects or to begin or end the classroom period by discussing the people and problems of the nations of the world. I have used other editions of this book in the past and its high quality has not wavered.
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on December 8, 2012
Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation is a book that can change the world. It's an amazing book. Imagine what a difference it would make if all Christians prayed specifically for missionaries around the world and for the needs in each country. This is a daunting task but it is made easier by this marvelous book. Operation World lists every country in the world, giving information on Geography, Peoples, Economy, Politics, and Religion for each country. It also lists Answers to Prayer and Challenges for Prayer. Maps and charts are also given. The book is packed with information.

Operation World is designed to be used as a prayer guide with a date listed at the bottom of each page so you can work your way through it in a year. Christians around the world can and will be informed, guided and inspired by this book. When we hear about a country in the news or when there is conflict in a region Operation World is a quick resource to learning about the country, understanding the issues and knowing how to pray. My church is using Operation World in weekly prayer meetings, focusing on one country each week. It can also be used by families during family meetings or prayer times, to teach children about our vast world and to educate them about world geography, the diversity of peoples and the vast need to spread the Gospel. Parents who are home schooling will also find this to be a valuable resource.

The Completely Revised -7th edition of Operation World was published in 2010 by Jason Mandryk so the information is as up to date as it possibly could be. Reading and studying Operation World is a great way to increase our knowledge of other countries and cultures and great way give us a heart for missions and to focus our prayers. And it is guaranteed to lessen our provincialism.
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Here is a great work starting with Williams Carey's An Enquiry into the Obligation of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathens and carrying on today as a means of having information about the present situation of evangelical growth in the world.
This book is encyclopedic in its scope and is a great source for data in order to be both informed and encouraged to pray for the world.
After the first section which deals with the why and wherefore, the book's first section gives an overview of what is happening in the world and various regions of the world.
The large section from pages 89 to 900 deals with the countries of the world in alphabetical order for information and prayer. The book closes with nine appendices going from "Global Facts and Figures" to "Frequently Asked Questions."
Mission leaders and missionaries need to have a copy of this book to keep themselves informed about the various countries of the world and to keep a global perspective. This book helps my wife and me to pray for the world in an orderly way.
I used this book to teach a class on ministry in European contexts at Dallas Theological Seminary. I cannot recommend it more highly. The DVD which of this book enables one to have PowerPoint presentations for missions programs in churches and teaching in theological schools.
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on January 7, 2013
This book has it all: geography, demographics, economics, politics, and religion. Details every country in the world with descriptions and statistical details, followed by a discussion of that country's strengths and weaknesses from the Christian perspective. Covers oppression, persecution, violence, human trafficking, corruption, enslavement, discrimination, and moral decay. Read and understand who are the oppressed and how to pray for them. Unabashedly objective and straightforward. This no-nonsense approach enables the reader to picture the systems of injustice that result in our global condition.

For the geography enthusiast, the book individually covers each country in the world with statistics and description. This book is a global geography reference by itself.

For the statistics enthusiast, each country is enumerated with a breakdown of population demographics, ethnicity, religion, and more.

For the religious reader, each country is addressed from the Christian perspective, considering the oppression, persecution, violence, human trafficking, corruption, enslavement, discrimination, and moral decay of that country.

Overall, an invaluable textbook and reference guide to our world.
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on January 13, 2017
We really enjoy going through this book, but it is very outdated. We use it as part of our world study with our kids each morning. Part of that study is that we go onto the World Factbook website and update the information in the book, so you could probably save the money by just subscribing to their emails and looking on their website. I give it 4 stars because it is well laid out, concise, and the outdated information is really my only complaint. For us it is fun to look up the current information.
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on October 30, 2015
I love all the information in this book - very helpful when wanting to pray for other nations. However, I did find that there is so much information, that it seems a bit overwhelming, and therefore harder to focus on actually praying, and knowing what to pray for, etc. This is a great book for adults with a hunger to pray for the nations and with a great attention span. It is harder though if you are trying to use it with the family.
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on January 31, 2017
Operation World gives the best in-depth spiritual information about any country you may want to pray about. It is a great resource for intercessors and churches interested in bringing Change to a dying world. It details the physical, political, sociological and spiritual forces at work in each country. To my mind it is a spiritual map of the world and an invaluable aid for spiritual mountain movers. It is a world prayer manual at your doorstep.
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on July 11, 2013
"Operation World" is a comprehensive guide on every nation and provides detailed political, economic, and religious information for each country. There is a prayer calendar as a guide as to what date to pray for what country. Additionally, the larger countries (India, Indonesia, China, etc) are broken down into islands/provinces to aid prayer points.

This is an excellent resource for individual, small group, church, and missionary use.

I would recommend it to anyone who has a heart for intercession on behalf of the nations.
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on September 21, 2017
Classic and indispensable book, updated regularly, on what the world looks like country by country and where the greatest needs are for Christian missions.
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