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on July 10, 2013
Purchased this for my SL1 instead of a second Canon battery. Battery charges fine in the Canon charger in about the same time. I was skeptical about the 2000mAh rating compared to the canon oem (875mAh). Did 2 sample recordings to see the capacity differences by shooting video with each until the camera died. The Canon got me 1:25 min (18-55 STM lens without IS and autofocus on) and this Opteka got me 1:28 min under the same conditions. So, for the price, it's a good replacement for the original battery but does NOT supply significantly more recording time. Highly recommended for the price assuming that it continues to hold a good charge over longtime use.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 4, 2014
The last few non-OEM batteries I bought bombed terribly so I was hesitant to buy the Opteka LP-E12 for my SL1. But, at less than 20% of OEM cost, I figured I could afford to chance it. And I'm glad I did: charges perfectly in my Canon charger and runs my SL1 like a champ! My subjective observation is this little Opteka rocks. It puts out close to the same performance as the OEM battery, but bests OEM by 50 to 100 RAW files. However, it's nowhere near the 2000mAh capacity claimed. Otherwise I'd be hitting 1000+ images! After a few charge cycles I was averaging about 600 RAW images per charge in a session (using the VF).

I can't speak to longevity as I've only been using it a little over a month. If it croaks prematurely I'll amend my review. However, I feel confident enough about the Opteka I plan to buy a couple more as my wife wants one for her SL1 too.
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on September 23, 2013
Bought it as a backup for the EOS-M and ended using it as a main battery. Double the capacity and of course,it gives much longer shooting time than OEM for a fraction of the price.
4 stars, because It doesn't come with the contacts protector, which OEM does, and it is pretty important to have it while carrying the batteries in the bag with several other items; otherwise would give it 5 stars
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on September 2, 2015
I've had this battery for a few months, and it seems to be working fine. I can't really tell any difference in how long (number of shots) this battery lasts vs. the one that came with the camera, but the one difference I have noticed is that the camera doesn't estimate battery life as well with it.

With the original Canon battery, it will read full for a while, then half for a while, then low for a while, and then it will start giving me a blinking red warning, but I can still get a good number of shots before I have to charge it. With the Opteka, it will be reading just fine, then all of a sudden, it's blinking red, and I have maybe one shot, then the camera tells me to change the battery pack and turns off. Again, I think the Opteka lasts just as long - it simply doesn't give me the same amount of warning as the Canon battery does. For the substantial price difference, I can live with that.

I'm not a serious photographer, but I have two little kids, and I keep the camera out at all times so I can snap a picture whenever I want, and it's super frustrating if you go to take a picture/video and find out the battery is dead, so I really like to keep a spare battery fully charged that I can just swap out. The Opteka fully handles this need.
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on August 30, 2013
Yes, they should be ashamed. The standard battery for this camera is pathetic. It's very odd as canon is usually pretty awesome with their batteries, but not the case with the Lp e12. The standard battery will last a hundred or so shots and then die out.

This battery, however, directly replaces that battery. Seriously, buy two or three of these, depending on how much you shoot- you won't even need the canon battery anymore. It literally makes the camera useable as it should be, and I applaud third parties for correcting canons flaws.

I bought two, they charge in no time in the canon charger, and ill get two more just for backup and never have to worry about it again.

Tsk tsk canon.
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on November 3, 2014
Fits in my EOS-M well, charges in the Canon charger perfectly. So far so good.

The rated battery capacity is about twice the Canon battery, so if expect significantly longer operation. So far, I'm not seeing that. When on a shoot, I'm tending to swap batteries around the same time with this as the original from Canon. Maybe this runs a little longer, but nothing significant. That's fine though, it runs the camera fine and charges without issue in the Canon charger so it's serving it's purpose just fine.
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I bought this as a spare for the "baby Rebel", the Canon SL1, which is part of my downsizing project. The combination of a spare battery and a spare SDHC card will fit in the little zipper pouch made for a compact flash card! At first I just used the Canon battery and kept this in reserve. Well, I never needed my reserve battery, so I decided to swap and see how this one lasted. I still never need a spare. Not very scientific, but so far it seems to last as long as the Canon battery and for a fraction of the price. I believe that is what one might call value.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 7, 2015
I picked up about 8 of these for the Canon EOS-M and EOS-M2 (along with several CANON LP-E12 and several WASABI POWER LP-E12)

All were fully charged using the Canon charger, all were new and showed full power in the EOS-M/M2 and were used in the same environments (with regular lenses, with IS lenses and with the same LCD screen settings (Screen off after 15 seconds, camera off after 5 minutes, AF Illumination light off, Touch focus off and On-Shot auto-focus on). Using several of each battery, all lasted roughly the same amount of time (~200-250 pictures).

Seeing that the Opteka is rated at 2,000 mAH and the Canon is rated at 875mAH (I believe the Wasabi is 1100), I unfortunately did not notice any difference. The change may be apparent on other cameras that use the battery (the M/M2 are a mirrorless which use the LCD screen as a viewfinder), but I didn't notice that.

With that said.. I can get 9 of these for the price of a Canon one, and they worked just as well.
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on June 29, 2016
I bought two of these batteries on November 18 of 2015, initially we didn’t use them because Cannon’s original battery was enough for our picture taking. But then we went on vacation to Italy and took our spare batteries in anticipation of a lot of pictures. You can imagine our disappointment when the first battery didn’t charge at all and second could provide energy for 5-6 pictures only before completely discharging. At the same time the original battery was working perfectly well. When we returned from the vacation I tried to return these batteries, but was informed that their return option expire on 31 of January 2016. This is such a shame that Amazon sell this kind of product and cover it with its name.
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2014
I have owned other batteries exactly like these, yes, same brand. They still hold a good charge (like new) after more than a year of use. This is typical for all lithium camera batteries I've used. Performance makes them widely known - without my recommendation. It may be of greater importance that the batteries be obtained from reliable sorcees. I got this one from 47th Street Photo, they've been in business for years.
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