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on December 9, 2011
Definitely worth the $9. The Opteka GS-2 is comprised of sturdy materials and solid construction, so I can't fault it there, and if you are shooting in full-auto, it's probably great, but for those of us who value the use of our right thumb for making adjustments on the back of the camera, it can be too constraining.

To have enough freedom to use the back-panel buttons, you need to set the strap pretty loose, which makes it hang awkwardly, but still secure enough that you can let go entirely and not worry about the camera falling off, but just barely.

I'm not a master of straps, so I was a little put off that there were no instructions or at least a diagram of how to weave the strap through the camera mounting point and back onto the plastic cinching gizmo. Ideally, there would be an explanation of how to find the proper fit and tightness as well.

The base screws securely into the tripod mount on the camera and has its own mount beneath, so you can leave the hand grip attached when you attach to a tripod, and in my case, I leave the quick-release plate for my tripod attached to the base of the hand grip by default.

I haven't been willing to commit to a Black Rapid type strap and found that when shooting, I tend to wind my camera strap into a makeshift hand grip anyway, so this is a step forward for sure.
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on January 8, 2014
Unfortunately, it seems that the part that attaches to the base of the camera, the part that screws into the tripod socket, features a soft padding layer that is held in place with a still soft wet glue. As I attached the piece to the camera, glue oozed out and was squashed all across the bottom of my camera.

It had been some time after receiving that I first tried the product, so it was too late to return. Interestingly though, it's been a couple of months and the glue is still wet. I don't know what glue it was that they used but my babies boogers would have been a much better adhesive.
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on December 28, 2016
I've had this strap for 5 years and it works fantastically. It lets my rest my hand while holding a camera and lens, without worrying that I will bump it against something. Chest / shoulder straps are popular these days but I find them dangerously dangling.

This let me be one with the camera and manipulate its movement without worry. I can't say the same for the shoulder straps.

Highly recommended! Enjoy!
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on October 28, 2014
This has made carrying my camera (d3100) much easier, and despite my large hands fits well (it's adjustable). The threading for tripod mounting receptacle sometimes gets too tight on my monopod and takes the top bit of the monopod off instead of releasing from it because the bracket to turn is a bit tight but it's more a flaw of the monopod than this though since it's top mount part is screwed on as well. It does have a very good grip for the mount portion in general though and tripod mounting feels 'safe' (e.g. doesn't feel like it's just going to break and let the camera fall) so kudos on construction materials there.

Only real (minor) "flaw" is the bottom rubberized bracket that screws into the camera body twists and turns a bit and gets awkwardly positioned because of a small lip it has (I think meant to prevent that but it's rather short and the bottom part ends up stuck under the body at an awkward angle, but it's rubberized so it bends rather than breaks which is nice).

Also it's somewhat blocking the battery slot at the bottom (d3100) but is easily moved away to allow swapping during shooting.

The side strap covers the door for memory card but really is only an issue when swapping/removing it as well and not a major issue since it too slides (bonus though if your door ever breaks and wont close this will hold it closed, mine's fine but I thought of this when I first installed it).

Overall I just leave this on the body all the time now and it's really 'handy' to use. (Yes pun intended, whats an amazon review without some humor after all).
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on April 2, 2013
I do a lot of street photography and this seemed a great way to walk around with my Nikon D90 and a zoom lens. Unfortunately, it just did not work for me. It is built well and does not appear cheap; however, the design is off. I felt either my hand squeezed by the grip or my camera slipping away. Also, the ergonomics are not correct when coupled with the D90 and my access to controls was awkward at best (I have a medium size hand). I returned it after a day and thank Amazon for the great customer service.
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on July 19, 2014
This is a great hand strap at a very reasonable price. It arrived quickly and in good condition. It is real leather and seems to made to last. I am new to DSLR photography so I wanted something to protect my new camera from being dropped. I was able to adjust this strap to fit my hand and it feels very secure. It also works really well to stabilize my hand-held shots, even without the wrist portion of this strap fastened. I am a silversmith and jewelry designer so I take a lot of macro photos for my web site. With my point-and-shoot camera, I always had to use a tripod for macro shots and it was really difficult to avoid blurriness for other shots. Even though my Canon Rebel T2i 550D is much heavier, it feels a lot more secure in my hand and I don't get the unwanted blurriness. I can still use my tripod without removing the strap because there's a connector on the bottom. The only drawback is that I have to unhook the bottom to open my camera's battery compartment. I haven't tried using an AC power adapter or a battery grip so I'm not sure if they can be connected without removing the hand strap.

I looked at a lot of these, in stores and online, before I purchased this one and I think it would be very difficult to find better quality at this price.
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on December 2, 2015
So, I am one of those professional photographers that HATE wearing my camera around my neck. So, I LOVE THIS THING! it is amazing, by far, the one piece of camera gear other than the camera itself that I can't work without. It is amazing, I have had this one for over three years now, and I LOVE IT! I am very gentle on my equipment so it will probably last another couple of years, for some, the quality could be sturdier I am sure, but for me, it is acceptable. The design is perfect, adjusts down very well to fit my small hands, and even works with the battery grip installed on my t3i. Also, I don't have to remove it when I use a tripod, so I just leave it on all the time. My camera would not be complete without it!
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on June 30, 2014
No instructions but was easy to figure out. This was recommended to me by a seasoned photographer. It is just as he said that you can carry the camera and not worry about it sliding of your hand and you arm doesn't get tired. I love it and wore it all day at a car show taking photographs. I plan on using it when I go to Colorado in a couple of weeks.
I would recommend this to anyone that takes photographs and has to carry the camera for a long time.
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on January 6, 2017
Makes it much more comfortable to hold my Nikon D5500 DSLR camera.
For only a dollar more from the other type of hand grip: Opteka Professional Wrist Grip Strap for Digital & Film SLR Cameras (Black)

You might as well get this one. From someone who has both (I gave the other one to my friend who is studying abroad in Taiwan), I much prefer this ergonomic hand grip.

A big plus to this hand grip is that I can mount it to a tripod without having to take off the hand grip.
review image review image
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on March 2, 2013
The straps and hand guard are okay. The base that attaches to the camera is the BIG problem. I didn't look closely before I attached it to the bottom of my camera. When I removed it to re-route the straps to work properly (another problem) I noticed a gooey substance where it mounted on the camera. Looking at the mounting piece I notice the glue that holds the rubber pad onto the mounting bracket was oozing out all around it. The pad could be lifted off the base because the glue had never set up. The edges of the rubber pad have curled up so it's not flush with edges of the mount and the glue/adhesive is still WET after weeks! It still oozes out if you push down on the pad surface. The base is unusable!!!! Plus the rubber on the base was smooth and didn't keep the mount from swiveling when securely attached to the camera. I purchased another grip that was a quarter the price and it's base is perfect…no oozing glue and it's rubber pad (textured) stays put when attached to the camera. I may try to switch bases (the mounting bracket looks identical but better rubber) to be able to use the wrist band from this grip however.
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