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on January 22, 2015
Love this thing!! It's a lot lighter than I thought it would be and the plastic seems to be quite cheap..but this thing is $20.. Even with that being said, I am looking forward to seeing how much use I get out of it. Picture I've attached is an iPhone 6 plus to give you a reference size.
review image
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on September 24, 2015
I purchased an Opteka X-Grip and a Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Video Camera Stabilizer Handle for Nikon, Canon, JVC, Toshiba, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Apple iPhone, GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+, Hero 3 and More - Black (0CC-0100-EX). I ended up returning the Scorpion and kept the Opteka, here’s why:

The Scorpion is made of metal, the Opteka is thick plastic. For stability and longevity, Advantage: Scorpion

The Scorpion has no shoe accessory for mounting a mic or light, that’ll cost you an extra $18. The shoe accessory can be mounted anywhere on the handle and the shoe plate is adjustable but you gotta use a hex wrench to do it which takes much longer. The Opteka has an included shoe accessory which cannot be moved but the shoe plate is adjustable with the twist of a knob. Advantage: Opteka (Quick side note: the hex wrench was not included with the accessory kit I bought)

The Opteka is tripod-mountable with an included threaded knob. The Scorpion is tripod-mountable after you purchase the cheese plate for about $48. Advantage: Opteka

If you need to mount more than one accessory (eg, light and a mic), you can do that with the Scorpion after you purchase the accessory wing and another shoe accessory or flashner, or you can get the 3-piece kit for another $50. I’ve seen no attachments you can purchase for the Opteka. Advantage: Scorpion, after spending more money. (Quick side note: the accessory wing I ordered was missing a critical screw so it could not be mounted, thus it was essentially useless.)

Color, the Scorpion is black, Opteka comes in a variety of cool colors. Advantage: Opteka

Price (as of this writing): Opteka-$19.95 Scorpion-$63.95 Advantage: Opteka

Overall, if you want a stable handle and room for one accessory, the Opteka is by far the better value. I'm docking it one star for its inability to add additional accessory shoes. If you want to add multiple accessories you gotta go with the Scorpion but its going to cost you. In my humble opinion, Cam Caddie charges WAY too much for their products.
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on February 22, 2015
This is a very useful product. Four stars because the name is a little deceptive, and the price and product match, so no huge bargain.

This device is not a stabilizer. The product does absolutely nothing to help stabilize your camera while shooting. What it does, is give you MANY options for holding your camera for multiple angles, and a platform to mount additional devices such as lighting and microphones.

My son and I are photographers and my son uses this frequently for skating video. The handle allows him to hold the camera at a very low angle that would not be possible without the grip.

The mount is a standard quarter inch tripod mount. The design works best with a camera that has a fold-out, tilt lcd panel. We use the mount with these cameras:

Canon 60d
Sony HD series camcorder - both work great, but the bottom SD card slots on the sony are blocked so you have to remove to change cards.

Canon 6d
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera--Neither of these have a tilt lcd so it can be difficult to see the lcd while using this grip. The easy solution is to mount the camera at a slight angle or even sideways, so you can still use the grip and the lcd unobstructed.

GoPro Hero 3
Ricoh WG-4 GPS - both cameras mount without issue. You can mount both of these cameras on the cold shoe mount up top, so the potential is to run two cameras at once: one camera on the regular 1/4 inch mount and one on the cold shoe mount.

The two rails at the bottom allow you to sit the camera down almost anywhere and have a stable base.
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on November 24, 2016
I've used this thing quite a few times in a pinch to take video shots at certain events. My only complaint is that I get a left right wobble during use. It works great to keep the camera from picking up a shaky hand, but when you move around the weight of the camera will swing side to side a bit unless you hold the handle super tight. At least this is my experience with this type of mount. The tighter you hold the camera the more the video will show your unsteady hand movements. Works well otherwise for the simple things I do with it.
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I used this to hold my camera or camcorder on to record video or take pictures of adoptable animals at the animal shelter. I attached an external light source to the top and my camera to the bottom. This technique and setup worked perfectly for capturing a quality image of cats in a dark environment. The shelter was not well lit but using the Opteka X-grip with the Powerextra 170 LED CRI95 light Panel worked fantastic for being able to get the shots that I desired. This X-grip device was also very sturdy and portable which is ideal for when I am moving from cage to cage to get pictures!
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on December 3, 2016
Not worth even a few bucks. I wanted a quick and cheap solution for a trip out to Vegas, something with a small foot print and I thought this would do the job.

The main issue I have with this product is the design and how cheap the materials are. I guess you do get what you pay for. The plastic cover on the bottom is not secured and I kept finding myself readjusting it. I had the product attached to the outside of my camera bag only to learn that the screw to secure to the bottom of the camera fell off. I had to rig using the upper mount screw. This was only the second time I used this.

I think the icing on the cake is the customer service. I reached out asking to see about getting a replacement screw. I received a response a couple of days later asking for pictures. I sent a picture and have not received a response or a replacement part. No response to my follow-up email.

The bottom line is, spend the extra money and save yourself time and purchase a better product.
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on April 25, 2016
Works as advertised however, the strong smell everyone talks about.... it's noticeable. It gives you headaches and it takes a long time to go away. I've had this for a few weeks now and it still smells. Of course you'll get over it but, it lingers like a silent fart. Once it hits you, it stings the nostrils.
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This is a strange grip/mount. I bought it for a couple of cameras that have proprietary hot shoes and therefore wouldn't allow me to use a somewhat universal aftermarket light. I had/have no intention of using it as a skateboard or snowboard camera mount (which it's really designed for). My hope was that it could be used oriented either forward or sideways to make use of the hot shoe, but the vertical grip has such a curve that it's awkward to grip from the side. It's difficult to explain in a written review, but I'll just say that the top horizontal grip is straight, easy to hold, and actually has finger grooves, but the vertical C-shaped grip is not.

My two other complaints are minor, but I'll mention them just so others can decide if this grip will work for them or not. First, the skeletonized cutout at the bottom for infinite camera mounting is a little unnecessary and actually results in mounting difficulty in mounting a camera with a irregular bottom (like my Sony NEX). The camera actually sinks a bit into the rubber and the large gap they carved into the mount. Second, the material being lightweight and somewhat flexible results in a lot of play with a heavy light on top and poor balance. With my light mounted on this, it really wants to tip over, and you can actually watch the top handle sag a little when you put it down on a table or on the ground.

For twenty bucks, this is a great handle for low perspective video recording of skating, skateboard tricks, skiing, or snowboarding. Unfortunately, I think it's a one-trick pony. It does not work well being used as a more conventional grip for a front or side-mounted DSLR and a hot shoe light of any size or weight.
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This X-Grip is the best accessory I've ever purchased for my Sony FDR AX33 4k camcorder. I am able to mount the camcorder with the grip's handle on the left side and the camcorder's hand grip on the right side giving me amazing stability. I added a dual cold shoe mount so I could add a light and my Rode shotgun/boom microphone, giving me the ability to get footage that looks and sounds professional. The Rode shotgun microphone gives me crystal clear professional sound. I am able to clearly hear the voices of the people I am filming from over 10 feet away, and it sounds as if they are wear a lapel microphone. This X-Grip is essential if you want to shoot stable, professional looking video, with the option to add a high end microphone or lighting system.
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on July 29, 2014
1, Reason why I chose :
I was looking for this type of camera/camcorder carrier. then I didn't search further, and bought this...

2, like & dislike :
It is light weight, but broke off after few weeks. This may be my fault so I never complained to the manufacture. My intention was to set the Really Right Stuff quick release clamp, since all my camera equipment has it.
bottom screw came with this didn't work with my QR clamp. So, I bought a large O-rings (nor both sides) and a bolt.
Well, if I tighten the screw hard enough, then plastic base broke off. Whoops. If I just tighten it with normal torque, clamp moved easily.

So, I started looking for a better build model. Then I found an aluminum made one by the same manufacture. So, I bought it. Although the price was doubled, it works much better for my use.

3, Recommend this product to :
May be for compact cameras or small camcorder users. If you're looking for a aluminum model, search for the "Opteka X-GRIP EX MK II Aluminum Video Action Stabilizing Handle for Cameras & Camcorders"

4, Price :
Affordable, but quality is cheap too.
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