Customer Reviews: Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera / Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle- Black
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on February 27, 2012
Wow, after reading some of the negative reviews on here I was hesitant to order this for my new Vixia camera. I especially liked the video review from someone who obviously has no idea what to do with this item (or had some serious camera issues) Bottom line first - I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and love the X-Grip!

First off, after unboxing my new camera and all of the gear that came with it, I just had to see if my camera would swivel loosely around on the X-Grip like the guy in the video review. Guess what? An eighth of a turn past snug on the mounting bolt and nothing short of a forceful twist of the camera would shake this thing loose. I flipped it,shook it, twisted it, and swung it around like a madman and my camera remained precisely where I had positioned it.

As for those who are complaining that the X-Grip cannot be attached to a tripod - double check the backside of the camera mounting thumbscrew. If yours is like mine, it took a few minutes to notice but it is double threaded, meaning that your tripod shoe will attach here easily.

With a little ingenuity I set my X-Grip up to carry not only the camera, but 3-4 other accessories that have shoe mounts as well. Cameras are easy, everything is standard 1/4X20 thread! Most of my accessories (lights, microphone, etc) came with mounting bars and thumbscrews designed to attach to the camera's single, threaded hole in the bottom. Well, since this hole was occupied by the X-Grip, I simply mounted one of the bars to the top portion of the X-Grip with a 1/4X20 bolt and added 3 of the thumbscrew/shoe mounts to that - plus the one included on the X-Grip. Now my X-Grip, if needed, can be a handheld or tripod mounted "all in one" studio.

The uses of the X-Grip are limited only by your imagination and ability to think outside of the box. This thing is crazy versatile and, despite being made of that evil "plastic" stuff, seems remarkably durable. Of course you could just mount your camera on it and use it like it was intended, but where's the fun in that? If you are a little more adventurous with your video camera than just holding it up by your face and shooting from one angle than get this thing - you'll be glad you did. I sure was!
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on November 3, 2010
I know it's more fit for camcorders but I decided to buy it for my Canon 550D T2i and it fits and works great! I love it already. The grip feels great in the hand and it's very comfortable. Definitely worth the money.

Also works great for a simple stabilizer.
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on February 1, 2011
I love this thing. It's much more than just a handle for low-angle skater shots. I use mine with a Canon Vixia HF-10, and I like that I can mount the camera forward, as you see in most of the product shots, or 90 degrees left so that the curved handle serves as more of a left-hand support for regular shooting... like a flash bracket that still photographers use. That's going to be my default setup. Since the camera mounting screw is in a little track that extends the length of the flat rubber area, the camera can be slid forward or backwards within the X-Grip before tightening. In my case, I slide it all the way forward, rotate it 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and the camera's video monitor has plenty of room to swing all the way out to the left without hitting the handle curve. The accessory bracket on top also rotates 360 degrees so the light/microphone can match the camera direction.

My only complaint is related to the mounting knob below. I'm thrilled that it also has a female thread for mounting to a tripod or other standard-thread item. But the X-Grip's feet, the little skid things that it sits on, get in the way of my tripod head a little. I use a Manfrotto 501 pro tripod head with the large quick-release plate. If that plate is mounted directly underneath the X-Grip, then I can't slide the plate/X-Grip combo onto the tripod head without some serious force - too much to be practical. Fortunately, the solution was to disassemble the whole thing and add a single metal washer between the camera mount knob and the underside of the X-Grip, which caused the knob to hang just a fraction of an inch lower when the camera was fully tightened in place. This lowered the female tripod threads in relation to the skids just a bit, so that the "skids" were raised off of my tripod head just enough to be able to slide the release plate in place without much effort. Your mileage may vary with other tripods. If you try this, be careful not to use too thick a washer, since you're sacrificing the amount of threads that actually screw into your camera. This rig does not have the "two knob" type of camera mounting screw where you can set the screw depth with one knob and then tighten down with the other. On this, the depth you see is all you get. It's just right for my camera, but if your camera has an exceptionally shallow tripod-mounting hole, you may need to do the washer trick. Or if your rig is so heavy that you need more than 3/16"-1/4" or so of mounting thread to feel safe and secure, then the X-Grip may not be for you.

The rubber platform that the camera sits on is great. It's actually about 1/4" thick, and good rubber - not just the cheesy little thin layer of neoprene left over from the mousepad factory. So if you need to crank down on the camera mounting knob, the camera settles into the rubber pretty securely.

About the strength of the handle: more than enough. It's not totally rigid plastic. It's got a slight flex, so a heavy accessory on top might bounce up and down ever so slightly. I have a Rode NTG-2 mic up there on a shock mount, and I have no concerns about the flex. In fact, I prefer it. The plastic seems strong enough to support a pretty hefty camera rig, and I'll gladly take the "flexy" plastic over the harder, more brittle plastic that is more likely to shatter if dropped.

That's it so far!
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on January 22, 2015
Love this thing!! It's a lot lighter than I thought it would be and the plastic seems to be quite cheap..but this thing is $20.. Even with that being said, I am looking forward to seeing how much use I get out of it. Picture I've attached is an iPhone 6 plus to give you a reference size.
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on February 10, 2015
Really nice for the money. My Canon Vixia HF R400 doesn't have a hot shoe, but does have a mic in. My main goal was to mount my Rode Video Mic, but I have found the mount extremely handy for grabbing onto the camcorder and getting low or sweeping shots.

You need to balance your camcorder and then I outlined the placement with a marker.

You can't beat this unit for the money, it'll get you started.
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on September 3, 2011
I should have spent a little extra cash and bought the better brand.

I got a defective product where they put the tripod bolt on the shoe at the top instead of the bottom part of the unit.

So now I have to send it back to amazon and get a refund and then order a new one and gamble if its screwed up as well.

I already tried contacting the manufacture and I got no response in a few days. Only able to contact through the contact form on their website.

I will never order this brand again even if it saves me a little cash.
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on December 1, 2011
I ordered this from Amazon and promptly returned it. Nothing ground-breaking to report that hasn't been stated from prior reviewers who remarked on the same exact issues, but I found the switched screw plates on the botton platform and on the top of the handle to be deal breakers, as well as the poor quality of the foam handle.

The X-Grip is a knockoff of the Cam Caddie Scorpion product, but with the added feature of a screw mount on the top arm - great for a flash unit, microphone, etc. However, Opteka botched the screw-style and it cannot hold an accessory properly.

In addition, this reviewer said it best: "This is a nice handle, but it still has the same manufacturer defect as mentioned by other reviewers: they installed the incorrect mount on bottom of unit (as well as the top). This mount does not contain a threaded nut, so you can NOT mount the unit on a tripod. And the nut is non-removable, so it can't be fixed. I have read where ALL current stock is incorrect and manufacturer is trying to replace. But currently, Amazon just keeps shipping defective stock."

Amazon has a habit of not properly vetting some of their third-party products when reviewers flag the items as defective. Some thing I hope they address in the near future to help retain brand integrity and trust.
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on January 13, 2012
I bought this based on reviews and I must say I was horrified when mine was delivered. I would not trust my video camera to this flimsy piece of plastic. I cannot say anything good about this product - I guess you get what you pay for.

I have added a video to demonstrate some of its shortcomings.
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on September 16, 2012
This is an awesome handle!! I film skateboarding so it is necessary for me to have a setup that is heavy and will stabilize my footage when riding my skateboard. This handle is excellent and gives an amazing feel to my dslr. The 3 coldshoes on the handle are also super helpful. The adjustable shoes provide flexibility with setups, I can place my huge led light on the middle shoe and my mic fits fine. There's not much more to say about the handle, you get WAY more then you pay for. Very cheap price for such an amazing product. I would definitely recommend this handle!!
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on September 24, 2015
I purchased an Opteka X-Grip and a Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Video Camera Stabilizer Handle for Nikon, Canon, JVC, Toshiba, Sony, Olympus, Pentax, Apple iPhone, GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+, Hero 3 and More - Black (0CC-0100-EX). I ended up returning the Scorpion and kept the Opteka, here’s why:

The Scorpion is made of metal, the Opteka is thick plastic. For stability and longevity, Advantage: Scorpion

The Scorpion has no shoe accessory for mounting a mic or light, that’ll cost you an extra $18. The shoe accessory can be mounted anywhere on the handle and the shoe plate is adjustable but you gotta use a hex wrench to do it which takes much longer. The Opteka has an included shoe accessory which cannot be moved but the shoe plate is adjustable with the twist of a knob. Advantage: Opteka (Quick side note: the hex wrench was not included with the accessory kit I bought)

The Opteka is tripod-mountable with an included threaded knob. The Scorpion is tripod-mountable after you purchase the cheese plate for about $48. Advantage: Opteka

If you need to mount more than one accessory (eg, light and a mic), you can do that with the Scorpion after you purchase the accessory wing and another shoe accessory or flashner, or you can get the 3-piece kit for another $50. I’ve seen no attachments you can purchase for the Opteka. Advantage: Scorpion, after spending more money. (Quick side note: the accessory wing I ordered was missing a critical screw so it could not be mounted, thus it was essentially useless.)

Color, the Scorpion is black, Opteka comes in a variety of cool colors. Advantage: Opteka

Price (as of this writing): Opteka-$19.95 Scorpion-$63.95 Advantage: Opteka

Overall, if you want a stable handle and room for one accessory, the Opteka is by far the better value. I'm docking it one star for its inability to add additional accessory shoes. If you want to add multiple accessories you gotta go with the Scorpion but its going to cost you. In my humble opinion, Cam Caddie charges WAY too much for their products.
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