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on August 8, 2015

Added another picture from Noc 2016 and my car got damaged(dent and scratches)

For my first wash(Range rover evoque), I have filled the bucket with 3 gallons of water and a half gallon sprayer also mixed with this green liquid. Moreover, just 2 microfiber mitts and towels.

I'm amazed that how clean and shinny without bubbles wash and applying another layer of wax.

For my next wash, I will get 5 microfiber mitts and towels, one for each section, top, front, two sides and the back.

Here is the picture of 1 day after and ~40miles driving.


By the way, I haven't wash the car for more than a month and I park on the street, so I am very happy with this rinseless wash result.
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on September 4, 2016
Buy this product right now. I mean it. Trust me...order it right now, even before you finish reading this review. I'll wait.

I have a car I care a lot about, a Porsche 997. I cover it every night and detail it every Sunday. It has been a sort of ritual: gather the soap, wash mitts, microfiber towels, 2 buckets, finishing spray, wheel cleaner, window cleaner, wheel dressing, chamois. it's about an hour's project, sometimes more. Granted, I love this car and it's a sort of bonding experience, but still--I wondered whether there was a quicker way to take care of it and keep it looking its awesome self while using less water (I'm in California).

I did a search of the many Porsche-centric websites out there, and found that one product in particular kept appearing on multiple sites: this one. The price was not horrible, so I ordered a bottle, along with some fresh microfiber towels.

I was a little skeptical at first; there is something reassuring about big mountains of fluffy soapsuds when you're washing your car. That's what does the cleaning, right? This stuff has NO suds or foam. Zero. How could it possibly do anything beneficial?

The first time I used it, I wiped the wash mitt over half the roof. The car never gets very dirty, but there were some bird droppings and a thin film of dust. At first, it was like just using plain water, except for the rather pleasant smell of the stuff (I used two capfuls--about an ounce--to a gallon of cold water). I wiped it off with a dry towel, and...well, renowned SciFi author Arthur C. Clarke famously said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." That's what this was. One pass with the mitt, a little gentle swabbing with a clean towel, and it was clean and shiny. The "magic" is in some kind of polymer these guys have figured out; it floats the dirt and crud to the surface, encasing it somehow so that it can't harm the paint when you wipe it off.

These days, it takes me about 30 minutes or less to do the entire car--including detailing the wheels. Unless I've done a lot of hard driving (and hard braking), Optimum will clean the brake dust off fine without resorting to the stronger stuff. I use a long-handled wooly swab on an 18" handle to get the interior of the wheels (the rears are 11" wide) and a round brush to get into the lug nuts. I use another microfiber towel to dry them, using the long handle of the wooly thingie to reach all the way into the rim. Today, it took me less than 2 minutes per wheel.

Some days, I'll still use a finishing spray to get just a touch more gloss, but that's more a part of the ritual than actual necessity.

There is one major disadvantage that I just experienced today. The Wife, seeing me heading out to wash the car, said, "Honey, since it's so easy to wash your car, could you do mine, too?" Batting of eyelashes. She has a Toyota Rav4, which is quite a bit bigger than the 997. Big sigh. Sure.

Bottom line: if you are still washing your car the old way, with suds and hoses and such, you are making the job MUCH harder than it needs to be. Get this stuff.
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on February 7, 2017
I use Optimum No Rinse Wash and Wax as a clay lubricant and quick detailer and am very happy with it. I want to emphasize that when choosing your dilution ratio, 'more' does not mean 'better'; I started out using this much stronger than the recommended dilution on the label, which was a mistake. As a quick detailer, the spray did not wipe off easily and always left streaks. At the recommended ratio it cleans well, wipes off easily, and really does leave some protection behind. Now I have my spray bottles marked in units of ONRWW Capfuls, to make it easy to determine and adjust the ratio. I use Chemical Guys 16oz spray bottles and a capful is about half an ounce, so one capful is enough to make 2 bottles at the recommended ratio of 64:1. I always use Reverse Osmosis water for my dilution of clay lube / detail spray. With 16oz bottles - Dump a capful into the first bottle, fill to the top with water, transfer half to a second bottle, fill both bottles to the top: Ready to go with 32oz of spray.
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on March 6, 2016
This product was recommended by a very knowledgeable friend who owns a detailing company. He suggested using it to reduce and avoid swirls marks. I was a bit skeptical as I am with any product that claims "no rinse" however I was pleasantly surprised!

This stuff is the real deal and a little bit goes a long way!!! I mixed 2 ounces in 2 gallons of water and easily washed two cars with no problem. The shine is incredible and you can smell and feel the smooth waxed surface. I am a customer!
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on March 5, 2017
Let me first state that while this product is great at what it does, this or any other "No Rinse" product should not be used on cars with medium to heavy amounts of dirt without first making a trip to a touchless car wash, which may not be an option for some who are on water restrictions. However for a weekly maintenance wash on cars with a little dirt this is great and can cut a car wash time in half. I have two cars I use this on and do not have the time to spend the entire day doing a traditional 2 bucket wash. To minimize the chance of scratching my paint I do however use 2 mitts and 2 buckets. I do this because both of my cars are daily drivers (one is mine the other is my wife's) and we both do highway driving. I use the first bucket and mitt for the top half of the car and then the other bucket and mitt for the bottom portion as that is where most dirt will accumulate. I also put grit guards in the buckets. And since one of my cars is a SUV and the other is a full size truck I sometimes double up the recommended 1 gal of water to wash with depending on the level of dirt. I also follow up with a detail spray to add protection and help repel dirt and water until the next wash. For anyone on water restriction or that do not have acces to a spigot I highly recommend this product as an alternative to going to a car wash, the difference is night and day. And I guarantee that if you were to compare cars side by side where one was done doing a traditional 2 bucket wash you could not tell the difference. I also recommend this to anyone who live in the Midwest like myself who want to maintain there cars paint during the winter and don't wanna freeze. I park in the garage turn on a heater and wash away without fear of getting water on the floor. I sometimes even use warm water in the bucket if it is really cold. But as stated before I would go to a traditional car wash before folllowing up with this depending on the level of dirt. We have had an unseasonalbly warm winter this year so that hasn't been an issue like in the past where the road salt would turn my car white.
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on May 27, 2016
So far so good! I've washed my brand new Tesla Model S with this stuff about 4-5 times and it's like a brand new car every time.

I use two gallons of distilled water ($1.80 for both) in a 5 gallon bucket with a grit guard and 2 Tbs of this stuff (which smells remarkably like bubblegum) and I can do the whole car in just over 40 minutes (while being meticulous).

Definitely recommend for apartment owners.
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on March 10, 2017
I probably watched 2 hours of video reviews on YouTube to better understand if this product is a good idea. I decided to take the plunge, and I'm blown away by the results. I have used ONR several times over the winter on all my vehicles, and I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who is obsessed with keeping their ride clean. I use the two bucket wash method, but also put a small amount of ONR into a spray bottle with some water to act as a pre-lube. It's easy enough to just do in my garage, any time, day or night. For the best results, I'd recommend finding a way to power wash/rinse the car first if it has a lot of mud or thick debris on it. Otherwise, use multiple pads/towels to separately remove the thicker grime and discard them. I'm planning on using this as my clay lube going forward as well. This bottle should easily last a year or more.
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on March 11, 2017
I've only used this twice so far but I love it. I'm stuck in a large apt. complex and there's no place to was my truck, I don't do the drive thru's and don't drag that nasty brush over my paint at the coin-op wash. As a former auto detailer I could tell you why I don't do the aforementioned, but this is not the place, google it.
My first wash was after 6 weeks of winter, some snow mess but mostly road deicer to the point the truck was filthy with it.
It was a pretty easy wash, and the truck was spotless and shiner then I had expected for a wash and wax. My feet weren't wet when I was done and I only poured out about 3 gals of rinse water. I feel the truck stays cleaner longer, it's been 2 weeks sense my last wash this winter and the truck still looks pretty good.
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on December 8, 2016
I just used this product for the first time at the recommendation of many people on the Camaro forum. I live in upstate NY where they use plenty of salt on the roads. I was fairly skeptical that I would be able to wash my car without rinsing, as it was covered in about 2000 miles of salt and road grime. I used plenty of large microfiber towels for washing and never re-used, so I didn't do the 2 bucket method. I used one microfiber towel per panel, and was able to dry the entire car with 2 towels. I used one microfiber wash mitt for the grill area since there are too many nooks and crannies for a towel to reach in.

I had initially thought it would require 2 full washings due to the amount of salt on the car, but I was completely wrong. I used warm water since the temperature was near freezing. The entire process wash process took about 45 minutes, including the wheels. Overall the quality was better than that of the local touchless car wash. I can't think of anything that I would like to see improved about the product, so in that regard, it gets a true 5/5. I probably used less than a gallon of water for the entire wash, so I could theoretically get well over 30 washes from a single bottle. Time will tell, but for now, I am quite pleased with the results.

Overall, the pros include being easy to do in winter time, quicker than traditional washing, less messy, less water, and very inexpensive.
Cons include having to wash a lot of microfiber towels and it not reaching every nook and cranny as well as traditional car washes.
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on May 8, 2016
Optimum works just like car wash soap, except there are no soap suds. Also, even better, no hose is needed to rinse off the car. I prefer using a wash mitt with a gallon of water in a 5 gallon bucket. The other method I use in between washings, is the Gary Dean method, where I spot wash bird droppings and bugs. When I'm finished, the paint, trim and glass all shine. Water also beads well on these surfaces.
UPDATE: The only con about this awesome product is the time it takes and size of vehicle. I have a large car and using Optimum with a wash mitt takes literally about 2 hours, compared to my 45 min dip & brush car soap/ICE Spray wax method.
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