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on January 18, 2016
This stuff really works. It's especially great for winter, because I can just wash my car in my garage. I get pretty good results with the 2-bucket method, a microfiber wash mitt, and a microfiber drying towel. Definitely wash from the top down, dry as you go (I suggest doing the car in sections), and save the really dirty parts on the bottom of the car for last. My car is black and shows every scratch, but at least this makes it clean and shiny with minimal effort or expense!
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on April 30, 2017
Absolutely love this!!!!!!! First time trying rinseless and I'm absolutely sold. Wasn't sure at first but this proved me wrong. Some microfiber towels in a one gallon bucket with this wash and then dry it after with a waffle weave towel and the car is beyond shiny! Never comes out this shiny even after a car wash or a wax job almost! Was going to wax but it looked too good I didn't wanna leave any swirls when it looked like it was already waxed!! As long as you keep up on it weekly (which is now real quick saving a lot of time and effort) it'll stay like this. Keep it covered when not in use, worst part is when it rains, but it is what it is. Gonna be a lifelong user of this product. Worst part was how I received it..leaked all over opened up made a huge mess and lost product..wasn't happy about that at all....
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on March 10, 2017
I probably watched 2 hours of video reviews on YouTube to better understand if this product is a good idea. I decided to take the plunge, and I'm blown away by the results. I have used ONR several times over the winter on all my vehicles, and I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who is obsessed with keeping their ride clean. I use the two bucket wash method, but also put a small amount of ONR into a spray bottle with some water to act as a pre-lube. It's easy enough to just do in my garage, any time, day or night. For the best results, I'd recommend finding a way to power wash/rinse the car first if it has a lot of mud or thick debris on it. Otherwise, use multiple pads/towels to separately remove the thicker grime and discard them. I'm planning on using this as my clay lube going forward as well. This bottle should easily last a year or more.
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on October 1, 2017
First time using this product and it's super easy. Used it with the Optimum Big Red Sponge. Took an hour tops to wash my Kia Optima and about the same for my wife's Sorento. What I like about this is how little water and cleaning solution is needed to do a whole car. I used two gallons of water and 1oz of ONR. Soaked the Big Red Sponge and started from the top and worked my way down. You also don't need to worry about drying off each panel right away. If it dries before you get to it just wet the area again and dry off. Super easy. And NO STREAKS! Perfect for cleaning the windows. I simply used the already damp drying towels I bought (Dry Me A River Jr. Towels) to clean interior windows when I was done. It leaves a nice shine and a smooth water beading finish on your paint. Highly recommended.
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on June 14, 2016
I was a professional auto reconditioner for years and the idea of this product go against anything I'd ever teach anybody when cleaning their car.

I bought this product to prove all you 5 star novice detailers wrong... Lol. I have to admit, for what this product is, it works great. You get a really nice finish. I did both my cars 2016 Black and 2015 Gunmetal Grey. No issues with scratching.

I used:
1 chenille microfiber mit
2 buckets with grit guards (2 bucket method)
1 waffle weave microfiber towel
1 ounce of solution in 2 gallons of water.

You can give a few passes over paint with Mir before having to rinse dirt off. I wouldn't do more than 3-4, depending on amount of dirt of car. If you can hear the dirt being wiped, rinse sooner. A single pass is probably the right way to do it and if you have all day than go for it.

This is a great in between washes product. I wouldn't use this on a really dirty car that hasn't been washed in a while. I'd give your car a good wash and clay (or nanoskin product is great) before routinely using this product.
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on May 12, 2017
Best car wash I've ever had! I love this stuff. About half a capful in a gallon (probably more than I need actually), I use a wash mit, two buckets, and two drying towels, and I can wash my car in my apartment garage space in about twenty minutes total. It does help that my car is waxed, so bugs and dirt come right off, but Optimum leaves my car looking great, and the value for a bottle (so many washes!) makes it tough to pass up. I highly recommend this product for performance and value.
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on July 16, 2017
I've been using the original No Rinse Wash for 13 years on all of my cars and have been extremely impressed. Then I just saw this version with wax and tried it today on two of my cars and it worked even better, leaving a smoother surface after it was dry. It seems like this product would scratch up your clear coat, but it won't if you follow the directions and use a new microfiber towel for each section of the car and keep turning it to a new side when it gets dirty. This product lets me wash my cars in Florida in the garage out of the sun and I can still wash my cars when we have water restrictions. I use 3 cap fulls and then fill the bucket with 2 - 3 gallons of water and that is enough for two cars if you are not using too much where it sloshes all over the ground. Just give No Rinse even if you're skeptical. It's all I use and I've been using it long enough that if there was a risk to your clear coat I would have experienced it after over ten years of washing my cars with this every week.
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on September 3, 2015
I am blown away by this product. I recently bought a new car whose manufacturer recommends hand wash only, never an automated wash. We have serious water restrictions currently in force, so I tried the local hand wash car wash a few times, with so-so results and a lot of time and money spent. Then I read on a forum about this product, including a very detailed explanation of the best method to use it. (plenty of clean microfiber mitts and two buckets, washing one area at a time). I decided to try it.

I was skeptical, to say the least. How a no-rinse product was going to get my beautiful baby clean without scratching or streaking, I just didn't know. But the reviews and forums were very convincing.

I've used this method 3 times now, and it is incredible. My car looks freshly polished and perfect, no streaks, in less time than it was taking me to drive to the local hand wash place (20 minutes away), not to mention the time spent waiting and driving back, or the expense. Water beads, it is even somewhat more resistant to dirt and fingerprints than it was before. The result is so glowing and rich and slick, I can't believe it. I use so little water it is incredible. I can do it right in my garage without even moving the car out, with no mess to speak of. And the most unbelievable of all: I actually enjoy it, because the results are so satisfying. I've never enjoyed washing a car in my life.

I use about a cap full to a gallon of water, so this bottle is going to last me a long time. It also smells great, like melon. After the wash I finish up with some Eagle One Perfect Vision and some Optimum Instant detailer spray, and a quick vacuum and the results are really something to be proud of. So glad I found this. This is the way I will always wash my car, even if the water restrictions here are ever lifted.
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on January 8, 2017
I am so pleased that I just had to write a review. I read all the reviews before purchasing this and wondered if it was too good to be true, but after using it today I believe!! I just purchased a new black car less than a month ago, and with my luck we just had a ton of snow! Today was the first day that the snow melted, revealing a really dirty black car with salt and road grime all over it. I live in an apartment so I don't have access to a hose so I decided to try this out. Once again, I am so pleased! It turned out just as well as washing and detailing my car with traditional methods. I used a two bucket method with grit guards and a microfiber mitt, but you can also use the method of soaking microfiber towels in one bucket and using one per panel, and drying after washing each panel. I filled a spray bottle with some of the diluted solution and sprayed each panel first. Spray, wash, dry on each panel. Not to mention the refreshing melon-y scent. Very pleased. Left my car looking so good.
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on February 16, 2016
This is one of those really outstanding products. I live where the water is extremely hard (Over 20 grains), so I heard that this might fix the dreaded water spots. I heard mobile detailers use this because it helps with dealing with whatever water they get when they show up at your house.

In my case, because it uses so little water, I bought two gallons of distilled water at about a buck each gallon. I put in about 1.5 capfulls in the water and agitated it with my hand and a microfiber cloth.

I used several microfiber cloths during the process, and quickly noticed that even though I was doing this in my garage, the low humidity and heat dried it very quickly, before I could go back and dry it. When it dries before you wipe it off, you get a haze on it similar to the rain-x haze if you've used that product. I believe the haze is actually the wax, which in itslef is pretty amazing because typically the wash & wax solutions never really seem like they have any wax in them.

I modified my process and would use a microfiber cloth to wash a panel, then immediately wipe it dry using another microfiber cloth. You kind of have to buff it dry because of the wax, but again, it's actually like buffing the wax when you wax your car, so I'm confident the wax is a good product.

I washed a mini van, and a compact car, and still had enough water/solution to do two more cars. It's possible I wrung too much water out before wiping the car down, but that's a heck of a value for a little over a capful of solution.

Both of the cars were extremely dirty. Sandy, road grime from about 1 year of not being washed (Trying to conserve water). I was a bit nervous applying just a wet microfiber cloth to a sandy grimy black vehicle, In the end, both cars looked great. I can see some very minor spider-webbing scratches in the clearcoat of the black vehicle, but I don't blame the product, I blame the owner of the vehicle that didn't wash his car for a year...

I used to be a fan of Zaino products, but this is SO much easier, and is the only way to wash your car with hard water. Unless you have a water deionizer, nothing is going to be as good as this with distilled water...This saved me a lot of money because I was thinking about buying a water softener just to wash my cars.
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