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on February 3, 2015
I always used to get the chocolate version of this and if you can get a good price on that version, I highly recommend you buy it.
As for this strawberry edition, it's the same quality protein but has a fluffier consistency/flavor than the chocolate. I only say "fluffy" b/c I straight out tried the two as spooning out powder and strawberry was a fluffier consistency while chocolate went down smoother.

As for mixing consistency, this product is phenomenal mixed with water or milk. I'm still using water and it's still blending fine in a shaker bottle. The taste will linger with you for a little around 30 minutes after with strawberry burps, but it's a great non-artificial sugar protein. I will go back to this brand every time.
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on May 30, 2014
I usually order the double rich chocolate flavor but I wanted to switch it up since I had a lot of frozen berries in the freezer that I thought would taste nice with a strawberry. I originally wanted the natural vanilla but it was out of stock so I ordered this flavor. I will use it because it is too expensive to waste, but I would not recommend or order this flavor again. It just doesn't taste very good. The double rich and extreme milk chocolates are both very good choices especially when mixed with natural peanut butter and a frozen banana, yum! The extreme milk is a little on the sweeter side though so the double rich is my preference.
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on August 18, 2014
I have been using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard in various flavors for years now. Like a ton of others I did a bunch of research before i settled on a specific brand and O.N. really is the best. This last time i ran out i decided to get the Natural, after my girlfriend read the label and told me how many ingrediants are in it. (note: none of them are "bad", just less natural then needed.) So i got the strawberry after reading some other reviews as im not a huge Chocolate person in any sense of the word, and some vanilla flavors can be harsh tasting. Ill brass tac's it below.
Product - 5/5 - same great whey isloates, same great grams per scoop.
Taste - 4/5 - It tastes good, but doesnt taste great with coconut milk, or cashew milk. Tastes great with skim and water though. Its definetly less sweet then the non "natural" version, but i like better for making smoothies. Kinda less fun with just water in the monrings though.
Blendability - 4/5 - In a blender or Shaker Cup its great no issues. Does not mix aswell with a spoon (duh.)
Value - 5/5 - I take a scoop a day (sometimes 2) and this 5 pound jug lasts 40-50 days, being used 6 days a week.
Oerall -4/5 - Great product will continues to buy.
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on October 16, 2013
So upon taking this protein today. I noticed it looks natural, just different from the other stuff. Last stuff I tried was some bodytech from vitamine shoppe or whatever. Works great as well, but I wanted to go with something better health wise.

When mixing this whey, it was real smooth with my blender shaker bottle. The one with the blender ball in it? You know all ya'll who drankkkk whey.

Well I went with strawberry, you can smell a hint of it in the powder, kinda nice. I mixed in unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I ended up tasting like... weird ? Wasn't bad tasting though, just with no artificial sweeteners like I'm use to in the other wheys, this one doesn't have sucralose. So it's not sweet, so if you want it sweet. Add some regular vanilla almond milk. I'm sure it would be DANKKKKKK. but .. you know ? Not in my fridge at the moment so I can't tell you.

All in all, this protein was great, I didn't have any weird horrible loud gas farts or stomach bloats or cramps. Was Great.

Love this protein will buy more. Thank you AMZ. I'm like in the amazon jungle of whey..... Heyyy :)
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on March 29, 2015
This whey protein is excellent. 24 grams of protein per 32 grams of scoop weight gives a 75% by mass protein concentration.

The taste of the strawberry protein blend is very pleasant and exactly what I wanted. This is the first time I tried their strawberry whey protein, and the flavor and consistency is perfect, in my opinion. Nice sweetness, perfect amount of strawberry flavor, thick and rich, and this is all in water. This is exactly what protein powder should be like: not extraordinarily sweet, but filling and tasty.

I usually do 12 - 16 oz per 2 scoops. The protein mixes just fine in any shaker cup as long as it is completely dry, and you are careful about how you mix it. I find that it tastes best when used with a little less than 8oz per scoop, but experiment with it and you will find that sweet spot (no pun)!
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on May 19, 2014
This is a good product, I purchased this because of the lack of weird additives in the ingredients. The Strawberry flavor isn't bad, but, light. The instructions on the container say to use less water, but, I find I am using 8oz or less to get much of the Strawberry flavor (I am ashamed to admit I also smoke so that might have something to do with this). I have also found that the powder, even when mixed in a blender bottle, has a tendency to clump. I did get what I was looking for though, it doesn’t taste bad and its not chemical ridden.
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on March 26, 2013
I was born as a skinny fat guy (not much muscles and a lot of fat) and when I lost the fat, I had hard time gaining muscle. I tried a lot of products on my tough student budget, and this is by far the best. It is relatively cheap, dissolves in water / milk nicely (water soluble things absorb more easily) tastes better than average, and it has very good nutrition facts. It is still a bit hard on my stomach but well better than any other thing I have tried. So, I can take lot of it daily without big stomach problem. When you start taking it, after a few days your weight increases because of the more water absorbed to your muscles due to glycogen increase which makes you look better and more susceptible to muscle growth.
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on November 11, 2015
Great price for whey protein. I used this while I was power lifting and working on olympic lifting techniques. Taste is good and mixes well. Can't go wrong for the price.
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on February 14, 2013
I've used chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors of this protein powder. Personally, I've not found any protein powders to taste good if simply mixed with water but these taste fine mixed with milk in my opinion, and I usually include it (vanilla or strawberry) in smoothies.
I've been happy with this product thus far, and feel comfortable with ON Gold Standard Whey over other Whey protein powders or drinks. There have been problems with certain protein powders and drinks containing dangerous levels of heavy metals, however Optimum Nutrition products which have been tested all fell below proposed limits when tested with an assumption of 3 servings a day. More information: [...]
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on May 22, 2014
I usually take one scoop per day after my workouts. The natty strawberry has a nice taste (great taste with milk) and I like the fact there it does not contain any artificial sweeteners, but the truth is, this just doesn't mix well. In a blender cup you have to shake and shake and shake to get it to mix, and by the time you do it's half turned to foam. It's much worse with milk because way before you get it all consistent, you've frothed the milk and it never bubbles down.

The plus is, when you drink it and get a big chunk of un-dissolved powder, it tastes awesome haha.
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