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on January 10, 2013
I bought my Optimus H-4501 heater last month and am super impressed with it. First of all, for anyone who uses a heater at night in their room, having a low-laying floor model makes no sense. It will just point heat at the side of your bed. Having the elevated "heater on stick" model makes all the sense in the world. Now the heat is aiming at you. I have another pedestal heater of a different brand which made its way to my garage, because although it has a shut-off timer, it has no thermostat, so it's either on low, on high, or off. The Optimus has a thermostat, and a good one, not just a dial, but rather a digital display where you pick the desired temperature digitally and the heater turns off when that temperature is reached and back on when the room gets cold again. I've never seen a pedestal heater that has both a timed shut-off feature and a thermostat until I found this one. Also, it's very QUIET in its operation, even while in oscilating mode. And I like the backlit digital display which is at eye-level from a bed. It's got a nice remote control, but I hardly ever use it sense the screen and controls are at very easy to reach (as opposed to my old heater which had them located on the base of the unit). Last, but not least, like all dish heaters I've tried before, this heater projects substantial heat at you very quickly. I've never had to use the high setting yet. I would recommend this heater to everyone. I really feel it's the best space heater ever!!!
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on January 6, 2016
This arrived today. While unpacking the first thing I noticed is the unit is not black but rather a metallic gray that is called black. Several pieces were floating around in the package which wasn't very inspiring. Assembly was pretty intuitive but the quality seems to be lacking. The head wobbles noticeable during oscillation despite having the thumb screw secured firmly in place. Remote is el cheapo plastic that will surely crack when it gets dropped but it has all of the functions of the onboard LED controls on the heater itself. The enclosed holder for the remote is useless and not referenced in the instruction guide. The front of the holder is shaped like the remote and "cups" it.. The back of the holder looks like it should clip on the unit somewhere but it isn't obvious because the back of the holder is squarish and the main unit has mostly rounded edges and contours. Heat output is relatively muted on the "Lo" setting but is more than adequate when set to the "hi" setting.
I do not expect this unit to hold up for the long haul but will give it a try. Very expensive for this level of quality.
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on May 16, 2017
Great value if on sale, and looks nice, but only stays on for 15 minutes or so on high, then shuts off! Brr! It runs fine forever on low. Fix this Optimus!

We tried two of them, and they both do the exact same thing (1st was from AZ warehouse, 2nd was new, different colors). It's only 60 ambient or so when this happens, in the center of a large room.

3 stars cuz my wife loves this thing even with its faults (kinda like me I guess), so we're keeping the 2nd unit and consider high to be 'overdrive - use at your own risk!'. Subjectively, the low setting feels almost as hot. She's happy and I don't mind the lower electric bill (especially since she likes to walk away from it for hours without turning it off!). On a related note, I wish the default temp was a lower 65 instead of 80 (resets each time it is unplugged).

Me, I use the cheap plastic ~$15 model available here on AZ with the two manual mode dials - gets hotter and is easier to use! I like manual clunky stuff - faster to set and stays that way. But no thermostat, so must be monitored. But it's so bright you won't forget to turn it off. Another benefit of manual controls: if the power goes out, the heater comes back on when the power returns, and heats my room back up!

But otherwise - this thing has tons of features (most we don't use). LCD panel is very nice (a bit dim tho, have to bend over a bit to read it), remote works great. The oscillation does make a little bit of noise, but nothing horrible. And the pedestal heights are adequate (though I actually wish it could be made a bit lower - another advantage of my cheapo unit).

Maybe next winter I'll try hacking the overload sensor with a resistor or something to raise the shutoff temp, but I'm kinda afraid I'll burn my house down...
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on February 1, 2016
Long story short: The heater can break its flimsy wire fast if you use the oscillating feature.

I have a degree in Electronics Engineering, and I brought shame on my family by purchasing it. We bought this heater in 2013. It worked for almost three winters before it broke last night. The wire broke at where it connects to its body. We have been very careful not to coil or bend the wire, because we already read from other comments that say the wire is flimsy. Well, who knows that the heater can break itself. I think it is the "oscillitating" (the correct word is "oscillating", the seller doesn't even know how to spell this feature) that constantly twists the wire. It should've used at least 14 gauge wires for this kind of application. If I could see the wire in person, I wouldn't buy it.
review image
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on December 27, 2014
I have had this heater for a year and it still works. It's important to know that this is not a "blowing hot air" heater. It projects a cone of heat and feels similar to an oven door being open. I use it mainly in my bathroom and bedroom in the mornings during the winter. It gets very hot and is pretty good for heating the bathroom and keeping the warmth in there after a shower. In my opinion, this heater is ideal for small rooms where you can close a door.

In a bigger room or open space it works for directional heating when you are IN FRONT of the heater. Its like being in the sunlight. When you're not directly in front, it feels like you're over in the shade.
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on April 7, 2015
My husband received one as a Christmas gift about 5 years ago for use in his shed during the winter months. He loved it and was very happy with the warmth it provided. We also used it on many occasions in the house instead of lighting up the fireplace; again we were very pleased. Unfortunately, one night we had it on and the wire shorted out and caught on fire. We were very lucky to be in the same room or it could have been a disaster. It was a very scary and troubling circumstance. We decided to purchase another one because we truly liked its performance, but will never trust leaving the room while its plugged in.
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on February 26, 2017
* As a singer, this heater is a dream come true. It provides luxurious, instant-on warmth without drying the air of my home.
* The elevated pedestal design is fantastic. Other products hang out on the floor, warming your ankles and the sides of your bed. YOU ARE USELESS TO ME.

* The oscillation range of this model is near to 90 degrees, which is too wide to be useful in any circumstance I have yet found. I would use it more often if the range was closer to 45 degrees.
* The styling of this model is rather industrial, which looks fine in my office but doesn't contribute to the decor of my living room. I don't consider this a serious detraction, as it is reasonably priced and function trumps form when it comes to KEEPING ME WARM :)

* The digital controls mean that this heater doesn't remember what setting was on when it is disconnected and reconnected to power. Because of this, you are limited to using this heater's primitive internal timer rather than connecting this heater to wall power through a far smarter external timer / smart home automation system.
* This first heater I ordered here on Amazon had an issue where it would overheat and shut off when set to the "High" temperature level for more than two or three minutes. I contacted Optimus, they recommended an RMA. I ordered a second heater here on Amazon to use its packaging for return-shipping the first. THE SECOND HEATER OVERHEATS IN EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. This, to me, raises substantial concerns about QC at the factory / potential safety of the heater itself.

* 4 stars if this heater didn't have critical overheating issues.
* 5 stars if this heater had state-determinant analog controls and a smaller, more useful swing radius.
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on January 19, 2014
I wasn't sure about this heater when I first ordered it, it's a little industrial-looking in the pictures, but in actual fact the dark stand and controls look much better than I expected.

It works GREAT! It heats up a room very fast, and I find that, if we are only using one room in the evenings, it is much more efficient than heating the whole house with the Central Heating.

It makes a slight humming noise, but we don't notice it at all anymore. The remote control is very convenient and works a treat. The ONLY complaint I have is nothing to do with the unit itself… when we use our Comcast remote for the TV/cable etc, it changes the heater LCD to Centigrade instead of Fahrenheit! Must be on the same wavelength...
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on October 20, 2013
This is the second oscillating pedestal digital dish heater with remote that I have used. The heater keeps a 12 by 12 ft room both warm and toasty when the furnace is turned down low. The first one that I owned worked great for 2 winters but then the oscillating unit broke into 2 pieces, so keep the box as there is a warranty. The warranty had expired when my unit broke so I do not know how that process works.
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on March 30, 2017
I purchased this specifically for newborn photography because it said you can tilt the head. I was hoping to be able to tip it down slightly but sadly it "tilts" just a tiny bit either pointing straight forward or a tiny bit up. It won't tilt down even slightly. Because of that I'm super disappointed. I wish the description was more clear that it only has two tilt settings. It puts out ok heat but only at that specific height and only straight forward.
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