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Style Name: 2ct Oral-B Floss|Change
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on November 2, 2016
The product is a tape-type floss so it doesn't fray like thread-type flosses - that's why I bought it. But it is prone to snapping from time to time, and will also fray horizontally across the tape. Think of Scotch tape, when it splits and you have that narrow bit, and you're going round and round to find the other half of the tape so you can cut it, and use the full width? Well, this sometimes does that, especially towards the end of the reel. I've even had it where it is wound back on itself, and had to open the case to disentangle it.

This was what it was - and we're talking floss here - but my dentist gave me a sample of Johnson & Johnson Listerine floss, and it's a revelation. It's a better-engineered product, in particular because the tape is stretchy, and so doesn't snap. I feel Glide has been outclassed, and I switched my Subscribe & Save order accordingly.
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on February 8, 2016
This is not a good floss, it does not capture the food particles between teeth.

While it feels great on your teeth, is easy to use, and tastes good, it does not actually clean your teeth that well. I used this floss for ~4 years, and every time I went for my dental cleaning, I would always get a comment that I don't floss, and it would take quite a bit of time to clean my teeth. The hygienist suggested that I should use a different floss, so I tried the J&J Reach floss. I did this for a year, and instantly the hygienist commented that my flossing shows, and the cleaning time went down considerably. The smoothness of the Oral-B floss just doesn't allow it to grab the gunk in between your teeth, I strongly advise using a different floss like the J&J Reach, which is rougher and can grab the gunk in between your teeth better.
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on May 1, 2016
These are expensive for floss, but they are worth every single penny.

My teeth and gums are sensitive. I started using this product because my dentist told me I really need to start flossing more, and my parents used this product. Once I was on my own and started buying my own floss though, I tried to bargain hunt and get cheaper floss. That was a HUGE mistake. I have noticed other floss just destroys my gum. Even if the floss says it is "waxed", it does not slide through my teeth and actually really hurts.

I finally ponied up the money and went back to this and I will never go back to anything else. It slides effortlessly between your teeth and gets the job done. Oral hygiene is very important, and skimping out a few dollars for floss just is not worth it. This product is worth every penny.
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on September 14, 2016
I love this stuff. I always say if I went on survivor this floss would be my one personal item.

I know what you are thinking...its dental floss, they are all the same. Well let me tell you that is far from the truth. I myself may have once thought that. I went on vacation a few years ago and forgot this stuff. So I picked up a cheap(well actually it was quite overpriced) thing of floss from the cruise ship. That stuff was horrible. It would tear and get caught in my teeth. It was thick and strangely waxy. I have a new appreciation for how good this floss is. Never again will I leave home without it.
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on April 24, 2017
This is actually my favorite brand of floss. My teeth are pretty close together, most of them, and I find that especially on my back molars, traditional floss is pretty hard to get in between them, and often times I actually rip through or fray more traditional flosses. This stuff goes in without ripping, and because it slides in easier, I can get it to contour easier around my teeth. Which is why, when my daughter told me she no longer liked dental floss picks, I ordered her some of this to share with me, though the honor of flossing with her at this time goes to my hubby. I always try to be the nicest person and parent I can be, but sometimes there just couldn't be a more direct route from my foot to my mouth, and for things that my angel might be feeling sensitive about, he's totally an awesome parent for that job because he has this amazing way of handling these things with humor that I admire and wish I were better at.

So when she pulled out a strip of this the first time she used it, she pulled it the wrong direction and snapped it off in such a way that the floss was buried in the container. So I had to come to the rescue of the newly minted floss buddies and fix this...should that happen to you, the container pops open and recloses rather easily. The take home part of this is that if you pull this tight against any plastic edge on the container, it will come apart easier then more traditional floss. But I still find that it is superior for my teeth that are snugged up tight together, so I just make sure I'm pulling it gently as I dispense it from the container. I have not had issues with it fraying or breaking as I floss, and I have used this brand of floss many a time.
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on July 4, 2016
The good, is, the tape goes in easy and does the job. The down side is, to actually use it I have to waste lots of tape to wrap around my finger to make it stable -- it is very, very slippery. And, it breaks often, meaning this wasteful process gets repeated often once per cleaning. That makes me think the cost of using this will be 4 X the cost of some of the other Oral B normal round floss types.
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on November 27, 2015
I love this floss. I have been using Glide for a very long time, but I didn't try the Comfort Plus variety, until a couple of years ago. I saw it every time I went to buy floss, but I didn't believe that this could be easier on the gums than the other ones. One day, they were out of the kind I normally purchased, so I bought these. When I opened the packaging, I was sure there would be no difference, because it looks and feels like the other kind.... I was wrong.

Even though I love to floss, and do so regularly, certain areas of my gum are sensitive. This floss is so much easier on my gums than any other type I've ever tried. I do rotate between this one and Oral-b Glide 3d White Whitening plus Scope Radiant Mint Flavor Floss Twin Pack, because the whitening variety keeps stains from forming between my teeth, but Comfort Plus is so much nicer on my gums. I wish Oral-B would make a combination of the two.
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on June 5, 2016
I LOVE this floss like no other! It is extra-thick and cushiony, totally unlike regular skinny, waxy floss, and so much better for anyone whose teeth aren't super close together (mine were professionally spaced with braces as a kid, so they have uniform spacing between them that regular floss just doesn't seem to adequately clean). It's woven and soft, so it kind of feels like brushing the spaces between your teeth, which is very satisfying, and since it's soft, it doesn't hurt or cut into your gums like regular floss can. FYI, my husband's teeth are very close together and he hates this floss, as it is too thick for him, so it just depends on your teeth. This is my dream floss and I can't live without it!
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on March 7, 2016
I have used this floss for years. I like this brand and this type because it does not get snagged like other types. It has the nice waxy covering to where it slides between teeth nicely (even for someone who has had a lot of work) and cleans thoroughly. The mint has a nice hint of minty freshness left over after using it, and makes your mouth feel nice and clean. This is by far the best brand of floss that I have ever tried. I found it through my dentist because they always give out different brands and samples to use.

I would recommend this for anyone who just wants an easy floss that doesn't get all stringy and does not catch at all all the way through your flossing regime.
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I was nicely surprised by this floss and will buy it again.

To start off, this twin pack is a good deal with the Add-on shipping program. A decent total length of floss for the price.

The floss itself is tape-style floss; the material is thin so it easily gets between tight teeth, but the floss is wide so it comes in to contact with a larger area of the tooth making it seem to be more efficient then the little string type floss. I think it cleans my teeth very well, and it does have a nice minty taste.

This floss is made from a very soft material and that, combined with the tape-style width, makes it very easy to handle. One of the things that bugs me about the thin type of floss is that it gets so tight around my finger (sometimes seemingly cutting off circulation). This floss does not have that issue at all! It is very soft and only needs to be wrapped around the finger a couple tikes, and it stays put.

I had braces years ago, but lost my retainer a decade or so ago. While my teeth are still nicely lined up, a few of them have moved so closely together that standard floss gets shredded every time I use it. Not this tough stuff! I have used this floss for a month or so now, and have not had a single strand fray, split or break on me. Given my track record, that is impressive to me.

As mentioned, I like this and will purchase it again. If you are searching for a new floss and want to try this style, go for it. Think you will be just as pleasantly surprised as i was.
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