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on May 11, 2016
It would be a mistake to buy this unit. Not that it's a piece of junk--far from it. It works as well as the earlier Sonic Complete, has the same patented Braun two-speed action, its slim design makes it easier to handle, but at this writing (3/11/16) there are no replacement brushes available for it. I bought mine as an impulse purchase ("gee whiz, lookit that slimline design--awwwwesome, dewwwd"), I've owned it for less than 3 years and it's now a dinosaur. Jurassic Oral-B. Fortunately I was able to find my old Sonic Complete and I see there are still generic replacement brushes available here. Maybe I'll order a whole bunch of 'em. So it's back to my old relic. Live and learn, I guess.
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on May 29, 2017
I appreciate many features about this toothbrush. Slim size, battery life (don't need the charger for a 3-5 day trip), cleaning performance, quiet (does'nt sound like a bag of rattling plastic like my wife's Sonicare). Now for what does not work, it will not turn off unless in the charger and the brush heads will not stay on.
Yes, as in the brush heads will rattle off in your mouth. It appears the plastic piece that the brush heads "lock" onto are softer than the plastic heads which leads to quick wear of that piece. Probably should have designed the brush heads to wear thus encouraging replacement and not ruining the "wheels" with the tires.
Not sure why it will no longer turn off. At least its not "stuck" in the off position. But, it can no longer be used for travel.
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on July 5, 2013
I have purchased 3 of these so far. The first one was for myself and I loved it so much that I bought more as gifts for my boyfriend and also for my super picky mother. My mother, who rarely likes or uses gifts that I have bought her, told me that her teeth feel so clean and healthy and that her teeth felt as smooth as glass. When she went to the dentist for a cleaning, they didn't even need to scrape her teeth for tarter. The hygienist noticed the difference and asked her if she was using an electric tooth brush. Amazing. I really don't know how anyone lives without an electric tooth brush.

This model in particular is very high quality. It's compact, sturdy, attractive, and has great features like 2 speeds and a timer that lets you know when to move on to a different quadrant of your mouth. I'd highly recommend this toothbrush to anyone with teeth!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 4, 2013
I've been using my Sonicare for 6 years. In fact, I've been through 2 sonicare toothbrush systems. Both of them had the UV light to sterilize the toothbrush head, and they cost around $100 for each system. After 5 years, 2 sonicare systems, and numerous toothbrush heads, I couldn't justify the cost. The first sonicare died after 4 years of use, and I probably spent around $500 for all the sonicare products and systems. I decided to switch to this cheaper product, but I didn't expect it to have this good of a quality.

Pros: Light weight, easy to handle, large toothbrush head, Extra precision head, good battery life, and large brush head.

Cons: Noise, base is too light

One of the first things you notice is the lightness of the pulsonic. At first, I thought it meant that it was cheap. Over the past few months, I realized something. The sonicare was ridiculously heavy. A toothbrush should be light, and easy to handle. Once I started using it, there were two other differences. These were the size of the toothbrush, and the noise. The toothbrush head is significantly bigger than the sonicare, and the Oral-B pulsonic was noisier. The noise was annoying at the beginning, but I gradually got used to it. For reference, It's as loud as my norelco electric razor. The brush head was awkward to use, but I went on to like it. The reasons being that it was better than the Sonicare brush heads. It was bigger, and had more bristles.
This meant that it was sturdier, and covered my whole tooth when brushing. After two weeks, my new sonicare brush heads would be frayed at the ends.

The other things in the box are the manual, base, and the precision brush head. The manual states that you need to keep the base plugged in at all times, and let the toothbrush discharge every 6 months. I unplugged my base 5 days ago. While brushing about 2 minutes twice a day, I haven't run out of battery. The base is made of hard plastic and clear plastic. The clear plastic is the part that holds the pulsonic and two brush heads. It's removable, so you can rinse it off in the sink and dry it off. The one con of the base is the weight. It's very light, and could easily tip over. The precision brush head is something I haven't used. It will be useful for those with partial dentures, or if you had some recent dental work. Like brushing between the gaps of your tooth, or cleaning the sides of a tooth that recently had a filling.

When comparing to my sonicare, some things missing from the pulsonic would be the automatic shutoff, the brush head covers, and the UV brush cleaner. It does pulse every 30 seconds, so you can develop a routine. I started to brush the bottom teeth for two pulses, then start brushing the top teeth. For the brush covers, I do miss them. I just point my pulsonic away from the sink to avoid getting it wet. I do notice that my brush head does dry faster because it doesn't have a cover. The UV cleaner on the Sonicare was something I rarely used, so I don't miss it when I made the switch.

In conclusion, I would give this a 4. It certainly could be better in the fit and finish department. Particularly in the base that holds the toothbrush, and the noise when it's operated. Everything else meets my needs, and I'm actually saving around $7 - $10 every time because the Pulsoinc brush head packs are cheaper. I don't remember what I paid for this, but it was really cheap. For the price, I didn't expect to get something that was this good. You should definitely give this a try if you're ready to switch from a regular toothbrush to a electric sonic type, or if you are tired of paying a premium for the Sonicare replacement brush heads.
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on December 21, 2012
The ultrasonic tooth brushes are excellent for dental hygiene even if you do not floss, I have used a similar probdut from Oral-B for over 5 years and when used twice a day it has done a better job than having my teeth cleaned by a professional every 6 months especially since there is no damage to the enamel with this type of brush. This model is very lightweight and takes up little space. I personally prefer a handle with a larger diameter but it's not enough of an issue compared with its functionality. "Spin" brush can wear off your enamel and shouldn't be used. This product was relavitely inexpensive and does not have the "bells and whisles" as some of the other models but it does the job quite well.
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on April 17, 2015
I like this toothbrush, as it has a better to clean my teeth with its Pulsonic system. I believe these Pulsonic electric toothbrushes are far more superior for cleaning teeth, then the other electric toothbrushes. My dentist and hygienist also commented on the quick improvement with less plaque on my teeth. I like the 30 seconds timer warning feature. The charger is very easy to use and doesn't take much space. The only and biggest problem I have is the warranty from Oral-B, first they don't go by purchase date, but the date of manufacture. Another issue with the warranty is that you have to pay for shipping for the product, which in practicality makes the enforcement of the warranty useless once shipping is paid for by the customer. I had to toss mine after less than a year, the battery wouldn't charge. Apparently my package was sitting on Amazon's shelves for too long. I bought another one at Target and have been happy since.
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on March 5, 2013
I purchased this toothbrush almost 3 years ago. It still works perfectly. I bought it so that I could get a better cleaning on my teeth, needless to say this has done just that. I noticed a slightly whiter smile after using this brush for about a month. The thing I love about this brush the most is that it looks like a regular toothbrush and feels like a regular toothbrush. The brush head is the perfect size for my mouth, not as large as the standard size oral-b cross action brush. The design of this product is flawless in my opinion. I have traveled all over the world with this and most trips I am able to go almost a week until I need to set it back in the charger. On a regular basis however I keep it in the charging base when I'm not using it because I feel that when you pull it straight off the charger the power output is much stronger than if you were to have it sitting on the counter the previous day or two. If you do happen to run out of a charge, its no problem. Other brushes have small circular or weird shaped heads making it impossible to use without battery power. If you use this brush without any power whatsoever it will still clean like a manual toothbrush, just without the sonic action. Its versatility is endless. I cant believe it has been running strong for THREE YEARS, now-a-days products seem to barely last for one year. Still holds charge very well, sounds the same, and cleans the same. I am extremely impressed with this toothbrush and would recommend to anyone.
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on August 22, 2010
This isn't as powerful as a regular sonicare and definitely not as powerful as my larger oral-b with the circular (non "sonic") head. I also have to use a regular toothbrush or my circular oral-b to get tight, hard to reach places. NOTE AMAZON'S RETURN POLICY!! you have only thirty days and technically they dont have to issue a refund on a personal care item, particularly if it has been used! if you use it and determine you dont like it and initiate a return all within the thirty days they will probably only give you back 50% or not accept the return at all. if you buy it from that wharehouse store or a standard store with a good return policy, they will take it back no questions asked anywhere from 60 days to a year later.
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on May 23, 2013
This is the BEST electric toothbrush! I was concerned that its diminutive size would equate with a lack of effectiveness or short battery life. Not so. It wonderful to have a quiet, non-bulky electric brush that's easy to travel with.

I was always perplexed by the tiny circular brush heads, but now that's MAINLY what I use. I need to focus on gum health, and this small head provide accuracy and a very reassuring sensation--you know you're getting the intended area. And with the combination of a sleek handle and bristle it's easy to get behind the back molars! Now that I've tried tiny round head I LOVE it.

One piece of general advice. A very light pressure works best. If you press hard with electric toothbrushes the tips stay still, the bristles flex in the middle, and FAIL to brush. Use a light touch and slowly move around the gum line. My dentist was astonished and the decrease in tartar. Unlike other Oral B toothbrushes, this one does not give a pressure warning. Not a big deal. Just remember to press lightly.

If you're serious about oral/gum health I strongly recommend the Perio-Aid No.2 or Perio-Aid No. 3 -- THE best gum stimulator/cleaners on the market! It's simple ingenious design for holding a toothpick, which allows you to gently rub every edge of your gums. Regular Diamond round toothpicks work best for me. And with a couple of bites to the tip you can "soften" and slightly dull the tip if you want. Just perfect for me.

Perio Aid products are not available at large drug stores, but you can order them direct from the manufacturer, which is Marquis Dental Manufacturing Company. And you can get a very low cost from them when purchasing in bulk. Their customer service and ordering department gets five stars!!

In contrast I tried the gum stimulator by G.U.M--you know that giant brass handle with the brownish-orange tip. They were OK, but I didn't like the overly pointed tips, replacement tips were hard to find ... and the expensive replacements tips that I found were worthless, because they failed to stay attached to the handle. On top of that G.U.M didn't respond to emails stating that faulty replacement tips are being sold on Amazon.

So gladly, I'm done with G.U.M. and totally happy with Perio-Aid ... oh yes, and of course, with freakishly happy with my Oral B toothbrush.
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on April 18, 2013

1. It's extremely simple, but works very well: It's basically just a lopsided weight attached to a motor—the motor spins, the thing shakes back and forth. One button cycles through "off", "on", and "sensitive" (slows the motor = fewer vibrations). Put the whole thing inside a toothbrush-shaped casing and voila: you've got something you can brush your teeth with that's vibrating at around ~30,000 times per minute.

2. It's an extremely reasonable price: At $40 (as of this writing), it's $40 more expensive than the free toothbrushes your dentist gives you after a visit. But compared to other electric toothbrushes, $40 is a steal. Your teeth should be worth $40 to you.

3. It's extremely well-designed: Have you seen most electric brushes? They're dorky monstrosities—little brush heads attached to gigantic bases, with some blue or aquamarine detailing that proudly and loudly declares: "I am for dental hygiene!" This one, on the other hand, is quite nice looking, and is the size and approximate shape of a regular toothbrush. Friends are surprised when I turn it on ("That thing is electric?").

— Oral-B advises you to completely drain the battery every few months, which is hard to do when it's charging every time you put it on its stand. So every once in a while, unplug the stand. The brush will last ~2-3 weeks before the battery's dead (which is handy for traveling), then plug it back in again.
— Don't take it swimming. The brush is designed to be waterproof, but, in the interest of prolonging the life of the electronics, it can't hurt to wipe the thing down before you put it away.
— Brush in gentle circles. When I showed up to my first post-brush-purchase teeth-cleaning with red gums, the dental hygienist—while totally supportive of the purchase—pointed out that, since this is an electric brush, you shouldn't brush with the same vigor that you would with a manual brush. Just slowly massage the brush in circles, and let the ultrasonic vibrations do their job.
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