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on December 15, 2013
As a dental hygienist, I know that much of the bad breath people experience comes from poor tongue hygiene. The other factor is poor dental hygiene. Since it would be almost impossible to floss a dog's teeth to remove bacterial plaque, eliminating one of the factors should improve the breath.

I just gave Orapup a try with my two hounds. The one hesitant to try it was soon absorbed in licking it after she saw the other obsessed by it. Their breaths were much improved afterwards.

I've read some of the other 1-star reviews regarding dogs not liking the taste of the liquid. My suggestion would be to put anything else on the brush that might be more palatable to the dog (for example, gravy), and let the dog lick that. It is the mechanical action (licking) that removes much of the bacteria anyway. Of course, your dog won't lick with its entire tongue, but considering that 1) there is no way you're going to brush the back of a dog's tongue, and 2) even people have problems doing that, this is the next best thing.
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on November 20, 2014
Last year vet said she needed her teeth cleaned. this years checkup they asked what we were doing as there was a noticeable improvement. with other products we had tried on her teeth she would run and hide or fight us, but on this product she runs to the cabinet we keep it in every nite and woofs for it. she loves it! great great product!
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on October 9, 2013
I find this product to work well for my Dog. I have had to have my Yorkie's teeth cleaned by the Vet every year since he was a year old. He gets the Greenies, etc. but he still has bad Breath. Orapup came without instruction on how OFTEN to use it, so I decided to let him have his "LICKS", which he likes very much, every other day. It seems to work, as his Breath is a LOT BETTER NOW. I would recommend this product to anyone who had a Dog with "Doggy Breath".
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on November 9, 2016
My life is literally changed. My pup has a bad habit of licking everything. You, the floor, the couch, the pants you're wearing, the cat. He had dragon breath. Brushing his teeth keeps his mouth clean but the smell kept coming back. Once per day we do our OraPup before bed and it helps so much! I use my own minty dog toothpaste with it instead of the product they sell with this because he is allergic to the ingredients and mint smells better anyway. He looks forward to it!
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I'm not crazy about the smell of the lickies that is included with this, but it is better than 'dog breath'. Someone suggested a bit of coconut oil on the brush instead. My dog really likes that and after licking, her breath is coconut scented. If you do this, but sure to use a SMALL amount of coconut oil. Coconut oil is good for dogs, but only in very small doses. I've tried drops (dog wouldn't sit for it after the first time), a spray (same), and a water additive (drank less water and effect was minimal). This is one thing that is most effective and my dog likes (she's a licker).
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Top Contributor: Petson February 2, 2016
This may work well for some dogs, specifically I can see it being helpful for larger breeds like Boxers, Labs, GS, Rotties, etc. with large tongues that will grace the brush from top to bottom. I have two smaller dogs, a Boston and Frenchie, and both lick in short, rapid fashion with only the tips of their tongues so would never see the full benefit of a full tongue cleaning w/ these brushes. Additionally, I gave each a taste of the solution from my finger to get them used to the flavor as being a "treat" before putting any on the brushes - and both of my dogs (young & healthy dogs, one is 3 one is 4) threw up within 30 minutes afterwards. I could see sensitivity being an issue if only one of them had vomited, and even more so I could understand if it was simply a quick regurgitation from not being familiar with the flavor, contents or texture... but for both of my dogs to actually vomit from ingesting only a small amount (less than half of what is recommended for the brushes), I feel the contents are questionable. I have requested a return of this item as a result (since we didn't even use either of the brushes) but I haven't received a response yet in 3 days.
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on February 18, 2015
Our dogs love these things, they lickem and lickem and lickem...AND they do help their if you've got a pooch with stinky breath, this in all likelihood will reduce their foul mouth and they will probably like it. Our Maltese didn't take to it at first, he's always a bit shy about new things, but in the end, he loves it.
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on January 17, 2018
I have used this product since it first was offered as an online new item, which has been for 5-7 years (best guess). There are usually 4 or 5 dogs in my care at any given time. All of the dogs that I have had during this time have waited for their turn to lick the brush. It makes tooth brushing so much easier for me. I do not use this as a substitute for brushing but as a way to coerce the dogs into coming to me for their nightly brushing. Not all dogs get a Lickies each time but they do not know whose turn it is so they all come running to brush teeth.
I cannot say for sure that it does what it claims to do but with the tooth brushing all of my dogs have good oral health, clean teeth and they are anxious to brush their teeth. So no struggle = good deal for me.
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on October 12, 2016
This product was recommended to me by a women who was petting my dog. My pup went to lick her face and I apologized for her breath and she recommended this. So i went on amazon the next day to order it asap. When I got the product in the mail i was super excited to use it right away (and I like to see my pups reaction when I have a present for her) I took it out of the amazon box and could already smell the beef and bacon scent so its a little strong for me but its for my dog not me so I put the recommended amount onto the brush and my dog did not like it she scoped it out for a few min licked just with the tip of her tongue and then turned her nose to it.. so I was a little disappointed in that. however, my dog is obsessed with peanutbutter so I washed the beef bacon combo off the brush and slapped on a little peanutbutter and that did work a little better but she doesnt lick the brush with her whole tongue Im not sure bc it was only used 1 whole time and she is not used to the bristles? So I am going to attempt this again with the beef stuff and if that does not work then the peanutbutter. I will give an updated review
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Top Contributor: Cookingon December 25, 2017
I think this really depends on your dog. I purchased it for our senior dog who has a lot of teeth issues and can have really bad breath. However, he won't even taste it. He just turns up his nose and turns from it, which is really quite amazing because he loves pretty much every thing food wise. On the other hand, since our senior wanted nothing to do with it, I put it up to our youngster and she loved it! She licked it clean. So, I guess you really won't know if it works until you try it. It did make her breath smell fresh. For us it isn't a waste since your 2 year old doxie will use it, but in a way, it was a waste, since I purchased it specifically for our senior guy.
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