Customer Reviews: No Ordinary Love (Love Spectrum Romance)
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on July 7, 2006
Now I can't get this song out of my head. Had to break out the SADE cd. LOL

Ms. Weaver gives us a strong African-American female character, which I loved. Alex has lost alot, more than a child and young woman should have to deal with, a childhood and military father that made her want to prove herself constantly. It makes her character closed, but vulnerable. She is battling her heart and mind when it comes to her personal life.

Alex, an ex-Special Force soldier, has found solace and repentance in teaching her young students. One of her students has caught her attention, a bright, quiet boy, who has had loss himself. When she is forced to confront his father she is not prepared for emotions and longing she feels when in his presence.

Xian is drawn to his son's teacher, after his young wife's death. He'd drowned himself in business to escape the grief. When Alex points out to him that he is neglecting his equally sad son, he is resentful and ashamed, but appreciates her caring nature. Xian has a calm, patient role in this story. His growing fondness for Alex pulls him toward her. He wants to be the one to calm her and reassure her that it's okay to let him in. Even after he's pulled into her problems, he still remains a calming presence.

When Alex finds out that her Ex-boyfriend is murdered she is drawn into something she has no clue about, but has no choice but to find out. Xian and Chou are drawn into her search for the truth unexpectedly, which makes her withdraw and consider doing what she does best.

I enjoyed this smooth story, she did a great job with the military research, giving just the right amount of action. Her main characters were well developed, and the supportive role of her other characters were just that, supportive. The plot was thought out carefully. It wrapped up easily, although she could have gone further with it if she chose. It flowed keeping my attention and turning the pages for this not so ordinary love story.
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on August 9, 2006
Elementary school teacher Alex Thompson, born in Japan to military parents, finally stopped trying to prove that she is as good as the son her father has always wanted. She was a member of the Army's elite DELTA force, but the dangerous missions and loss of lives took its toll on her. Her emotions are now reserved for her students; especially Chou, a young Japanese boy who has captured her heart. Suddenly Alex's quiet life is in danger; her ex-fiancé was involved in the theft and sale of a high-tech, computer security system. And a school incidence puts her in contact with Chou's father, Xian, the owner of the computer company. The two incidents are unrelated, but the timing brings unwarranted attention and suspicion on Alex; two different groups are trying to capture her.

Xian's business was his world before Alex convinced him that his son needed to know a father's love. And while Xian is impressed at the caring Alex gives his son, he is surprised to find himself captivated by this sultry, confident African-American woman. He has not been romantically involved since the death of his wife, and Alex arouses his quiescent feelings. As their emotions begin to take shape Chou is kidnapped.

NO ORDINARY LOVE is much more than a romantic story. It is an intricate tale of industrial espionage, murder, and extraordinary love. It is the blending of two different cultures and two solitary people struggling to overcome their private demons and embrace their differences. The characters will engulf readers and the intensity will hold their attention. This is a good summer read.

Reviewed by aNN

of The RAWSISTAZ(tm) Reviewers
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on July 10, 2006
I have to admit, I did not expect much from this book. I did not think that I would connect with the characters or even enjoy all the action, but I did! There was always something going on in the novel to help the progress of the novel along. I could relate to Alex and even fell for Xian myself. I loved that Alex was such a strong woman, yet vunerable. I loved that Xian was strong yet able to reach Alex in a way that no one else could and was not afraid to show his feelings. In my opinion, this author did a good job of making this novel not so much about an interracial couple as a novel about two people who come together, fall in love, and just happen to be from two different cultures. She does not make their differences the center of the story. She makes their feelings, emotions, and the action the center of the story. These characters have better things to worry about than the fact that they are in a love with someone from a different race. I reccommend this novel.
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on January 6, 2007
I read this book and if you track the other reviews I have for the I/R genre you will see my thoughts on this and other romances.

I am not sure where this is taking place, but, please....we have an female ex-special forces team member (since when did this happen in the special forces?) Alex Thompson who has now become a teacher with some interesting secrets.

Alex's ex-fiance/lover is murdered and the killers are after her.

Xian Liu, is a business man of some reknown, Asian, he has now left the seedier side of life has become someone in the technology field (okay, leave the obvious cliche alone).

Alex's ex was involved with Xian Liu's company and when she takes his son under her wing, the two meet and are attracted to each other.

When the killers come after her sheand Xian have to fight for their lives.

Okay, I have set up the plot, now here is where the execution of this story falls flat, for me: the special forces angle was not necessary; I think the writer tried to play to the, "my father always wanted a son" drama in getting us to believe Alex is strong, self-confident and intense; she could have done that without the time in the sf thing.

Xian's involvement in this fight would have made more sense to me if he had in fact spent more time with his son. As it stood, I kept thinking -- if he is this rich and his son is being threatened why wouldn't he simply send Chou, the son, away to boarding school or some other antipode.

But all it took is the sexual attraction to his child's teacher??! Again, in what reality?

So, for me there were just too many moments of having to over look the obvious. I gave it two stars because the idea of an Asian man with an African American love interest is almost NEVER done in books and it was refreshing to see.

Should you purchase this book, appreciate that and then enjoy.

Happy reading to all and a proseprous 2007!
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on May 20, 2007
Because the other reviewers, as well as the summary, have described the main characters and plot well, in terms of who the characters are and what happens in the book, I won't beat a dead horse. Rather, I will just focus on the content and quality of the book in terms of plot and character development, which I thought the author did a really great job with establishing. Although the book is fictional (something others seem to forget when proposing alternative, hypothetical actions the characters could have taken), the main characters were very realistic.

For instance, Alex Thompsom is a former special operations agent-turned teacher, who is physically strong, yet emotionally vulnerable. Yet, the author doesn't overdo the superwoman, She-Ra complex thing. In fact, I think depicting Alex as an elementary school teacher and providing a picture of how she interacts with her students is one of the early steps in allowing the reader to see the "softer," "gentler" side of Alex, especially after a career that could be deemed as highly aggressive, which generally, and stereotypically, translates into "masculine" in our society. This view of Alex makes assists in a believable transition from the picture of a fighting machine to a human being, namely a woman.

I also like that, while Alex was portrayed as being a strong character, her male counterpart, Xian Liu wasn't portrayed as a weak, simpering male. Rather, while Xian had his own vulnerabilities and flaws (i.e., dealing with loss of wife, inattention to son too long), his character has dignity and strength (i.e., determination, tenacity with pursuing Alex). I think that, by allowing him a role in rescuing his son (vs. sitting on the sidelines wringing his hands), the author further increases the believability of Xian being a man who is compatible with a woman who is so capable in physical combat.

The plot was also great. I found it fast-paced AND realistic. However, it seems that people forget that, while the book has elements of reality, it IS fictional, which means, although there are no publicly known female special agents in REAL life, that doesn't mean that a writer can't step outside of the box and introduce new concepts. That's the joy of fiction! Readers, have some imagination. Authors shouldn't have to stick to the same bread-and-butter, on-the-ground topics and story lines. Of course, the more out-of-the-norm a story is, the authors need to do a REALLY good job with developing the content and characters. One of my favorite authors, Johanna Lindsay, has expertly introduced time travel and futuristic themes in her romance books and has done extremely well as a romance novelist.

When romance books with African American, or Black, main characters began to emerge, it seemed that some of the early writings were really shabbily written. It was as if the authors wanted to throw together a story for the sake of having a Black main character, yet without regard to quality. This is the only book I've read by Angela Weaver, but I think she's done well and you don't feel that you were beaten over the head with the interracial dating component. I've ordered several interracial books online recently and the writing of those books has been absolute garbage.

While my favorite African American romance writers are still Beverly Jenkins and Sandra Kitt (excellent writing), Ms. Weaver has done really well with this book. Overall, the quality of writing, the story line, and the characters are really good and I highly recommend it, especially if you have higher-than-average standards of what you expect from a romance book.
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on December 28, 2014
3.25 stars. Alex, a kindergarden teacher, ex-special ops agent, teaches Chou, the son of Xian, a widower, business executive and reformed gangster. The trio survive a dangerous situation, Alex and Xian fall in love, each knows and acknowledges their feelings to the other; but Instead of the hugs and kisses and the happy ending, we get another chapter of how Alex can not let go of her feelings of guilt regarding her ex and people she could not save- she plucks the daisy, "yes Xian, no Xian", until she runs out of petals and says yes to love with Xian and Chou.
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on December 29, 2011
I think this book would make a great movie.

This book was a nice change. Action, strong heroine, and romance. The main character, Alex, is an ex special ops soldier who falls in love with a Chinese business man (Xiu).

Alex has a hard time loving and Xiu is not willing to give up on her. There is also a minor love traiangle with another character.

It's nice to read an IR book that actually has a decent plot, is believable, the relationship between the characters progress organically, and sex scenes that are NOT raunchy.

I would definitely suggest reading the book.
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on August 24, 2006
The reason I'm not giving this a really high rating is because while this book was advertised as a romance, when you read it, it feels more like a suspense thriller with a little romance thrown in. About half way through the book you start seeing the main characters getting to know on another. Then all of a sudden, they are in love. I can suspend reality, but maybe not that much. Other than that, the suspense filled plot was great. Enjoyed that immensely!
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on January 5, 2007
I loved this book! I thought the suspense and romance blended quite nicely. Alex was an amazing woman and incredibly strong both physically and mentally. I loved the fact that she could take care of herself. I also thought the author really captured the human side of her by making her vulnerable to emotion; this kept her from being Superwoman. Xian was my dream lover. I was pleasantly surprised to find an interracial romance that was just a bit different from the usual. Having been in the military myself and having spent a lot of that time in Asia, I am finally happy to see someone writing a story about a Black woman and a Chinese man. It can happen. This is on my top five list of best interracial romances and I can't wait to see what this author has in store for us in the future. Thank you so much!
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on February 17, 2014
This book was so good I give it a ten and highly recommend this book. True adventure, true love, sometimes it is hard to find these books but I typed in ambw and after a long search I found this book and it was anyone stop, gotta finish it read! Check it out ladies if you love AMBW you will love this book
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