Customer Reviews: Oregon Scientific BAR339PA Projection Atomic Clock with Weather Forecaster
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on January 28, 2010
I had an older Oregon Scientific clock (atomic, projection, weather) that works perfectly. It projects the time in crisp red which is the right brightness - you can clearly see it at night, and it does not illuminate the whole room. Also one can rotate the displayed image 360 degrees. My only complaints with that clock were the lack of temperature display on the ceiling and the hard to read clock face (old style LED - dark gray on light gray). One can illuminate the clock face by pressing a button but cannot permanently turn illumination on.

I needed another clock so I decided that this one should be much better, especially with the temperature being shown on the ceiling. That new clock was a huge disappointment. First it is indeed too bright - it is like a projector that illuminates the whole room, although one can get used to it. The image cannot be focused very well, and it has only two positions at 180 degrees from each other. Because of that I can either have the image on the ceiling right (but cannot see well the clock face), or have the clock turned so that I can see it (but the image on the ceiling is at an angle). Another huge problem is the illumination of the clock face. When turned off it is difficult to read but unlike the old model you can turn it on. And there the problems begin. Some designer kid has had fun designing the display with animations and color changes that are supposed to track better the weather changes. So at night, while you are trying to sleep and get used to the bright bluish light from the projector, suddenly color flashes start playing around. My wife almost got a heart attack when this happened for the first time.

The verdict - just returned it.
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on September 8, 2009
Great product. A bit of a learning curve to get the World Time Zone set, but the remote temperature sensor is on my back porch and sends in a good clear signal upstairs through our two-story home. The only funky thing about it (projector works great) is the projector sleep/lock. If the projector is set to ON it is very bright and lights up the darkened room almost too much. So I turned it off, to touch-on only mode, which strangely goes into lock mode if left inactive for a bit and makes you hold down snooze for many seconds until the display projects again. I mostly have it off now which defeats the cool purpose of hitting snooze to temporarily show the display. Even the main display is really bright and can be like a night light -- but so close to the bed is too bright I found. Still geeking out with it though and love it overall.
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on November 26, 2009
I like all the features of this clock, except that the projection image can only be rotated 180 degrees. It projects both the time and temperature at the same time, which is a feature I wanted most. I like the alarm symbol that is also projected to let you know the alarm is set. When the snooze is activated the alarm symbol (a bell) flashes. It has an AC adapter and a battery backup. The reviews I read said the projection was too bright. I agree that it is rather bright, but it doesn't keep myself or my spouse from loosing any ZZZZZZZs and functions as a nice night light.
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on November 20, 2009
I hesitated with buying this clock even though it seemed to have everything I wanted because of the critiques of it being too bright. Those must have been written by very light sleepers. It is a bit bright, but I think that's just fine. I want to be able to see it in the dark and it's never bothered me! The crescendo beeping alarm is wonderful and sure beats those loud, irritating ones. It took a while for it to lock on to the sensor outside...I had to move it where it could see it. But once locked in, I moved it back to my desired spot and it works fine. The different colors are nice, but since I live in San Diego, I will worry if it ever turns green (snow). At 1 AM it does rotate and flash through the colors as it recalibrates the signal from Boulder, Colorado, but that's never disturbed me. I don't think any alarm clock is perfect but this is close. I had a marvelous but expensive chiming clock from Now & Zen but it died after about a year and a half and the time light was too dim to see at night. I had a Honeywell projection clock, too, but it also died. Maybe they all have a limited life expectancy, but here's hoping with this one.
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on August 30, 2010
I decided after my original Oregon projection alarm clock finally died (after the projector went out after 7+ years) I would give this one a shot. I read the reviews and alot of people think the projector is too bright. I was shocked at first because it was bright, but then I thought how my old clock got more dim as time went on so I was OK with it. If you've never had a projection clock, you've got to try this. I like the fact that both the LED screen and projector are able to be shut off at night. The projector has a light sensor so if you turn your room lights on it will automatically shut off. Also the weather forecast is nice. I've only noticed once the forecast was not accurate, but again if it's as accurate as the weathermen it's pretty good. Overall I would give this clock 5 stars. It does what it's advertised to do. I also would say if your worried about the projector being bright, you will get used to it.
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on October 17, 2011
The temperature sensor was a little buggy at first. I set the clock and alarm and the external temperature sensor would stop working. I took out the batteries and put them back in, reprogrammed it and it stopped working again. On the third try it did actually continue to work and hasn't given me any problems since. I wish that there were a way to rotate the projected clock, because when you point it forward the time is actually upside down. I could not find a way to fix this other than to turn the clock so that the display is facing the wall. This is definitely a design flaw, but I have gotten used to reading the time and temperature backwards. The color changing display is pretty cool because you can tell what the weather is going to be like from a glance across the room: blue is for rainy, red is for sunny, etc. Overall I'm happy with it. I just wish I could rotate the projected display.
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on April 6, 2011
I have had several of these projection clocks and this unit is about the best for us. The clock is easy to read from across the room even during the day. The atomic clock set itself before I had a chance to set it on the headboard. The clock face is touch sensitive to view what you want like indoor temp, seconds,day of the week etc. The barometer changes colors when there is a pressure change in the weather and it is pretty accurate, compared to my Davis Weather Station. There is a backup battery in case the power goes out. The unit has an alarm, but I don't use it for that purpose. The unit is a little bright @ night and should have a dimmer, but it doesn't. It is bright enough to act as a night light. The unit only projects outside temperature and time, which is all we need. The projector has a focus on it for different heights of ceilings. Hard to beat for the price, and the manual is simple. Unfortunately from China, but I would recommend this unit.
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on December 12, 2011
We have owned various other Oregon Scientific projection clocks over the past 10 years. Each has been a different higher price model. As a result of my disability, I depend upon their projection clock feature. What I don't understand is why two of our four Oregon Scientific's have broken during the second year of use. These clocks are not inexpensive. Yet, I would be willing to spend more for a projection clock that would last five years. My wife currently uses the BAR 339 PA as pictured for this model. It was purchased for last Christmas and the projector has already failed. I would not recommend anyone purchased this model. Further, I would like to criticize Oregon Scientific further for their poor customer service and poor warrantee. For all practical purposes Oregon Scientific has virtually no customer service. Also, in my opinion when you purchase one of their clocks your choosing to do so at your own risk. Yet, out of desperation and need, I purchased our fifth Oregon Scientific projection clock just a few days ago. In summary: these clocks have great features and are unreliable. Signed:MKoronowski
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on January 8, 2013
Absolutely no complaints about Amazon on this, they processed the order and return quickly.

But very disappointed in the product itself. It was a Christmas gift for my wife and she was excited to receive it... until we turned it on. It looks much cheesier than earlier models (we've had several), but that wasn't the problem. The brightness of the main display at night was blinding and it began flashing from red to green continuously for no apparent reason, for several minutes at a time, several times during the night. We basically had to turn it off at night, defeating the whole purpose of the thing. The projection was blurry and could not be focused enough to be sharp (the focus wheel stopped) from a bedside table, where most people would have this, I imagine. It also was messy, with a blue circle around the projected display from light leakage (and, of course, blurry numbers from limitations on focus). And it could only be rotated 180°, not 90° - 180° as in the past, so if the main unit faces the bed (which one would expect) the display is sideways on the ceiling.

Because we have had several similar Oregon Scientific units before, we expected this more expensive and newer model to be an improvement, or at least equivalent, but it was not. The earlier models were somewhat disappointing themselves because the projection display begins failing after a year or so, just out of warranty. I complained to Oregon Scientific about the short projection life of their units, but they held firm to the time-limit on the warranty. They suggested we turn off the projection when we are not in the room, otherwise the projection could start to fail in about 2 years!!!. They assured me that this new model is superior to earlier models. It is not.

Judging from the many other "poor" reviews, Oregon Scientific needs to rethink this and give all of us updated units for our trouble (and expense of returning).
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on June 27, 2012
purchased an Oregon Scientific BAR339PA as a replacement for a BAR338PA which was more than 10 years old. The old unit failed due to my negligence. I let a set of batteries reach the juicy/crusty condition. The projector is very bright. Fortunately I have colored filters from a flashlight to dim it down. It has touch sensors instead of buttons for very iffy operating responses. The projector has a limited range of motion and cannot be aimed below a 45 degree angle. I like the temperature memory feature.
17Oct2012 update
This clock stinks. It has a smooth face with touch sensors the where good clocks have buttons.
When the alarm sounds patting it activates the snooze mode. Pressing the AL area should shut it off and reset it for the next morning. Poke, press, smear, etc... What it does most is turn the display upside down. Electronics usually like me. Not this device.
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