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on August 27, 2012
We've had the WMR100 for a little over a year, and, generally, it works Ok. BUT, there are some issues with it that you should be aware of. Some background...our weather station is hooked up to a computer, and the results are reported to Weather Underground. Although the unit works Ok stand-alone, there are some well known issues if you are trying to use it with a computer:

1. Placement- WMR100 apparently has lousy electrical shielding. If it is placed too close to the computer, it will have trouble communicating with the outdoor sensors. This is pretty variable, but we finally solved the problem by getting a 15 foot USB extension cable, and getting the WMR100 a good distance away from the offending computer. Some folks suggested putting ferrite cores on the USB cable, or foil around the base station, but the only thing that worked reliably for us was getting the unit separated from the computer as far as possible.

2. Power supply for base station- Well known problem, you can look it up on the net. If the base station is hooked up with the supplied AC adaptor, it will not always report the data to the computer. Again, it has been theorized that this is because of the very poor shielding of the device. Solution? Well, for us, we just never plug it in. Use with the 4 AA batteries, and replace the batteries when they get weak (about 4 to 6 weeks for typical alkaline batteries, lithium lasts quite a bit longer). This is a somewhat expensive solution, but it makes the station much more reliable. Have considered trying a different power supply, ferrite cores on the cable, but so far, just using batteries only is simple and effective.

The station itself is fairly accurate, and probably as good or better than anything else in this price range. Sensors are more durable than I would have guessed, and don't really chew the batteries at all. I replace the batteries every fall with Lithium, and seem to get a good year out of them, at least the first batch.
If you can live with a few fairly simple workarounds like we did, you'll probably be pretty happy with it.
If you know of a better weather station for less than $200.00, I would certainly like to hear about it. Unfortunately, really good, really reliable weather stations seem to start at around $500.00 for something you can hook to the internet, and that is a little out of my budget right now. So, I will stick with the WMR100 for now.
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on January 17, 2013
I managed to assemble this station and make it work, although not without a struggle. The instructions are logical enough; they are just tiny since they are printed in eight languages. Seriously, buyers of this speak English, Swedish is not necessary! The pieces snap together easily. I had to download troubleshooting instructions from the OS website in order to get the temp/RH sensor to pick up - there is a sequence that has to be followed. The PC display would not work from the minidisk, but after much experimentation I was able to download the Weather Display software from OS, and it has very extensive capabilities when interfaced to the net. An inquiry of the OS service dept. was returned in five days with a constructive response. The unit is working well now. The real issue is accuracy, which will take some time to ascertain. Temp seems OK although the sensor should NOT be mounted in sunlight despite the little shield. RH/DP seems worthless but I will have to calibrate it when I get a "real" psychrometer. The wind speed (not dir.) also seems unrealistic, but position error is a big problem. The little mast that comes with the unit will mount sensors at 2 meter height, but correct placement of an anemometer is atop a 10m mast, or the data will be of little use. Haven't tested the bucket rain gauge yet. With correct station elevation entered the barometer compares well with nearby stations. The specs claim tolerable accuracy except for the anemometer, which is +-3 m/sec. The Man-Machine interface is oddly non-intuitive on the little desktop unit, but you can get used to it. The PC weather display is very complex and takes a lot of tweaking. The documentation is nearly impenetrable, but by finding the Wiki manual on the menu and being patient one can make progress to get a suitable customized display. I think OS is a little behind with their documentation since several links don't work, and the paper instructions for the software are hard to follow. You have to be willing to invest some time and effort. If you SERIOUSLY need correct weather data, get a Davis or a Vaisala, but this will suffice as a back-up in my case, and it looks like it can become a good Internet station site. As always, the most important thing is to mount all sensors according to meteorological guidelines therefore. I may submit an update on test accuracy later, but for now: Would I buy this again? Considering the low price, Yes, but you must be aware of the limitations of such a small unit.

After a month of operation, the unit is largely troublefree. Most readings are accurate except: rain is approx. 90% of actual even when taking out the leaf guard and cutting out the plastic cross hairs. Tipping bucket gauges are useless in solid precip! Get a manual barrel gauge from and join the network. Pressure is off about 2mb with correct elevation, which is acceptable since it is consistent. RH occasionally drops to very low levels and then return just as abruptly. Temp is accurate only if you put a ventilated shield around it. Time synchs to WWV fairly swiftly only if you take the base unit outside for a while.
Squawks: Each unit is battery powered. Mount the anemometer so you can fish it down again for new battery. USB connection dropped off once requiring a cold start and data reset. The regular OS PC display has a high silliness quotient.
Major benefit: Download the free Weather Display trial version from the OS site. This is a fantastic piece of software built by a NZ dairy farmer! If you pay him $70 you get the full version and you're basically your own Weather Bureau, networked worldwide. Even the PC display is far better than OS's own.
Conclusion: Good station if you can't afford a Davis and you mount everything judiciously.
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on December 5, 2007
I decided on this weather station after reading reviews on Amazon of just about every station offered. I have not been disappointed! I've wanted a weather station for years, but just as an amateur, so I didn't want to spend $500+ . I was already leaning toward Oregon Scientific after getting just the rain gauge for my Dad. This station has everything you can think of except UV, which you can add for about $40 (the base is pre-programed to sense it). You can also add up to 9 more temp/humidity sensors. Includes forecast, temp (inside and out), humidity (in and out), real feel temp, dew point, wind speed and gust, wind direction, barometer, rain amounts (incl 24 hour history), moon phase, date/time.

I considered the more expensive version of this product which is solar powered instead of battery, but it had some negative reviews about losing connection (maybe if there hasn't been enough sun?). From what I could tell, it also doesn't track any more than this station, and you still have to add the UV sensor extra.

The batteries on the wind sensor are SUPER easy to get to, but the rain gauge requires a screw driver to get into the battery compartment. I set this up in about half an hour (and that includes with 3 toddlers crawling all over me). At first I couldn't get the base to pick up the sensors, then I pressed reset on the BASE (rather than on each sensor as the directions say) and it suddenly read them all. HTH.

There is a computer program included, but you have to buy an deluxe version of it (or some other program) if you want to be able to upload data to a website like wunderground. The one included in the box has some bugs but there is a free download of a newer version available on the software website.
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on January 5, 2012
This weather station was a birthday gift (my choice) in early 2008. The system required some assembly but was not difficult to put together. I used Lithium batteries in the remote units to keep the system functioning well in the winter. However, the manual was not well written and it took some trial and error to get the system functioning and figure out all of the controls. The unit seemed to be accurate.

After two years of reliable usage, the outdoor temperature and humidity gauge failed. Many nights the temperature and humidity readings go way up beyond the actual values. Some nights it reports temperatures over 100 degrees. Even during the day time the temperature often runs 10 degrees too high. New batteries do not help. I still rely on the rain gauge, but the temperature and humidity readings are worthless.

Since then the "rotating wheel" on the control unit has started to fail. Since I do not rely on the temperature and humidity gauges, it does not make much difference now. However, it does prevent me from adding new temperature and humidity gauges as it would be hard to use the wheel to select them.

While I was initially happy with this weather system, I am now very unhappy. For the cost, it should have given more than 2 years of useful service.
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on April 27, 2008
I have an older OS unit that only has remote temperature sensors. It mounted on the wall and is battery operated.
I upgraded to this unit to have other indications of the weather. It does all this very well, but...
It only shows one temperature at a time. So you can see the indoor or an outdoor temp but not both unless you spin the knob. Then there is the knob. It is a bit tricky to control.
This unit is also a table top unit with no option to wall mount. It also requires an AC plug in. The batteries don't last long without the AC adapter.
On the good side, the outdoor units are truly wireless. There are no cords connecting the rain gauge and the wind gauges as some other units do which almost precludes mouting the wind gauge on your roof unless you can figure out a way to mount the rain gauge there too.
Also the outdoor units seem to have a long battery life. I have had mine in operation more than 4 months without changing batteries.
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on December 5, 2007
I did a good deal of research before purchasing this particular model of weather station (WMR-100). I was impressed with the available add-on's, such as sensors for up to 10 locations (think garage, barn, greenhouse, crawl space). I need to know if other buildings on my property are getting too cold or hot. It is accurate and has some nice extra features, such as automatic time. It sets up rather quickly. Although I would consider myself proficient at doing something like this it did involve a couple of calls to their support line. They were friendly and helpful, it seemed that the problems that I had encountered had been dealt with numerous times.Overall I am satisfied with this purchase, and Amazon had the best price I could find.
Here's the flaws:
1) A relatively short transmitting distance for the sensors (about 300 ft), reduced more so if inside buildings. There are repeaters available for some weather stations to make that length virtually unlimited (daisy-chain them together) but not for this model.
2) It is complicated and time-consuming to learn all of the functions. Allow several hours. Normally this would not be much of an issue, but the instruction manual is not detailed enough for the begining user to learn quickly. My wife gets frustrated trying to find the conditions for the various locations.
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on November 21, 2007
**Update after multiple months use** - overall works well, but had frequent issues with station staying recognized by PC (may be PC issue). Also had to occasionally reset the exterior sensors for the temperature to be correctly received on the base unit. Annoying to take unit down from raised mast to reset.
The WMR-100 includes a good # of features at a reasonable price. The display unit allows for a single temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, time and ONE of the following: air pressure, rain fall, UV index (with optional sensor) - seeing all on one screen would have been nice but not a major disadvantage.

Setup and installation were easy. The temperature, wind direction and speed sensors are in one combined unit, with a separate rain sensor - no wires between the two. The mounting hardware allows for either an included pole mount, or attachment to an existing pole or the side of a structure. The included pole is fairly short, so an additional pole would be required unless living in an area with few obstructions.

The main advantage I found is the ability to connect to a computer providing better viewing of history, trends as well as posting to the internet. The setup was easy, although the included software seemed "buggy", so would recommend alternate software which is easy to locate on the internet.

Summary good unit with nice amount of features for price. Only improvements could be different mounting hardware and all data on the display at one time.
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on January 3, 2014
For the money I paid this product should have a much better user interface. OS made poor use of the display area. With all the space available more information could be displayed and some of the less useful data removed. Its tiresome to have to select a feature and then toggle through each item one at a time. There is ample space to show both max and min values for data points.
The display updating is annoying, trends are completely redrawn, the graphic picture updates make the LCD look like it flickers and the display is rarely right. From little things like seeing the sun at ten PM to showing snow when it's sunny and not a cloud in the sky.
The developers should go back to school and take some courses in designing user interfaces.
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on June 13, 2008
Wow, the shipping was very fast. The packaging was great. The mechanical instructions were good. Everything is separately wrapped and there are a lot of parts, so don't get yourself confused. Be sure to lay everything out systematically before you start assembly. I had a little trouble getting the units to talk to each other (I'm not the most knowledgeable in this regard), but a quick call to Oregon Scientific Technical Support solved all my problems and more. After you press all the resets, things don't happen immediately. Wait a few minutes before the remote units start to talk to the base unit and keep them within 7-10 feet of the base unit before you start pressing resets. Tech support not only gave me that tip, but took the time to help me set everything else that needed setting (altitude, time zone, etc). Very, very friendly folks and probably the the best I've ever had the pleasure to deal with. The units are all outside now and working as advertised. One additional tip, the TYPE B screw on the wind vane is under a small circular rubber gasket that looks like it is plastic. You need to take a paper clip and remove it so you can loosen the screw. Oh, hold time was less than two minutes and when she went to research the stats on my location she actually called me back in the time frame she gave me. I am more than pleased. For the money this unit will more than fits the bill for my needs.
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on November 9, 2007
I've never reviewed anything but wanted to say so far I like my OR WMR100 station. Being new to such things I really wasn't sure what to look for. The other reviews were helpful in my decision making. I wanted it to track weather and especially wind where we just moved to help with tree planting etc. My only problem is the software I downloaded worked great for 2 days and now not at all. Hard to find any answers as to what might be the problem and no real help to speak of. Since I first posted this I was able to get good help from the Weather Display software people. It was something I did when installing and reinstalling. He suggested I reinstall to a different place and it is now working fine. As far as Oregon Scientific they say they will get back to you by e-mail in 4 days and they've never responded to any e-mails. They do if you call them.
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