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on May 15, 2013
just looked up "region free bluray player" and ended up finding this player. i'm from Europe therefore would really like to enjoy blurays from back home. (i already owned a region free dvd player)

so i ordered this player, and unfortunately when i received it it must have been somehow damaged as when a disc was spinning inside it would be very loud. i returned it and purchased a new one (price had gone down $10 in the meantime) got my refund quickly without any question. i received the new player and it works perfectly! it does look a little cheaper than a samsung or panasonic, but i love it and highly recommend it, IF your main purpose is to watch foreign blurays/dvds. otherwise, you might as well buy a regular player...
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on October 25, 2012
The player does everything that the product description says. Actually, I have been really surprised at the overall quality of the video and audio playback. Regardless of it being dvd or bluray I really am impressed. Actually, it may look and sound just as good as my $250.00 Samsung model. I won't waste time with the bells and whistles but its really a steal at this price. If you have any discs that are for outside the US players then this is a must own. If you want a great player for just US discs, it can do that too. I have had no problems with anything I have attempted to play. A+++++++
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on July 7, 2013
Having had challenges with DVD Players that require you to change regions many times to be able to playback on media bought from Europe or the United States, I was pleasantly surprised that the Orei Blue-Ray/DVD player handled my Blue Ray & DVD discs without any tweaking. It just played discs from different regions straight out of the box!

I had bought the unit with this product- Orei 6-Feet HDMI Cable V1.4 with Ethernet Category 2 Certified 3D Support and Audio Return Channel, and it was a breeze connecting it to my LG TV. This 2nd Orei product worked perfectly well too.

And the best part was that the Blue-Ray/DVD player product is 120v-220v capable so I didn't need to use a step-down transformer when using it outside the United States. Something I do frequently. Great product, I highly recommend it.
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on September 7, 2013
I purchased the Orei BDP-M2 to replace my old 1999 Sony DVP-C600D as it was starting to malfunction plus I have never liked the FWD/REV spinning wheel on the remote (which broke last month on the replacement remote I got 6 years ago).

Once I got the Orei BDP-M2 set right (as noted below), it has been working great with my old 1997 Sony TV. I did not have to change the region settings at all for it to play my old Region 1, Region 2 or Region 4 DVD's. Those old DVD's are 'full screen' and look funny/stretched to me on my newer High Definition TV (HDTV). The other reason for the old TV is that 'Closed Captioning' (CC) does not work over an HDMI connection (yet). Most of the old TV shows on DVD that I want to watch do not have sub-titles which leaves me using a Component/Composite connection for CC on the old TV.

I also tried it on my HDTV using an HDMI connection and 5.1 amplifier with Region 1/2/4 Blu-Ray discs. It worked great and looked excellent.

The remote works well and the buttons are not too small for me. It took me a little while to figure out the buttons but the small instruction book helped identify exactly what they are used for on the player.

I did not try the network connection as I do not have high speed Internet access nor do I plan to stream video from my computer since the old TV has a large screen size than the PC.

There was a loose piece of paper in the box about setting the player to Region 0 but I did not need to use it to play Region 1/2/4 discs. (According to Wikipedia: "Region 0 = Informal term meaning "worldwide". Region 0 is not an official setting; discs that bear the region 0 symbol either have no flag set or have regions 1-6 flags set. Region 0 is commonly referred to as "Region Free", especially when talking about DVD and Blu-ray Disc players.")

If you are going to connect the Orei BDP-M2 to an older non-HDTV or non-HDMI TV using Component (three RCA style connectors usually labeled Y, Yb and Yr) or Composite (single RCA plug usually colored yellow) connections, make sure you have an HDMI monitor or TV available. Why? Because you may need the HDMI device to go in and change the settings such as resolution and/or stereo (instead of Dolby 5.1) if it does not automatically recognize your old TV.

Do not try to use both an HDMI and a Component/Composite connection at the same time as it seems the HDMI connection has priority and the Component/Composite device/TV will be unreadable if it cannot synch up.
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on February 13, 2014
As far as functionality and features, this is the best player I have ever had. It has played everything I have thrown at it (2D, 3D, Region A, Region B, NTSC and PAL discs, etc). I haven't tried AVC yet, but I am sure it will be fine.

This sucker is FAST. Like faster than the PS3 fast. I have never seen a Blu-Ray player that loads so fast. And the resume function on discs is a huge blessing.

This does NOT have Wi-Fi, which is surprising on a player of this price range. There is also nothing like Netflix or anything. The player DOES support DLNA, and seems to be faster than my television, so that is a plus. I also prefer the player's DLNA interface over my television's.

The player has the option to convert everything to NTSC or PAL, or to export in native format, which is nice, as most televisions nowdays supports anything you throw at it.

The player has its own video calibration controls. This is great if you run all your HDMI devices through a reciever, and don't want to mess with adjusting settings on the television for just this one device. I haven't used it yet, though, so cannot comment on its effectiveness.

The remote is not the best layed out, but the player supports CEC, so you can use your television or reciever remote to control it.

My biggest complaint (and why it got four stars) is how CHEAP the player and remote look. It's really quite disappointing considering how great of a player this is. The player LOOKS like a cheap plastic toy. Luckily, in my entertainment center, its behind a door pushed toward the back of the shelf to give the tray enough room to eject, so you cannot really see it. If I had an open rack, though, I would be a little miffed. My old $70 Philips player looks better than this does.

All in all, a great player. Highly recommend if you like to import discs from around the world.
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on December 19, 2014
I've had this Multi-Format DVD/Blu-Ray/CD player for close to 2 years now and it is still playing movies perfectly!!!! I was a bit leery when I first purchased this as I've never purchased anything made in India, except, maybe Basmati Rice. This thing, for the price is superb!!!! The home screen for this player is a bit cheesy looking when you first turn it on. It looks like something you'd see in the film War Games (with Matthew Broderick) from 1984. However, once you get past the home screen and put in a DVD or Blu-Ray, it plays the media perfectly and looks superb!!! My wife is from Germany, so we have many DVD's and Blu-Ray kids movies for our bi-lingual 3 year old. This machine has played everything that we've been able to throw at it! Including, home-movies from my wife's German childhood put on German format DVD. I'm super satisfied with this purchase and it is still going strong after 2 years of use.
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on July 24, 2013
I periodically check prices for multi-region DVD players and never found one in my price range with everything I wanted. Needless to say, I found in in my OREI BDP-M2 multi-region zone free code free 2D/3D Blu-Ray DVD player. Shame on me, but I purchased a Blu-Ray, not from Amazon, that was described as being region A in more than one place in the product description, but was not region A when I received it. I took it as a sign to check for a multi-region player again. After searching through so many and looking not only at price, but functions, I settled on the OREI. Not only was it a multi-region DVD, it was multi-region 2D/3D Blu-Ray player as well. In my search, many were multi-region DVD, but only played region A Blu-Ray's. BUYER BEWARE OF THAT TRAP, BUT FEEL SAVE IN PURCHASING THE OREI. Easy set up, just unplugged my old Blu-Ray player from the HDMI cord and the outlet and hook then to my new unit. As far as setting up regions for DVD's and Blu-Ray's -- easy instructions come with the unit. Go to menu and follow the few steps and your set. You can set it up to play all DVD's without switching the region each time you have a different region DVD, just choose 0 on the menu. For the Blu-Ray's, you do have to set it for region A, B, or C each time you need to change the region, but it's so easy it doesn't matter. I would rather do this than have a multi-region DVD and Region A only Blu-Ray player any day! Picture is great and so is the sound. I've had it for a while now and have only had one issue, but this issue has happened to me with other units and I don't see it as specific to the OREI unit. A few times I will take a disc out, close the unit and turn it off only to have off displayed on the LED display and the on/off button light and the close button light stay on. I just unplug the unit for a second and plug it back in. This has taken care of the problem so far, and like I said before, other units have done this to me as well. Overall a great product at a great price, fast delivery, east setup. 4 stars only because of the aforementioned glitch. Happy I choose this product, and now I can feel free to expand my film collection beyond US releases.
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on May 6, 2013
I am from Brazil, from time to time my sister send me some DVD in Portuguese that I couldn't watch due to the different region, we also love Motorcycle racing and the famous TT race on Isle of Man, but just like from Brazil those DVD's are from another region.
The Orei BDP-M2 Multi Region Zone Code Free 2D/3D Blu Ray DVD Player that we purchased is an excellent player, it plays from region 1 to 9 which are for the DVD and A, B and C for the Blue ray.
I love the price, but i thought it was going to be just an extra player for those out of the country DVD's cause we have a surround sound combo but we plugged it in with the surround sound and now we are using the Orei for everything we watch in DVD and Blue-ray. I can't wait to get an 3D TV so we can take advantage of the 3D in the player.
great buy i am glad i found it here.
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on May 9, 2013
Player works glitch free with excellent image quality. Read the simple instructions provided & you're up and running. I previously owned a region free dvd player that made PAL videos look terrible, so I was a bit leary about purchasing another one. This one works great and I highly recommend it. Mine came from Bombay Electronics and they were very easy to deal with. I originally purchased this for blu rays, but find myself increasingly watching region 2 & 4 DVDs with it.
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on September 27, 2013
I bought one, from Bombay, as a "used return". It worked for about a day and a half, then went all crazy.

It started bricking upon shutoff. Then blue went crazy. Then sharpness went off the charts. This was in the span of 7 days. Returned it to Bombay and was sent a brand new one.

The second has been flawless. It "bricked" one time, but kept all the settings. Unlike the first one, where it would go "fresh from the box" each time.

Anyway. I don't fault Bombay for selling a bad one "open box". I fault the original owner for returning it and not saying why(cause I seriously doubt they would have just resold it).

Relatively quiet.

The remote feels like it belongs in Fisher-Price colors.
Don't expect "Panasonic at the same price" build quality.

Will I buy another one? Maybe. But as my region B/C catalog grows, I might invest in a LG or Sony.
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