Customer Reviews: How to Get Organized When You Don't Have the Time
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on May 9, 2005
If you want to be told that you are a procrastinator and that you need to make a schedule to find the time to get organized than this book is for you. But if you are truly disorganized, sitting down and making a schedule is the last thing you will find the motivation to do. The author tells you,"don't procrastinate and get organized, set goals and make a schedule," but she doesn't offer any real techniques to help, and she attributes laziness to messiness. I recommend

you read, "The New Messies Manual," by Sandra Felton. She takes the time to explain why you are disorganized, and HOW to get organized. She explains how to change your thinking to help you change your habits. Unfortunately, I expected more of that from this book. It is a waste of money and very dissapointing.
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on August 22, 1999
This book is well written, easy to understand and right on target. I am a person who works with computers on a day to day basis, and it is exactly what i have been looking for. If you have no time, no energy, no clean area in your home, have a ton of things to do, and are about overwhelmed by everything that you need to do, and everything that you want to do. GET THIS BOOK!!!!!!! It will definately help. The hardest part is picking it up, after that you will be on your way.. :-)
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I don't believe I've ever read such an unhelpful organizing book. Much of the book is spent on describing the assumed state of the problem, rather than on offering solutions to the problem. (Do I really need half a chapter to tell me that my kitchen is disorganized? If I didn't already know that, why was I reading the kitchen chapter?) The remainder of the "stuff" organization chapters (as opposed to the time management chapters in the first section of the book) consists of lists of tips. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these tips are things that most of us could have figured out on our own. "Write down what you're running out of BEFORE you run out of it." We don't necessarily all DO this, but I don't think we needed help coming up with the concept. Moreover, most of the methods the author recommends will only work well for a small segment of the population - that is, those who don't actually struggle with disorganization but who have simply not gotten around to getting organized before. For example, the method given for organizing a room is to dump EVERYTHING into the middle of the room, from all of the drawers, shelves, etc., and start from there. For some people, this may work great. For many of us, it would result in being immediately overwhelmed, crashing and burning when barely into the project, ending up with a much larger mess than what we started with, and, possibly, giving up on any further attempts to get organized.

Besides the lack of helpful instruction offered, I did not care for the author's tone/attitude. The entire thing - especially the first section - made me feel as though I was constantly being beaten over the head. The author continually railed against the "excuses" I was supposedly making for not getting organized and why I needed to just suck it up and do it. Well, contrary to the author's perception, I had every intent of "sucking it up" and doing the job - that's why I bought the book and was reading it. She also operates on the assumption that everyone has loads of disposable cash lying around and that everyone's lifestyle is - or should be - like hers. ("When have you ever used more than one paper bag in a month?" How about when we had the newspaper delivered every day and we used paper bags for holding the newspapers and taking them to the recycling point? Does the author truly believe that NOBODY, ANYWHERE has a use for more than one paper bag per month?) She recommends paying someone else to do nearly every imaginable task, and her not-so-creative solutions to most organizing problems are to just "buy such-and-such a gizmo." If I HAD plenty of money to buy every organizing gizmo on the market, I WOULD NOT BE DISORGANIZED in the first place.

Finally, she routinely discourages respect for the other people in our lives. If someone is late for dinner, she says don't heat up his dinner, because his own poor time management is not your problem. So if my hard-working husband is late for dinner because a job took longer than anticipated I should leave him to fend for himself because it's technically "not my problem"?

I would skip this book, in favor of others whose authors are a little more knowledgeable AND gracious.
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on July 11, 1999
Unlike many of those cutesy, yuppie-like books that -- while helpful -- are a bit too basic and simplistic, this book gets down to the nitty-gritty on how to reduce clutter in your life. I highly reccommend, even if you are reasonably organized (like me).
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on July 21, 1999
A common sense down-to-earth, yet comprehensive approach to the headaches, heartbreaks and hassles of the "terminally disorganized."
Written in a very kind, understanding and humorous tone, this book diagnoses the problem, analyzes the consequences and pitfalls of disorder, and suggests marvelous ways to remedy the situation and get one's life back on track.
This book is truly joy to read and provides very useful creative ideas and techniques even if "constantly tidy, always punctual, and completely organized" are characteristics used to describe you! Culp's simple five-step approach could be put to use by anyone seeking a successful, more fulfilling life. The chronic "organizationally challenged" could totally turn their lives around!
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on September 10, 1999
I pastor a church, sit on a management committee for a ranching operation, coach soccer, raise four kids with my wife, and I felt buried underneath the load. Before this, I was president of a bank for nearly eight years. I never got organized. I had become completely unproductive and couldn't get out of the trap. Now, I have established goals and projects with deadlines and I'm meeting the deadlines!! The office is ORGANIZED for the first time in my life. I'm out of the trap!! Thanks Stephanie.
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on July 10, 1999
The book is excellent! It is different from other organizational books because it gives practical advice that can be done when you don't have the time. Stephanie (Culp, the author) talks to you in the book as if she knows you. She admits her own mistakes and helps you avoid them. I used the 5-Step Plan at home and work and it has really helped. I got the book from the Library but plan to purchase it for my personal library. Now that's a good book!
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on January 29, 1999
This excellent book is deeply insightful in terms of understanding human behavior and organizatioinal issues. I review it often and it definitely helps to put me back on track. Don't miss this one!
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on December 30, 2014
This book changed my life. I bought it in the early 90's and take it out every time I need motivation to do a lot of amazing things!!! Thank you Stephanie Culp!
Gail Piazza
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on March 21, 2015
This product arrived on time and was everything I wanted. Great book!
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