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The careers of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creative geniuses behind South Park (the funniest, most daring, satirically sharp-witted television show in history), actually go back farther than many fans are probably aware. In 1997, not long before South Park premiered and became an instant phenomenon, Trey Parker gave the world a new superhero: Orgazmo. He wrote, directed, starred in, and even sang the opening song to this film. Matt Stone puts in a hilarious performance of his own in a relatively minor role, but this is clearly Trey Parker's baby. Most actors would run screaming from anyone who so much as mentioned the fact they appeared in a film as crude and ridiculous as Orgazmo; Parker, of course, embraces this sort of weird, over-the-top, controversial humor, and his singular daring and utter shamelessness in the interests of making people laugh are the keys to making a movie such as this work so amazingly well. Naturally, the standard Parker-Stone rules apply, so let it be known that anyone who is easily offended will not enjoy this brand of comedy. As for the state of Utah, I doubt you can even find a copy of Orgazmo anywhere.
Trey Parker plays Joe Young, a clean-cut Mormon nearing the end of his proscribed time of mission work, looking forward to the day he can leave Los Angeles to return home to his fiancé and get married in the Mormon Tabernacle - if, that is, he can somehow earn enough money to pay for it. As luck would have it, an adult movie is being filmed in one of the houses he visits; a bunch of big guys, unappreciative of the spiritual zeal of the Mormon faithful, deal with him rather roughly, and he basically goes Mormon Karate Kid on them. The director, having seen the fight, insists that Young play the role of the superhero Orgazmo in the film he is shooting. Young doesn't really want to have anything to do with this type of movie, but he reluctantly agrees to do it for three reasons: 1) he could make enough money to give his fiancé the wedding she wants, 2) he doesn't think anyone will ever find out (he is a masked hero), and 3) he has a no penetration clause in his contract (there's a double for that). Well, this stupid adult film about Orgazmo and his sidekick Choda Boy saving gorgeous and very appreciative women from evil (and ugly) bad guys crosses over to mainstream success and becomes one of the highest-grossing films of all time. There must, of course, be a sequel. Young finds himself increasingly ensnared in this embarrassing situation that has the potential of costing him his fiancé and/or landing himself a new role "sleeping with the fishes, see." The bad guys are really bad, even in real life; clearly - need I say it? - this looks like a job for Orgazmo!
Let's talk about the cast. Parker is great as the naïve young Mormon, and it's rather strange to see him portray a character who remains clean-cut and, in a weird sense, pure from start to finish. Dian Bachar is hilarious as Orgazmo's sidekick and Young's new friend. Michael Dean Jacobs is perfectly oily and crude as Maxxx Robinson, the adult film director who threatens to ruin Young's life. Matt Stone steals every scene he is in, but his role should be seen and not discussed (especially since it is sort of hard to describe). Let us not forget Sancho; what can you say about Sancho except that, well, he is Sancho. There are also, I should mention, some actual adult film stars in this film - including Ron Jeremy, who is, in my opinion, the most disgusting man to ever live. Luckily, some of the horror Jeremy inspires is assuaged by the addition of gorgeous starlets such as Juli Ashton, Chasey Lain, and Jill Kelly. Oddly enough, there is no female nudity in this film at all; the only nudity you get comes in the form of male hinders (and it ain't pretty) - the only thing that can explain the film's NC-17 rating is the barrage of sexual references and sex implements that are on display here.
Make no mistake about it: this is a crude film that many individuals will disapprove of (particularly members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), but it really doesn't go as far as I expected it to. Take away a few "unusual" outfits, and this thing becomes a rather tame R rated movie. If you love South Park, you'll appreciate the humor of Orgazmo, but those who cannot stomach our little friends in Colorado would do well to duck and cover if they ever see this movie coming. I would love to give this film five stars, but I can't: the story's engine loses a cylinder or two before the end, and - more importantly - no movie that makes me have to look at Ron Jeremy will ever get a perfect rating from me.
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on August 31, 2003
Trey Parker and Matt Stone. You either love them or you hate them. Back when South Park was just a few bits of cardboard lying around a bong-filled apartment, the guys paid the bills by making this movie. And it's pure comic genius! With sight gags and one-liners everywhere, this movie demands repeated viewing, and soon you'll be quoting classic lines such as "I am Sancho", "I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothin', but I think Depeche Mode are a sweet band" and "Stuntcock!" in your sleep.
The movie follows Joe Young (Trey Parker), a young Mormon missionary to L.A., who becomes [pulled] into the porn industry one sunny afternoon while out trying to convert the heathens. He justifies this career change, as the money he earns will go toward a wedding in the Temple in Salt Lake with his "Cupcake" ("Why does the church make it so expensive to get married in the Temple?"). Hilarity ensues as a cast of pornographers (including cameos from real life skin-stars such as Ron Jeremy and Chasey Lain), racketeers and rocket scientists combine to make the movie-within-a-movie (also called Orgazmo) "the cross-over success of the decade!" (a jump cut reveals it to be the highest grossing film of all time behind Jurassic Park). But can Joe extricate himself from the sequel he's under contract to make? Will Choda-boy ever use his "hamster style" again? How can they defeat the evil A-cup/Neutered Man? Will G-fresh sign over his sushi bar to developers? And what will happen when Cupcake rolls into town? I guess you'll just have to watch it to find out...
This film is criminally under-appreciated, and hopefully, with the success of South Park, more people will be encouraged to discover the delights of the Parker/Stone back catalogue. If you're a fan of South Park, Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker or the Farrely brothers, I promise you will not be disappointed. "Oh, wait..Daddy's here to take me to choir practise. Jesus and I love you..."
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on March 23, 2001
Orgazmo is truly one of the funniest motion pictures I've ever seen. Trey Parker directs and stars as Joe Young, a Mormon missionary who inadvertently winds up being cast in an adult film as Orgazmo, an erotic superhero. Dian Bachar plays an MIT graduate cast as his sidekick, Choda Boy. Matt Stone plays an overenthusiastic production assistant similar to the "Scotty" role played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman in "Boogie Nights". Real life porn stars Ron Jeremy, Chasey Lain, and my all-time favorite, Juli Ashton, also appear.
Although "Orgazmo" is certainly a risque movie, I find myself agreeing with one reviewer who pondered the fact that it received an NC-17 rating despite having only a very brief amount of nudity and only moderate use of adult language. Rating notwithstanding, the movie is simply hilarious. Parker, despite his reputation, is very believable as a naive young man drawn into a very tawdry occupation. The rest of the cast is quite credible, and the movie's theme song (written by Parker) had me falling out of my chair laughing.
This picture obviously won't be for everyone. Those who are thin-skinned enough to be offended by "South Park", and those really hung up on religion should avoid this one like the plague. Nevertheless there are reviews from people of that sort here, which leads me to conclude that they just wanted to vent their indignation over something they probably never watched in the first place but would like to keep you from seeing. Decide for yourself whether you're comfortable with the subject matter and if you are, watch and enjoy.
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on April 12, 2005
Back in the old college days, a buddy of mine brought this film to my house because of my love for Cannibal! The Musical. I've always been a sucker for the "campy classic" flicks, but after a few minutes I was an Orgazmo fanatic. It has since become one of my most often recommended (and qouted in drunken stupors) films.

Clean cut Mormon Joe Young (Tom Hung) stumbles onto a porn shoot while on a LA mission by beating up a threatening bouncer. Seeing his skill, the film's director convinces him to star in it despite his trepidation, mainly since his royalties could pay for a good wedding to his equally clean cut girlfriend. Things get out of hand when his girlfriend visits him and discovers the truth. Throughout this plot development, we are blessed with countless outrageous sex-gags, porn star cameos, and Trey Parker's uncanny ability to make an audience laugh uncontrollably. The aforementioned, who wrote and directed Orgazmo, does a wonderful job of making such an entertaining movie while on-screen most of the time, and his supporting cast, including the poster-child of geekdom Dian Bachar, are equally great.

The DVD features some great extras, as well as the original NC-17 version and a new, uncut Unrated version that doesn't seem all too much different. Don't miss the multiple cast/crew commentaries, especially the drunken commentary recorded during a binge at Parker's home. Lastly, don't let the NC-17 rating throw you off: this movie should have an R rating, and kudos to the filmmakers for not justifying their material to suit the MPAA. 100% recommended and mandatory.
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on April 4, 2005
When I first heard that Orgazmo was coming out on DVD I was really excited. Not only would I get a hilarious movie on DVD, but there would also be a ton of extra features. Unfortunately this disc turned out to be one of the worst special editions I've ever seen.

The box has unrated plastered across the top of it. Seeing this you might think that the unrated version of the movie (which is included on the disc with the NC-17 version) would have more foul language and skin. But instead it's just a different edit of the movie. Some character development scenes are missing and the opening is edited very differently. There are a couple bits of missing dialog in the DVDA scene, but the stuff in the theatrical version was funnier. I'd say stick with the theatrical version, it's a much better movie.

First up in terms of special features are the commentaries. The first with Trey Parker and Matt Stone being drunk was alright, but the audio was messed up throughout the whole thing. Sometimes you had to strain your ear to hear what they had to say. But this commentary is genius compared to the other two, which are two of the worst commentaries ever. The cast commentary has the same audio problems, but no one has anything interesting to say. If you like hearing a room of people try to talk over one another then this commentary is for you. The "wild" commentary seemed like a good idea, having people who had nothing to do with the movie talk about it. But instead we get Weird Al Yankovic not being funny, Dave Foley not being funny, and assorted others doing lame impersonations. The only good part was with Kevin Smith, but he's never even seen Orgazmo.

There are plenty of other features on the second side of the disc, but nothing really recommendable. There are 30 minutes of deleted scenes that are interesting but were right to be cut. There is optional commentary on these but it's only Trey and Matt laughing hysterically while drunk. Then there are 40 minutes worth of outtakes, some are funny but it's just overkill. The documentary "The Book of Orgazmo" is alright, but more time is spent trying to be jokey then telling the actual story of making the movie. The Dragon Con interview is the worst feature. While some good questions are asked you won't be able to easily hear them because the sound was messed up the whole time. At the start of the interview you just watch Trey drink a soda while they try to get the sound fixed, this goes on for about 5 minutes. Universal also does annoying zoom ins whenever Trey takes a drink from his soda because it's from McDonald's. Guess they didn't want to give them free advertising. Some EPK interviews are included but we've already heard everything in them before. There are a couple of trailers, one that was shown in theaters and a fake trailer made to raise money for the movie. Apparently Universal thought people wouldn't understand that there were jokes in this section so the have THIS IS A PARODY covering the bottom of the screen throughout the whole thing. Lastly there's 15 minutes of behind the scenes footage and some stills. And that brings us to the end of another messed up Universal DVD. I give it 3 stars for the movie.
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on March 10, 2005
Trey Parker portrays Joe Young. Joe is an innocent enough young Mormon boy from Utah. All he wants to do is finish his Mission work in Los Angeles, and save his money so he can marry his beautiful fiance Lisa in the Temple. However, unknown to Joe he would become the Action, Adventure, Porno Star Orgazmo! With his faithful sidekick Choda Boy by his side, he will make the world safe from would be evil doers with his mighty 'Orgazmarator' a ray gun that brings you to a mighty orgasm!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone hit gold with this movie I think, and I'm very glad to see that it's going to be rereleased because at one time, the movie was completely out of print. I caught this movie on cable one late night after suffering from insomnia, and I was just floored with laughter. I laughed so hard, I passed out. This movie is great if you don't mind sexual humor. If you're an uptight person, then maybe you should just pass on this movie.

The acting, the directing, EVERYTHING in this movie was simply brilliant. And you can tell the Co Creators of South Park didn't have a huge budget, however they made it all work perfectly. This movie I think is far superior than just about any big budget comedy I've ever seen. And of course, you have to enjoy the "Now You're A Man" theme song that Trey Parker did for this will leave you in stitches!!
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on November 6, 1999
This movie was very funny and allowed the viewer to see what goes on behind the scenes of Porn with a comic over tone you wouldn't believe. It's all in fun so if you are offended by sex and or religious natures don't watch this but if nothing offends you this movie will have you rolling on the floor as you see Trey Parker, of South Park fame, deal with Hollywood as Orgasmo with his sidekick Scrotum-boy. This movie is funny.
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on November 6, 1999
I've been in Utah most of my life, so I've seen some strange things. This movie was really funny, but in a zany, outrageous way. I know that most religions, given enough time, will have at least one scathing satire done on them. This one doesn't really scathe at all, but only glosses across some of the more visible and well-known mormon attributes without enough accuracy to offend anyone who knows the reality of LDS life. But in the small(30000+) Utah town of Logan, someone is stealling all of the copies of Orgazmo. The video started with 3 copies on the shelf and quickly moved up to 10. Several months after its release, the boxes are there, but the videos are never in, any day of the week. Someone has either stolen all of the copies or is letting their account rack up consecutive 5-day rental fees without bringing it back in. They've been missing for more than 6 weeks, and counting. This movie made me laugh hard enough to want to see it again, but there are never any copies available, so I'm buying it from Amazon instead. It is well worth trying to get a copy of, even if someone in your hometown is hiding it from YOU.
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on December 15, 2003
Orgazmo will never win any awards. It will never teach you anything meaningful about the world or life or mankind's eternal struggle to achieve greatness. It is crude, intolerant and years from now it is definitely not a movie you'll want to share with your kids (at least not while they're young). And yet, it is without a doubt one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.
A movie of decidely more than its constituent parts, Orgazmo is pure comic genius in the inimitable (if critically under-rated) Parker-Stone style. Irreverant is too easy a term to describe it, as it implies a playful distance or better-than-thou attitude with regards to their subject. Anyone who has seen interviews with the terrible twosome will know by now that they aren't just playing at low-brow humor, they're really just pleasantly low-brow (and they would be the first to admit it). And that is a subtle, but meaningful, difference that shows in how they approach their work. The key to both their humor and their appeal is not to be found in insightful wit, catchy phrasing or even a unique perspective (although you will find a surprising amount of all of these things in their work), their secret can be found in dirty, poorly lit apartments and basements the world over. They're just two normal guys. Two normal guys who happen to be really, really funny. They talk like us, they think like us, and you get the feeling from watching movies like Orgazmo or Basketball or Cannibal: The Musical that if they just showed up one night in your own dirty, poorly lit living room and snagged a beer or two, they would fit right in. You'll recognize them immediately as people you know, but still be amazed at how funny that voice is when played out with reckless abandon and no pride or misplaced ego, on screen. Parker and Stone aren't stupid, quite the opposite you'll find, but they aren't afraid to do or say anything (really...anything) for a laugh and that is honestly refreshing. And really, if you can't laugh at Mormon pornstars, G-Fresh - a thugged out old Japanese guy (one of the highlights of the whole movie), Chasey Lain in a lobster costume or a tiny man in super-hero tights doing "hamster style" kung-fu with a dildo strapped to his head, you're trying way too hard to be intellectual. Come at it with an open mind and I promise you, you will find one of comedy's all-time under-appreciated gems.
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on March 9, 2005
I love South Park, so naturally I wanted to check this out. I loved it!! Anyone who takes this movie seriously completely misses the whole idea. To sit and criticize how they depict Mormons or how they depict the Porn business just has no sense of humor. LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! It's a great movie to watch if you just want a good laugh after a bad day, or have a bunch of friends over. One of the many things that is so great about Trey Parker and Matt Stone is their ridiculous humor and their complete disregard for the censors. If anyone has seen South Park, be it one episode in passing or a faithful fan, you know that their work ALWAYS pushes just a little past that line. So, in summation, this is the movie for anyone who loves bad taste, stupid humor, and, of course, porn stars.
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