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on October 20, 2015
I normally do not write reviews but I feel like I would be doing the watch, and anyone considering buying one a disservice if I did not. I was in the market for a new watch, and I wanted an automatic (because they are cool) that would be tough enough to be my daily wear and of a high enough quality that I could pass it on to my kids in 60 years. I spent hours (yes, hours) researching which would be the best watch one could buy for the lowest possible price and I was fortunate to stumble upon this hidden gem. Before I go on to write my review I think it is important to make note of a few very important things I learned that you should keep an eye out for when you want to buy a quality watch.
-the following is in no particular order-

1st -- You want the watch to have a round face. This makes it easier for watch makers/repairers to replace the crystal if need be.
2nd-- You want the watch to have a sapphire crystal because they are less prone to scratching
3rd-- You want the watch case to be made entirely out of stainless steel. (the case is the part of the watch that is not the strap)
4th-- If the watch has metal bands you want the end links (the link that connects to the watch) to be a solid piece. Not a folded piece of metal.
5th-- You want a water resistance rating of at least 10ATM which is 10 meters.
6th-- You want the watch to have a quality movement inside.

If you find a watch that meets all of these criteria, you can expect to be spending close to a thousand dollars or more. This watch nearly has all of those things at one tenth of the price. It does not have a sapphire crystal or solid end links which to me ore the least two important things. The attention to detail on this watch rivals that of Rolex. Before you write me off as a lunatic for saying that let me explain. Im not saying the watch is made out of the same caliber of materials BUT the same care and craftsmanship. The crown has an orient stamp on it. That little detail is usually only found on higher end watches. The band has a gorgeous orient logo stamp on it as well. The face of the watch is immaculate and has a nice metal logo on it.

Lastly the watches movement. As far as I can tell, there are 3 levels of movement quality in the watch world. Swiss (supposedly the best), Japanese (middle grade), and Chinese (the worst). This watch comes with an in-house Japanese movement. That means that the inner workings of the watch were made in the same factory the watch was made in, and not by some third party. This is a tremendous benefit because orient can monitor the quality of what they are putting in there watches and make sure it is all working correctly before it even leaves the factory.

As soon as I got my watch I took it to my local watchmaker to have it tested and it was running at +15 seconds a day which is well within its specifications. Orient has really become a force to be reckoned with in the quality watch world. They are making Very High End watches at a very Low End price. I would not be surprised at all if some day Orient is listed right up there with Rolex and Omega.

As for this watch not having a sapphire crystal or solid end links, they have just released an updated model called the Orient Mako USA that has all of the elements I discussed earlier and much more for only $225.

So in conclusion, this watch is amazing and you should not pass it up.
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on May 13, 2017
I wasn't familiar with Orient Watches when I got this - but forum / reviews convinced me to try them.

What a nice automatic watch.

In-house movement - something you usually need to spend thousands - to MAYBE get ...

Excellent design & time keeping. Suprisingly good bracelet - though the expected hollow end links. Lume is not up to parent company Seiko's offerings - if you care (I don't).

Awesome value for the $$$ & a pleasure to wear.

Highly recommended!


Got an Orange Dial Mako II (XL) .... & let this one go ... #:-( ... both are FANTASTIC & I love the larger dial of the XL - but this one is a more comfortable daily wearer. I wouldn't mind another 1 at all ....
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on November 10, 2016
Just got this so only preliminary thoughts:
1) Case: has chamfered edges on lugs/crown guard marking transition from brushed to polished finishes. Case back is a little thick but still comfortable. Notches on bezel are a little tough to grip but clicks are crisp and bezel markings align well with dial. Crown and date button screw down easily.
Bracelet: For the price, well constructed. Had stamped folded end links rather than solid but are flush with case and not particularly rattly. Doesn't pull my hair. Clasp is secure push button with locking fold.
Dial: faintly red hue to the orange which does make it tricky to see the tip of the second hand in low light. Lume is average. Lume on the handset has faint orange hue compared to lume on hour indices. Good contrast between hands and dial.
Movement: so far after 3 days on wrist and winder at night -1 sec/day. Wow!
Overall comfort is very good and easy to operate. Didn't disappoint relative to online photos. For 40% MSRP, great value. Rating due to non-SEL, bezel operation being a little hard and second hand tip being non-lumed and hard to make out relative to dial.
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on January 31, 2014
Two years on and this watch is still running well, and keeping good time. As a teacher I need to be able to accurately assess how much time I have left in a class, and setting the watch once a week is enough to make sure that it is out by no more than a minute come Friday, which is well within the advertised accuracy limits - and better by far than the school clocks.

I also dive recreationally, and have taken this watch down below 35m with no problems whatsoever. Often watches rated to 100m resistant will start developing condensation inside the case, even if they never really leak - this watch has shown no signs of any such problem.

My only complaint is that for the truly accuracy obsessed, there is no way to hack the second hand, which means that it will seldom agree with other time pieces to the second - a minor annoyance of no real significance unless you require to-the-second precision.
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on August 25, 2013
I have been accumulating moderately priced watches, some quartz movement and some self winding. Watches are the only jewelry a man can wear other than a wedding ring that don't look out of place, i.e. gold chains. I've had good luck with Orient watches so far. This is the third one I've bought.
The CEM65001M, more easily referred to as the "Orange Mako" is a diver. It says it's water resistant to 200 meters. I don't know as I never intend to go that far under water and would get it wet only when washing the car. Orient Makos are not styled like the classis Rolex Submariner. They have their own appearance. While they won't make a Rolex owner stop and look twice, these are good looking watches. The case is all steel, no see-through back, much like a Submariner. The bracelet is nicely polished machined steel. I like the orange face. One reviewer said it was not like the picture on the web but I find it is, a nice brilliant orange color. To adjust the bracelet, you either take it to a jeweler or use the watch repair kit you can get from Amazon. Taking a couple links out by yourself is not difficult.
To start the movement, you shake it. If the movement is not wound up very much, you can "hack" the movement by gently turning the stem in the direction to make the hands go backward. That way you can set the second hand. To adjust the date, you use the stem. To adjust the day, you unscrew the button guard beside the stem and push in the button until the correct day comes up. You have you have your choice of the days of the week in either English or Spanish.
The movement runs fast about 3-5 seconds a day. This has been my experience with most inexpensive self-winding watches. However, after a year or so, depending on how much it gets worn, the movement will settle down and gain less than 1 second a day. I have another Orient, a dress watch, that gives my quartz watches a run for the money. Don't worry about this at first. Trust me, it will improve.
If I had any criticism, it would be the bezel which is an elapsed time indicator. This is really stiff and hard to move at first. To cure this, make sure the stem and day button are screwed down tight. Immerse the watch in warm water with some dish washing liquid and move the bezel. It will get a bit easier. While you are rinsing it off, keep moving the bezel. After a few days, it will be much easier to twist around. I like the elapsed time bezel. I can see that I've been sitting in the dentist's office for 25 minutes before I get taken back.
I give this watch 4 stars. It's not perfect but then I didn't pay a lot for it. A Rolex is perfect and you pay about $7,000 for it too. 4 Stars and $109.60 is fine with me.
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on December 29, 2015

The date crown has stopped screwing into the case. My other issue was fixed via warranty and I will attempt to warranty this next fix. So far, what I've found is this is a nice $100 watch, but in no way comparable to something high end. ************

This was my second foray into the automatic watch field. I also purchased this Orient 21-Jewel Automatic Aviator Flight Watch with Brown Leather Strap ER2A005Y watch. The Mako has nice sleek look, and many people thought it was an Oris or Rolex, thought I'm not sure how. The bezel is a bit tight, but it works well. It keeps pretty accurate time and the reserve is a solid day plus. The issue is that after only a coupe of months, the reserve stopped working. This means when I wear it, it's fine but when I take it off, it stops. I have a service email in and will update the review after this process is over.
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on March 31, 2016
I've had the Orient Orange Mako for about three months and so far it has been an excellent watch. The fit and finish are excellent. The orange is not quite as bright as that of the Seiko Orange Monster, but is still a good looking shade. The lume could stand to be brighter but is still good; if you hold a flashlight to it for a few seconds it will glow brightly for about thirty minutes. It then dims considerably but is still visible for a couple hours.

My Mako keeps good time. I wear it about sixteen hours a day and take it off to sleep. It is always running and on time in the morning. Mine loses perhaps one minute a week, which i feel is perfectly acceptable for an automatic. Make sure you read the owners manual or check out the Watch You Seek article on setting an automatic watch so you do not risk damaging the watch when you set it.

The bezel feels like it is very well made and works well. It is, however, sort of hard to turn if your fingers are wet or oily.

The bracelet is well made and pretty comfortable however it has snagged and pulled most of the hairs out of the thumb side of my wrist.

I haven't had a chance to swim or dive in it yet but i have showered in it regularly and have not had any issues with condensation at all.

The Orange Mako is a great watch at a great price.
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on July 2, 2013
This orange faced Mako is an entry level Orient and about 2/3 of the price of the first Orient that I have purchased. The other was a newer style with a blue face with polished link parts in the bracelet. This orange faced watch is more like a Rolex Submariner with a nice brushed finish except for the sides which are highly polished. The Rolex sides are brushed. I like this bracelet in its simplicity.

With this watch, you can get a honest scuba divers watch (reviewed and accepted at many of the scuba diver's websites) for the price of four dinners in my area of the country. In some places, this would not be the price of a good supper for two.

The tip of the second hand is red and the face is orange. You have to look hard to see the second hand but in reality for a watch that doesn't hack, the second hand is really not that important (except for finding how inaccurate the watch is initially).

My watch had the 2:00 o'clock stem housing (day of the week adjustment) turned out to far and it could not be screwed in with fingers only. Not a real problem, I got out my jewelers pliers (small needle nose pliers with heat shrink tubing on the needles) and gently turned the outer housing clockwise. After a 1/10 or so turn-in, I used my fingers to gently seat the housing making the watch water-tight.

The day of the week and the date of the month do not align across the bottom or top. So what? The watch did not cost $700.

I am definitely an Orient admirer. So far, the watch is running within 2 seconds of inaccuracy for three full days. Both of my Orients keep excellent time. The photo on the Amazon website for this watch showing size is incorrect. The watch is about 41 mm and excellent size for a divers watch. It is not small as shown by this photo.

If you do not own an Orient diver's watch, then this watch is an excellent candidate for entry into the brand.
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on August 10, 2013
I have both this and the Orange Ray from Orient. This watch is the one to get. Why?

The Orange Ray from Orient has the Rolex Submariner look, but the Mako has the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean look. Arabic numerals at the 12, 9, and 6 O'Clock positions allow for quick "indexing" of the hour markers, look different, and clean the watch up a bit (with bar instead of dot markers for the other hours).

Best of all, this watch has a bezel that rotates without Arnold type forearms. The Orange Ray requires enormous pressure just to rotate the bezel, the Mako requires just "enough" (you don't need to do a killer wrist workout) to rotate.

The watch is very accurate, about 10 seconds a day loss, comparable to the Orient Ray, and far better than the nearly 30 seconds a day gain of my Seiko Orange Monster. Clearly Orient has regulated the movement well, before they ship.

The band is nice. As good as the Orange Ray in my opinion, but not the solid quality of say, the Seiko Orange Monster. But it is nice. The watch face itself is less orange than the Orange Ray, a bit more pumpkinish, less bright, more subdued. More akin to the Orange Seiko Solar than the Ray or Monster.

The red tipped second hand can be hard to see sometimes, too bad Orient did not swap out the hand used for the Blue and Black Mako with one for just the Orange Mako -- yellow or blue maybe? But that's a minor nitpick.

If you get this watch, you won't be sorry. It will fight for wrist time.
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on September 5, 2015
Amazing value! This watch is designed as a true diver's watch. Rated to 660' water resist with a screw on back, screw down crown & date button. But you don't have to dive to appreciate it's quality. This a very solid stainless steel case & heavy stainless bracelet with a locking clasp. The automatic (self-winding) movement is Orient designed & manufactured with a long history of reliability. And automatic means you wear it to keep it wound. No batteries to replace & no opening the case back every couple of years. If you require the pinpoint accuracy of a quartz watch then an automatic is not for you. But if you enjoy the "smooth" sweep of a mechanical watch & need a great looking, very rugged watch, you won't go wrong with the Mako. It's also available with a black or a blue dial & with a rubber dive strap if you don't want a bracelet.
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