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on August 31, 2015
Item came as shown. This is my first mechanical/automatic watch. I've never had a watch that wasn't a quartz battery powered movement so this is a real treat for me. I was tired of having watches die, needing to replace & buy more batteries, so I decided to invest in an automatic-mechanical. This type of movement could also be construed as "prepper" friendly. The watch I received is T+12 sec (fast) which I'd rather be faster than slower, so every 5 days I turn it back 1 minute, easy.

*If this is your first mechanical/automatic watch: please be mindful of setting the time on this watch. With this being my first mechanical, I didn't know there was an AM and PM rotation. The AM rotation changes the Date first, followed by the Day, during the hours of ~11pm-3:30am (9pm-4am per manual). Find the AM/PM rotation, read the instructions, then set it properly.

Why this one:
I decided to invest in Orient as they make their own movements, vs. other brands built in Malaysia or other places. Not to say those movements are worse/better (I lack the involved experience to say so), I'm just happy to have an authentic Japanese Automatic movement, and I value companies that make their own internal parts (as with things other than watches). I find the bars on the dial face suit me better than the circles on the Ray, for my "at-a-glance" registering of the time. I find bars less distracting and prefer the look.

Function and Use:
I also like how this is a 'dive watch' model (window cleaner here) rated at 200m water resist, with a proper uni-directional rotating bezel, so I can use it as a poor man's chronograph. The rotating bezel was a feature I was specifically looking for, glad I found it. The rubber strap it came with I found very comfortable, but it's best suited for rather large wrists. I have a 7.5-in wrist and the rubber strap it came with left a solid 1 1/4-in of strap after the sliding keeper on it. I could always take a razor blade and trim it easily, but I ordered a NATO style strap as suggested by others, and I'll recommend the same. The NATO strap is a very simple design that would keep the watch on your wrist should one of the spring bars break, vs. the entire watch-strap and all-just fall off your wrist at whatever time should that happen. I'm not made of money so I prefer to keep my watch if at all possible. The NATO strap also seems to be modeled after a "trench" strap, known today as a "cuff" strap, which I'll be looking to get for this watch later on.

I appreciate the basic black/silver combo with the dial and case. This combo works very well for the black/grey NATO strap I ordered for it, so now my watch has a bit more character, and a custom look to it. The red second hand tip is a nice touch in my opinion, as I like to watch it sometimes (look a pun!).

I also ordered a 5-in "Spring Bar Tool Set", allows me to EASILY swap straps for my watch. I also haven't encountered any bezel issues as stated by some other reviewers, but we'll see if the watch-work gremlins find me later on... sleep with a gun folks, they're out there.
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on November 23, 2015
I received this watch a day ago and already love it. There are many things I like about it, and the only 2 things that bother me. I should also mention that I am not a diver, in fact I don't even know how to swim. I ordered this as a daily wear watch and because of the features I will highlight below.

+Day and Date
+Clean watch face
+Nice lume
++Smooth (sweep motion) second hand (could be smoother but I still love this)

-+ The bezel is very tight and difficult to rotate. Maybe because I just got mine and need to wear it down a little? Either way if you like really tough rotation then this is good. Personally it was a little too tough for me.

Cons (just the band)
-The annoying dolphins on the band.
-If you have a 7inch wrist like me, you will have like an inch and a half of excess band after its on your wrist. This is annoying for me because it sticks out (as the pictures will show).

Overall: I love the watch but I've only had it for a day. I will update my review after a couple of months to see how it holds up. Reason for giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because of the band. To be fair the band itself is comfortable, but the 2 cons I mentioned above are kind of a deal breaker and I will be buying a another band for this watch in the near future (probably today).
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on May 22, 2014
This is a very good looking watch that has no fear of activities that take it in and out of sea and pool water for hours. It is very comfortable (I had to shorten the band which only took a minute with a sharp knife), has a very clear face and is easy to read in all conditions, both day and night. It looks and feels like a quality watch suitable for both recreation and office wear. After four weeks my summary is that this was a great buy, certainly value for money.
Update after five months.
Unfortunately this watch has started to lose up to half an hour a day. I experimented to see if I was doing something wrong in regard to the auto wind but no good result. Pity. It is still a good looking watch and is generally accurate for most of the day so I persist with a rewind each morning. Annoying but I live in hope it may improve. If it gets worse its gone.
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on November 15, 2014
Excellent value watch, I have had it for a few days now, and am getting a good feel for it.

Entire case and movement is made in-house in Japan.
Great aesthetic look. It has a unique take on the classic diver look, and the distinction is noticeable
Good lume, watch is easily visible at night.
Looks solid and substantial. 41mm case diameter is a good size for my 7 inch wrist.
Bi-lingual day indicator is excellent, though it does add another button at the 2 position, which seems unnecessary.

Internal rotor for the automatic movement is rather loud.
The watch band is absurdly long. It can easily be trimmed, or an aftermarket strap put on.
The spring bars are low quality, but as with the strap, these can easily be changed out.
Upon arrival, the bezel had a small divot in the black enamel. It is not very noticeable, but could indicate QC issues. This is an everyday watch, so it doesn't bother me.
It gains several seconds per day. This is within tolerance for an automatic movement at this price point, but it could be more accurate.

Overall thoughts:
It has a few issues, but you won't find a better dive watch for the money. Buy this, swap out the strap for something more manageable, and it will serve you well.
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on November 23, 2015
I bought this to go with Shark NATO Strap Co. - 22mm Black and Gray Striped NATO Strap - James Bond NATO Strap. I wanted a nice watch that met the size needs as well as a watch strap that is easily removable. This watch as fit the bill perfectly! I really like how it turned out and have worn this watch daily since receiving it last week.
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on April 16, 2014
I seldom write a review but I'm so impressed by this watch that I had to. I own a couple of citizen eco-drives & couple of swiss automatics & wanted to get a rugged daily beater, preferably a diver with good water resistance for outdoor activities & fishing on the lake. I swapped out the rubber strap with a waterproof leather one & you can pull off wearing this to work as well. So far I'm impressed. The quality is outstanding considering what you pay for it. For under $100 you get an in-house automatic movement which is very reliable, is fairly accurate & a watch you can actually wear swimming or skin diving.It lacks the hacking feature & a sapphire crystal but I would say it comes about 90% close to a Swiss timepiece for a mere fraction of the price. The built quality does not look cheap at all & in fact people have mistaken it for expensive Swiss divers & this costs less than the money you pay for a regular maintenance service on a Swiss diver.
Also, it does not have manual wind & starts as soon as you put on your wrist( for what it costs, I'm not complaining) but it has a better power reserve than the ETA powered swiss automatic I own which was a lot more expensive. I haven't seen a watch half this good for twice the price. Ofcourse, if you want well-known Swiss name on your watch, then I guess you pay the premium for it.
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on July 25, 2014

This watch is still 5 stars, however I found another model I like even better, the Orient Ray! The Ray and Mako are the same size and have the same case and band. The difference is that the Ray in as a more traditional dive watch face with no numerals. The bezel is a little thicker and has larger numbers . The Mako is great, but check out the Ray also.

First impressions: I have been looking for a quality inexpensive watch for several months. I have actually owned most of all the top brands in the sub $200 range. I have extremely particular needs as I have small wrists, and cannot have a heavy watch, or very thick watch, or one with a wide band. This has been the only quality watch for around $100.00 that has virtually all of the options I wanted. At first I was skeptical about the strange extra date adjust button, but after actually seeing and operating it, feel it is no big deal.

This watch has screw down crowns, screw down case back, and day and date window. It also has numerals on the face and not just marks. It has sweeping second hand, and outstanding lume. It does not hack (the second hand keeps moving when you set time ). There simply is not another watch model (except competing orient models) that have these features. I did not set out wanting an automatic, as they are generally thick and requires jeweler maintenance after 3-5 years, and did not want to deal with that cost which could be half the original price. But this watch is a very pleasant surprise. The case is just the right size. Others have complained the size is too small, but the specifications are readily available to you so anybody complaining has not fully investigated the purchase as this model is smaller than many others. Others have complained about the band. I love the dolphins and know full well they are present before I purchased. So how or why anybody complains is beyond me. The bezel on mine works fine and aligns properly.

This is not a dress watch and I don't think the dolphins take anything away, in fact add to the distinctiveness off the watch. The band is not as soft or comfortable as the Momentum, and I don't think true rubber, but thin and comfortable somewhat, time will tell. It is large in length as are all for my wrist. The band is not 100 percent rubber or silicone, but is softer than urethane.

This watch very well might lose some time per day. I am guessing seconds as most automatic watches do. What I fail to understand however, are those that criticize a watch losing seconds per day, and really wonder who these people are. How could anybody really care or notice at all a watch losing seconds or even minutes a month. If you want a watch like that, don't buy a sub 500 dollar watch. Don't buy this watch either.

This is just a fine time piece for the price, and I did not want to spend more. It is good looking and a great value. Yes, the case is Chinese, but this is a Japanese company and movement. There is no reason to believe that this case is any less a value or well built than seiko or citizen. All in all I wish people would honestly rate what they buy, and not extraneous issues like where the case is made, when this information is readily available on line and people should know about what they ordered. I try not to be picky about my reviews, but buy and try many products until I find the right one.
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on January 15, 2016
This is my first automatic watch, I purchased it for use as a "training watch", before buying one of my dream watches, the Submariner or Super Ocean. It keeps decent time, fast by several seconds a day. The lume is not very good, the day/date font is hard for me to read, but I still love this watch. The watch is fast by 6 to 7 seconds a day.
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on August 19, 2014
Bought this 6 months ago to replace an Invicta 8926 that never ran right (stopped for no apparent reason). After reading horror stories about Invicta service, I decided to jettision the brand totally. Truthfully the 8926 is the only Invicta I'd consided because of looks. So many of their watches are simply ugly - oversized monsters with unnecessary geegaws.
So, having read many positive reviews of the Mako, I ordered one and I've been very pleased. It looks good, feels good and runs flawlessly. I immediately swapped out the silly dolphin band for a 22mm leather. I don't dive nor do I wear it in the shower. Looks much better in my opinion. It loses about 15 seconds per month. That's acceptable accuracy in my book. It's never stopped after being on the nightstand overnight - something I couldn't say for the Invicta.
It doesn't hack. No big deal for me. The bezel was a little stiff. It loosens up after a bit. Again, no big deal. I don't dive with it and if I have to time something, I use my cell phone timer.
I don't know where it was made. I do know it says "Japan Mov't" on the dial. So there's that.
months in, a great automatic for a great price. I couldn't ask for more
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on December 14, 2014
Very solidly made and handsome watch. This is my second Orient, if you have an appreciation for mechanical watches, Orient in my opinion one of the most under-appreciated watches in the world. My uncle still wears his that he bought in the 70s. If you wear it every day it runs about one or two minutes a week off and the charge lasts about 40 hours, this is within manufactures specs(they say it could vary by up-to 20 secs a day). Some people say theirs is only off by a few seconds at the end of a week, but I'm describing my experience. It will keep time if you won't wear it for a day, but you'll have to reset it if you don't wear it for a weekend. 200m depth rating is probably a bit over stated, it will easily handle anything a human being can dish out while snorkeling in the ocean for days on in but the warranty is void if you use scuba gear. Since I only used scuba once and that was in a hotel swimming pool it's really not much of a concern. Might get a third when the mood strikes or if they have another sale.. Good watch you won't be sorry.
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