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on August 12, 2014
Finally, Now I Can Shut My Neighbors Dog Up When It Barks In 3:00AM Outside
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on October 15, 2014
I and my friends always go for hunting during weekends which have become part of us. I own two American squirrel dogs whereas my two 2 friends have an American Water Spaniel each. We have used to whistling out ourselves and using hand signals which have seemed to work though not 100%. One day as we were hunting, one of our dogs escaped without our knowledge and efforts to trace him were almost futile. We had made endless whistling by our mouth, but he just came to appear as we were almost giving up. This made us look for a new way to capturing the dogs’ attention where one guy suggested that a whistle could do.

I was to purchase the whistles for the 3 of us so that we could train the dogs at the same time. I should state that Ihad never owned a dog whistle neither used it before, but I was motivated by the fact that we were to work as a team. It was amazing on how the dog whistle was being offered at such a cheap price where we didn’t struggle to raise the money. To our surprise, the ultrasonic whistles arrived even earlier than we had projected which was on a Friday. The instructions were easy to follow.

On that Saturday, we were to go for our usual hunting. We wanted to train them as we were hunting so that it could be easier for them to understand the commands in the field. As we ran in the forest, I made a blow which was to instruct the dogs to change the direction. Instead, they stopped but this was a good sign that with time they could be able to differentiate the blows. One blow was to command them to change the direction, 2, for them to stop and 3 for them to chase after the prey. We also used to do birds hunting thus 4 blows was to instruct them to be quiet and avoid unnecessary noise. We did this the whole day where we made numerous progress. They could differentiate various notes whereas at sometimes; they didn’t respond. This was to be our main projected and by doing it for 3 consecutive weekends, they had learnt so well.

At home, I also have a neighbor who owns 2 German Shepherds who can’t let one sleep in peace. They are left in the balcony almost the whole day and are never walked. Due to the much-unused energy, they spend the better part of the day and night barking and making irritating sounds. I talked to him about this where he said that he would make efforts, but nothing was done. I decided to train the dogs by myself. At one evening as they were playing, I made one loud blow which sent then silent. After a few minutes, they started it again but this time I made a louder one and they were all quiet. I did this for a week, and now I can sleep peacefully because anytime they bark, I just blow the ultrasonic dog whistle once.
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on October 16, 2014
For long I had been looking for ways in which I could stop our stubborn neighbor's dogs from barking at me anytime I made an entrance to the gate in the evenings. I also had one little American Eskimo dog who really needed to change or either I could give him out to one of my friend far in the village. The American Eskimo had been barking all over the night which gave me sleepless nights at times.

As I was viewing some of the products online, I decided to check on various ways to shun the behaviors, and this is where I came across many varieties of the dog whistle. The reason I settled on this one, I don't know, but I was keen in checking how it worked and specifically how this ultrasonic sound repellent could be achieved. After I had been satisfied with the product, I made the purchase where the product arrived after 2days, thanks for the quick delivery. It was the exact thing I had viewed, and I had no doubts that it could be of much help.

I have used it on my little dog that had turned stubborn. I started this by blowing the dog whistle while I was holding a piece of meat on my hands where he came running but not because of the blow but the piece of meat I was holding. I decided to teach him a lesson not by caning him, but withholding the meat. I decided to place it on the plate but when he tried to pick it, I made another blow of the whistle which he obeyed and just gazed at me. I repeated this scenario severally, and now he is aware that I'm the person who has to ordain him to take the meals even when they are in the plate.

For my neighbor's dogs, I decided to try the whistle one evening when I pretended that I had just arrived. One of them started barking, and the others echoed the `chorus'. First I tried with one blow where they all gazed at me. When they started barking again, I made another blow & this time they stopped instantly except one which thought I was playing a game. As I was almost making the entrance into my house, they followed me, but this time they seemed not so motivated, and only 2 of them were barking. I made this final ultrasonic blow and all them were quiet and ran into their homes. I did this for about a week and for now; a blow sends them away into their homes silently.

So far am happy with the dog whistle and am sure that none of the neighbor's dog will come barking at me unless he/she is blind or too foolish to follow the commands and instructions. I can also sleep at peace because whenever my dog barks at night, I just blow the whistle and sometimes he isn't barking at all.
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on December 9, 2014
this is not a dog whistle. it can be heard by humans also.
My understanding of a dog whistle was a high pitched whistle that CANNOT be heard by humans.
this sounds almost exactly like a ref's whistle.
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on October 18, 2014
I’ve not made time reviews for long, but this is was so wonderful that I couldn’t let it go just like that. I have had 2 untrained Poodles in my house that can’t let the kids play peacefully in the outside. One of them actually chases them all round the compound, and because he thinks that they are having fun, he has ended up scaring them for no good reason. Sometimes I get irritated by their screams, and there is this undisciplined boy who decided to throw stones where he ended up injuring one of the dogs.

For this reason, I purchased this one ultrasonic dog training whistle which was recommended to me by one of my old friends whom I met in his restaurant and had just received the item. We tried it with a dog which was passing by, and when I made one blow, he stopped and looked at me with ears wide open. Then I said to myself, “yes! This thing can work.” The dog whistle didn’t take long to arrive after I had placed my order. On a Sunday afternoon, I decided to put a test with my Poodles when the kids were playing in the garage. I made the first note where they ignored. The second blow was loud enough for me to get their attention. They both stopped from what they were doing but within a few seconds, they were running all over the garage chasing the kids as they were used to do. I had to stop the dogs from attacking my children, and this was the last chance I was giving to the stubborn dogs. I adjusted the frequency of the pitch and this time I made the final blow. Both the dogs stopped and then run to the backyard. I did this severally but at last, it was not a big task commanding them to leave the kids alone.

With the same ultrasonic dog whistle, I decided to train my neighbor’s dog who used to give us sleepless nights. The neighbor leaves the dog in the balcony which is about 5 fit from my bedroom’s window. I had tried talking to her about this but gave me a deaf ear saying, “he’s is a Lab, and he can never stop from barking.” I knew this was not true, and only untrained dogs could bark aimlessly. One evening (I think they had gone to bed early, and they had left the dog in the same place) I decided to train the dog for them. Just as he started barking, I made a blow and this time the dog stopped barking at once. I decided to continue with this on the following day & it didn’t take me long for the dog to understand that the blow meant silence and no apologies for that.

Now I have converted the surrounding environment to a peaceful one where I & my kids can enjoy our sleep. My dogs also know that my kids are just good friends to play with but not chasing them every time.
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on August 31, 2014
My neighbor's dog always barked at 5.00 AM in the morning, which really annoyed me until I got the solution to the barking. I just make one long whistle and the dog goes silent.
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on February 4, 2015
I bought this to train my neighbor's yippy dogs to shut up. Their kids leave the dogs outside and disappear, letting them bark insesantly all day long.

I was expecting this "ultrasonic" dog whistle to be, well, ultrasonic. That's supposed to mean that the pitch is above the range audible to humans. Not so much with this one. I took it out and blew on it, and the only difference between this and the whistle that sports referrees blow on is that this one doesn't have the ball in it. It came out of the package at its highest pitch, adjusting the screw only lowered the pitch further into the audible range.

It lasted about 10 minutes in my house before clicking the "return" button.
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on April 2, 2015
This product was titled "Ultrasonic Dog Training Whistle". It is definitely not Ultrasonic. Standard whistle pitch very much in the hearing range of humans. It does adjust but it will not adjust above your hearing range. Totally lying and misrepresenting here. I have bought others before from other companies and they work great and like they are supposed to. This is just a lame knockoff that is useless and NOT the product that is advertised.
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on August 10, 2014
This is a very nice whistle. My mini pin already knows to come to me for one long whistle. I can hear the whistles, but that doesn't bother me since I know which one I want for my dog to do something for me. Two short whistles and he stops barking. It works pretty well.
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on July 25, 2014
I use this to call my dog whenever I dont feel like calling his name. She seems to respond well and the best part about this whistle is that I dont hear the sound, just my dog.
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