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on August 7, 2015
Contigo usually comes out with thoughtfully designed, high quality products that aren't too expensive. I really loved this thing because it seemed really sturdy while being much cheaper than other blender bottles. The rounded bottom is really good for not getting powder or whatever else stuck down in the corner since there is no bottom corner. I like packing a lot of stuff in my drinks (juices, powders, chia and flax seeds, oatmeal, shredded coconut) and the blender ball usually has no problem mixing it all up without leaving clumps. The big handle is also very convenient.

I'm giving 3 stars for the following reasons:

The blender ball itself can get clumps stuck between the little fins.

The blender ball thought it was the Kool-Aid Man and busted through the bottom of the bottle while I was shaking up my drink.
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on July 15, 2016
I use these almost everyday, and they're great for holding water or a protein shake. I usually make a couple of shakes at a time so having a handful of these around is super convenient. These are cheap in prie but the quality is excellent. They've been tipped over, chunked into a workout bag and never spilled anything. I also own two of this brand with a screw on top. If you're prone to dropping stuff I would recommend spending the extra few bucks to get the screw top, but for under ten bucks each this is a no brained purchase.

A couple of pro tips. The mixer ball is ok for remixing, but for the initial mix buy a hand blender. The twenty dollars or so you spend on that will more than make up for the smoothness in which your shakes come out. The upside is that the hand blender fits right in the bottle and results in zero spillage. The other pro tip, make sure you take the ball out before you put the blender in...

They're obviously not insulted, so don't expect that, but they do just about everything else really well.
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on April 3, 2017
I'm new to shaker bottles, so maybe they are all great, but this one really solved a problem for me. I've been drinking Soylent for a year or so, but each packet contains too much product for me to get to before it goes sour. If you aren't familiar, Soylent is intended to be a nutritionally complete meal supplement. The powder is similar to whey powder. I tried a power whisker. That left little clumps. This shaker bottle makes enough for a day, mixes easily and well, and is easy to clean. It is sturdy and seals well. I bought a second one to use at work.
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on February 25, 2017
I changed out the ball for a spring ball from an old shaker, you can understand how the one that comes with this can smash the bottom apart, it's crazy heavy for such a little piece of plastic.
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on September 14, 2016
This blender doesn't blend. When I put anything in it, the blades spins but the food that I put in it doesn't move. I have to take the container off and give it a shake and try to re-blend but the same thing happens.
Also, there's a slight burning smell of metal. I bought this blender several months ago and I waited until I used it several times before I left my review. I wish I could return this item or exchange it.
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on September 19, 2015
Originally, I picked one up at Walmart for my husband. I decided to buy one for myself after he started kidding me about not being able to use his own bottle.

It's been sturdy and leak proof. However, you do have to push hard on the flip top to get it to latch. It sort of clicks once, but keep pushing until you feel it catch firmly. After that, it's good to go. Even though we turned it upside down and shook it vigorously to test it, the bottle refused to leak. But, you do have to be sure that the flap is closed all the way.

The inside is bowl shaped so it's easy to hand wash or put in the dishwasher. I can put a large carabiner onto the handle and clip it to my backpack. The bottle itself is fairly lightweight without bogging down my backpack too much. The bottle fits into the cup holder in our van.

The walls are fairly thick but it's not insulated. I use this in the car, at work, camping and outdoors for iced or cool beverages, but not for hot drinks. Don't even try it with soda. The pressure builds as it does in any soda bottles. You know the pop that you get when you open a soda bottle? This bottle has a flip top spout.

What I can't address is how the bottle is when used with the shakerball. My husband's shows no signs of damage even though it was dropped several times on a cross-continent road trip. But, I can't say how it would be if vigorously shaken daily with the ball inside of it. I've shaken the bottle several times when it had ice cubes in it to mix flavoring packets and haven't had a problem.

The road trip is what convinced me to buy for myself. It's easy to drink from and holds 28 ounces. Refilling the bottle at water fountains on the trip quickly recouped the cost. Easily my favorite of the bottles that we've owned.
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on May 9, 2016
I am very disappointed with this blender. I was looking for a blender with a glass pitcher and was excited to find this one by Oster; however, after only a handful of uses, I saw a small crack in the glass near the bottom of the pitcher. The blade will not stay on and was constantly leaking so I was tighten the base more and more which could have possibly caused the crack. Whatever the cause, the blender is now completely useless. I would not recommend this blender to anyone.
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on May 3, 2016
Three features of this bottle make it better for me than the Blender Bottle. The extra wide opening on the handle makes it easier to grab and carry. The curved bottom allow for quicker and better hand washing. And since I make shakes with whole grains, the mixer ball on the Blender Bottle kept getting clogged, so I stopped using it. But, the solid, heavy mixing ball on this one is perfect. I use a blender to actually mix the shake before pouring in the bottle, but the mixer ball is good to remix later. I bought four of these, make the shakes ahead and freeze them. I set one on the counter first thing in the morning while getting ready for work. Then toss it in my bag on the way out the door (so far, the fit is tight and no leaks). By the time I get to work and settled at my desk, the shake is perfect. These shakes have been a game changer for convenience and eating a better breakfast. Would totally recommend these bottles.
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on April 8, 2017
Great simple shaker. Love how clear it makes my drinks. I dont even use the ball since it mixes fine without it. Creatine, protein, preworkout, juices etc have all mixed perfectly. The lid screws on easily and does not cross thread. The top securely snaps into place. Love this shaker compared to a bunch I've owned over the years
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on December 25, 2016
I just got this in the mail a couple of days ago to make my Zeal Protein smoothies. I added my Zurvita Vanilla Cream protein, ice, water, banana and strawberries that were fresh. It was great! The ice crushed up nicely without any issues. Then I set it for fruit smoothie and let it blend for a wonderful smoothie. I will be back to having my smoothies daily now. This is a great blender. It washed nicely as well.
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