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on August 21, 2016
Finally, after 20 years of cutting my own hair, I upgraded from my old Wahl clippers to the Oster Classic 76 with an assortment of metal clipper blades. Yes, this was an expensive upgrade when you add in the expense of all the blades, but, in combination with the metal blades, the Classic 76 does a much better job in 1/3 the time than the Wahl clippers ever did, so I feel it's money well spent. I wish I'd invested in these clippers years ago!

I've read in other reviews of people complaining about the clippers getting too hot. I imagine some of those folks did not take the time to read the instructions or watch the associated Oster Youtube videos on how to use and maintain the Classic 76. Prior to first use (and occasionally thereafter), there is a little ball bearing on the side that needs to be depressed with your fingernail and lubricated with the included oil to prevent the clippers from overheating from internal friction.

Also, when changing blades, the clipper needs to be running when you press the new blade into position. This probably seems counterintuitive, but that's how it's done properly to prevent eventual damage to the clippers.

Keep those tips in mind, and I can't see how you'd be dissatisfied with the Classic 76.
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on May 8, 2016
This is a great piece of hair cutting equipment! For the past 10 years, I have been cutting my own hair, since my hair style is nothing more than a High and Tight. I've tried various cheap Wahl and Remington clipper kits and finally decided to upgrade my set to something more reliable and consistent, and I believe I'll never need another clipper now that I have this Oster Classic 76!

* Even and consistent cutting of hair no matter how thick or damp.
* Interchangeable clipper blade is easy to remove and appears to be excellently manufactured.
* Removal of the clipper blade gives access to all the spaces where hair can get in, making cleanup easy with the supplied brush.
* Comes with 1 medium size tube of blade oil and 1 tube of grease. (Oil for the blade, grease for the motor).
* Stays relatively cool. It does warm up closer to the blade and you can feel warm air being ejected from the bottom, but this is normal operation.

* Doesn't come with larger comb attachments. It comes with a standard #1 (1/8th inch) and 000 (0.5mm). Good for edge ups but you'll have to order a OSTER compatible comb set. I bought one with 20 attachments on Amazon for 26 bucks. Not a deal breaker.
* If you want the metal comb attachments, they are rather expensive. They range from $20-30 EACH SIZE, but you would be getting quality metal pieces. If you plan on doing nothing but two sizes, they may be worth it.

Obviously, the cons are really no fault of the actual clipper. The quality is sturdy and very nice to look at, it looks like it belongs at your local barber shop. Do yourself a favor and dump the cheap clippers that pull at your hair (I'm done with that) and get something that glides on your head like the Oster Classic 76!
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on June 9, 2016
This review is a first week review so take it within that limited assessment. I love this clipper. It's powerful and takes hair down like a champ. A word of note. Make sure to watch some you tube videos on repair and maintenance of this clipper before you fire it up. A common complaint is that the clippers run very hot but this is only true if you do not oil them properly before first use and so on. I made sure to get three drops of oil on the blades and multiple drops of oil within the side button as I used it.

First time I put one drop of oil into the side button while depressed and running as recommended by various experts. When I turned the clippers on they still ran hot so I added another drop of oil then one more drop. This brought the heat way down. I added one more forth drop for measure and the next day when I tried them again they were cool to the touch the entire time I used them.

Get a few drops of oil into that side button before you use them and keep adding oil as needed. Also, get three drops on the blades as well. There are also maintenance steps for the gears inside the blade head, watch some you tube videos to get that down.

These clippers are pure pro and built to last a lifetime.
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on August 31, 2014
I have been cutting hair as a professional barber since 2002 and I own my own barbershop. I have allways used the whal senior clippers also know as an adjustable clipper for all of my clipper haircutting. These clippers (the oster) is know as a detachable blade clipper because the actual blade comes on and off. I will try to breack down the differences between the two. Well first off the oster Is defenitly louder however it's not overly loud. If you compare the number 3,2, and 1 guards between the two clippers you will notice that the oster numbers are actually a little bit longer than the plastic guards, however because they cut so smoothly the hair actually looks a little shorter. It doesn't miss anything. It takes a little getting used to when you switch. But it's worth learning. When doing skin length fades it's better to work longer to shorter. One thing I miss is the adjustable lever of the whal clipper. I end up still using both. The one 1 blade and the triple 000 blade are equivalent to the adjustable clipper in the opend and closed position respectfully. Your def. going to want to pick up the 3 and a half blade, the 2 blade and the one and a half blade for the oster. The one and a half blade is perfect for clipper over comb work. Even the thickest hair is no match for the oster. Even if it's a little wet. I took off a huge thick beard the either day and it went threw it like a hot knife threw butter. Very powerfull like I said. The other advantage to the oster Is that it cuts the hair while you pull the clipper away from the head so blending the hair is easier then the plastic attachments of the whal. I don't think you need anything higher than the 3/4's inch blade cause after that you can just use sissor over comb and it comes out mint. All in all I'm very happy. Worth the money. But I recommend using both clippers. The adjustable clipper is still good for around the ears tapering. So let's say after you use the one and a half blade on the oster. You can switch to the wahl clipper and open the lever up and it basically the next size down. Enjoy.
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on April 27, 2016
Great product, i will reccomend this clipper to any barber or general person you cant go wrong with this clipper, its great for casual cuts and fades ect.... Any haircut this clipper can handle the job with no doubt, thick hair straight hiair, any type of hair this clipper will do the job also it will cut any lengths as its has detachable blades mine included 2 blades 000 & a 1 you can putchase other blades off amazon or the Oster web site the blades that are (not included) are around $20 to $28 a piece but worth every penny this clippers will last a veryyy long time if you take care of tge by oiling the blades and the motor also greasing the internal moving parts as instructed by Oster these Classic 76's are by far the best clipper i have owned as i have been cutting hair for years its also great for begginers again i reccomend this clipper to anyone despite race, sex or religion these clippers don't discriminate
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on October 16, 2016
So I used to get my hair cut about every 3 weeks. As I got to realize the cost (around $25-$30 each time.)
I wondered if I could Cut my own hair at home at my leisure.
The next time I went in to see my barber, I took a long look at his clippers..The Oster Classic 76! he used several and swore they were like "Tanks" Never Broke down and worked Beautifully. So I asked him what blades he used on me. As soon as he told me I made a Mental note.
The next morning I pulled up Amazon and ordered the Oster Classic 76 and the blades my barber always used for me.
The rest is history . This was in Feb. 2013. The clipper works as smooth today as when I took it out of the box over 3yrs ago.
I'm sure my barber checked the OBITS every Sunday to see If I Died as He never saw me again! My Haircuts are even better that I used to get at the Barber shop and the Oster has paid for itself many times over! If there's a better more rugged clipper out there I'd love to see it. I'm not holding my breath! lol
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on June 28, 2016
This clipper did not last me half a year , the motor stopped working after 6 months. I've had an Oster clippers before and lasted over 6 years but to waste $130 and one last 6 months it's insane and I can't return it no warranty I guess...
Would not buy again..
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on July 24, 2016
I have been using this razor twice monthly for the past 8 months (military), and have also used it on my dog. Whatever I put through it, it cuts beautifully and evenly. The razor is a little heavy but it feels very quality, and the finish is very attractive! This package comes with a small set of lube, oil, shorter blade, cleaning brush, manual, and sweet little bag. The cord is plenty long for professional use. I purchased a set of combs that are compatible with this razor, and I am floored by how good this razor cuts. My wife, who has never cut hair before, was able to pick this tool up and figure it out very easily, now I have a lot of my friends asking her to do their haircuts as well. The craftsmanship on this piece is very solid, and backed by a great warranty. I don't plan on buying any other brands! The only complaint I have is that maintenance is not explained in the owner's manual, such as the difference between the grease and the oil, is it submerisble, etc. I have developed my own system of care based on my previous knowledge, but I don't know how in line this is with what the company would recommend.

A standard toothbrush works great compared to the included brush for cleaning out the blade!
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on July 17, 2016
I've been shaving my head for years. I have used everything from beard trimmers, saftey razors, to most recently the wahl peanut. The oster 76 will be my last clipper purchase. I have pretty thick hair and where other clippers would get bogged down this one went through it with no problem. It doesn't have the typical buzz of the normal clipper because the motor is different and a lot stronger. It is also completely serviceable by the user so when it starts failing you can change the brushes on the motor out and it'll be like a new clipper. I wish more things where made like this. I'm tired of something dying and having to through it out and buying new. The different blades are great too. If like me you want shorter than buzzed pick up the andis outliner blade it fits the oster 76. It is a bald/skin length blade 000000.

Con: size. It's rather large so you really can't use it for detail work without practice. Although most barbers can. I'll be using this in conjuction with the wahl peanut for the best home hair cuts. Best of both worlds.
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on August 19, 2016
Anyone who cuts their own hair just buy it. It's more expensive than you'd like but the difference between this and pretty much anything else is incomparable. I have thick hair that grows fast and I like to keep short and this is the best that I've tried. And I've probably spent $150 on other clippers, $30-$50 at a time. If I knew then what I know now this would be the only clipper that I would buy.
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