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on August 21, 2016
Finally, after 20 years of cutting my own hair, I upgraded from my old Wahl clippers to the Oster Classic 76 with an assortment of metal clipper blades. Yes, this was an expensive upgrade when you add in the expense of all the blades, but, in combination with the metal blades, the Classic 76 does a much better job in 1/3 the time than the Wahl clippers ever did, so I feel it's money well spent. I wish I'd invested in these clippers years ago!

I've read in other reviews of people complaining about the clippers getting too hot. I imagine some of those folks did not take the time to read the instructions or watch the associated Oster Youtube videos on how to use and maintain the Classic 76. Prior to first use (and occasionally thereafter), there is a little ball bearing on the side that needs to be depressed with your fingernail and lubricated with the included oil to prevent the clippers from overheating from internal friction.

Also, when changing blades, the clipper needs to be running when you press the new blade into position. This probably seems counterintuitive, but that's how it's done properly to prevent eventual damage to the clippers.

Keep those tips in mind, and I can't see how you'd be dissatisfied with the Classic 76.
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on October 5, 2017
This is only the best clippers I have ever purchased. I originally decided to purchase it based on comments in reddit where people felt that it will last forever. The biggest selling point for me other than its quality is the interchangeable METAL blades. I use this primarily to keep my beard trimmed and I've bought 5+ clippers and they all failed. Either they broke quickly, the various guides they offered broke quickly, battery on cordless ones end up losing its charge etc... The only downside is that this thing is HUGE which makes maneuvering extremely difficult. But I knew this before I purchased it so I'm not going to deduct any points.
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on February 17, 2016
Excellent 'professional' grade product top to bottom.

My 2 cents:

• Detachable blades cut like butter.... really
• Plastic guards are worthless, and in my opinion, not even compatible at all - large patches of completely missed hair and blending is impossible (used Oster Professional Universal guards and Andis Nano magnetic 0-4)
• A bit clunky for self-cut fading/blending (same thing) due to weight and size, however still believe best detachable for the job given quality vs others
• Best hair cutting product I've ever owned and not close

I attempted to research plastic guard usability to decide whether to buy detachables w clippers, and only found they fit 000 'perfect'. While they certainly do fit snugly on the 000 detachable, their usefulness ends there.

Hopefully this helps someone in my same predicament. I just ordered my first 3 additional detachables and expect to be very satisfied w my 76ers for a long, long time.
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on August 10, 2016
I always buy oster 76 but I had to repair this a week after buying .. Didn't have time to send back or would have been out of a clipper for work .. All my blades started to rattle
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on April 22, 2017
This clipper is absolutely amazing. It powers through hair effortlessly and doesn't get hot. I was unsure of them to begin with because of their size and weight ,but all of that was forgotten after the first bald fade I did in the salon with them. Now all the other ladies I work with are thinking of giving them a try. Go Oster!
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on January 22, 2017
I like how it cuts especially with the lowest setting blades I bought but it can get uncomfortably hot much sooner than I expected. I make sure to lube the blades very well before/during/after each cut and drop oil into the little ball bearing port. Still trying to find a solution to help with the heat issues, otherwise I LOVE how it cuts. I may even try relubing the gears and insides even though it is brand new and shouldn't need it, but not sure what else to try to resolve the heat issue. I would give this 5 stars for the cutting, and 3 stars for the heat issue...hence my 3 star rating.
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on September 10, 2014
The quality of these Oster 76 Classic clippers was evident the moment I picked them up out of the well packed box. They are clearly quality through and through. If you're looking for professional level hair cutting equipment, this is it.

They come with two tubes of lubricant, one grease and one oil. A guard for the blades and two sets of blades, a 000 and a 1.

I cut my own hair and I like it short. As soon as I got these, I put on the 000 head and the #0 guard and went to town. They are so quiet compared to my previous buzzer clippers. I could scarcely tell they were cutting due to being so sharp and the guides so smooth. But the first look in the mirror revealed the quality I've been wanting for so long. Nice smooth even cut with no stragglers.

This is the quality that will last decades and be passed down to my children.
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on May 8, 2014
I have been shaving my head for 10+ years. I have used many $30-$100 clippers and this is by far the best. I used the 00000 blades that I bought separately for $20 and they shave very close. I would not say it is next day stubble like most people are saying it is more like 2 days. I did watch the maintenance video from Oster about this clipper and they state that if the handle gets warm it needs oil. Well it got warm / hot right out of the box, so I oiled it exactly the way the video showed, and no change. So we will see if it is going to die / overheat or not.
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on October 6, 2013
I bought these clippers because they had such high ratings. I put them on my wish list and they went on sale so I purchased them. I would go with another brand if I had to make the purchase again. However, they are good clippers and I am not dissatisfied. The draw backs:

1-They are bulky and heavy. You will literally have to rest your arms after cutting for a while.
2-They get too hot very quickly (after 15 minutes). If you are a barber don't get these because you will be able to cut one head then have to let them cool off.
3-The clippers must stay plugged in at all times (no battery).
4-They cost over $100 dollars and I expected to not have some of these issues at that price.

They good news:

1-They cut great.
2-They are quiet. They sound more like a well oiled bicycle chain instead of a buzz saw like most clippers.
3-The blades can be switched out without unscrewing screws.
4-The blade is very wide so it covers a lot of surface area.
5-The clippers come with a #1 and a #000 blade. This extra blade is a $20 value.
6-The clippers come with a very generous tube of oil for the blade and a tube of grease for the motor.
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on July 18, 2015
The gold standard for clippers. Reliable and has easily detachable blades. Unlike Andis, they haven't made changes to the clipper that lowered the quality. No screwdriver is needed to change the blade, just flip it back and pull it off. Lots of blades are available with sizes that are easy to understand. The part number and actual size are on the blade. It comes with 2 blades, a "000" (0.5mm) and a "1" (2.4mm). I shave my whole head and like it pretty short so I have more time before I have to do it again. I ordered the shortest blade, "00000" (0.2mm), separately for this purpose.
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