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on May 15, 2015
All the people complaining about this blender breaking, overheating, or not being for everyday use are using it wrong. I bought one of these in 2013, use it 5 times a week, and it still works great. Here's the thing that most people don't realize:

It has a small engine. While it's fairly loud, it is quieter (and weaker) then most full size blenders. It blends ice and fresh/frozen fruit and veggies very well, but needs enough liquid to do it correctly. And by correctly, I mean in 30 seconds or so. If you're holding the thing down for more than a minute or two, it is at risk for overheating (although mine never has).

Here's what I do: Fill the bottle up 50-60% with milk/water/juice, fill the rest with fruit/powder/peanut butter, blend for 10-15 seconds, take the bottle off and shake to mix (not necessary, but it makes the process quicker and helps you decide if you need to add more liquid), then blend for another 10 seconds. It will not make super thick smoothies that you have to eat with a spoon. If it doesn't seem like it's blending, add more liquid!

I only have 2 small problems with this blender. One is the terribly designed lid, which I've solved by using a straw. The other is that the bottle won't clean properly in the dishwasher (water doesn't reach all the way up), so I bought a bottle brush and clean it manually.

**2016 Edit: I've had this thing for 3 years now, still use it 5 times a week, and it still works great!
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on December 21, 2015
I bought this blender for my 12yo daughter. She loves smoothies and has gotten old enough to make them herself. This blender is easy to use with its one touch button and is the perfect size. She makes her smoothie for breakfast and drinks it on the bus on the way to school. I love that the container is a sport bottle (which she clamps onto her backpack) made of BPA free plastic and very easy to clean. This blender is powerful for its size and blends frozen fruits with ease. I have also used it for making pesto and dips and it worked great. I would definitely recommend!

Wild horses could not sway my views and all opinions are my own, and reflect my personal experience with this product. I strive to make my reviews as helpful as possible to others, because helpful and honest reviews are just as important to me when I am making my buying decisions. If you feel any of this information was helpful, please click the "Yes" button. Thanks!
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on May 7, 2015
Just got mine today!! I made a smoothie out of Frozen strawberries, half a frozen banana, milk, yogurt, Greek kale and frozen pineapples! No ice needed! Yummmm
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on December 15, 2017
I'm happy with it so far (only used it twice). I don't fill up the bottle all the way, and after the first time I realized I needed to follow the directions on which order to add the ingredients to the bottle. Fruit and liquid first, then greens and powders last. Also, on the first time testing it, the blender gave off a bit of a burning odor, but that seems to have dissipated.
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on June 24, 2017
I love this blender, and you really can't beat the price. I was about to buy a name brand one when I saw this one while shopping on Amazon and I'm so glad I did. I make smoothies with it all the time and they always turn out well blended with no big chunks (I can't stand having chunks in my smoothie). The only problem I really have with it is that the separate lid it has for taking the bottle places either doesn't have an air hole or it's not big enough to be effective. So I just pour my smoothie into a travel mug instead of taking the blender bottle, but it's really not a big deal. If/When this blender breaks, I'm definitely going to buy another.
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on July 4, 2016
I have been using this blender 6-7 days a week and it has been working well. I use this blender to make protein shakes and it blends the ice well, occasionally there will be a piece of ice left but does well for the price. As others noted the top should be re-designed. I would recommend this product.
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on October 11, 2017
Nice way to make a smoothie on the go for one without having to clean an entire blender. It will still leave chunks of larger pieces and ice, but it works for me perfectly. You put in your ingredients, blend, then drink 'n go. Now if i could remember to pick up ingredients when im getting groceries.
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on November 26, 2017
For the price, it gets the job done. The blade is not very sharp. The shape of the bottle makes it difficult to blend everything without having to shake the ingredients to flow down half way through. It also stars to emit a burning smell after a strenuous blend. But for $25, it's worth dealing with. It's super convenient to not have to transfer smoothies into a different container.
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on February 20, 2017
Get what you pay for. After a month of use it now blends inconsistently at 50-75% power.
Still works and for the price its worth the risk.
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on July 22, 2015
I bought this for the hubby because he's started working out and I was thinking I could make him some protein shakes in the morning instead of having him buy the muscle milk stuff from the stores all the time. My first try was a bit of a disaster. Apparerntly you're not supposed to put anything in there that's bigger than the size of a nickle. Silly me, I went and put in whole frozen strawberries. Needless to say, that thing did not want to blend at all. This was supposed to be a quick way to make a shake, kind of a grab and go deal. I ended up spending 20 min trying to get everything to blend together. I had to add a lot more liquids that I was hoping which made the shake pretty bad. So yeah, the hubby didn't drink the shake. I have yet to use this thing again since that first time. I'm still giving this thing a three star because I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt that it works like it's supposed to and I'm the problem here by putting in whole frozen strawberries. Probably would need something more powerful for what I want to do with it. So yeah, if you're blending super small frozen berries and really don't mind the super loud noise, this product's for you!
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