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on December 21, 2015
I bought this blender for my 12yo daughter. She loves smoothies and has gotten old enough to make them herself. This blender is easy to use with its one touch button and is the perfect size. She makes her smoothie for breakfast and drinks it on the bus on the way to school. I love that the container is a sport bottle (which she clamps onto her backpack) made of BPA free plastic and very easy to clean. This blender is powerful for its size and blends frozen fruits with ease. I have also used it for making pesto and dips and it worked great. I would definitely recommend!

Wild horses could not sway my views and all opinions are my own, and reflect my personal experience with this product. I strive to make my reviews as helpful as possible to others, because helpful and honest reviews are just as important to me when I am making my buying decisions. If you feel any of this information was helpful, please click the "Yes" button. Thanks!
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on June 12, 2017
I love this little blender. I purchased it for use in my camper van because I love getting extra healthy fruits and veggies in via smoothie. The simplicity and compact size of this blender is what won me over and it has proven to be a solid choice. It has enough power to blend fully frozen fruits with ease; I have not tried anything using ice but I imagine it would have a similar result - a smooth and fine puree. There is only one button - pulse - so I have to exact control over the process but that's fine with me. I don't need a big base with lots of fancy features, just a simple low wattage blender that easily blends frozen fruits and seems like it will stand the test of time. To boot it's fairly easy to clean - just don't leave the rubber/plastic top covered with smoothie for too long or it may dry into some hard-to-reach crevices.

This has been a great addition to my van and added lots of easy and accessible calories to my diet. Hooray!
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on September 4, 2017
Works pretty well, but frustrated because I saw it at King Soopers today for $14.99...just got mine on Saturday.
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on December 21, 2017
So far, so good. Reading through other reviews came me tips on how to prolong the life of this little blender - THEY ARE RIGHT. When used correctly, this little guy is a monster! I always make sure 50% of the bottle is liquid, fill the rest + ice, blend for short bursts with some shaking in between. Less than 2 min, I have my morning protein shake, nice and chilly! Small foorprint means it can stay on the counter, the blade lid is super easy to clean out. Hopefully I'll get several good years of use out of this little guy (Oster is a great brand - i have a 20+ yr old blender of there's at home!) [ will update in time if issues appear]
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on July 23, 2015
The main reason I have to use a blender is to mix protein shakes. Generally, I only mix the powder with milk, but on occasion, I mix fruit with it as well. This blender is more than powerful enough to handle that load. I have owned one of these blenders for a few months and have never had a problem with lack of power.

However, it can be difficult to properly mix everything together. When I mix protein powder with milk, there are often one or two places near the bottom of the bottle where some of the powder groups together rather than being mixed in with the rest of the shake. I suspect this is due to the narrow shape of the bottle. I believe this blender would have much more use if the container were a bit wider.

If you are planning on using this blender or are already using it, be careful when you place and remove the bottle from the blender itself. If you are not careful, you can trigger the blender to start rotating slightly before the bottle is locked into place. If this happens every time you use it, the rubber will wear over time, which would make it more difficult to lock into place.

Despite these shortcomings, I would still recommend this blender to someone who needs a blender for light use. I do not think I will need to buy a new blender for quite a while.
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on September 28, 2017
Blender Hunt

Being a busy college student, I knew that I needed a blender that was going to fit into my lifestyle. Between classes, club meetings, and working it is often hard to find time to eat. I knew I needed a blender that was dishwasher safe, durable, easy to use, and portable. I did plenty of research, read reviews on different products, and decided that the Oyster My Blend was the perfect blender for me.

About My Blend

The Oyster My Blend is offered in a variety of colors and has a recipe book included in the manual. The bottle is made up of a durable, BPA-free plastic that can withstand the wear and tear of being carried around day in and day out; it is also dishwasher safe. It is operated with a motor that, if overheated, has a built-in fuse for automatic revival. It comes with the opportunity to purchase a two or three-year warranty in case of breakdowns or malfunctions. This is a great option for active children and adults who are especially hard on their water bottles. The Oyster company offers the option to purchase additional bottles that are compatible with the base of the blender, so you never run out of clean bottles.

How to Use

To use this bottle is quite easy. Simply fill the portable bottle with your desired mix-ins. I use a variety of foods such as frozen fruit, yogurt, vegetables, or juice. Next, screw on the bladed lid, line up the arrows on the lid and base, and blend away. Lastly, just twist of the bladed lid, give it a quick rinse, and screw on the portable cap. Toss it in a bag, or carry it around; whatever you decide, the portable size is flexible for any lifestyle. Follow those easy steps and you are ready to take on the day.

Why to Buy

The Oyster My Blend is a great option for the on-the-go consumer or even just for those with a love of smoothies. I use this product three to four times a week and am extremely happy with this purchase. It is incredibly easy to use and the perfect size for my breakfast. I have even tried a few of the recipes that were included in the manual and they were delicious. Thanks to the leak-proof lid, it can easily double as a water bottle when I am going to the gym. Overall, the Oyster My Blend is the perfect blender for those with a busy lifestyle, such as myself. If you are considering purchasing a portable blender, this product will not disappoint.
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on February 23, 2018
I use this every single day! I’ve been using it for 3 months every day since I bought it and it’s still going strong. At this price, it’s practically disposable! The blades are very sharp and blend ice perfectly. I only use it for bananas, yogurt, protein powder and ice (sometimes frozen fruit too) - I would never try to blend veggies in it FYI. It just doesn’t seem powerful enough. However, it’s perfect for a single smoothie. The bottle is great, minus the lid. The lid is a little flimsy - the top for the hole won’t stay snapped shut. This doesn’t really bother me though... I just use the bottle without the lid since I usually drink a smoothie at home and don’t take it with me. If you’re hesitating about buying this, JUST BUY IT! It’s so simple to clean and makes making a smoothie so easy for me! All you have to do is clean the blade after (just run it under water quickly and that’s it!) and then clean the bottle when you’re done drinking. It’s soooo much easier than any other big blender I’ve had which NEVER GOT USED. This gets used every day, multiple times a day. And I save money because I’m not going out and buying smoothies. Seriously, it’s an awesome product.
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on July 27, 2017
I LOVE this blender. It makes blending shakes fast and easy. It is quieter than my large blender and actually blends up ice much better (no chunks). I love the convenience of being able to use the same bottle by just swapping lids. The bottle is light and there is no leaking from the lid. The capacity is 20 ounces which is plenty for all the shakes that I have ever used - even when i add fresh fruit and ice. And the price is great comparing to other products. I also like that it is sleek and compact so it doesn't take up very much room. If space is limited, you could easily put it in a cabinet or large drawer. Highly recommend. So much easier than cleaning my large glass blender for everyday use!
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on January 16, 2018
I bought this for myself mainly for convenience. I order Daily Harvest smoothie cups that are delivered frozen to my door, and I have one every day for breakfast. It was a royal pain to make them in my Viking mixer and then pour into a cup to go to work, so I was hoping this would be more convenient. It is amazing. It has cut at least 10 minutes off my daily routine just from being easy to clean and so portable. It is a champ with frozen chunks of banana, coffee, seeds and nuts, you name it. Anything I've thrown at it, it's been able to handle. I throw it all in, blend it up, rinse off the blade portion, screw on the lid, and off I go to work. At work I wash out the bottle and use it for my liquids the rest of the day. Easy peasy.

I never write reviews, so the fact that I took the time to write this is evidence of what a great product it is.
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on June 17, 2017
My mom's blender exploded an I'd thought I'd buy her a new one. She only uses it for smoothies so I went for a personal blender but was overwhelmed with the options. I wanted something under $50, but the problem is there's no clear cut "best" blender based solely off reviews ratings (except in the $100+ option). The more expensive units don't necessarily have higher ratings, and I didn't want to pay more for something that's not going to last any more than the cheaper ones. I settled on this one and it was a good choice. Blends frozen berries well and with a very smooth consistency. She doesn't use ice in hers. I've read reviews that it's common for most personal blenders to burn up (smoke) if overworked (ice) so I bought the 4year warranty for $5. Paying 20 bucks for a blender that actually lasts 4 years is a great bargain these days when nothing is made very well, regardless of the price - so I'm happy. She loves the bottle, replacement bottles are affordable, blender is easy to use and intuitive, small & doesn't take up tons of counter space.
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