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on December 10, 2015
Pretty neat little device, but the corks occasionally get stuck inside it. If this happens, just push a butter knife up against the cork while pushing the button in reverse. This should start the cork unwinding from the screw.
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on July 23, 2016
I purchased the opener less than a year ago and it performed flawlessly until last night when the screw broke off from the opener and was stuck in the bottle. I attmpted to epoxy it back in without success,
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on October 29, 2017
I had surgery on my hand (minor) but had a large bandage on. My husband was not home and while I was all taken care of for my dinner, I couldn't open a bottle of wine to enjoy a glass....a fate worse than death for a California girl!! Short of whacking the bottle against the counter (not good for the granite) I went across the street and asked my neighbor to open the bottle for me. When I got home I ate my dinner, drank my glass of wine and got on Amazon to order the electric wine opener. So glad I did; we use it all the time and love the ease of opening the bottle and not shredding the cork or inadvertently pushing the cork into the bottle.
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on November 15, 2016
Burnt my hand and could not use a regular opener for about a week, right when I really needed a glass of wine! This saved me!
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on December 8, 2014
Left previous review....

"Great opener that replaced our worn-out Oster after 5-6 years of use 3-4 times p/wk. More powerful and smoother operation, better looking too."

But, now the battery will not even push the corkscrew 1/2" into the cork, let alone pull it out. And, Amazon cut off date for return will not allow me to get my money back, and I now must go through the manufacturer for a $15 item....... forget that!.(but I won't forget it) This opener needs a serious battery improvement!

My advice? Do not go cheap. Pay a bit more and get better quality. That is the problem with Chinese-made stuff generally. It costs less when you buy it, sure, but it doesn't last nearly as long as good old American or European-made products that cost more. Just not worth it.

Followup review..............disregard my above negative review. I found a broken piece of wine cork up inside the opener at the very top of the corkscrew that prevented the corkscrew from winding all the way down into a new cork it was trying to remove. After digging that broken cork piece out, the opener worked perfectly. Now I have two openers, as I bought another one when this one failed to work properly. Really dumb, as usually I am pretty good about these things. But, finally got it right and that is the main as true as you can with your reviews and if things change tell others here about it.
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on November 4, 2016
Easy to charge and operate. Has a handsome stand to keep it and the foil cutter handy. Opens 30 bottles before recharge it says. Great for off grid campiong when you still want some civilization and cocktails. I like the cork discharge function; makes it easy to get the cork off the opener.
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on February 17, 2018
This thing is my trusty wine opener I've had for years. I recently bought them this Christmas as gifts for people too that I knew we're still using a manual cork screw. Makes popping corks much much easier! For the money its a no brainer to buy one of these.

This thing works great as long as you leave it plugged in all the time. It seems to use a lot of energy pulling the cork, so it doesn't respond well to not being plugged in all the time. It has a small cutter with it too to remove the foil that is held in the stand behind the opener. Make sure you place it correctly on the charger and see the red charging light, occasionally I've not placed it correctly and come to find a dead wine opener. You'll only make that mistake once!
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on April 28, 2018
My previous experience with this sort was a "Rabbit" I got as gift several years ago which I loved it but lost the charging cable for it. Though I am an everyday wine drinker, I am also very cheap so I didn't replace it and went manual for some time...until I got weary of interrupting a great buzz by the dread of having to open a new bottle. I purchased this in "used like new" condition. But this one is going back!! Not only is it is missing the foil cutter but though the corkscrew goes all the way in and out without much effort it fails to remove the cork even after the longest charge. I have purchased items in that condition many times and never had a problem until now.
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VINE VOICEon April 7, 2013
Color: Metallic Red|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
Executive Summary: First, superseded version: great. Second version, same model number, significantly better. Highly recommend after testing almost 250 bottles.

Note: the opener will last longer than the foil cutter; an excellent replacement is the EDGY® Wine Foil Cutter . My Review is at

[This Review covers two different versions of this opener, both with the same model number, the second a considerable improvement of the first. Read my review in chronological order, top to bottom -- the openers both got better and better with use.]

April, 2013: Initial doubts: For example, can you replace the corkscrew when the original one gets dull? I don't see how, frankly, but perhaps for thirty bucks that isn't important for you, just buy a new one.

Not so good with plastic corks -- I wish all wines meant to be drunk in the first five years after bottling had screw caps, but that just the dreams of an old guy who has poured too many expensive bottles down the drain. (I admit that I am very sensitive to TCA, and probably guys like me have no business using an electric wine bottle opener.)

But, gee, on the right kind of cork, this is a very good wine bottle opener -- only 18 cases so far, but every one was pulled out beautifully and then ejected without any change of button pushing. The little cutter thingie -- does it have a technical name -- works great and the holder on the side of the main case is a brilliant design feature.

Holds a charge well here -- we opened 18 bottles during one tasting with no loss of power.

Great product -- but can it be recycled when the cork screw gets dull? No way as far as I can tell.

Robert C. Ross
April 2013

May 24, 2013: 24 bottles, 20 corks, 4 other -- going strong.

January 4, 2014: 114 bottles, 110 corks, screw is going strong but the foil cutter is failing.

February 22, 2014: 124 bottles, 120 corks, foil cutter showing amazing life, but several of the last few corks broke -- poor corks in general in our favorite Sancerre from Balland, but the screw handled the weak corks much better in the early going. If it were possible, I would change the screw at this point, but we will soldier on to see how it does in its after normal life. Cost so far (not counting electricity, $.25 per bottle.)

June 16, 2014: 157 bottles and corks, the foil cutter continues to show amazing life. We have had better corks since February, and the screw is performing admirably. If the cork is sound -- of course out of the control of the wine lover and the manufacturer of an electric opener -- this device is worth owning. Cost is under $.20 a bottle and the device is working as well as when we first tried it.

Based on this experience, I've moved from three to five stars. A very good electric opener.

August 31, 2014 Well, it finally has given up -- it would love to keep going, still takes a good charge but the point of the screw is too dull to pierce the corks. I still haven't found a way to replace the screw or to sharpen it -- so it is time for a replacement. Total usage: 202 bottles, or about fifteen cents a bottle. I'll shop around for a replacement, hopefully with a replaceable screw, but failing that, will buy another one.


September 15, 2014: No luck finding an electric opener with a point that can be easily sharpened; I ordered another Oster FPSTBW8220 Electric Wine Opener, Metallic Red with the same product number: Oster FPSTBW8220. Let's see if the second can beat my 15 month record with the first one.

December 17, 2014: In use, this version -- same model number but quite different in a couple of respects -- is a significant improvement. First, it's a little bit smaller and easier to hold for people with smaller hands. Second, and really important, there is a spring around the corkscrew which prevents the screw from going in at an angle. On lousy corks, that is a real advantage -- the screw has plenty of support all around the cork. Bravo!!!

42 corks, every one perfectly extracted, even four that crumbled after being removed. That spring is very helpful. The foil cutter is starting to dull a bit and we may have to find an inexpensive add on. My guess is that the screw itself will hold its sharpness longer because it cannot hit the glass sides of the bottle. I might try the Vinara Wine Opener Foil Remover Sharp 4 Wheel Wine Foil Cutter with Magnets, (Black), which is inexpensive but perhaps too cheaply made based on the wide range of reviews.

January 18, 2015: Boy, that spring is a dramatic improvement to this opener -- bravo to the engineers!

31 more corks since December 17, 73 altogether and not a single malfunction, including five crumbly corks on my close friend's favorite Sancerre -- Balland at .

July 1, 2015: 90 more corks, 163 altogether and not a single malfunction. We have moved from Sancerre to Pinot noirs from Oregon and France as our house wine because of some problems with heart burn; the reds have much better corks. It is a joy to use this opener.

Robert C. Ross
revised July 1, 2015


A very crisp, minerally Sancerre from that part of the Sancerre region where the chalk layers come close to the surface; this is the same structure as the white cliffs of Dover in England and runs east through Sancerre to the wonderful Champagne region in France. There are three distinct regions in Sancerre, and the ones from this area where the chalk is nearer the surface are really superb.

"Sancerre is a small wine district in central France, famous for its crisp, aromatic white wines made from Sauvignon Blanc. It is also known for its high-quality goat cheeses, which are an excellent match for the local wine. The vineyards here surround the eponymous town, which sits atop a bean-shaped hill overlooking the river Loire (see Loire Valley). The classic Sancerre wine is white, bracingly acidic, and has pungent aromas of gooseberries, grass, nettles, and a hint of stony minerality. Richer, riper examples - particularly those from warmer, west-facing sites with chalky soils - often show fruitier notes of passion fruit and lemon peel. Sancerre is typically less 'obvious' than the most famous New World styles of Sauvignon Blanc; less grassy than those from Marlborough and less overtly citrussy than those from Casablanca."

Much as we love Balland Sancerre, they really scrimp on their corks and despite contacting their importer twice, the bad cork rate holds steady at about 15%. This opener with the spring in the housing handles them with aplomb
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on June 2, 2017
I bought one of these 4 years ago and the only thing that ever wore out on it was the little foil cutter that got dull. I bought another one a month or two ago and the switch went out on it already. I guess 15 bucks isn't much, but there's no option to return it any more. I'll use the foil cutter from the new one and the old bottle opener I guess.
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