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on November 28, 2012
Finally, a case that holds the kindle in place without falling!!! I bought other cases that had to be returned. This is expensive, yes. BUT, it does what it says, it's got great protection, holds up your 8.9 in. kindle FIRMLY, no worries! Different positions, folds up nicely, THANK YOU!
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on December 11, 2012
All of the reviews that I have read about the OtterBox have been positive. I just got mine in today and I can now understand why. I didn't have any problems figuring out how to get the Kindle sandwiched inside the OtterBox. No bubbles on the clear
silicon screen protector either. The level of protection is just awesome. Granted, it does add some extra weight but since I will be using mine on the road alot, it is worth the trade off.

It does have cutouts for where the speakers are, so my original concern about sound quality was a non issue.
ALso, there are raised silicon tabs for the volume rocker and on/off switches. I have not had any difficulties in turning the Kindle on or off, nor adjusting the volume. The mini-hdmi and usb slots are also covered by a silicon flap which can be pressed shut when not being used.

I'm very impressed with the quality of the materials used and the level of protection provided. I will be recommending this product to my friends.
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My day to day use of this OtterBox causes me to wish I could give it 6 or 7 stars. This is just such a handy device. It works so well with my 8.9 inch Fire. It is so sturdy yet easy to hold. I am amazed that they can get this much protection into what I consider such a light weight case.

One of my many Otterbox series cases.

I purchased this one for my Fire 8.9 for when my grandkids are over and want to use one of my Fires.

This is the usual high quality from Otterbox. It works just like all of their covers. I usually remove the plastic screen protector...and did so on this one. It just pulls out of the top cover and once out you can never tell it ever existed.

The other reviewers did a great job. Thanks.
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on February 15, 2013
I've used Otterbox products before on cellular devices, and could not be more pleased in the past. With the recent purchase of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" I thought that with two adults and two kids fighting over it this would be an easy purchase. I feel as if I was wrong, and that it didn't meet my previous experience with this brand.

Pros-- Seems to be protective, though I am not about to do drop tests to see.
Sleek for the bulkiness.

Cons-- HEAVY. Like galactic super cluster of stars heavy.
Bulky. Too much to ask for form and function?
The inside of the screen protector had micro-debris that could have scratched the table and needed a good cleaning before install. Had to use patience and a q-tip.
Stand is poorly made. Wears out quickly, especially with the weight load that is upon it.
Screen protector casts a glare, impedes touch responsiveness, and makes it hard to clean on the inside should dust or particles find their way there.

Overall, Otterbox still remains as the major source of protection, but this product seems to have room for improvement and design enhancement.
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on January 6, 2013
This case was very difficut to put on the Kindle Fire, until we saw the You Tube video on how to install it. The case is so tight-fitting that it still is difficult to put on, especially for older folks. Make sure before you snap it closed that all the dust, lint, etc. is removed from under the clear screen protector first. You will not want to keep opening and closing the case to remove any debris that will show up. Also, the case adds considerable weight and bulk to your Kindle. So why 5 stars? Because once on your Kindle, it is safe and secure and worth every penny you paid for it! All the openings in the case are in the right spots for access, and the on/off button is easy since the case provides an overlay that works perfectly! The clear screen protector does not make the touch screen any harder to use. Even the stand apparatus in the inside of the top cover works great when you want to stand up your Kindle to watch movies or read a book. I have it several weeks now, and could not be more pleased with the OtterBox Defender for the 8.9 HD Kiddle Fire! Higly recommended!
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on December 31, 2012
finally, I figure how to install case to my kindle, now I can't take it off
the protective case works well for its purpose
however , it is heavy , I'd like to be able to interchange cases for regular carry
I can't fiqure out how to remove this case I don't want to cause any damage to the case or kindle
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on April 1, 2013
Before I review this, I have to say that I am a huge Otterbox fan and love, absolutely love their defender series for my iPhones. That being said there are definite pros and cons to this kindle cover. I have had mine for about 3 months now and have come to the following conclusions:

- it's a otterbox defender cover! If you're like me and throw it into bags with other stuff all the time, or have younger kids handling it frequently, there will be no worries about your Kindle surviving. They could probably use this thing as a football and your kindle would work after the game..

- weight - the weight of the case and cover is quite heavy. I travel a lot and the weight makes me want to go back to a smaller kindle for trips. I don't even bother with the cover when at home.
- stand - the stand has 2 adjustments - too flat and too upright. There definitely needs to be another adjustment between the two for people who actually would like to use the stand to read. As is, it is pretty useless option.
- built in screen - I'm usually a fan, but this one is not anti-glare/anti-reflective and makes reading hard on the eyes. Also, because it does not fit close enough to the screen of the kindle a whole lot of dust and cat fur has now made itself at home underneath the screen and probably all over inside the case. I can only imagine the scratches when I get the case off.
- ability to get the case off and on the kindle - this is probably the one reason that I could see people returning the case before even trying it out. IT IS NOT EASY. It is also the reason I haven't removed all the dust and fur out of my kindle yet. I'm really considering going back to a leather case if I have to pull this thing apart again and that sucks considering the price.
- price - it is expensive relative to other cases available, but I pay $50 for the one for my iphone, so $80 isn't all that unrealistic. For the price though, I'd rather have more PROS than CONS on this list.

Other CONS that I have heard mention are the lack of color options and the rubber covers over the misc plugs (headphone, power, etc). The lack of colors is because this is a new product. If they sell enough, Otterbox will make more colors for this, but with the number of complaints or CONS on peoples' reviews - maybe not. The rubber covers are no different than those on their phone cases, so I'm assuming those people have just never used an Otterbox case before. They keep gunk from accumulating in your plugs - they are fantastic and I don't find them to be a bother at all, but maybe that's just me...

So overall, I guess whether you like this product or not depends on why you need it and how you use your Kindle 8.9. If you're more worried about bumps and bruises - then this is your product. If on the other hand, if you worry about that, but also travel with it a lot, then it's really up to you how much the weight really bothers you. The weight bothers me, but balance that with the protection you get and I'm still on the fence because I'm pretty rough on my stuff. The only thing for me that is a really big CON is the fact that I'm getting all the dust and fur inside the case due to a design flaw (??) and to get this thing off to clean it out is going to be a major hassle. I'd like to give this case at least 4 stars because this product will/does protect your kindle, but it's such a pain to pull this case apart, (and the fact that I have to pull it apart due to the dust/fur that got inside) that I have to give it a 3.
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on January 14, 2013
I got a new Kindle Fire for Christmas. I was excited - and worried about damaging it. Part of me wanted the standard Amazon case, simple yet offering some measure of protection. Another part of me was worried about this larger and slimmer Fire, different than I was used to. I ended up with the standard Amazon case AND the Otterbox.

We've had Oterbox cases before, for both phones and iPods, so I knew that they really worked. This time I am unimpressed.

While the case was not easy to get on, I felt that it wasn't unreasonable, considering the level of protection. Protection being the biggest feature of this case, I feel quite safe carrying it around wherever I go. Protection-wise, you are covered. The size and weight of the case automatically comes with the protection, tripling the thickness and increasing the weight. No complaints, I expected that. The ports and buttons are easy to access and the camera is open, so no problems there. These features are fine.

Here is where the case falls short. The biggest problem I see is the screen protector. First, the clarity is unimpressive. Second, at least on my case, the screen protector doesn't sit against the screen completely, causing multiple issues. When I type, I get a clicking sound. Not a big deal until I am in bed and my husband is trying to sleep. Not loud but definitely annoying. The camera area is open, and since the screen protector doesn't sit flush, any dirt or debris that finds its way back there can scratch the screen and protector. Just to make me a little more crazy, parts of the screen protector DO touch the screen, leaving bright blobs on spots. I have my favorite screen protector on my Kindle from before I actually used it, so I would prefer no screen protector at all. This way, if you get scratches or damage to the protector, you can just replace it. No risk with debris getting behind the protector that way! I am going to check out the case when I take it off to see of I can take the screen protector part off.

The stand attached to the cover is OK, and while I understand why it doesn't attach, it isn't very secure while resting in the stand. Adequate but not impressive.

I put the Otterbox on to take my Fire on vacation. When I get back I will be taking it off promptly, and I honestly don't see myself ever using it again. If I do it will only be because I took the attached screen protector off. Let's face it...why have a beautiful HE screen if it looks like an outdated relic?
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on February 4, 2013
While the OtterBox defended Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is just a bit on the heavy side, I don't care. A tablet like this is susceptible to damage when it's being used or transported, and I want to minimize the chances of damage, which the OtterBox Defender does in spades! The materials the box is made of both protect and cushion the Kindle if it were to be dropped. I have full access to the (protected) on-off and volume switches, and the earphone jack and charging plug. It also includes a built-in screen protector which does not interfere with the touch-sensitivity of the screen. I was especially happy at how well this feature works. It comes with an armored protective case that the Kindle case snaps into for transportation, either with the screen out or facing in for protection. This case has a built-in "prop" that allows you to set the Kindle at two different viewing angles.

This is a very well-built, versatile and functional case. I'm quite happy that I ordered it with my Fire HD.
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on August 25, 2013
It is hard to turn the kindle on and off with the "box" on the Kindle I would not buy another otterbox. It took me 45 minutes to take off this stupid box. I broke three fingernails in the eorocess. The clips do NOT snap open like they tell you they will. I watched a video on how to remove the hard shell.... omg this was a horrible experienc and this is my second time of trying to remove the defender.

the otter is very heavy and the screen gets dirty underneath the plastic cover.
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