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on January 17, 2012
I'm sure that's what you are wondering. I went with reflex and I'll tell you this. Unless you plan on dropping it from a two story building,or throwing it across a room, this case will work just fine. It has two parts: The case that hugs the ipad and the screen protector. I'll start with the case. It is built to fit perfect. No excess space and it doesn't move around. It is small so it keeps the sleek ipad design. However, it still has the required protection. It feels really strong, and you will notice straight out of the case. Check out youtube and the otterbox website for videos

As for the screen protector. I love that it can turn into a stand for typing or viewing! That means you don't have to buy extra stuff. The even better part is, it protects the ipad. I understand having to put it on and off can be a pain, but if you're like me and go to college, and always moving around, it is great. It wont' get scratched in your backpack, and it gives overall protection.

If you're planning on protecting your ipad from everyday harm: Recommended
If you're planning on playing football with your ipad: You may want to go with the defender series.,

Thanks for reading!
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on October 15, 2011

-Great fit
-Sound port
-Nice look, minus the screen cover
-Made in the USA


-Feels a little cheap

The cover feels a little cheap, although anything made from plastic usually doesn't feel amazing. It is made in the USA, a really nice change! It's a little pricey, but I don't mind paying a little extra for American products. I have an Otterbox cover for my iPhone that I love, so I have a lot of faith in their products. It looks nice, but the screen cover is a little strange. It works well as a stand though. I'm sure this will be more durable than the thin snap on cover I had before. The real surprise was the sound port. I was skeptical, but it does a great job directing the sound. It's hard to block the sound no matter what position it's in. Really nice feature!

Good job team Otterbox!
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on February 21, 2012
I wanted something to protect my Ipad2, not just a cutesy cover. Very happy so far with the Otterbox Reflex. However no one has dropped my IPad yet, so it has not been given the full test. The Ipad2 fits snugly inside the Reflex case, the top folds neatly into a stand when not in use as a shield for the front of the pad. Very easy to assemble and very easy to remove the top protector and convert to the mutipositional stand. The Reflex gives the IPad2 a good weight, making it easier to grip, although some people might say that it makes the IPad heavy, I prefer this, as i found the Ipad2 a little to light weight. Now I don't have to worry when the grandchildren grab my I pad2 and my children are in the process of ordering or have purchased recently for their own IPad2s. I believe that the Reflex is only available to fit the Ipad2, which is too bad. A must have, and highly recommend.
UPDATE. This product did not last a year , split around the edges and fell apart, purchased one for my daughter and the same thing happened to hers, cannot be a coincidence. (I am a grandmother, so it was gently used). Contacted Otter Box as they were under warranty, ran into major issues with their customer service, who requested photo's of the broken pieces, as well as all the other purchase information (which is understandable) but would reply with the same generic letter requesting the same information over and over again. Finally after a month of submitting the requested information, 7 times for each item, plus having to be quite rude, i eventually got a supervisor who replaced them. Now I must add that the replacements are totally different from the originals, so it's possible that a lot more people had problems with them, and they had to make a major design change. The item does feel a lot sturdier than before, but won't know how it holds up, until owned for a while, I am hesitant to recommend, after my experience, but I believe there is not a lot of choice for a "good" protector on the market. Only time will tell, how this new one will hold up, but have dropped the once five stars to one for the time being,
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on January 12, 2015
This was the first case I bought for my ipad. It mostly functioned.

- it covered the entire back part of the ipad at all times
- it was fairly durable (I once dropped it from about 2 feet and nothing broke
- it has rubber along the edges to try and be grippy
- it has a built in stand (in theory.)

- to actually use the ipad, you have to take off the front cover leaving the screen exposed and when I'm using the ipad is when I'm the most that's when I'm most likely to drop it... then there was nothing on the front so fingerprints and all of that go directly on the ipad.
- Also the front cover that converts to a stand creates a weird design that becomes permanently embedded in the glass after a while - not cool
- Heavy, bulky, annoying
- That whole front cover stand thing, I said "in theory" because it never seemed to work for me. There's only 2 possible ways it's going to be used and they never really work for regular viewing angles somehow. They were sharp (and it would fall forward - and with no protection on the front now causing damage to the screen, scratches etc.) or it was too far backwards that it wasn't super helpful.

The whole "pulling the cover up and over the corners every time I want to use my ipad" just seemed like a bad idea to begin with because eventually it got easier and easier to pull off. That seemed worrisome.
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on June 17, 2012
I bought this 7 months ago, and it has been on my iPad permanently. I'm a professor at a local college, and i use my iPad 2 for keeping my notes at the podium while giving lectures. I also use it as an organizer, keeping track of assignments, and note taking during lectures i attend. It's a notebook/ organizer/ web browser for me, and as such it gets a lot of mileage.

For the 7 months that this case has been on my iPad, it has offered perfect protection. Before i put this on i used a combination of a smart cover and a hard plastic back cover; i felt my iPad was a very fragile item, and was afraid when using it that i might accidentally drop it, and it would break. I bought this case, and wow, what a difference. It does add a certain amount of bulk, but it's noticeably less than a lot of other cases i have seen out there. It completely covers the iPad, and offers a screen of protection for when not in use, which doubles as a stand with 2 positions for when it is in use.

I regularly carry my iPad in a compartment in a bag with a lot of other things (calculator, charge cables, hard drive, etc), and to the date it has not received any sort of damage. When i use it, the cover is very easy to pull off, but not easy enough that it will fall off on its own. You can use the cover as a support for typing, or viewing, however if it doesn't suit you, you can also attach it to the back of the iPad for extra padding. It even has a cut out that leaves the camera free when you place it in this manner.

Now i can use my iPad in full comfort, and though i have never dropped it (the cover also increases the grip on the iPad, so it is easier to hold), i am very certain it could survive a modest accidental drop (however i will NOT try and test this :P). It definitely gives me a lot more comfort having it on my iPad.

I was very surprised to see any negative reviews about this item. My article has an extremely solid build, great padding, and easy to pull off/ put on cover. I find none of the buttons hard to access or difficult to press. It even has a space that redirects sound from the iPad towards the front, which helps volume incredibly. I know the placing of the iPad speakers on the back is a result of a comprise due to its design, however it really diminishes its sound capabilities. The openings on this case, however, allow the sound to channel thru towards the front with no problems or muffling.

Overall, i highly recommend this for anyone who has heavy usage of their iPad, and doesn't mind (or rather likes) the design of it.
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on January 26, 2012
I picked this case b/c I wanted protection without turning my iPad2 into a brick. This assembles easily and works with the iVisor screen protector that I already had...I just had to use the thin cardboard from the packaging to get the Reflex case to slide over the extra 1-2mm of iVisor. *Otherwise, the case would push the screen protector during assembly.
Once assembled everything is still reasonably light and has a decently thin profile. The case also provides a ridge around the screen that helps with grip.
I like that this case comes with a screen cover that also serves as a stand and that all the ports/buttons/switches/camera still have easy access.
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on January 28, 2012
I purchased this Otterbox to protect my ipad2. I love the security of having a hard shell to guard against drops/falls. I work with special needs children, and you never know what my ipad is going to go through.

The biggest trouble I have with this ipad cover is that the top comes completely off and gets left behind/lost. It is also not very pleasant to put on, since I have to put my fingers between the corners and the rubber top to pull it on. It pinches my fingers. Also, the front cover seems to let in a lot of dirt and dust. It does not fit snug. My screen is ALWAYS dirty now. I use to have the smart cover from ipad that sticks flat on the screen and has magnetic hinges to open. I loved that much more for protecting my screen. This Otterbox plastic screen protector also has a cut-out on the bottom left corner, just to the left of the words "Otterbox" that is about the size of my thumb. I cannot figure out why it is cut-out. It leaves that bottom corner unprotected. The photo on the product description does not show this cut-out, but it is there and adds to the problem of dirt/dust.

I am torn on which cover I should use. I need the durable Otterbox protection in my work with my ipad, but I need better screen protection with less dust and dirt. I wish that there was a way I could still use my ipad smart cover with this Otterbox, but I cannot. There is no way for the hinges to attach with the hard shell.

For the $39 price, I feel that this Otterbox is over priced for what you get. I would return mine, if I hadn't used it. I am still looking for the "perfect" case for my ipad2.
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on April 19, 2012
I am a medical student and absolutely love my Apple products so obviously I try to keep them in great shape. I originally bought this case for my iPad 2 and loved it. The stand took a bit of getting used to because it takes a week or so to become proficient at popping it on and off. Consequently, after that week it has become second nature and I really like having the option of a separate/removable stand. I originally owned a leather case and it could be a bit annoying having the flap attached at all times.

Great protection with minimal size! Speaker redirecting channel works fairly well. Good looks.

Do be somewhat careful with the stand. It has been reported that the clip which secures it in the "standing" position will break if put under too much pressure. Otterbox is great about replacing this when it occurs, but two weeks is a bit of a stretch if you use your iPad every day as I do. I did have a girl lean back in her chair, inadvertently pushing down on the top of the iPad while in the "typing" orientation and heard a plastic "crack." The side of the clip (not clip itself, the base) cracked to the edge of the molded rubber. Loctite super glue applied in the right place and being more conscious of ladies laying on the case has worked well, no issues after 3 months.

Now, the true reason for this post... I recently upgraded to the 3rd gen iPad. Otterbox implicitly says on their website that this case WILL NOT fit the 3rd gen (.5 mm thicker). Considering how much I love this case, I was determined to make it work without damaging my new iPad. After pulling the Reflex off of the iPad 2, I made my first attempt at sliding on the case. I barely got the first side on halfway. Long story short, after some careful bending of the side edges/lips the case slid on with only light pressure. The fit is obviously not absolutely perfect (will probably take some time and finesse to get it off), but it isn't noticeable and I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I don't believe the case is putting any undue stress on the iPad and I hope it doesn't scar the exterior when I do pull it off to clean the nooks and crannies.

Verdict: Great case without question! Perfect for iPad 2 no matter what... As far as the iPad 3rd gen, still great case provided you don't mind some plastic manipulationl. I would chose something different if you intend to remove the case on a regular basis (or much at all). My iPad stays in the case, I love it... And the iPad 3rd gen, text unbelievably clear!
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on March 1, 2013
I got this for the iPad my boyfriend gives me for Christmas, and I love it! I am known for dropping phones and laptops so I wanted to get a durable case for the iPad. The last thing I want is to damage an expensive gift from someone! I came across Otterbox reflex series hybrid case after researching on tons of cases. I like to research for something before I make purchase especially for gadgets. I really like how well this fits the iPad, and it doesn't muffle the sound at all. It also has "bumpers" all around the edges and corners which help absorb any shock and impact. It also comes with a screen protecting film as well as a top cover. The cover doubles up as a stand for the iPad. I don't use the cover/stand very often, but it's nice that it offers two different angles for the iPad. Once you prop up the stand, one side offers a rather more straight up viewing angle, and the other side provides more slanted and lower viewing angle. I thought that's pretty thoughtful since that is a function for adjusting to your eye level on any surfaces. The case itself adds just a tiny bit weight to the iPad which in my opinion is needed. I actually prefer to feel like I have something in my hands instead of holding up a piece of thin air. This case just provides that extra support and durability for my iPad. I've dropped it twice, and nothing has happened to it, but that doesn't give me the excuse of keep dropping it in the future. It is a great investment, and the price is actually pretty reasonable.
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on January 31, 2012
I received an ipad2 for xmas 2011 and knew that the search was on for the best case. I did research for a combined 4-5 hours searching for the absolute best case on the market. I travel a lot and really wanted an Otterbox, but was turned off by some of the subpar reviews out there. I continued searching, knew I did not want a leather case and that the magnetic front cover fell apart easily and did nothing to protect the back of the case.

I kept coming back to this Otterbox Reflex and finally pulled the trigger on it. I could not be happier with my decision. The ipad 2 fits snuggly in the outer case, it does not slip when set on a table/desk, the sound quality coming from the front works great and all buttons and cameras are 100% accessible.

The front cover is not perfect. It does not cover the entire screen, but does do a heck of a job protecting from everyday scrapes, drops, finger prints (as you are carrying the ipad2, etc. Someone mentioned that the two rubber corners would "wear with time". I disagree and feel that this case will be mine for the life of my ipad2.

Lastly, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could hook my stylus pen to the center piece on the front of the cover! I use the app notes plus for all of my notes at work, side jobs, phone call notes, to do lists, etc and need my stylus pen at all times. There are very few cases that let you attach the pen to the case and this one does (even though I do not believe that was intended when created).

If you want to feel comfortable carring around your ipad2, with a sleek, comfortable, protective and secure cover, this is a great choice.

Don't let anyone make fun of you for doing lots of research on the case. It's extremely important that you choose the right one for you!
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