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on January 21, 2016
I play a ton of board games. I play board games multiple times a week at board game shops and various meetup groups.

Out of everything I have played, no other game can break the ice and get everybody laughing quit like this one can. You can take it into a group of people where nobody knows each other and have everyone bonding and laughing, having a great time within 2 minutes. No other game has this power.

It's a very simple game with rules explainable in under a minute, so nobody in the group will be intimidated.

How does this compare to the ever popular Cards Against Humanity? It beats it in every aspect. Games that rely on shock value like CAH, will become stale within 5 plays. This game is never stale because it relies on the creativity of the player rather than an easy joke on a card. There is no such thing as a bad hand in this game, just poor imagination. The game can be as clean as you want it to be or as dirty as you want it to be! You can play this with your grandma as well as play it with a group of your gutter minded internet fed friends.

Everytime I play this game with new people, they always end up buying a copy for themselves. The people this appeals to ranges from people who love 8 hour sessions of Twilight Imperium, to people who never play any board games at all. That's how good this game is.
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on July 12, 2016
We've had this game a couple of years now, and my (now) 21 year old daughter loves it, and so does everyone she's able to get to try it. The products/gimmicks that are hawked at our table are rife with magical and mystical properties, such as a "tragedy bra," and one we've pitched twice now to a "Newlywed": Desire Butter...another pitched to the newlywed was "scream water."

As you can see, a few of the items created and pitched in this game can be of an adult nature. If you're easily embarrassed, or are playing with younger teenagers, it would be wise to state limitations before beginning the game to keep things at a level you're comfortable with, as things can quickly escalate from a Rated G to a Rated R (or higher) level in quite a hurry in some circumstances. (Maybe just remove the newlywed card from play!)

Much of winning this game is based on the ability of the players to think creatively/outside the box, as well as quickly. Every once in a while a combination is made that is obviously and clearly the winner to everyone at our table which causes loud groaning, laughter, and other players to discard their two cards for the round without even attempting to pitch, since it would be an obvious exercise in futility.

I purchased this game hoping to find something a little off-beat and fun that was unique (not available at waltonworld), and it was not a disappointment. My son and daughter-in-law are now huge fans, and daughter-in-law's sister now wants her own game.
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on October 3, 2016
This is one of the best group/party games I've come across. The rules are surprisingly simple, and bring out charisma and creativity in a lot of the players in ways you'd never expect.

The premise is simple enough- Players takes turns being given a role, while others improvise a way to convince them to buy their often *very* random products. There's enough there to certainly reward those that have the gift of gab, but the randomness of the cards also keep it from just being a performance competition- sometimes a player will happen upon the best possible match, other times they'll come up snake eyes, but even then it's fun to try to 'sell' the current judge/character with the thing they probably would never want.

It's also one of those games that can go as short or as long as you want, which makes it great for informal times with friends.
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on June 19, 2017
This seems to kind of come in and out of print from what I can tell. I purchased this after playing the smaller version, and I wanted the full thing since it had more cards. The game is a ton of fun, and it's a fun ice breaker since it's just everyone being goofy and coming up with insane ideas and trying to justify them. It can also be a pretty quick game as long as you try to cap people off from talking too long.

That being said, the packaging is just awful. It's kind of hard to get in and out of the box, and the dividers for the cards don't make any sense. There's 4 spots for cards. 2 are just the right size for cards, which make them a bit hard to get out, and the other 2 are bigger than necessary, so the cards sort of shift around a bit. I can't quite describe it, but I really don't know why they made the box the way they did....
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on November 18, 2016
This game has been a total success at our game nights. I think the nicest parts of this game are the number of potential players and the fact that you can play it with any age group/friend group.

How it works: The game play is really simple and fun. Each player will take a turn being a customer. They draw a 2-Sided card and choose which side they want to play. Then they announce to everyone else who they are. Then everyone else has to take two cards from their hand and combine them into a product for that person to buy. A fun twist is that you can go in any order that you wish so if you think you have a great idea you can go first...or you can choose to pitch last to see what everyone else is selling.

Age Range: This game is good for anyone over 8 or so. The cards are all "G-Rated" items but dependent on your group and age range some very interesting ideas can be created. I love the versatility of that fact.

Replayability: This game has been requested at almost every game night for the past two months. I think that speaks for itself. While I could see this getting stale there are a fair amount of cards to keep it going. I would recommend picking up an expansion if you can find it. Of course you could probably mix in cards from other games (like Apples to Apples or CAH) but we have yet to try that.
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on May 24, 2014
This is the funniest, wonderful, crazy game! There are word cards and people and/or job cards.Every player has six 'word' cards. Then a player take a turn picking a person card from the deck, say 'truck driver' and shows it to you. Everyone else looks through their word cards to invent a 2 word card product that a truck driver would want to buy, and of course you might have words like; hug, box, beard, carpet, cliff, and paint (so lets say you pick the hug and box cards to use) you have to tell the player with the truck driver card (the customer) why they want to buy your product which is a hug box; you might say something like- "truck drivers are alone a lot on long trips, so you need to buy this hug box, then every time you need a hug you just open the box and get a hug, the hug box". If you invent the product they like best you are given the truck driver card, and have won that round. Each person takes a turn being the customer (truck driver, etc) and picking the winning product. And at the end the one with the most won 'people cards' wins the game. This may not sound fun, how I have described it, but if you play it you will find yourself laughing so hard from all the crazy funny wacky products that everyone creates that you won't want to stop. We love it!!
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on June 9, 2017
Great party game. Received this as a birthday present and played it with the family. Disclosure: this game can become very adult very quick, but is definitely family friendly. We played this with some friends one night and things were more adult in nature, but it was just as fun playing with things more PG with family. This is easily kept that way with the choice of cards used, not that there are any adult cards but some lead quicker that way, example - Prom Date. Easily adapted for large groups like a youth group or even a classroom. Get it and have fun!
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on March 13, 2017
As far as the game is concerned, Snake Oil is fantastic and very fun for all ages. My group is all mid 20's at the moment, and we have tons of fun playing this as a fast alternative to longer games or while waiting for a gaming group to show up. Highly recommended.

2 stars only because this listing didn't send me the right item. I had wanted the original "Out of the Box" version of this game so it would match with the 2 expansion sets, which Hasbro hasn't released. Instead, despite paying the $10 more on this listing rather than the Hasbro listing, I was still sent the Hasbro version.

The Hasbro version has slightly smaller cards, and the printing and card stock is of much poorer quality than the original Out of the Box version.

Rather disappointed, but the cards will all still work with the game, it's just very noticeable when comparing the sets now. Be aware and beware that you probably won't get the original "Out of the Box" version this listing advertises, so watch out for your wallet.
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on February 7, 2017
This game is so much fun! It really gets your creative juices going and its easy to play with a large group too!
I never thought my friends could become such great sales people!!! Making up amazing products is really funny.

The game works similar to Cards Against Humanity, there is a judge who receives a certain role based on the card they draw, so for example they draw a card that says Astronaut, so now the judge is an Astronaut and everyone is trying to sell the Astronaut things based on the cards that are in their hands. Everyone chooses two cards to make a product that they try to sell to the judge, So for example someone might have two cards that say "Monkey" and "Laser" they can combine those two words to make "Monkey Laser" or "Laser Monkey" and sell this item to the Astronaut. Whoever's s product gets chosen by the judge is the winner of that round and then someone else becomes the judge.
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on July 5, 2016
3.5 stars -good game but not my absolute favorite. Extremely creative and some good laughs but you really have to have the right group. Also it's mentally taxing to play this game it requires a lot of energy.
(For the record my favorite game to play with family is Smart Ass, and with friends is One Night Werewolf")
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