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on July 31, 2017
I really like David Weber's writing. I have all the Honor Harrington novels (where's the next one?) and have sampled other books he has written. I was looking forward to this one based on a recommendation from a fellow fan.

Let me say that the first ninety-five percent of the book had me going. In fact, I had borrowed a hard-cover version of it from said friend and had to get it back to him before I was finished. I dropped nine bucks on the Kindle version in order to wrap it up...and really wish I could get that money back.

Others in here have spoken of the "curveball" ending. I won't give anything away but I HATED how he chose to wrap the story up. I would have given this one four stars for the research and three for the characterizations. It's getting two because of them, but no more than that due to what I feel to be a totally unnecessary twist.

Buyer beware. Read at your own risk. Your mileage may vary. Et cetera...
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on September 7, 2017
Unlike so many of the reviewers here, I'm NOT a huge fan of Weber's Honor Harrington series nor the other spinoff Honorverse variants. Maybe that's why I liked this book so much. It has great military SF content, including believable battle scenes (OK, except for the part at the end that almost everyone else excoriates), excellent character development and dialog, and it captures much of what drives those of us who have served in the military.

Those purists who are expecting more of Honor or something out of the Honorverse should probably pass. Those who "like some humor in their mayhem" will probably enjoy this, including the ending.
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on December 2, 2013
This book is well worth reading. In typical Weber style, the battle scenes are not only action packed, but also explained in a way that makes the reader comfortable that humans could stand up to alien technology (at least for a while). I thought the multiple points of view (both Human and Alien) gave us a pretty good view of the human psyche demonstrated by both events and alien discussions. I was initially bothered by the BIG/HUGE/GINORMOUS curveball that occurred at the end of the book, but after digesting it for about an hour, I thought, "Well, it is a science fiction book, so I guess it does work". It was also a very, very interesting slant on the genre. Weber's approach to the overall story was very good. As a longtime David Weber fan, I was not disappointed by this stand alone novel. Though not as epic as the Honor Harrington or Safehold series', he is able to pack a fair amount of substance into a small package. The only real let down was the lack of character building that I am used to in his novels. The reader never gets to spend enough time with any single character to develop any relationship with them. Yes, we learn their backgrounds a bit, but we never really CARE about them the way we get to in longer stories. It might have been fun to see an extended epilogue a couple of centuries into the future!
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on January 3, 2015
It's a shame that so many people felt like they needed to vent on this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not an avid science fiction fan, sticking mostly to political thrillers, but I sincerely hope that Mr. Weber writes at least one sequel to this. Like most books, there must be a suspension of belief in order to buy in to the story. No, it isn't for everyone, and especially not for those who expect Weber to only write what he is "supposed" to write. For those who want an exciting twist on the alien invasion theme, then this book is definitely for you.
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on June 18, 2013
This was a somewhat unusual story. It was not really a bad book but it was not really great either. The basic story is a classical one but one that generally works reasonably well. In this one it also has a twist at the end which not everyone seems to like but I did.

A lot of the book is fairly standard let-us-fight-the-invaders stuff, and it is well written and quite fun to read. However, it slows down from time to time in longwinded talk sessions, especially in the second half of the book. This is unfortunately something that Weber have had a (bad) habit of doing in many of his books. The concept that the (violent) humans are actually better at kicking butt than the aliens is not exactly a new concept in books but the reason behind it this time is a bit far-fetched I have to say. That the aliens should come back to Earth after 600 years and believe that we were still shooting arrows and throwing spears is somewhat ludicrous but okay, I can get over that. It was still fun to read about the aliens getting surprised followed by getting dead in a number of ways.

Then we have the surprise twist at the end. I did like it but, at the same time, it was a bit disappointing. It really came too late and when it finally came it was just too much über-guys kicks alien butt, done, end of book. This part should really have come much earlier and been given much more space in the book. As it was now, a book that could have been really fun became a fairly standard sequence of aliens invade, kick alien butt, repeat a number of times, throw out the aliens.

As I said, it is not really a bad book. It was enjoyable to read. But it is not a great book either. A lot of people on Amazon have given it a single star. Personally, I think that is unfair. It does not merit such a low rating. Unfortunately it seems that the poor reception have prevented Weber from publishing a continuation which I think is really a shame. I would have liked to read about the humans and the “other” guys to go out and knock on the aliens’ door and repay them for their little courtesy visit to earth. The stage is set for a quite interesting continuation after all.
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on April 29, 2017
From Agincourt to extraterrestrials, with apocalyptic space opera along for the ride. A warrior's view of humanity - not always simplistic, but always thought provoking.
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on April 22, 2016
I want to give this 4 stars but I just can't. Though this is a 4-star book (maybe even 5-stars) I just can't give it because it took almost to the end of the freaking book for the surprised twist to take place.

Over 2 billion people had to die before the one of the fighters to decide, hey, guerilla tactics are not working so lets try THIS...! Which is unsurprisingly 100% effective.

It would have been nice if this had been done, say about halfway through the book. But then again, it probably wouldn't have been dramatic reading. I almost felt...let down.
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on August 2, 2011
I _love_ David Weber books, and I read each of them several times.
I actually put off reading this one because I wanted the excitement to last. I wish that I waited longer.

I actually like the book, but about 80% through it, I started to wonder, where are the actual vampires? And having them show up in the very last minute, it about as believable as having an Origin for a Super Hero.
There is no prior setup for the vampires, they just show up, they are invincible, they are super, they win.

It would have been better ending if they solved the book using rock/paper/scissors.
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on April 18, 2016
The only redeeming section of this book is the F-22 mission. Put down the crack pipe David and get back to writing science fiction. That is what this book is like. A weekend binge with a pipe and Monday morning he asks himself "How do I save this?" One more hit off the pipe and it comes to him. "Vampires will save this pile!" A complete waste of time. The only reason I finished it is it had the Weber name on it. And I wanted to see how he redeem himself. He DID NOT! And to Amazon, add STUPID to the buttons you can click on on the review section.
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on June 26, 2011
Didn't read the reviews before I bought it because so few understand how to write a review without spoilers.

I was really enjoying it, and thought it was cleverly done. I was running out of book and wondering how it was going to resolve. Thought it might be a cliffhanger and start of a series. Then it quickly resolves with a deus ex machina with little real foreshadowing. I was soooo irritated. There were at least 2 respectable ways to resolve the issue without resorting to that. And a third if you count cliffhanger. Irritating.

Part of the resentment is that the good part of the book is full of clever tactics and strategy and interesting bits of psychological analysis (Earth and alien.)Good exploitation of technical details, and, in the conventions of technothrillers in a global conflict, little character development. One doesn't mind that convention in this genre.

But, Mr. Weber, I am so disappointed. Half way through I went to wiki to see if a sequel existed, so I could order it from amazon. Now I won't buy another. I know you expanded a story/novella, but what works in a short form doesn't always carry over to a longer form. The difference is the reader's investment of time.
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