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on December 7, 2011
First and foremost, these gloves do what gloves must do; they keep your hands warm. I commute via train and walk a mile to and from the station daily and simply stated, these gloves keep my hands warm. If my wife saw me say (type) that she'd say I'm fibbing because my hands are "always" cold.
These gloves are also extremely comfortable, they have a profile similar to liners and yet they are as warm as heavier gloves.
As for the touch screen technology, it works perfectly!!! And it's on all 5 fingers!!!
I have arthritic fingers and often can't use my thumb or index fingers and unlike other "sensor" gloves, that's NOT a problem with these wonderful gloves.

I first received an Outdoor Research hat as a gift 2 years ago and have been buying their winter gear since.
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on January 3, 2012
My husband wanted gloves for Christmas to use with his phone. I read many of the other reviews with the various brands. My husband really likes these gloves. They are heavy enough to keep his hands warm during his morning workout. They are not thin liners like I've read in other reviews, but they also are not ski gloves. They are not like the other gloves I have looked at. Other gloves have a silver dot or silver threads in the tips. These gloves do not, the special material is somehow in the leather. (Please don't ask if its real leather because I don't really know). You can't see the special thread. My husband says they work great with his Droid X and he can even use the back side of the finger tip too (where your nail is).

I hope this helps.
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on February 19, 2012
The "TouchTec" leather on these gloves works great on touch screens. Much better than relying on conductive threads sewn into the fingertips, like other models. And these are decently warm. Most competing products are only suitable for use as glove liners. Minor complaints:

1) The raised logo is incredibly, obnoxiously ugly. It looks like a child attacked your gloves with *shiny* 'puff paint'. The photograph cannot convey this.

2) The leather at the finger tips is fairly thick. This makes them less tactile when using the touchscreen. But they are clearly made to be sturdy. So this is a reasonable compromise.

Four stars for reasonable warmth and good touchscreen sensitivity. Be sure you can handle the ugly logo.

UPDATE: I just want to reemphasize the "fat fingers" nature of these gloves. You get a sense of the squared-off finger tips when looking at the photos. They work, but precision is limited, particularly when trying to type on any kind of on-screen keyboard.
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on February 1, 2014
I'm always using my phone so I needed a pair of gloves that would allow me to use my phone during the winter without having to take my gloves off. I like that the TouchTec is on all over the palm of the glove instead of just on the fingers; I also like that the TouchTec works pretty well.

That's where the good things I have to say about these gloves ends. I'm from Minnesota, where a typical winter day is usually in the single digits to the teens, but with wind chill, it can feel like it's in the negatives. These gloves are not very warm at all. It's not a big deal when I wear them to go outside to warm up my car and scrape off the snow/ice, but if I am going to be outside for an extended period of time, my hands are freezing within 15 minutes of being outdoors. Also, the fitting of the gloves are incredibly odd. I initially bought a size medium and when I tried it on, I noticed that while the middle and ring fingers fit fine, the thumb, index and pinky fingers were really long. I had a lot of space between the tip of my fingers and where the end of the glove fingers meet, thus making it difficult sometimes to use my phone with them on, therefore defeating their purpose. I thought maybe it was just too large for me so I ordered a small. The small ended up not only being too tight for my hands, but I also encountered the same problems I had had with the medium, where the thumb, index, and pinky fingers were too long. I returned the small and decided to keep the medium.

Even though these gloves do not keep my hands very warm in the cold MN winters and they fit really oddly, I have not yet found a pair of gloves that have the same kind of technology as these where it is all over the glove instead of just being on the fingers.
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on December 18, 2013
I'll start off saying these gloves fit my hands really well and I like the look and feel of them. The touch capability works perfect and it's great not needing to remove my gloves to check something on my phone or tablet. Removes quite a bit of hassle on my way to work.

The problem, like some of the other reviewers mentioned, is that the gloves just don't seem to keep my hands warm enough. I live in New England and maybe they're just not made for temperatures much below the mid-30s, but that's the winter weather I have to deal with. These gloves are certainly better than no gloves at all, but it usually doesn't take much time outside before I'm sticking my gloved hands in my coat pockets to shelter them from the cold wind. I usually just alternate warming one hand and using the other hand with my phone. Having the gloves means I don't have to alternate as often, and it means my hands seem to warm a little faster. These gloves are probably great if you live somewhere just cold enough to need gloves, but anything colder and you may want to consider either adding liners to these, or just looking for a heavier pair. I'm going with three stars even though I love the touch feature, because they're gloves, and they should be able to keep my hands warm.

Overall I do like having the gloves, and maybe for the price I should be more appreciative, but I'm sure by next winter I'll be looking to see if a warmer pair exists and using this pair only in the late fall/early winter part of the season.
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on January 22, 2014
These are durable, well-made gloves great for tech-savvy guys who want to keep their hands warm.

- The TouchTec leather looks good, feels good, and works flawlessly. I have multiple touchscreen devices, and none have shown any problems with these gloves so far. It just works.
- The gloves themselves are comfortable and lightweight.
- They don't compromise dexterity, and they surely do look good.

- Not as warm and wind-resistant as I would want them to be. To be fair, expecting perfect protection from such lightweight gloves against the harsh Michigan cold is a bit unrealistic to start with.
- Stitching at the finger tips result in small bulges which somewhat affect accuracy on touchscreens, but can be overcome after getting used to it.
- The logos on the back aren't exactly great. They look alright to start with, but the material (latex?) isn't durable, and started to peel off piece by piece within a week. It may have been better if the logos were embroidered instead.
- A huge thread end showed just a week in, but it doesn't budge and there aren't any loose threads. Over a year later, it still doesn't affect the structural integrity, but remains an aesthetic imperfection.

Bottom line: I like these gloves a lot, and they are definitely a bargain for the price I got them for.
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on February 3, 2013
I was tired of getting cheap-o touchscreen gloves -- like isotoner and smart touch -- so with hands getting rough and cold this winter, decided to splurge on a gift to myself with these ones. Well, they're definitely better than any others I tried -- the entire surface is suitable for touching (which is great!!), and I love the feel of the insides of the gloves and the wrist area. Both are very comfortable, do not chafe or pull or go loose.

They are very suitable for driving, the hand temperature is just right even when I do not run the heater when driving on our Michigan winter roads. The back of the gloves is fine fleece but it is not wind-resistant, so hands are a bit cold for outdoors in anything below 25 degrees or so without wind (or in comparable windchill), but that's not what they are made for, really.

Now, why 4 stars instead of 5 -- I have two complaints... First, the length of the fingers is a bit too long for the glove size. I always wear medium, and the width of the gloves is just right -- but the fingers are a bit too long, making it difficult to, for example, double click iphone home button with fingertips. Second, the leather in front folds pretty hard and retains shape, so after a month or two of wear the gloves look quite "old" and folded up. Have not tried washing them, maybe that might help.
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on February 18, 2013
I imagine that all glove purchases with have fit issues. My hands seem 'normal' but no glove fits perfectly.
This glove after wearing it for weeks will work. some fingers are too long, and some are a bit snug.
They are warm, and they work on my android.
they replaced a pair of gloves I've had for 20 or more years, that fit as well as any glove has.
because some fingers are a bit long, it's a little awkward using the touch screen, but it is far superior to taking off the gloves on a very cold day.

I live in the Sierra foothills, and i park my car outside. It had been in teh 20's most morning, and teh steering wheel gets cold
These gloves were actually warmer than my older pair, and how i can operate the phone Samsung Galaxy Note II 4G Android Phone, Titanium Gray (Verizon Wireless)[which is my main gps also]
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on January 1, 2014
First of all, these gloves gloves must do, keep your hands warm. I'm commuting by train from the station to walk a mile, and every day, in a nutshell, these gloves for my hands warm. If my wife see I said (type), she said I lie, because my hands are cold "always". These gloves are also very comfortable, they have a profile similar to the liner and heavy as warm gloves. As for the touch screen technology, it perfectly! ! ! , this is in all five fingers! ! ! I have often can't use my arthritis of the fingers and thumb or forefinger and with other gloves "sensor", this is not a problem, these beautiful gloves. The first time I received an outdoor research hat as a gift buying winter gear since two years ago.
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on January 25, 2014
I really wanted to like these. The fit was great and they did work on my touchscreen. The first day I wore them it was 7 degrees F outside, so when my fingers froze a block from home, I didn't blame the gloves; they say there are rated only to 25 degrees F. This morning, however, I went out and since it was a "balmy" 28 degrees F, I thought I would give them another shot. Within two blocks, I could feel the chill setting in. There is no way these provide warmth and it is even more disappointing considering they tout their award from Popular Science magazine. If you need gloves when it is in the 30's and 40's, these might be great. But for cold weather? Keep moving.
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